Difference between sex & love

Is there any difference between sex and love? Or if I want to be more specific, I can ask this question like this; Is there a difference between being fucked and passionate love making?

Many people come here because they are looking for sex partner, and not love. so probably those people know there are big differences between love and sex. If you are one of those guys who are looking for sex, you can find willing partner even in your city here.

For me, as a man,  there definitely are differences between hard core casual sex or just sex and love making. Of course love, if we talk about love and how a husband loves his wife or how a girlfriend  loves her boyfriend, includes sex. This is the sex that we might call passionate love making, which is not always passionate. Sometimes it can be a “quickie” in the kitchen, or at the front of the TV, but it still count as love making.

I as man, who grew up in the Christian world, ( I know I should not mix religious with sex, but it is fact), so I as a man I don’t think I would ever be able to love more than one woman at the same time. In some part of the worlds men can have more then one wives  and I don’t know how can they love all of them. I don’t think they do, I think they use them for spice up their sex live with selection. I wondering do they have three or foursomes? Like FFFM or FFM threesomes, female – female – male or even with three wives…

Wow! I am getting kinky here.

Local Women Looking for Sex Partners

Local Women Looking for Sex Partners

I do have a girlfriend currently, I love her and I think she does love me and we are happy when spend time together, and we spend a lot of time to make love, in the form of hot sex.

However, that doesn’t mean that I feel completely emotionless about sexy, hot other girls, and I am sure she fill the same way about other fine men. Therefore, whatever I might have or want to have with some hotties, will never ever replace the love I feel for my girlfriend. That sex  just would be fun, entertaining, hot, steamy, creamy casual sex, with out any commitment and all that, but not love with a lot of commitments. For me, love is more then sex. Love is about being there for each other, to care each other and support each other, even in sexual needsSex is about fun and erotic casual entertainment with out love.

I think the real answer for the question is  (Is there any difference between sex and love?) sex is a physical activity which doesn’t require love. Love is an emotional thing – making love, having sex with a loved one is the physical part of couples live, who are being in love, who love each other.

Therefore, if sex and love were the same, pornography, prostitution and anything related would not exist, including casual sex.

Erotic adult dating is casual sex. It is not casual love it is pure sex, pure erotic fun with out commitment ad with out love. Sometimes it might turn into love but this is an other subject that sex partners might have to deal with.

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