Threesome or group sex with a couple for Christmas. That would be a very erotic present from Santa

men for sexI really want to take part in a group sex or in a threesome to join a man in fucking his wife… in the upcoming Holiday Season. That would be a very erotic present… No men can ask more fro Christmas…

How do you go about approaching someone if there interested in such things and is there any woman out there willing to allow me too partake in that adventure?

And no, I wont fuck your hubby… sorry… He can watch or we can do her together, he can record all the discreet action. I would have alot of fun with him,  but absolutely no fucking a man…

If I had my cock in her ass and his cock is in her pussy and our balls slap once
in awhile that too I may be able to handle but NO cock in my ass my hand or my mouth… Continue Reading…

Recreational Sex Personal Ads

Recreational Sex Personal Ads

adult datingAt first you should be polite… very polite. I think if you were more respectful you may get farther…

Want to fuck his wife, let me fuck your wife your wife with you will not work! You should say you would like to have sex with her or you would be interested in sharing their private time with them… I am sure you will have a better shot…

In this lifestyle the woman has final say… Most woman want to be treated with respect. You can bring out the bad boy in the bedroom. Time and a place for everything. Continue Reading…


pussy with bootiesYou should not advertise here your preferences… Your preferences should go in your profile.

The people you would usually approach are couples for this. Just be very respectful and clear in what you are looking for (and things to avoid) when the time is right to discuss those things. Continue Reading…

Adult Dating Video ProfilesAdult Dating Video Profiles

How do you go about approaching someone if there interested in such things and is there  any woman out there willing to allow me too partake in that adventure?

Place that in your profile and look for couples that are looking for a make for a MFM threesome with no male interaction: Usually it is the COUPLE that will decide if YOU are to be included. Continue Reading…


erotic datingLet’s face it honestly… Why would any couple want to have sex with you? You are rude and you just want to give, but not receive… Where is your girlfirend, or wife…?

You want to bang her in the ass, as a Christmas present for yourself… but you don’t want to take it into your ass? Does it sound fair? Where is her hubby’s present…?

The first step for a single man in finding a threesome would be to agree to having cock in his ass or his hand or his mouth, or in all three. This can be an integral part of the threesome you are after. Even if it is not include… it might happen.

Since you don’t want that, even placing this cheesy ad on here, instead of on your profile has already turned off any remaining couples that might have been interested in you. I just don’t know what to advise you from at this point. Continue Reading…

women looking fro anal sex

Women Looking for Anal Sex – Near You

bi womanApparently you’re looking for a straight MFM. That’s exactly what we were looking for and found here.

Do a search for couples in your area looking for a man. READ their profile thoroughly! Always be polite, until you know you can be naughty. Although I was the one who really needed to like the guy, hubby certainly needs to be comfortable with you too.

If he is going to share his wife, and mother of his children with you he needs to know that you are “safe, ” and likeable enough to shoot some pool or have a drink with.

Be aware, and considerate of the contstraints on a couples time. They often can’t meet “tonight” or even this weekend, due to other priorities not disinterest.

Remember….they have a “steady diet” and this is usually just a special treat, and around Holidays a lot of people looking for the same things like you, so they can be very picky. Continue Reading…


Threesomes are fun but you have to be open to all outcomes. The first threesome with my wife and another man, I didn’t  know he was by, when he touched me I tensed but continued and realized that for the full experience I needed to “roll
with it”.

While I am completely straight the experience was most pleasing for both wife and me.

Remember a mmf threesome and the MFM threesome is not the same. MFM is mostly for her so you need to relax and go where it takes… Continue Reading…

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