My best orgasm happened on a first date

I not understand what is the big deal on  first date sex… You like it or not, you are into it or not, it is only your very personal business, your choice and or your preferences. We are, list I am living in North America and here men don’t stone women to death because she have sex outside of her marriage.

no string attached sexFriday is NSA Sex Party Time

first date sexR-uready

Does not matter that sex happens on the first date or on the second, it will be still sex outside of your marriage, if you are married.  If you are not marred, than once again, it is your preferences.

But I am not married, and my best orgasm, that I ever had, happened about three years ago with an older man. He was, he is 12 years older than I am and he was a really passionate sex partner. Not before him and not after him, no any man made me orgasm, like he did. I guess experience does count… in first date sex too.

I am not a squirter, I never squirt, but at that time I was so wet, the man was sure I squirted. I did not, but he made me obtain an incredible orgasm.

I know, someone will ask, why not repeat with him? Because we ran into each other at a Caribbean vacation, it was his last night there and he is from oversee.

If I believe in, no sex on the first meeting, I would never have had this incredible experience… Continue Reading

sex party adsswingers sexi-play-alone

I am not really sure, what was your question… but I have few things to say.  I am married and  I can play alone, but we play with hubby too. He can play alone too if he wants.

I do believe in first date sex, because I am a married woman, and I do not have time to dating and talk over a coffee or a drink about sex and preferences. That can be done before of that first date.

We are not living in the 60’s there are many way to communicate today, so when ever someone goes to a nsa first date, they should be prepared accordingly and as a result, they might have the best orgasm they ever had.  Continue Reading


thinking of 3 somethinking-of-3some

Was it in a Hedonism Vacation Resort in Jamaica? I been there and I had similuar experience. I think there is something erotic in that sunny Jamaican air…

But a freind of my told me there is a better, lifestyle adult vacation place  in Mexico, than Hedo in Jamaica… Continue Reading

swingers couplescasual sex1canuck

I don’t think it have anything to do with the sunny Jamaican air. It might be the side effect the Jamaican dope… or the guys penis size, or the sex position…

Or you just were extremely horny and all the above pointers all together ended up in your mind blowing orgasm. Kudos to you… Continue Reading


swingers sexKatysBeenBad

About a year ago I was dating a guy that wanted to spank me
during foreplay. It wasn’t our first date, but it was the first time we had sex.

I gave in and let him (because the 50 Shade of Grey). I loved it. I had one of the best orgasms I had  a long time. Since that every once in a while I love to get spanked during sex.

Maybe you had that great orgasm, because you did something new, something that you never did before. You are the only one who know what was it… Continue Reading


no string attached sexspicycinnamon-baby-lips

I don’t know about your vacation preferences, but if I go, I always go to a high end vacation resorts.

High end and hotels, loaded with high end “classy” vacationing men… and I always manage to have some of those “mind blowing” orgasm. Continue Reading

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Tips to attract women who want to have sex

Casual penetrative sex with someone outside from your permanent partnership

swingers party

My girlfriend wants to cocks… With simple English, she wants to have a threesome with another man.

I kind off want it too, I think that would be extremely hot and I think with a “ggod” guy” we can give her the fuck of her life time…

The problem is, we can’t find any man… Here everyone just do the talk and wont do the walk…

So  where will we find him from??

I mean we can’t just go out and ask a guy like that, she wants an extra hot guy for  it, because her birthday is coming up, and she wants a threesome for her  birthday present….

I will pay the hotel and if will work…, well that would be a very cost effective birthday present.

Where else is the the best to look?


horny couplehappylihorny

It’s easy to find a guy to join you and you lady friend. Join the group section of this website. You will find group close to your location. They organize parties, participate in one, and if you like it, you can have your own…

I think you will have your threesome on that first party… so if I were you, I would not worry about that, instead make sure you really want it to happen…


nsa sex datinggroupfun

Really think hard before doing this…

It happens often with new couples… She loves the double power to much and she will start to do it on a regular basis on her own… so you will be out..

So, if I were you, I would perish the thought and just take her out to dinner or something….


casual sex1Canuck

If you 2 have a good, strong relationship, I think this could only make it stronger.

You both have to realize it’s just about sex & having fun, not emotional attachment with the 3rd person.

As long as you think about it a lot and talk about it with your girl a lot, go for it!

If your relationship is not strong, than a threesome might destroy it, but… then sooner or later it will be over anyway, so why not have some fun until is not over.

I can only suggest one thing… do not do her with your friend. If your relationship ends, because your friend,  you will loose your friend too.

swingers sex

No String Attached Sex & Age

Aging like a fine wine and NSA, no string attached casual sex  is getting better with age. This is just a question that kind of intrigues me.  It’s about the main purpose of the site for members to meet, hookup, date or just plain get laid tonight. Continue Reading…

casual sex

adult datingntnwillis98

Do you think there is an age group that benefits the most from this site regarding the main purpose of the site I stated above?

Thanks in advance to all those that take the time to respond to this question in a meaningful way. I won’t be responding to each and every post here but be sure I will be reading them. Continue Reading…


Erotic datingdnafun11

From the male half of the couple.

You know that’s a damn fine question. I wondered that myself. We get play all the time, although not always people from this site.

It seems to me we hear a lot of 20 some-thing’s complaining and the 60 plus crowd the same. But again that seems to be primarily here and not so much on some of the other sites
we are on. Continue Reading…



Let’s talk about sex

Casual sex positions


swingers sexhorny-blondy

All those I’ve met in the short space of time I’ve been on this site had the age ranges of 3o through to 50’s.

Each of those complained that although having been on this site longer than myself, I was in fact their first meeting.

Also listening to what others say, I would venture to guess at 30 to late 50s age range. Personally myslef… I like older guys better, they no rush, they take their time, so I might say, the site works better for them… Continue Reading…


NSA datingmiseryluvsco68

For the men, I’d say in the 40’s. I definitely would not play with younger men.  Not sure about the women, I suppose whoever gives in. Continue Reading…

horny couples

NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

Yes I will go with the 35-65 yr.old the woman. And the men 45-70 yr. old. I really don’t think it works for the younger men as well, but their of some exceptions I am sure.

As they seem to think it is a free brothel and do not know how to communicate on adult levels. Even though this is an adult  dating site. That is my opinion. Continue Reading…


NSA sexAnewWoman

I would say those who fall in the middle aged crowd do best here.

Chances are they have been in no committed relationships before and want to stay active without the same commitments they once had. Continue Reading…


NSA Sex1Str8Man

Some sites cater to younger couples and singles. They sponsor dance clubs and other party related activities geared to attract younger age group. They use the club scene as the sell. Dancing and drinking. Those website are  successful with the younger 21 to 30 crowd.

I am in 50’s and I can not complain about the this website. I got what I am looking for, and I can get at any time. It definitely works for me.

So if we consider my age as an example, than it deferentially works form me… The age of the  people I usually meet is between  late 30s till early 50s, and it works for them too. Continue Reading…


Sex is better then ever been before. The best it has ever been for me

Russian hottieDo your sexual desires, needs, quality change, or quantity as you age?

When I was in my twenties I’ve heard people saying sex is getting better then you are in your forties. I didn’t even think about older than that, no disrespect to anybody who is older than me.

I couldn’t actually believe that! But now I’m forty, and sex is getting better with the age (well, if you are with the right partner). Right when I think it can’t get any better: it does!
How does it work for you? Continue Reading>>>

casual sex personal adsNo String Attached Casual Sex Personal Ads

I am a over forty, almost fifty years old man. I go for quantity… after one or two quickie, will come the quality… which will take times and a lot of horizontal mambo-jambo… Continue Reading>>>


My needs and desires haven’t really changed. They have basically been the same all this time. One thing that has changed is, when I was younger, I basically just thought about my needs, where as now, I think about both our needs.

Also, in my younger days, it was a 100 meter sprint, whereas now, it’s more of a long distance event. I quite enjoy it for being so. And my partners enjoy it too. Continue Reading>>>


Welcome to the over 40 club!! I’d have to agree. I understand my body and what pleases me much more than when I was a just a young chickie.

My tastes and desires have expanded. Plus my sex drive has increased from wanting 2-3 times per week to at least daily. And then sometimes multiple times per day. It’s all good… Continue Reading>>>


older women younger menA lot better than I expected. I was like you, never thought
beyond my forties. But now that I am in my retired age I don’t think
about it that way, better than…. or any better.

I take what comes and it makes me very happy, thank you, there
isn’t no doubt that at some point it will stop, but I don’t anticipate, it will be anytime soon, because my hormones and my sex drive works the same way since my late forties.

Even better, I don’t think about what will I do, when I will have enough sex for lifetime. Continue Reading>>>


I think its because we are getting good at it. We are more open about it now. Sometime at a stuffy party start a sex conversation, now the party gets fun.

I don’t think we were as brave in our teens and twenties. We also are better at sharing  with our partners what we like and we should be ask them as well.

When I was in young I tried to look like I knew what I was doing. Now I think I have a pretty good handle on it. Yes I am still learning the skill also. Continue Reading>>>

local erotic adult datingAdult Dating Video Profiles

Sex is like a good wine, getting better with the age. However age is not something, that you most to have to have great sex. Older men and women have experience and experience makes it perfect…

But because the Internet boom,  young people can learn a lot about sex.  When I was young we did not have any love making literature, sex educating videos, etc… We had to figure everything ourself out. Continue Reading>>>


horny womenI think it definitely gets better as you get older. When you are younger, all you care about is getting someone naked.

If you score, fabulous. If you are female and you came too – even better.

But as I get older, I find that the connection with the other person is even more important. That connection allows me to explore my boundaries and  experiment, and do things that never occurred to me when I was in my 20s.

Sex is a completely different experience for me now and I enjoy it tremendously. Continue Reading>>>


It’s gotten much better for me since I have gotten older. The adventurous side of me was forced to behave during a horrible marriage that was very abusive. Sex was his way and I got nothing out of it but had to endure the act.

For two years after the divorce, I didn’t have sex-I had no desire, and didn’t date at all. Then I met a very smooth and very skilled guy, named Mac who was so patient, so gentle with me. He showed me how sex is supposed to be and he led me into a world filled with eroticism and wonderful things!

The adventurous side of me came out with a vengeance and I tried things that I had been curious about. Some I liked, some I didn’t-but I got the chance to try! Now that I have made it to the other side of menopause, my desire is still there.

The fear of getting pregnant is gone. I find that I am more aggressive, more willing to initiate what I want, and am still flexible enough to try out new sex positions! Sometimes it takes me longer to have an orgasm, but with a younger lover, that’s
usually not an issue.

Get laid Tonight! Local Erotic Adult Dating Personal Ads!

We are both very lusty and have worked out a great partnership that satisfies both of our desires. We are a bit kinky at times, other times we make sweet, romantic love to each other, and sometimes we hit the bed before even saying Hi to each other.

So, for me, things have definitely gotten better with age!!! I will no doubt slow down at some point, but I hope it’s not for a long, long time.

There are still a few things left that I want to try. Continue Reading>>>


Sex gets better with experience, and experience comes with age. I don’t want to repeat an above post, but experience is cause pretty much the same things, that knowledge does. It mellows and enriches sex it makes smooth, and when sex is smooth, then it will lead into great orgasm. Continue Reading>>>

Make her cum all the time…!

maria looking for casual sexSex is better then ever been before. The best it has ever been for me… and I’m 56! Continue Reading>>>


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Sex is like good wine, getting better with age

Is it? Is sex really better as you are – we are getting older? Better sex now, or then?

Many of us here are mature adults now. Or should be. Was sex better in our younger age, or just more abundant? Does better sex come with age?

Or sex is hard work as you are getting older.

Read More>>>>


multi orgasmic womanI say it’s better now that it ever has been!!

My husband would tell you it was more exciting, and  much better, when he was younger….

You kind of have 2 different thoughts from this couple!

Oh, and for plus, I get fucked alot more today than I ever did before. And I like it much more this days, then I did in my younger age.

local erotic adult dating

Adult Dating Video Profiles

Sex is as available now as it was back then. The best sex has always been with people with the right attitude, young or old, now or then.

Read More>>>>


hot babe

Honestly, I think a part of me liked it better when I was younger, in my mid 20’s. Back than, it was all new for me. So it was a delightful and very enjoyable  learning experience. Felt very innocent and exciting. It was all new territory for me and I liked it.

Now in my more adult years I feel sex has become all complicated and shit with the whole, gotta make that mental connection first and what not. Of course I like it very much, but doesnt feel so simple as it did back than.

Yeah, I’m just speaking of my own experience, and my experience only…


It keeps getting better when shared with a lover or partner who is as interested in keeping the doors of exploration open as I am. Learning subtle little things that are woven into a larger tapestry of knowledge, technique and experience is what I mean by this.

One need not necessarily explore to the very limits of each others tolerances, limits, morals or objections to find that love-making can and does keep getting better  and better.

It has always been, at least for me and my lovers and for my sex friends , a matter of taking the time to listen to each others bodies. A thousand clues or signals of meaning are sent with every glance, sigh, moan or involuntary reaction, not to mention what is said or done at the conscious level as well.

Real love-making, isn’t about getting off, it’s about caring enough to keep seeking new and newer combinations of love making technique that will bring ever greater satisfaction to each other… and it is about making adjustments and compromises outside of the bedroom so that we can find the time to spend  in the bedroom seeking each others desires fulfillment.

However doesn’t matter how old are you… but with out knowledge and love making skill, you just will get  get off, maybe your partner will have orgasm too, but that wont be sexual satisfaction.

everything about sex

Detailed Sex Guide – Sex Guide Videos & DVDs

play with me

There are many things that contribute to better sex. As a woman there have been pluses and minuses over time.

Experience has given me confidence in my skills, but my body confidence has plummeted. Yes sex was more abundant, but now it’s quality over quantity…. and the quality is fantastic. I am definitely more honest about what I want, and what I don’t.

I think sex is better better now. Another case of youth being wasted on the young. Older people don’t rush. They take their time and good job need time…

Read More>>>>


Sex in middle age is different than in your twenties and in older age is better. Better in some ways, not as good in others.

At 25, my record was seven orgasms in one night. At 59, two is a very good night.

At 25, sex was simple, mainly intercourse, which rarely results in simultaneous orgasms. Some oral sex, not a lot of what might be called kinky things. At 59, I have found it more enjoyable to engage in serial, marathon sex plays : I please her orally and then she reciprocates. I have learned to be patient, to key into her reaction, to stroke the G spot, to lick her pussy with long strokes, alternating with sucking and licking her clit, and seeing after her first orgasm if I should keep sucking, lightly at first, to give her a second orgasm, which builds on the base of the first to a much higher and more intense orgasm.

I have learned to teach them to enjoy anal sex and have learned to do nice and very slow, so that it causes little or no pain, despite my size. I have learned the importance of cuddling and slow foreplay, and most of all, the need of women for talking in bed.

I learned the majority of these things on LoveCentria. I recommend it to any men, who can not gove an orgasm to their female sex partner at all the time.

It took me decades to become a better lover, and the result is that my lovers and sex friends are better lovers to me too. They are willing and interested in different positions, things that others might consider kinky. Their orgasms and mine are more intense than when we were young.

I miss the ability get diamond hard cock in the matter of minutes between two orgasm… In  my youth I could get hard at anytime. But I think sex is a lot more fulfilling, much more satisfying now. Penis enhancement herbs and healthy lifestyle helps. In short, better sex does come with age.

Bigger – better, more instant erection >>>


exercise with sex

Sex is much much better now! I can be me and I am such a naughty naughty girl. I learned what I want and learned how to let my partner know what I want. I think the secret of the good sex is skills and communication.

Read More>>>>

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