I myself am new to the game of asphyxia, combined with threesome, it has the same effect as hard drugs on my system

Erotic asphyxiation or breath control play during masturbation or during intercourse is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal to exchange the orgasm quality.

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There are many ways to do this, people can do alone, on them self or they can do for each other, if two or more people play together.

The sexual preference for that behavior is variously called asphyxiophilia, autoerotic asphyxia, hypoxyphilia.

The carotid arteries on both side of your neck (and on my neck too) carry oxygen rich blood from the heart to the brain. When these arteries are compressed, as in strangulation or from hanging, the loss of oxygen to the brain and because not enough blood to the brain the carbon dioxide increases. It causes the feelings of giddiness, lightheadness. It is similar feelings when someone get high or from drugs.

This fillings increases orgasms realted pleasure, even heighten masturbatory sensations.

I found the next sentence on Wikipedia; Author George Shuman describes the effect as such “When the brain is deprived of oxygen, it induces a lucid, semi-hallucinogenic state called hypoxia. Combined with orgasm, the rush is said to be no less powerful than cocaine, and highly addictive.

The practice can be dangerous even if performed with care and has resulted in a significant number of accidental deaths. Continue Reading…

One of our member asked it: Asphyxia, how far do you go?

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I myself am new to the game of asphyxia, combined with threesome, but it has about the same effect as hard drugs on my system. Get drudged by two men, with out hard drug…

Loving the feeling of almost passing out from incredible orgasms,  but also a bit scared of letting it get to far.

What are your experiences and how do you play safe but still push the limits further every time? Continue Reading…


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Well, I known some cases, when people have tried it, and ended up in a coffin. Each to their own I guess, but for me, this one is definitely not worth trying…. in my opinion.

If you practice in threesome, just make sure, one of your partner know how to use the phone, also his blood flow to his brain should not be limited… Continue Reading…

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Waaaaaaay over that top for me!  Have a nice life. However short it may be. Continue Reading…


adult datingThese are my thoughts on allowing anyone to choke you until you pass out as a fun sexual activity.

Darwin had a theory… survival of the fittest. Basically what this means: The slowest both mentally and physically among the species gets killed early, hopefully before they can breed their stupidity and infect the gene pool.

It’s quite obvious that some slipped through.  Enjoy your short life span… and for God’s sakes, please use birth control. Continue Reading…


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I totally understand you. Been there done that many. There is not such a thing exist, not an erotic play… that can make you reach  so intense orgasm, that you can have via Asphyxia.

However if you do not want to end up in body-bag first thing is you have to trust the person your with totally!

If you are in threesome, make sure, the one, who is air intake does not controlled knows CPR just to be on the safe side.

If your useing any kind of rope, belt or cable be sure the free necked know how to undo the knots, or remove the belt. Have a pair of scissors handy.

Never do this alone… Kids die, because they do alone in the closet, they use their belt and their body weight on the coat hanger rod…

You should always have a partner when doing this…. as for how far you should take it, test your limits a little more each time. Best to have the same partner until you find your limit. I hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.

We think asphyxia is hot… Continue Reading…



A good question since you like pushing your limits in sex. There are unsafe places and things in life, and we go there and we do that.

For example swinging… sex with stranger. Is it safe? Condom makes it safer, but not safe.  What about bare back ride? People who practice takes humongous amount of risk, because the like it, the prefer that way.

Easy to say, but you simply repeat “not safe” and stay away despite the rush. If you practice bare back ride, you might pick up a deadly STD. You might suffer for years and die…

If you are not carefully enough,   Asphyxia will kill you on the spot… but not suffering. You will die after a mind blowing  – pass out orgasm… It is your call. Continue Reading…

From  Wikipedia; David Carradine died on June 4, 2009 from accidental asphyxiation, according to the medical examiner who performed a private autopsy on the actor. His body was found hanging by a rope in a closet in his room in Thailand, and there was evidence of a recent orgasm.

Two autopsies were performed and concluded that his death was not caused by suicide, and the Thai forensic pathologist who examined the body stated that his death may have been due to autoerotic asphyxiation. Carradine’s ex-wives, Gail Jensen and Marina Anderson, stated publicly that his sexual interests included the practice of Asphyxia.


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DUH – far enough that you do not die???

I cannot figure out how any sexual high can be worth risking your life. But, as many have said, “to each their own”. Continue Reading…

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