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We know of a couple, she got pregnant while swinging, without previously planning to do so and not from the husband.

It happened very likely  from a gang bang and the husband had been fixed for a few years.

Apparently someone snick into her without a condom or it ripped, or it had licked and they didn’t mention it.

Now they are expecting a baby, abortion is not an option for them, but not sure what they will do since their whole family knew he had a vasectomy…

Is this happened with anyone here? Continue Reading…


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The same way a person get pregnant, they can also get HIV/AIDS or any other std’s.

Sex without proper protection is simply playing Russian Roulette. I don’t mind gang bang once in a while, but in my gang bang my boyfriend always is a “play master”. He makes sure everyone have condoms on, also I use female condom too.

Some people think a gang bang is not fun like that, well than they wont play with us. Continue Reading…

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Are you sure they used condom?

There’s a fetish, have casual sex and take a get pregnant risk. Maybe your friend couple love that too.

A lot of people who are into bare back sex say, nothing more satisfying than shooting a thick load of cum deep inside her pussy, one man after the other one, and letting nature decide what happens from there… Other word for bare back sex is “breeding fetish”.

Agree with the above, it is Russian Roulette… Continue Reading…

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Right, that fetish name is Breeding.

Breeding is the act of being bred, the animalistic word and actions that come from it. Like a gangbang, fuck like animals…

It’s totally hot and very erotic to me. When it comes to role play, the hard, rough language that comes with “breeding”, etc. turns me on so much.

But I am not willing to get pregnant over a fetish…  Continue Reading…


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Yes there are several “breeding” clubs and groups in this website too…

Now with the condom responders. Yes but what about oral sex? They make condoms for oral sex too.

So if you are a guy and your partner asks you to wear one for oral sex. Will you say great I was planning on it? Continue Reading…

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That whole breeding thing kills me…

I do know a couple, it happened with them too,  a long time swing partner get the wife pregnant.

Now the four of them (the long time partner and his wife too) live together raising the baby…

Kinda weird but works for them. Sometimes I am jealous… because they have a lot of fun together, but in my case… the last thing  I need is a baby… No thanks, condoms are must in my age… Continue Reading…


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I love that fetish… I keep trying, but nothing yet 🙁  Continue Reading…


Many user comes here, to fulfill  their erotic fantasy and their appetite for kinky sex. They are openly talking about their fantasy, in fact they ask the other members advices, on many erotic dating related an NSA sex related things.


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Just condom is not enough protection in group sex, female condom and pill, in case the condom breaks, but it doesn’t help against Herpes.

Try to play safe and enjoy the best… Just know your partner. Continue Reading…


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I would have thought anyone that is on here would at least know about birth control or the use of condoms.

But some are just plain stupid and this breeding fetish is very stupid.  I thought stupidity was only for the young… Play safe and  practice safe sex only. Continue Reading…


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I like big man. Big cocks, I mean, big cocks on regular size men.

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

Have any of you tried to put together a group of guys for a gang bang? It is harder then find a Unicorn woman too have threesome with.

My wife and I want a male female male threesome

My wife and I want a male female male threesome and not sure about some details.  One of them is; We are unsure where the extra man should…. deposit his load, where to? It would be very erotic to see him to cumm all over her body…

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I think she, (my wife) would enjoy it inside her. I think she should take it like she does mine, which is swallow or inside of her. She is in agreement she says. But reactions can change on the individual encounter. Anyone want to give their opinion or personal experience? Continue Reading…


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Threesomes with out condoms are really messy, plus any of you can pick up some kind of nasty STD very easily.

So I  my suggestion is, condom… Unless this guy is someone you know and trust (and has been tested for HIV, etc.), the condom is the only logical choice.  Continue Reading…



If you are a man and your hot and horny partner with wide open legs will tell you, no condom no sex, I bet you will roll one on in almost no time at all…. How to roll a condom onsafer sex info.



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One would think that if you are about to bring someone new into your bed, you would be comfortable enough to discuss both of your preferences and rules, ahead of time.A lot of people have rule, like no condom no sex!

It is not going to be unexpected that the man or men will come so asking her where she likes it and where she wants it.

Would seem logical if you care about her pleasure and her wish. Should not assume any thing. Even with a condom on, some women don’t want a man to come inside them. This called individual preferences. Continue Reading…


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Where ever she thinks he should do it would be a good idea! Do anything else, and she might not be so receptive to the idea of 3somes anymore. And you know, this will be your first and last threesome with her participation…

And do you realize it’s possible to cum inside a woman while wearing a condoms?

Oh yes! Sheesh, when someone talks about cumming inside, people here freak out! But you can cumm inside her  and in a condom… Continue Reading…

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Go bareback, full load in her! In her mouth, ass or pussy and STD almost guaranteed! Continue Reading…


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I think that is something that your wife should decide upon at the time of the encounter.

By inside her I really hope you mean while the other bloke is wearing a condom. Continue Reading…


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Does your wife have a death wish? As Iamwman said… Inside a condom would be the only logical place.

Go bareback and her death wish my get reality. Continue Reading…


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When we are having threesomes, the extra guy have to wear a condom, but he can pull pull his  cock out, he can take the condom off and then he can cum on me, if he wants.

If he does not want it this way, he is free to unload his load, inside me, inside the condom. There is no any other way,  how I would play.

However, if you do go bareback, if you two can’t decide, let him decide. Go bareback is bigger risk then fun…

BTW, make sure he was tested and hasn’t had sex with any partners since his results came in…

And remember there are some nasty things that aren’t tested for and other tests that things like HIV won’t show up for about 6months or more after exposure. Continue Reading…


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What you are saying is that you don’t care about safe sex, whether she contracts some disease or becomes pregnant. So much for responsibility.

I hope you have health insurance… because if you are going to go bareback,  sooner or later you will need to use it. Continue Reading…