How do I get my wife or girlfriend to let me have anal sex with her?

It’s simple, you can’t. But you can play with her golden hole, and if you are lucky enough, she will ask you for anal penetration

Men and women are different, but the anus… both sex get one. If you are really into anal sex, you should know, the younger, more adventurous, less desperately homophobic generation of sexual adventurers, male and females more willing to accept anal play, anal penetration with far fewer preconceptions.

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Both men and women can enjoy, satisfying and pain free anal stimulation. Men are luckier in this department, because  their butts are wired to feel exquisite pleasure… because the prostate gland location.

The prostate gland can add significant amount of pleasure to the men’s enjoyment during anal play, finger fuck or anal penetration.

Some people learn what to do and how to enjoy anal sex very quickly, some others never going to get turn on, form the idea of anal penetration. To be fair a lot of people never become comfortable with the anal penetration idea.   Much – less they really enjoy sex, with out anal play.

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So all of us have to equipment (anus) to enjoy anal sex, in one form or other. Because everybody have anus,  doesn’t matter your sexual preferences, anal play is always an option… You can be str8, or bi or gay, anyone anus have millions of nerve endings… but it is common notion, but play, butt sex is unnatural.

Labeling  anal sex as unnatural is,  generally an attempt from religious institutions from keep you to doing in… For what reason? I a am not sure… If you want to know ask it from a  religious person.

What about view, held by both genders, that anal sex is  wrong, and there is nothing that a strait person can enjoy… during butt play.

On the other side, some str8 men enjoy it so much, they can’t control themselves and they blow they load very early.  So early, their partner, think they suffer from premature ejaculation. Let’s see what our user have to say about anal sex and premature ejaculation.


Does anal sex cause premature ejaculation more often than vaginal sex, even in older men?

Do you think it’s because women’s anal orifices are tighter than their pussies?

Or, do you think men get more excited when they have anal sex? Continue Reading>>>


For me personally, I go completely wild when having anal sex so it definitely excites me more (and hence, makes me cum also earlier).

The trick is to find a good balance between when to do it and how close you are to coming. Continue Reading>>>


horny menI just will never get this.

I find absolutely nothing sexy or appealing about having anal sex with a woman but will do it if she ask me to.

It has never once felt good to me. Like fucking tight sandpaper to me.
I’d rather have the pussy and it’s natural juices for an easy entry any day other than having to use some lubricant to use to coat myself so she can be pleased in some way by me ripping into her asshole.

I just don’t get it, never will.  But more power to you if that’s what you like. Continue Reading>>>


I love both vaginal and anal sex. They are completely different for women. I think perhaps my lover enjoys anal sex with me because I really get into it and he hasn’t had much anal in the past. Continue Reading>>>


anal sex loverI and my man have anal often. All I can say is “Thank You-May I have Another”. Continue Reading>>>


Definitely because it is in the realm of forbidden sex. It is erotic and it is much tighter than a beautiful vagina. When a woman shares their wonderful treasure with any man, this is special. So obviously they Cum faster and more readily.

Please forgive those of us who pop the cork to early. Continue Reading>>>


anal lover womenMember bobscadi is soooo right!

I always give my man a hummer before I want backdoor booty. It makes him last so much longer for the wild jungle sex I love. Continue Reading>>>


A lot of answers to this one….

I find that I almost never cum via anal because there is only the sphincter muscle that gives me any sensation. But the two women I date on a regular basis both orgasm via anal,
so I ass fuck them almost any we have sex. Continue Reading>>>


I’ve only had the chance a few times. Only came once…the other times the girl got to uncomfortable with it, or she chickened out and we stopped.

Talk about a buzz kill. There is something about it that is very interesting… I think its the taboo sex and dominant aspect. Continue Reading>>>

anal sex positions
Anal Sex Positions with photos

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Anal sex positions

Anal sex for the first time

I’m considering anal sex for the first time and I’m wondering if it really is pleasurable.


Are you male or female? Are you considering giving or receiving anal?


Give it or receiving, either way, anal sex is depend on the person. Some find it painful others very pleasurable. If you are going to try it, go slow.

anal three wayIt’s definitely worth a try to see if you like it or not. Do a search on here to get some tips on how to do it right and then you just have to find a sex partner, who is considering anal sex too.

If you are giving it… you don’t just stick your penis in there like you do a vagina. Be sure you use condom.

If you are receiving it… then you need even more lube. It takes lots of play and lube for it to be comfortable/enjoyable for the receiver.


Being at the giving end in anal sex anal feels great. I understand how women may be turned off by the idea completely, and if they are not comfortable with it (because they think it’s gross) you must respect that. If they don’t like it because it hurts, I think they just haven’t been pampered enough to relax and enjoy it. Diplomacy is getting someone to do what you want.

The highest form of diplomacy is getting someone to want what you want, and this apply for sex plays too.

If your partner is new to anal sex, the easiest anal sex position for her will be laying flat on her stomach or her side. If she tries her first time on her hands and knees, or with her butt in the air, there will be more resistance and discomfort for her.

First, make her cum with vaginal penetration or with oral sex. Then, give her a massage to relax her further. Massage her buns. I like to lick around the area to tease her, then rim her.

If you’re not into that, use your fingers to caress her there. Use LOTS of lube. Go very slowly. Don’t ignore the other parts of her anatomy and don’t go jamming things inside until you’ve been warming her up for a long time.

Kiss her and talk to her while you’re massaging her.

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You will need to insert fingers and larger items progressively over time: one finger, two, three, anal toy, etc. Finally, your hard penis. You can not perform anal sex with semi hard penis. You can find few anal sex positions with anal sex photos at next. You can see there how anal sex should be done.

If you have sex with the same partner often, you can massage her rectum while she’s experiencing the most intense moments of sex. If she learns to associate the massaging with pleasure, she will start to enjoy ass-play on its own.

If you are patient and persistent, going further and further each time, she may even ask you to use your penis. That’s if you’re with the same partner over an extended period.

Anyway, ask her questions like “do you like this better, or this?”

Listen to what she says.

I think it’s a very good idea to use sex toys on her to keep her other parts feeling good while you play with her ass.

Did I write listen to what she says? She will make noises that might make you think she’s not enjoying herself, so work out a safe-word beforehand so you don’t have to keep asking “are you okay?”

Go slowly. You cannot pound her like she’s a porn star, especially if it’s her first time. Plus, she’ll be squeezing you so tightly, you won’t need too go very quickly.

I like to put my fingers in her mouth while I’m doing it. Don’t be a dick about it though. Be respectful!
And don’t stick the fingers you had up her butt in her mouth or vagina!

Don’t be stupid! Use a condom!

When you finish, you can relax and she can use her muscles to push your penis out. They’re designed to push stuff out of there. If you just pull out, it may be uncomfortable for her.

You have to think about your ass, when you are considering anal sex, because she may want to play with your ass too. She let you in hers, so it’s only fair to reciprocate. It can feel pretty good if she makes sure to keep you erect via other means. If she doesn’t want anything to do with your ass, then don’t press the issue.

There is a web page with anal sex basics. You should read it before try to shovel up your dick into anyone’s ass…

Visit our partner’s erotic on-line dating advice section for more anal sex tips, anal sex advice.

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