Asian woman wonders when a big is to big

Just to make it clean, I am talking about cock… I love big cocks, and love sex, but my question is; How big is possible for an Asian women, what is to big for a tight Asian pussy like my pussy.

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I am Just over 40kg and 5ft. I never had a child. My partner is a white guy with a 8 inches cock. It seems to be the perfect size,he is sometimes a little too big. Well, he is to big only, when he want to finish himself fast and he pushes in hard and deep (not that I am complaining). By the way I like deep penetration, but can it be deeper…?

I am just wondering, what will happen if I take a guy with a bigger cock?

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You wrote it, you do not complaining. You should not… you should fill lucky, because you got a guy with 8 inches cock. 8 inches cock is a nice cock, that more bigger then an average sized cock.

I think you will have a hard time to find a man with bigger then that. Don’t believe those big dick’s guys photos. Many of them are fake or they stole it from a porn star…

You can go to the sex shop and buy the biggest dildo that you find and if you can take that monster dildo, then there is no human cock on the entire world that would be to big for you.



Obviously you’ve never had a baby. Think about how a baby’s relatively large head (compare to man’s cock) fits through the woman’s vagina. Okay there are stretches and broken tissues, and the women cervix will dilate, but the baby still arrives true on the vagina.

If you ever find a dick bigger then 8 inches, with a body like yours (if it is you on that photo) then don’t go near it. Bigger is better, but bigger dick then that will be painful to take in all the way.


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It sure seems to me, that you have already answered your own question about how much bigger you can take. You already stated that eight inches is sometimes a little too big. So why you asking it, when you already know the answer…


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The reference to a baby’s head made me think of the story of the lady in hospital trying to push out a baby and squealing in pain at the effort.

She notices her husband smiling and asks him why, when she is going through all this agony, he is smiling?

He tells her that he was just remembering the night the baby was conceived and how he had wanted to have anal sex with her at that time, but she had said no, it would be too painful!

Who’s sorry now, he says? If you said yes for anal sex, thane you did not get pregnant and you even might enjoy anal sex…

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Your question is sounds like an advertisement, Asian or not, you prefer well hung men. So big dick guys, it is a polite offer for you. Why don’t you apply? Don’t you guys want to have sex with a petite, and tight Asian hottie.

I just looked her photo…. You are like a teen and you want to take a bigger then 8 inches cook. It sound like a screaming fun….

If somebody will fuck you with a 10 inches cock, you will not sit on your tinny ass for a few days… Try it and you will see what I am talking about.


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How big is to big for a petite Asian women, who never had a child? You are the only one who can tell us, but I’m sure everyone has a limit, however by all means, keep it trying to find it, and if you found your monster cock, let us know how it worked out…


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My playmates dick is bigger then 8 inches and we are living in the same city.  Small world….? Isn’t it? Take us home baby and he will pound your little Asian pussy.  He and I will make you cum multiply times.

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What about Asian pussy? Shave that pussy or not

Sex tips for smaller penis men

The question of a lot of men who try to find casual sex partner, am I big enough? Can I successfully satisfy my partner? What do women really think, about penises and casual sex? Are they bothered? What makes a perfect sex partner?

At first, the penis size is not everything. The right partner is more important than a big penis, anyone can find a good partner for casual play, if keep looking. For example if your penis is smaller than an average size penis, than you don’t contact women, who prefers big penis. If she does not talking about penis size in her profile, than you need to check her body. Tall women, whom hip is wider, more likely would prefer big penis over small.

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Women whom body like a 18 years old Asian girl’s body, more likely happier with smaller penis. But the penis size is one thing, and the love making technique, is an other thing. The right penis size for the right women in the right sex position usually ends up in satisfying sex.

One of our friend was lucky enough to talk about this subject with two ladies. Their opinion on penis size somehow different, but in the mean time somehow same too.

Lady number 1. Let’s call her Ester. Ester s not her real name, but her name does not make any difference.

Let’s say she is 27 and she loves men. She lives in Florida and is a successful in her job, plus she is single. Her passion is wine and men (in that order) and she has had over thirty no commitments sex partners. So I guess she is an  experienced sex partner, and experience does count in casual sex.

She said: Sex is an extremely important part of my life. I find my job very stressful, the hours are very long, sex for me is a great release of tension and stress. I don’t have time for a relationship. I don’t mind hire a male escort, but it is something that my mind keep rejecting. Sexual satisfaction for money, do not sound too good…

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At work I am in a high position of power, therefore I find it a great turn on to be taken charge of a man who is really confident about himself and his body. Unfortunately many men don’t posses this kind of confidence in right package, including their penis size.

Penis size is #1 for me, which I suppose is quite sad. Recently I ran into a man who was lovely, good looking etc. but had the smallest penis I’ve ever seen. I laughed when I saw it. I planed to have sex with him, but it  did not happen, because I would not  enjoy it.

When he left (it happened in a hotel room) I ended up ride my vibrator. However, I have had some successes with more average men, but not very many. I suppose it makes me sound shallow but in my mind there is no point in having crap sex. I can quite happily masturbate into orgasm myself if I want too. In my experience men who are larger do make better lovers.

They possess a higher level of confidence, which alone is much more of a turn on.

A partner who is confident within themselves and their body is more likely to know what he wants and be able to satisfy me. Length is not an important factor for me, girth is. I’ll never forget a married guy, who had at least a 8 inches long penis, but it was thin almost like a pen. Unfortunately it reflected in his performance. He was a perfect playmate for anal sex, however I can’t orgasm from anal sex alone, therefore he could not make me cum with penetrative sex.

A good large girth usually means a stronger, more flexible penis. This is reflected in the length and control a man displays during sex leading to greater satisfaction. Up to a point it is what you do with it, but if you do it with a large penis the results for me are greater and leave a lasting impression.

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Our second lady is Helen. She is 31, and let’s say she lives in Detroit. She is a successful business owner  and lives with her boyfriend of 7 years. She talks about how their relationship has been affected by sex.

“He and I have sex together for what seems like ever. We’re very happy in the bed together. I don’t think we will get married, the idea just doesn’t appeal to us. We’re happy as we are. Not everything has all ways been so smooth though. It took along time for our sex life to be up to my standard!

When we first got into the bed, it became apparent fairly quickly that I need much more that he can give to me. This began to affect the rest of our relationship. I began to doubt myself, his love and our trust. Sometimes he simply wasn’t interested in sex at all, and and we both decided that something must be done, or our relationship would be over. We talked at great length about what the problem was.

He felt he wasn’t confident enough or big enough. I agreed he wasn’t confident enough, plus it was fact at that time, his erected penis size, or his erection  wasn’t big and hard enough. Please do not miss understand me. He was big enough for an average women,  but I am not average. I always loved the feeling to break a part by a big and very hard cock. With a 6 and a half inches penis he could keep happy lot of females,  and make me happy too, but sometimes his erection wasn’t hard enough, therefore his penis his performance wasn’t enough for me.

He decided to take matters into his own hands and he declared that we couldn’t have sex for 4 weeks period. In this time he planed strengthen his penis, which might give him more confidence and bigger erection. He also had a delivery of pills arrive which I later found out where natural penis enhancement. At first, I do admit I had my doubts, it sounded almost sleazy and dodgy; it made me wonder, how can some pills make a penis bigger?

But, my sex life and in fact my relationship was on the line here (I kind of liked and still like the guy a big time) I was willing to try anything to prevent losing him. After 4 weeks, we resumed sexual activity. The change in him was amazing. His penis was thicker and stronger looking. This fact was reflected in his confidence level and his performance. He was a little bit bigger and a little big thicker, but he was much more confident. He gave me multiply orgasms at our first night after the break. No any men ever done this before. We took the plunge and have never looked back, and our sex life is still unbelievable.

Men sex life booster – penis enhancement method.

Well, we use some outside help lately, an extra guy, but we do it because we do have erotic fantasies…

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An average erect penis size is for Caucasian (white) men is estimated to be around six inches in length. Average mean, some guys have bigger penis some other’s have smaller. If you’re in latest group, than probably you worry about about your penis size in relation to your sexual performance.

As you can read at above some women love bigger penis, but the width more important than the length. Ladies don’t have a blast when their cervices rammed into, with an oversized, overly endowed hard cock. That is not fun, that is painfully. Painfully intercourse,  would not help her to  achieve orgasm.

In some cases smaller penis, better than an oversized. With the right combination of foreplay and erotic stimulation a man with small penis can make a woman orgasm as well as a bigger penis, or maybe even better.

You just need to know how to use it…

Before Penetrate Her: Vaginal penetration is in my mind… Great sex is more than just penetration, and most men know how important a detailed foreplay. The man with a smaller penis should pay even more attention to foreplay. He should do it until his partner asking him to penetrate him, or until his partner is fully aroused. More she turned on before the actual penetration, easier it will be for her to climax, even with small penis man.

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More Focus on Foreplay: Foreplay should include everything that feel good and that your lady enjoys. Kissing and caressing are not enough. You need to do more than that. If she is into kinky sex, you can get kinky now, biting her nipples, spanking her a little and you defiantly should go down on her. Oral sex and sex toys, turns almost every women on.

The idea is,  to get her into a want to have sex mood. You have to keep doing it until she begging for penetrative sex.

The Clitoris – Her Love Button: Before the actual intercourse, you should spend as much time with the clitoris as she can handle (with your tongue). The clitoris is the only human organ that sole function is sexual pleasure. The penis, besides sexual pleasure, has the tasks of urination and baby making. Therefore you have to pay a lot of attention on her pleasure – love button.

You can do this with via oral sex or with toys, or hand job, or the combination of the three. If you do it right, she will orgasm before penetrative sex, but that is okay.

Now you can penetrate her. The secret of great penetrative sex with small penis is, the right partner in the right sex position. You have to choose the position very carefully. Her orgasm depends on it…


Kinky sex positions with small penis

Sex position tips for men with smaller than average sized penis