Why are large cocks better

G spot orgasmWhy guys with large cocks are better sex partner?

I have been with some fairly large cocks. Most of the time the sex was great. However, the best sex I have had was with average size dicks. I have never came from fucking, and I am curious if a huge man would be able to finish me.

Also, why are very large men so much better. Looking forward to hearing your responses, and potentially some new playmates.



I red  your message and kind of mixed up…? You wrote it, you have been with some fairly large cock and the sex was great. Also you next sentence is,  “I have never came from fucking, and I am curious if a huge man would be able to finish me”.

So how can be sex great if that large men did not finish you? Are you talking about large men, heavy weighted men or men with large cocks?

If large men did not finish you, why do you state it:  Also, why are very large men so much better. I am confused… and why guys with large cocks are better sex partners.

I guess guys with large cocks are confident and a confident man is already turn on for many women.



What do you define as average and what do you define as large? And would you rather have length or girth? Which one makes it more exciting more better? Good Question!


Very large men aren’t any better. If you haven’t been able to cum with through intercourse with average or larger men, a monster cock won’t make a difference.

What you need is a partner that will play with your clit during intercourse or change the angle so your clit is stimulated.

However if you did not cum from a large cock, it is still better then if you did not cum from a small cock. List you have something to remember… But what can you remember for a small dick man if he did not give you an orgasm…?

Penis size and vagina closely related… That is to big form you, might be not big enough for me…  because out body is different. So there is no way to say just like a big dick is better than an average… It depends on your size, on your hip size on your body. Long hip long deep pussy… Wight hip wight pussy… gave a birth to a child? Large pussy… So you decide why is a bigger cock is better cock.

But I found a really good article about it. You can read it. I think it is something like,  penis size and vagina’s relationship.


I think it really depends on the woman. Some positions really work for them and the size of the cock does not really matter, if that cock is not small.

I know from personal experience that some woman love the feeling of being filled up by a large cock. You also have the luxury of trying unusual positions with a large cock. What can you do with a small cock? Well stupid question. You can blow it, but what can a guy do with a small cock.. other then being shame about it. He should not anyway.

There are many ways to give an orgasm  for a women and vaginal penetration just one and the hardest one.



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Some women simply don’t climax from just penetration, include myself…  I don’t think the size of the cock would make any difference, if that cock is not smaller then average. So what is an average sized cock? Well according to the Internet and my limited experience an average size cock around 6 inches long … So if  there is a six inches cock then everything is depend on the skill of the man it’s attached to.

Can he turn me on? Can me make me want to have sex with him? Can he make me dripping wet? If he can, probably I will cum, if his dick list an average size…


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Drop the subject of small cock. Small cock is not for casual sex…  I think well endowed aren’t any better or worse than men with average endowments. Being a good lover a good sex partner takes alot of things into account. After all, it doesn’t matter the size of his cock if the woman’s dry as a bone while he’s fucking her.

Why is she dry? Maybe because he doesn’t turn her on. And if a woman touch a well endowed cock, it can be a big turn on for her… but he still have to prove he is a good lover…



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I love the feeling of being filled up. The tightness, thrusting and going as deep as possible will make me cream all over that well endowed man. I will take too large and just right, any day!

However just being 8 inches long is not enough to fill up a pussy. An 8 inches cock can be like a pencil… From my experience and all my girlfriends experience… the girls and I have been have said its usually a fat meaty cock that gets us cumming like crazy.


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Because chicks would rather have a big dick fucking them. Even if they don’t cum with a big dick they still get excited just for the fact that its big alone….


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Huge dicks mean nothing unless the guy knows how to work it. A man with an average dick knowing how to work it could very well be better than one with a huge dick who doesn’t.

But if a guy’s dick is small and he does not even know how to use it, then it is a catastrophe…


A good lover listens, watches and then responds according to what you say, what noises you make, the tensions in your body and the expression on your face, among other things.

Then you have a responsibility to have an idea of what makes you cum and to express that. If you don’t know, you need to play with yourself (with toys or without) until you learn to relax and then find what gives you the most pleasure.

I came to sex later than most of my peers. In my 20’s, I could have clitoral O’s with my steady and reliable
partner. Life was good. As I grew older and wiser, I experimented with various people and techniques. I am multi- and virtually endlessly orgasmic now.

I’d take a solid 6 inch cock on a nice man who pays attention and wants to please me any day over a huge cock. Many men with huge dongs think size is enough and never bother to learn to use them.

Sorry guys, I do not go any lower then 6 inches. I would not fill anything…

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