Husband invited me to play with his wife

I am not a bull – but I have been invited by some generous husbands to play with their hot wives while they watch, and sometimes they joined in too. It is quite interesting and exciting to have another man to prepare his wife for you to take… Continue Reading

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A true gift of generosity and in many cases their erotic fantasy. fantasy or not I am straight, and have absolute no sexual interest in the male – thus I always make a point before meeting that the female will be my sole focus of attention, so everyone is clear about each one’s roles.

Because I work as a business consultant, I often dress “business”, and that seem to be a turn on for the ladies.  The right couple for me is the one where the couple is friendly and educated, well “maintained” and no more than 7 years age different between the lady and I. Continue Reading

Play like this allows spontaneity to run free, so the woman can truly enjoy the experience of being taken while her husband watch. Of course the husband free to join in, as far as he concentrate on her pleasure… not on my ass.

It he hubby just watch, the wife typically asks permission, sometimes visual  acknowledgment of  the husband on every move. Many husband like to watch the happenings like in the movie theater, therefore they sit from a distance.

Each one has a distinct fantasy, but the ones who is bossy,  like to “direct” every move turn out to be annoying and often a turn off for everyone,  again, spontaneity is key. Continue Reading

I am not into humiliation of anyone, that’s is a game I don’t play. When everything is ultimately in line with the fundamental goal of sharing mutual pleasure, and trust and respect is established it is when magic happens.

And I am always honored by the kind and generous invitation of couples wanting to play with an extra man. And usually they call me back…

What is my question? I do not have any question, but I have some advices… If you are a single man and would like to play with a married couple than you should be very polite, very easy going and extremely clean…

When the play time is comes, they wish is the only things that count. Therefore you have to make it clean, upfront, what you are into and what they expect from you… This way you wont be surprised and you will have and they will have a lot of erotic fun… Continue Reading



A lot of men would be surprised if they find out how many women fantasize about having sex with two guys at the same time… Read the article…

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It is extremely hot to watch my wife being fucked by such a well-hung gentleman, hot for my wife, hot for me.

And when the time is right, after she had list couple of orgasm, I join in too… and than the real fun begin… Continue Reading

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We are agreeing on this, if the extra guys is nice and know what he does, he will be lucky… and we want him back too.

For my hubby is a big turn on to watch me make out with an other man at front of him. Sometimes he joins in, sometimes he “fix” me after the otehr guy left…

There is no two play session is the same… but this is how we like it. Continue Reading


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We agree! Very hot for either of us to watch the other be sexually
pleasured, or play with others, like threesomes… Continue Reading


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I’m still trying to make it happen, I find it difficult to have the three of us meet up and get close before anything happens.

It’s tough for me to draw the line on how much we really get to know each other, before the actual get together for play… Continue Reading

Any thoughts on that one? Continue Reading

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You can have a great time if you leave your punk attitude at the door (if you have). Be yourself, be real and socialize, ask a lady to dance and have fun. Maybe even ask her husband for permission to ask his wife to dance.

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Talk to her husband and be friends with him too, remember, if he doesn’t like you then you’re not getting anywhere with her. Take your time and don’t be in a hurry.

One important thing to understand about couples (and women) who are in this lifestyle, is that every couple plays for this a reason.

It is their own personal enjoyment, not yours. Some are interested only in other couples, some only in women, some do nothing, they just like the atmosphere, and some are interested in playing with single men, (this is where you might come in).

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Remember most of the swingers club are members only club. Of course most of the club let guests in. If you are a single male the easiest way to get in with a member couple. You have to understand that discretion and privacy very important for every swingers. You really have to behave, your character is under continual scrutiny…

That means that just because you are in the club today, does not mean that you can be in tomorrow too. If you misbehave, act badly or disruptive then your will be ask to leave immediately and you will be permanently bared from ever returning to that club again.

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Club members know each other. This also means that if you insult or offend one couple, word will spread very quickly to the other members. By the same token if you are pleasant to a couple and they enjoy your company, they will be eager to introduce you to other couples and ladies so that they can enjoy your company too.

Just like close friends love to recommend a good movie or a good restaurant to their friends… Swingers like to recommend people with to their friends!

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