I did not have sex at my first sex party

I am a early thirties single woman, never been married and  never had any long term romantic relationship, that lasted longer than 18 months. That 18 months was my record. I am not into sex on the first date, or one night stand.

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Than I have a old time girlfriend, we are freind since our high school age. She is married  and she and her husband are in an open marriage. In fact they are happily married, they are successful in their personal life, their own their own business, live in a beautiful house, both of them are very, attractive, deeply in love, and they also can have sex  with whomever they want. I guess they are very lucky…

Anyways, we went to a Florida vacation together. They know I love parties and they know I never been in sex party… They find one. I did not want to go, but they  talked me into. They said it will be an upscale sex party in a swingers club… Which made me even more nervousness…

I did not know what to wear or what not too… and try to find all kind of excuses not to go, but finally I decided and said ok…

When we got there I was slightly intimidated by how many beautiful, well-dressed people was alredy there. Many of them were already with  friends or “playmates.” The atmosphere was classy, even reserved.

It was around midnight when the dresses begun to come off and not much longer than some people was going at it…

I decided to seat at the bar and ordered a drink. A guy seat next to me and we started to talk and drink and drink more and talk more. At the end both of us was fairly drunk, and no, I did not have sex on my first sex party, not even a kiss but I had a good time.   I liked that man and I think he liked me too, but unfortunately we are living at the different end of US, so there will not be sex…

How was your first sex party? Was it sex less too? Continue Reading


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My first sex party happened during my University age. We went to a swingers club with one friend from the same semester. He was freind, not lover.

I remember it was a Friday night and they let single guys in too. I think single guys had to pay around $50, couples $20 and it was free for single ladies.

I was not really looking for sex, but I was very curious and I told to my  guy, we wont have sex, I help him to get in and after that he is free to do what ever he wants to do. When we got there, there were three females and about 15 men. Later on few more ladies arrived and much more men…

All of the women were there with men. At the first few hours it was like a night club. Just a little light and people was drinking and talking. Around midnight I saw two couples had sex, but they did it very discretely… I could only see that things were happening, but no body parts. Continue Reading

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Than later a woman was getting fucked in doggie style while giving a blow job to an other man.

Than I saw a creepy old guy walking around naked with hairy back and a fairly large cock and openly looked at me. I did not like it at all and  I moved a way in a quite corner.

Than a  man woman couple came into the same area I was in. We started to talk and she  was creped out by that old naked man too. I cracked a couple of jokes at his expense, which she must have liked. We talked for a while.

Then, she just asked me if I want to watch a xxx sex show, from close. And I watched them from very close. He was a well endowed man and he fucked her in details – anal – vaginal – several times.

I respected their space,but their sex play turned me on and could not resist… I masturbated and obtained a really big orgasm and few smaller one.

I was happy, and I think she was happy too (I do not know about him, as he never really said anything). I suspect  she was an exhibitionist and she came in wanting to have a stranger watch her have sex, and she felt comfortable with me.

I do not know if I could have had sex or not, but it was cool with me. I left shortly after that.

Moral to the story…You do not need to have penetrative sex to obtain orgasm at your first sex party, you can do it yourself…  Continue Reading

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I’m a voyeur, but I don’t have to see a couple having sex (though it’s definitely a bonus) to get a lot of enjoyment from it.

I used to  travel a lot and have stayed in many a motel and hotel and overheard couples many times. Louder women moaning made me more exciting. I would mind going to a swinger parties sometime just as voyeur.

I’m not gay at all, but would want to notice which size dick was fucking women and it would especially exciting to me if I got to compare her sounds if she did a different guy who had a different size dick.

I suppose this is some form of dick envy,  or dick fetish… but it’s not something that stops me from enjoying sex and in a way it’s a positive for me as I enjoy being a voyeur. I’m no creep about it though, I don’t try to listen in on people or anything… Continue Reading


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A sex party is not a dick size contest. There are small dick guys and guys with average size cocks and they are better in sex than some of the man who hang like a horse.

Not everyone into 8 inches dick… The knowledge counts more than size…    Continue Reading


How many people expect sex on the first date? How many men and women expect to become intimate on the first date

Our Own Naughty Sex Party

We’ve had more then few mfm threesomes  with guys from  SwingersCouple’s website… All of those threesomes was great, because we select our playmates very carefully. We are going to have few more 3sum, that is for sure. The next opportunity comes soon…

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We will have our own naughty sex party… We will call it Santa’s Naughty Sex party. Of course we plan to have mfm threesome too at that sex party.

My issue is… The other day my wife asked me if she could invite a male customer from her work to join us, and I said no.  I don’t think that would be a “carefully” sex partner sectional… My feeling is; One thing to invite people from a casual  sex dating web site to have threesome with us, because that’s why they’re here too.

But to invite someone from work… is completely different. I don’t think we should mix work with pleasure,  because if the guy start to talk, it can make life  at work very difficult for my wife… What do you think? Continue Reading…


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It would depend on how well wife knows this person, but I would want to meet him first and see what my gut said.

I do understand you wanting to keep your casual sex activities private,  also you need to understand there is always a risk and if your wife want to fuck someone, she will fuck that person, with or with out you anyway… So you are not in an easy position…

The only way out… tell your wife, ok we will play with the guy, but only if he brings his wife or his girlfriend. This way both of you will be covered a little bit. Continue Reading…


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We are new here, I don’t see one bit of difference between meeting someone on here vs. a bar, club, party or even at work.

If you don’t know them you don’t know them no matter where you meet and really, in the long run, aren’t we all looking to meet people to have sex or other types of relationships all the time?

Wherever we are and whatever we are doing our goal is usually to make some kind of connection, even at work.

If you are going plan to have no string attached sex with your wife then don’t turn away a potentially hot time due to where you meet. It can be too hard to find compatible people to turn any away for trivial reasons.

Have fun and allow the wife to get what she wants and you will usually be happy with her choices! Continue Reading…

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Getting mixed casual sex with a customer/client is never a wise move. If things go wrong then her job could be on the line if the customer is the vindictive sort. Continue Reading…



Tips for hosting a sex party. Practice makes perfect, you know the people you invite to your party, better then we know… so use your imagination. Continue Reading>>>

A lot of women fantasize about having sex with two guys at a holiday sex party. Threesome as a Christmas present…

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Female – female – male threesomes. She can have dick and pussy too…

The female – female – male threesomes are more common in the today’s open sexuality world, because the large number of bi sexual women. In ffm threesome she can have what ever she prefer, woman or man, or both in the same time, which mean dick and pussy at the same time.


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I can see where you’re both coming from but I would also advise caution. There are plenty of places to meet new potential casual sex partners but work place should be special. Unless she works in a swingers club or a brothel, I wonder about the wisdom of allowing your private and public lives becoming entangled.

What would happen if the threesome with the customer doesn’t go well? Think how damaging a disgruntled former lover could be to her professional reputation.

While I think it’s wonderful that your wife is expressing her sexuality, perhaps it’s best to save the idea for a role play or find another playmate…. Continue Reading…


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In retrospect….the people on here are in a sense right “off the street”. For all you know the person she wanted to invite could have a membership on here or even another similar site.

I think a better consideration for rejection might be that since she knows the person (as a customer) it could be viewed in the old adage “never shit where you eat” kind of thing. Messing around with a person that does business with a place where she is employed could in the end open a can of worms that would best remain unopened. Continue Reading…

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Green NSA sex at St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Some people goes in the church at St Patrick’s Day (not a lot) or get together with their freind  and some others goes to the sex club, or visit – organize kinky sex parties. Well I prefer the last option. Continue Reading

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So why people go to the swingers club, or sex club at St Patrick’s Day? Do they want to have green sex?

I guess this is simple, it is not a brainier… they want to swing or they want to have sex… with out the green… Maybe they drink green beer and wear green underwear… but I don’t think the color is an issue in a sex club or in a swingers club. Continue Reading

sex datingThey are in a swingers club… not because they are bad to the bone… but they are horny and they found a reason to celebrate, which is St Patrick’s Day… and there is no better way to celebrate anything than casual sex… Green on not sex is sex… as far as it is satisfying sex, the mask ‘s color is doesn’t matter if anyone wear a mask

In fact they are in a sex club, sex party or swingers club with their spouse, or significant other, because they don’t want to cheat on their so what ever they do to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, they will do it together… Continue Reading

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with casual sex. Even better Get him – her a threesome. You can call it green threesome? What makes it green? Nothing really, but because is St Patrick’s Day, you want to celebrate it in style, and with out something green a St Patrick’s Day celebration is not really a St Patrick’s Day celebration…

Get her what she always wanted to get. A boy toy for a threesome. If you do so, she will remember this St Patrick’s Day for ever…

And what about him? When a healthy man looks at a sexy woman he is imagining her as a sex partner, green bier, green underwear, or green hair… what ever green… he will think about sex…

If he doesn’t, than he is not a healthy man. Just for make it clean… women can have a sexual freedom that was unheard of only 40-years ago. Continue Reading

By the way, freind of my told me he was a guest in a St Patrick’s Day kinky party just the past weekend and some women colored the landing strip at their genital area to green… So that is something different and that is something I never see and never heard of it… I guess those ladies had a really rich imagination… Or they were real Irish… because a real Irish person have to have something green, have to wear something green on at St Patrick’s Day… Continue Reading

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In our open sexuality word, we have true equality between genders in the bedroom. Today a woman can be horny too and there are always males around willing to donate their time and energy to females… Continue Reading

Of course it does not mean, women in the past wasn’t horny. They was, but they could not go to the swingers club, or to a sex party to fulfill their erotic needs… or erotic fantasy.

What would be a better St Patrick’s Day celebration… Go to the swingers club and have some “green” fun together, or screw somebody’s husband or wife and hope nobody going to find it out…

The choice is yours… You decide… Continue Reading


How can you have a threesome?

Local women, men and couples looking for sex partners for casual sex, threesomes, more some & for group sex

Anal sex on first date?

If you are a man and your hot and horny partner with wide open legs will tell you, no condom no sex, I bet you will roll one on in almost no time at all…. How to roll a condom onsafer sex info.

A lot of women fantasize about having sex with two guys  & not just on St Patrick’s Day

Swingers Sex

Swinging is women paradise

Casual – no commitment sex and swinging is a woman’s paradise.  A woman with a powerful sex drive, who is always horny, is respected and desired, instead of pitied or criticized, because of her body is not a supper model’s body. In swinging and or in casual sex all body type welcome.

Women dominate our open sexuality world, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just think about it, if all woman say no for sex, then sex doesn’t happen.  If she say no, then there is no sex in the swingers club, no sex party and we do not even have casual sex.

In casual sex relationship and or in swinging a woman can have as little attention as she wants, with no one thinking anything bad of her. Thinks that  get into trouble any women in a normal party on in public, for example, to sex outfit, or flashing her boobs, or touching a guy’s butt, kissing her girlfriend, are welcomed at a swingers party or at  a sex party.

By attending a sex party or a swingers party, you agreed, that you are interested in casual sex. or in sex play how the latest generation calls it. You do not have to perform anything if you do not want to, but a list you should talk about it. Anyone can refuse any request, of course in a respectful manner with out risk of offense.

Sex parties or swingers parties usually held at hotels or at privet houses.  If the party at privet houses, then the party host, makes the rules.   Doesn’t matter where at that party is, people go there to have fun. The critical element for fun, safe comfortable casual sex activity is reaching a mutually satisfactory compromise, between your desire and your wildest erotic fantasy.

Happy and confident people are attractive. You have to be happy and confident to attract others. If you are a strait male, you have to attract  woman. If you are not attractive, there is no any woman want to have sex with you, even if you are at a sex party.  Remember, I stated above;  Women dominate our open sexuality world, if all woman say no for sex, then sex doesn’t happen.

How can you attract women at sex party? Good grooming, dress and personal hygiene, can be very helpful, but there are many more things.  Tips to attract sexy, horny women. Read all at next.

One more thing. Usually people do not invite single men at sex party. If you are a single guy, and would like to participate in a sex party, you have two things to do. At first you have to find a competitive casual sex partner. I am sure there are a lot of single women looking for sex partner near from you. Also you have to find a sex party. Our on-line swingers magazine have a section, where open minded people post their sex party location, party date, sex party rules, etc. Of course those info for registered members only, but the registration is 100% free. Not even credit card needed!

You  can check out that on-line swingers magazine here, and you can register for free here!

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