Casual Sex & Age

I know technology has changed a lot in recent years. Now you can get almost anything, include casual sex partner at any place you choose here on the street, Internet even can be accessed with cable television. Continue Reading…

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A sex toy could be just a phone call away, of course having the real thing better than a toy, and a real sex parter can be find using your mobile phone too…

You have the toys to keep you occupied if the real thing does not available. However sex is sex, casdual sex is no string attached sex and it have nothing to do with technology and it is much better than used to be…

My question to you: Why is nsa sex better than years ago? Just curious… Continue Reading…


casual sex1Canuck

Because nsa sex is like a good wine…. Getting better with age.  Like in any other activities,  experience does count, even in nsa sex. Continue Reading…


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I don’t think casual sex’s quality has much to do with technology, it may because of a certain degree of maturity (for a 20 year old it would not be better than years ago… for quite some time), changes in mentalities, more open mindedness… Continue Reading…


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Pretty simple really. The sex gets better because of the age and experience. Age is just a number to indicate the experience…  Continue Reading…

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Sex is better in adult age, because we know our bodies better, more comfortable in our sexuality and we aren’t afraid to ask for what we want. Continue Reading…


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People are more comfortable talking about sex and sexual pleasures this days. We can exchange tips and advices and ideas. Just 20 years ago there wasn’t any way to talk about nsa sex, it was virtually unknown…

Today we learn from each other. Continue Reading…


casual sexuberbaglady

I agree, sex is better with age. I for one am much more inhibited at the age I am now than when I was younger.

I also have learned there is nothing wrong with feeling good during orgasm. I think in most era’s there is a astigmatism attached to sex.

It was not something you spoke about when I was growing up.

I on the other hand made sure my children knew everything that I know about sex, from the good to the bad (STD’s).

I believe the more a person knows, the better decisions they make. It is holding to be very true with my children who are young adults. Continue Reading…

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It all depends on your sex partner, If you are comfortable and have great communication not afraid to try all the different sex or love making  positions, and try them on different places,  places like you only read about or watched on porn sites no matter what age you are… you will have a blast.

In the recent past, there wasn’t porn site to watch… and or to learn from. You could have see some black on white porn magazine or porn photo and the rest of  the game was up to your imagination… Continue Reading…


nsa sexkrazeeee

Because in our open sexed world men and women are same in their sex needs. In the pass women wasn’t allowed to have sex needs and I don’t even touched the subject of casual sexContinue Reading…

Have you ever seriously thought about making your lady sex partner happy with sex on Valentines Day?

Have you ever thought to make your sexual encounters more pleasurable for both of you? If you have not done this yet, you better start thinking about it now.

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There is anything that can be a better Valentines Day present, than a mind blowing orgasm…

Keeping your sex life in high spirits (special on and around Valentines Day) is the main key to attain a rich lifestyle. Sexual fulfillment simply keeps you feel youthful. Your spouse or your partner sexual satisfaction is strictly your personal business.

If you are not into NSA casual sex, then you should keep your partner sexual satisfaction  in-house family business. You should make your partner happy and satisfied with with sex encounters, with every intercourse.

However if you are a male and  if you can not fulfill your sex partner, your girlfriend or your wife erotic needs, your looks and income are maybe excellent… but if you can not get your lady partner achieve  orgasm, – Valentines Day or not – she might leave you and your money sooner than you can imagine.

Some women are multi orgasmic. They cum when you whisper in their ear or when they ride on their bike.

But most women not so lucky. Most of them need a bit of coaxing before they can reach the climax and if they’re not totally frigid, they have the capacity for a deeply satisfying climax. It is your responsibility to find out what it is that sends your partner to the deepest orgasm.

These days it seems like every guy has some kind of magic stuff, that will make sex better. Stuff, like pills, pumps or toys that guarantee better sex. With so many different solutions out there, how can anyone choose between them all?

I beleive your best bet would be improve your love making technique…  Oh, you are perfect in the sex department… Then maybe you can do something with your performance… Did you ever heard of Instant performer?

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Can all women cum? I have heard some ladies claim that they cannot climax at all. Is it just that they have not been with a guy that has the skill to make her cum? Continue Reading…


naughty womanNaughtyLilBrat69

I have absolutely noooo problems in that department but have heard of women who can’t and feel super sorry for them. Continue Reading…


NSA datingouttherelinda

I thought you were going to ask about Roy Orbison for a minute, lol.

All women are different just as men are so it is logical that not all of them can or ever will orgasm. Some of them may experience orgasm when they match the right partner but unfortunately some will never have the pleasure of a orgasm, not even on Valentines Day. Continue Reading…

older women looking forOlder Women Looking For Boytoys for Valentines Day

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Well I’d say selfish lousy lovers definitely could contribute… but sometimes peoples preprogrammed just won’t let them be free. Continue Reading…


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I can cum like a fountain now and I squirt like one, too. But, guess what? When I was in my 20’s, I wasn’t able to cum at all.

There are women who can’t cum. I think it’s because they’re not relaxed enough or because they haven’t found the right partner. I’m convinced that, unless a woman has a serious organic problem, any woman can cum provided she receives the right stimulation
from someone who is trying to please her. Continue Reading…


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The statistics suggest that: “About 75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone. That is without the extra help of sex toys, hands or tongue.

And 10 to 15 percent never climax under any circumstances. It is projected as even higher depending on where you look or who is doing the study!

We suspect the ratio of women able to have orgasm to be higher here on this site because of a more open minded approach to sexuality. In virtually all of the published studies less than 10% of the women unable to achieve orgasm have a physical reason inhibiting them. It’s all in your mind!!! Continue Reading…


NSA sex datingelle_dee

I cant speak for all women but I most definitely have orgasms, & most women I know do as well. I dont think it always the men failure…

A woman should explore & know her own body. If she cant make herself climax prehaps she has a problem similar to erectile dysfunction. Some women may have problems with a low libido in general. Could be hormones. She may be focusing on it too much & trying to force it. There are a myriad of reasons. Continue Reading…

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Talk dirty during sex. I am so wet I want you to slide into me, fill me, oh god yes baby, you are so good…

In North America swear words and sex words often the same. We express our frustration with the word fuck. Many of us say fuck more times a day, than religious people say Amen.

erotic profilesNSA Sex Dating Ads

In countries where culture is more sex friendly, for example in Sweden, sexual slang not used to express anger or frustration. Continue Reading…

Talking dirty during sex

Talking dirty during sex is an art, that sex partners and lovers should master. Words are very powerful during intercourse, if you are using the dirtiest words. They are much more exciting the words from the dictionary. Just say what ever is in your mind, but should not say anything that offend you partner.

For example you can say, I going to go down on you and going to eat your sweet pussy. If you say I go down on you and going to eat your big fat lose pussy, it wont do any good…

You can tell your partner, what you going to do.  You can describe how exited is your partner making you. For example you made my pussy dripping wet... Continue Reading…


recreational sexSageflutterby

So, I don’t think so far I have had any issues with men talking dirty during sex. As long as I don’t get called a slut or a whore, there’s pretty much nothing I’ve objected to hearing.

I find the best dirty talk is listening to a man describe what he wants to do with me, with what body part and how he’s going to do it.

But what I want to know, since I’m shy sometimes and not sure how to do it, is how to dirty talk a man. Sure I could Google it but I would like to get  first hand ideas…

So what do you say to your lover to dirty talk him? Guys, what do you want to hear your lover say to you? Continue Reading…


swingers sex adsnoldflame2

I do not think that knowing what random strangers here want to hear is at all helpful.

One can tell a partner in advance they like dirty talk except certain phrases. One can ask the partner what they like. Then it is like whistling. Just put the lips together and blow. Continue Reading…

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recreational sexsaxonbrit41

I like to hear what she wants to do to me. It’s not always bout what he wants. Tell him what YOU want to do to him and how. Let’s face it. Most guys like to hear anything dirty… Continue Reading…


sex adstwosharp2

Like most people, I like variety and it depends on the situation. I’m sure you find you like various words depending on mood, how much you’re turned on, etc.

My Lil Slut (pet name) had a problem being aural when we first dated.

Moaning was never a problem for her, but letting loose with shouts and screams was uncomfortable for her. With encouragement, not demands, she quickly escalated.

I had warn a neighbor, “We can get very noisy, ” in case he thought about calling the police. He grinned widely.

By the way, she’s not a slut but does enjoy being called that name when she has completely let go of inhibitions.

I like graphic dirty tawk (Teksun spelling). Throw yourself back on the bed, display, and say, “Look at my hot wet hole – pussy – cunt.”

Open your labia with, “Gimme that cock!” During sex, “Gimme that cock; fuck my nasty lil cunt!

As I’m approaching ejaculation, “Cum in me. Fill me up.” When I’m giving oral, “I’m gonna wash your face with my pussy honey, pussy juice.”

In general, say what you’re thinking or feeling, but don’t be insincere. You’ll get comfortable and your partner, at least most, will greatly enjoy it. Continue Reading…


sex datingedge0880

Id say just say what comes naturally. Imagine what you’d like to do to him and tell him. To me, using vulgar terminology is a huge turn-on… ESPECIALLY from someone thats shy!

You get bonus points in my book for enjoying this! I enjoy talking dirty to a woman, but get bummed when they don’t reciprocate. They’ll say “what else would you do”. One sided conversations can get old and boring. It can be a turn down… Continue Reading…


Women for sex66LUV

OK… I’m with you on this. I am super shy when it comes to talking dirty. I feel awkward as hell and it just seems fake to me.

I just start laughing!!!!

I really hate the vulgar and derogatory words… it takes away from the experience for me. Maybe with the RIGHT man, my opinion will change. Will it? I guess I just need to find him. Continue Reading…

NSA SexCasual Sex Personal Ads

swingers adsluvurwetpanties

I don’t always talk dirty, but enjoy it immensely sometimes. Usually he starts it and I join in. It varies depending on the person and the mood and the actions at the time.

There are really no off-limits or offensive words to me, as I would only enjoy dirty talk from someone who I knew cared for and respected me.

So if he calls me his dirty little whore, it’s exciting and makes me want to play that role even better for him.

So my advice is, tell him to talk dirty to you to get things started and test the waters with your responses.

A good place to start is indeed by describing what you want to do to each other – the more descriptive and naughty the better. Continue Reading…
-the wet one


NSA datingouttherelinda

I understand where you are coming from. I had never talked dirty to anyone before I joined this site. I found it easier to talk dirty while on IM when chatting to someone I had found a connection to and had planned to meet.

I found it more comfortable that way because at first I felt silly but he couldn’t see me.

Just ease into it and describe the naughty thoughts running through your head. You might just throw in one dirty thought to start with and gradually increase the dirty talk as you
become comfortable, good luck with it. Continue Reading…


sex adsdanthia

Try just telling him what you want him to do to you. I want to feel your warm tongue on my wet pussy, your hands cupping my breasts, your tongue slowly circling my clit… mmmmm I’m so wet I want you to slide into me, fill me oh god yes baby, you’re so good…

Most guys love it and if you describe the way you like things done to you ie: slowly do this, gently do that, slam into me, then you end up having better sex.

The more vocal the better I say. You can start with phone sex or just on chat, to practice and to get more ideas.   Continue Reading…

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Sex is like good wine, getting better with age

Is it? Is sex really better as you are – we are getting older? Better sex now, or then?

Many of us here are mature adults now. Or should be. Was sex better in our younger age, or just more abundant? Does better sex come with age?

Or sex is hard work as you are getting older.

Read More>>>>


multi orgasmic womanI say it’s better now that it ever has been!!

My husband would tell you it was more exciting, and  much better, when he was younger….

You kind of have 2 different thoughts from this couple!

Oh, and for plus, I get fucked alot more today than I ever did before. And I like it much more this days, then I did in my younger age.

local erotic adult dating

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Sex is as available now as it was back then. The best sex has always been with people with the right attitude, young or old, now or then.

Read More>>>>


hot babe

Honestly, I think a part of me liked it better when I was younger, in my mid 20’s. Back than, it was all new for me. So it was a delightful and very enjoyable  learning experience. Felt very innocent and exciting. It was all new territory for me and I liked it.

Now in my more adult years I feel sex has become all complicated and shit with the whole, gotta make that mental connection first and what not. Of course I like it very much, but doesnt feel so simple as it did back than.

Yeah, I’m just speaking of my own experience, and my experience only…


It keeps getting better when shared with a lover or partner who is as interested in keeping the doors of exploration open as I am. Learning subtle little things that are woven into a larger tapestry of knowledge, technique and experience is what I mean by this.

One need not necessarily explore to the very limits of each others tolerances, limits, morals or objections to find that love-making can and does keep getting better  and better.

It has always been, at least for me and my lovers and for my sex friends , a matter of taking the time to listen to each others bodies. A thousand clues or signals of meaning are sent with every glance, sigh, moan or involuntary reaction, not to mention what is said or done at the conscious level as well.

Real love-making, isn’t about getting off, it’s about caring enough to keep seeking new and newer combinations of love making technique that will bring ever greater satisfaction to each other… and it is about making adjustments and compromises outside of the bedroom so that we can find the time to spend  in the bedroom seeking each others desires fulfillment.

However doesn’t matter how old are you… but with out knowledge and love making skill, you just will get  get off, maybe your partner will have orgasm too, but that wont be sexual satisfaction.

everything about sex

Detailed Sex Guide – Sex Guide Videos & DVDs

play with me

There are many things that contribute to better sex. As a woman there have been pluses and minuses over time.

Experience has given me confidence in my skills, but my body confidence has plummeted. Yes sex was more abundant, but now it’s quality over quantity…. and the quality is fantastic. I am definitely more honest about what I want, and what I don’t.

I think sex is better better now. Another case of youth being wasted on the young. Older people don’t rush. They take their time and good job need time…

Read More>>>>


Sex in middle age is different than in your twenties and in older age is better. Better in some ways, not as good in others.

At 25, my record was seven orgasms in one night. At 59, two is a very good night.

At 25, sex was simple, mainly intercourse, which rarely results in simultaneous orgasms. Some oral sex, not a lot of what might be called kinky things. At 59, I have found it more enjoyable to engage in serial, marathon sex plays : I please her orally and then she reciprocates. I have learned to be patient, to key into her reaction, to stroke the G spot, to lick her pussy with long strokes, alternating with sucking and licking her clit, and seeing after her first orgasm if I should keep sucking, lightly at first, to give her a second orgasm, which builds on the base of the first to a much higher and more intense orgasm.

I have learned to teach them to enjoy anal sex and have learned to do nice and very slow, so that it causes little or no pain, despite my size. I have learned the importance of cuddling and slow foreplay, and most of all, the need of women for talking in bed.

I learned the majority of these things on LoveCentria. I recommend it to any men, who can not gove an orgasm to their female sex partner at all the time.

It took me decades to become a better lover, and the result is that my lovers and sex friends are better lovers to me too. They are willing and interested in different positions, things that others might consider kinky. Their orgasms and mine are more intense than when we were young.

I miss the ability get diamond hard cock in the matter of minutes between two orgasm… In  my youth I could get hard at anytime. But I think sex is a lot more fulfilling, much more satisfying now. Penis enhancement herbs and healthy lifestyle helps. In short, better sex does come with age.

Bigger – better, more instant erection >>>


exercise with sex

Sex is much much better now! I can be me and I am such a naughty naughty girl. I learned what I want and learned how to let my partner know what I want. I think the secret of the good sex is skills and communication.

Read More>>>>

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Sex in public | Having sex in public

Whats your thoughts on sex in public places?  For example I was with a women who wanted sex every where we went public swimming pools, alleys, cornfields, baseball fields.

I’m telling you, she wanted to have sex every where, even in places that no one could imagine…  Now I can say it turned me on, but… at that time, when it happened,  felt differently.

So my question is: Sex in public… where do you draw the line?


Sex in public is awesome if you are an exhibitionist, which I am.


hot butt

There is a great blog post from Lady Tatas, she talks about individual public sexual experiences. You can find it at next>>>

Just like anything on this site, boundaries can be far and wide. I would say public sex that could emotionally scar children or get you arrested would be the top limit, but that is just me.

The key thing is that both parties need to be willing participants (sounds like you weren’t too into it, which wouldn’t make it very fun for you!). It can be such a rush knowing that you might be heard or seen or caught.

I enjoy the rush myself, but again, it is hard to say where to draw the boundary line because it is different for everyone.

It can be lots of fun if other people aren’t put at risk, but everyone involved has to be down with it!


horny girl

I’ve enjoyed having sex in public many times. It just happens. Doesn’t usually turn me on anymore then doing it in bedroom, unless someone is watching, then it’s piping hot.

Draw the line at doing it where it is obvious that children are not around.


Hot horny local members

Hot Horny Local Women

For one don’t really want to see you having sex and I suspect the vast majority of other humans don’t want to see it either. That’s why they passed laws making public sex illegal.

Be discrete… and be quick, or you might spend the night or two in jail and your photo will be on the front page of every local newspaper.


I wouldn’t draw the line anywhere. I love sex in public. The better the chance of getting caught, the more exciting. The more exciting, the better the sex.

My favorite was in my aunt’s swimming pool or in the front seat of a police cruiser with an on-duty cop.


If you are doing it for the thrill of possibly getting caught, it is cool.

If you are doing it to freak out people who might catch you it is not cool.

If you are doing it so children might see you, then you are a douche bag.


man ready for sex

The best experience I ever had: I was with my girlfriend in the mountains. We parked the jeep, got out to see the view from the hill top and suddenly she began taking her clothes off .  I said yeah baby, let’s do it!.

Well to make a long story short, I began fucking her from behind and this other couple showed up, looked at us and then they began making out too.

Oh and we did met with them few times afterward.


Sex in public is great. Always a turn on for me. . . And definitely keeps things interesting. The getting caught aspect is a big turn on.


doublle penetration

Sex on public place can be extremely good, good but everyone must be comfortable in the situation and everyone have to know, what will happen if you will get cut by the police…

Double Penetration tips for women, with double penetration photos.


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