Couple looking for bi curious single men

We are at the middle of to find a bi curious single man to play with us and we realized, a lot of straight single guys are here, and they state it “very straight”and they looking for man – woman couples for casual sex.

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hot wifenewcpl

My hubby is “light” bi curios, it does not mean he will  perform blow job for men or take cock in his butt, it mean he does not mind touching or if their dick touch during play, or the guy hold his dick and vice versa (in some sex position is necessary) to help him to penetrate, he wont freak out.

So my question is, what those very straight guys think, what my hubby will do during a mfm threesome, just seat and watch and wait to his turn…? Really, line up like children for candy? Continue Reading


threesome nsathrillofitall42

Perhaps some of the men on here have contacted a lot of solo women with no luck and out of desperation have moved on to couples to see if their luck might be better even though the couples preferences say no solo men.

Anyway, exactly this is what we are looking for,  I get a great deal of flirts and I’m (we are) here for  from these solo men. Continue Reading


cuckold couplecuckoldlove

I am straight and I love to watch my wife have sex with other men. They have to be straight too.

That is our preferences and I never participate in, he screws her or she screws him,  I just seat and watch, not even masturbate… After the event, comes my time. Continue Reading


cuckold coupleWNCCuckoldcpl

I am not really sure why men enjoys to watch their wife, have sex with others. It supposed to be panisment… Isn’t it? Continue Reading

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Some people like to watch and other people like to be watched. Some of the people who like to watch actually  like to watch their wives/partners having a good time with another man.

It is also possible for mfm threesomes to be had without the men ever touching each other. They are great fun. Continue Reading


threesome lovequeenofmyworld66

Some couples love mfm threesome but the man is straight, so they want straight man for the third weel.

I had the pleasure of experiencing an MFM, while I was married. It was with my husband, myself and a very good friend, after attending another friends wedding.

Both men are completely straight and they’ve known each other since childhood, so it was a very comfortable environment for them. Continue Reading

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I was hesitant at first but with a little encouragement from hubby I quickly felt at ease. My husband did not sit on the sidelines and watch, he was an active participant at the whole time. I refer to it as the  rotisserie, one at each end and it was extreme pleasure for me.

I was the center of attention, it was and is to this day the hottest sex I’ve ever had. .I don’t think I’ve ever been wetter, not before and not since.

After the guy left,  my husband and I had the most intensive sexual night we’ve ever shared. I don’t know how many orgasms I had that night but my husband was so turned on watching another man pleasure me that he was able to reload rather quickly.

Kind of like a teenager can and we went at it until 10 AM next morning. We spent the entire day recuperating…

We split several years ago and I’ve been searching for that same experience again. There needs to be some chemistry between the woman and each man but the hardest part I think is finding two straight men who are completely comfortable in their sexuality to share one woman at the same time.

A lot of men, either have performance anxiety in front of another man or are afraid of incidental contact, which makes them think it’s turning into a bi experience and neither wants to question themselves. Continue Reading

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IMO, if there’s no sexual exchange between the men then it is just two straight men enjoying one woman and the same holds true for two straight women pleasuring one man.

The profiles I find most confusing are the single “straight” men that want a woman who is willing to use a strap on.

If you enjoy a woman giving it to you up the ass how is that not considered curious or bi?

What’s the difference between a strap on or another cock? Both will provide you with the same outcome so why not be honest with yourself and everyone else who reads your profile?

I also don’t understand the single “straight” men who are only looking for TS/TV/TG… What part of that scenario continues to make you think you are straight? Continue Reading


horny couplebadcouple

Well some couples are like us, like a guy to join in.

For double penetration or a cream pie in the wide for the husband to have sex with. There are a lot of reasons.

The husband is straight and they want straight man, because there does not have to be any touching of men… It can happen, but does wont make anyone bi or gay. Continue Reading

Definition for TS/TV/TG

TS = Trans Sexual
TV = Trans Vestite
TG = Trans Gender

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Looking for Men for Threesomes


My husband wanted to watch me have sex with another man

Your husband ask you to have a mmf threesome with a bi sexual man

At the middle of a sex party with Ben Wa Balls in my pussy

Before I came here I imagined my time with SwingersCouple’s website will be like I am   Alice in  casual sex Wonderland. I did not happen… because the luck off willing men here.
Where  are all those horny men?

no string attached sexhorny womanchci2playwith

No I am not high… never use drug and I am sober too.  My writing based on my experience and nothing more.  I know some experiences don’t make much sense…

I mean, realistically how frequently are YOU finding yourself at the middle of a sex party with Ben Wa Balls in your pussy?

I will go to a sex party with out hesitation (there are some conditions apply)  and need to play with my Ben Wa Balls to reach orgasm and and  others seem perfectly accept this. Well, I can play with those Ben Wa Balls at home, I go to sex parties to play with different kind of balls, but according to my experience men got no balls this days, or they are into play with other men’s balls under the word “I am bi”.

I just can’t except to fact… to get penetrated with the same cock, that penetrates and penetrated and old gay man gasping loose a-hole. Than I prefer my  Ben Wa Balls

Play with bi men or play with my own balls? Anyone experienced this, or am I the only (un) lucky one? Continue reading…

nsa sex swingers sexMsStig2010

You are definitely not alone… The bi men’s booming numbers confuses me too.

Bi-sexual men. I suppose at this point I need to bring to attention that
I have nothing against gay men, in fact I have few really good gay friends, but I believe, there is no half way gay and bi men consider as half way gay. You are gay or not. If you get erected on an other man dick, than you are gay, not bi. Period.

We, women have some kind of abomination between our legs,  we so tenderly call our vaginas. With this came an understanding that you really can’t have a bi-male the same you can a bi female.

Such knowledge has created this image of bi-men being equal or greater than in equivalence to a unicorn woman. I recall a time when the bi-sexual male seemed like a rarity on my radar. I had heard of someone who knew someone who had his cock sucked
on a dare. Then I met a guy in some chat-room who I hooked up with who told me he had been in a threesome with a couple, and the woman’s husband, basically he was  a complete stranger suck him off and swallowed his gum and called it “cream pie”  That is not cream pie in my dictionary… When he told me this my jaw dropped.

One thing is sure, I do not mind to share men with women, but I do not share men with men, so I play with very straight men only, not even bi curious. Continue reading…

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I understand both of your points… I had to admit when I started to look for playmates here, I was surprised at the number of straight men who admitted to the occasional blow job or hand job from a hot guy they met here.They said, there was no any other way to get into her underwear… Give a blow job is to the husband, like the password to log into her pussy…

So how is it? Women available for nsa sex and willing participants in men to men play for  all sorts of kink. So how straight is the straight this days?

I as a open minded  woman, who loves nsa, who has no aversion to girl on girl, on guy on girl action, I’m not sure how to feel about a male male female scenario.

But I will try it… I hooked up with 2 men who have never met but are bi. I feel safe playing with both of them one on one, so why not bring it all together? Boundaries are being set, expectations are communicated…

I mean, this is easier to arrange than just one on one so I’m not complaining. So why am I still uneasy? Because I am not sure about rules.  What have your experiences been like? Continue reading…


swingers sexretiredandoral

You are probably uncomfortable because normally you are the center of attention as any female would be in a male female male threesome.

But it will be a male male female threesome. Is there doubt in your mind that the two guys will enjoy each other more than you? Continue reading…

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swingers sexpartyanimals

You shouldn’t worry about this, have your 3 some and see how it works out.

After all what we do is all about experimenting and the thrill of the unknown… Continue reading…


I am a bi sexual male. I have a really cool and very hot girlfriend. She doesn’t have any problem with my bi sexuality, in fact she is happy to play in a MMF threesome at anytime and of course she does play. Read More…

MFM threesomes vs bi MMF threesomes. Ok, ladies: How many women on here have  wanted to have a threesome with two men? Has anyone ever wanted a threesome with two bi men? Read More…

Bi man in MMF threesome sex

I’ve had a few MFM three-way encounters with male – female couples and I loved them. But just recently I bought a couple of videos of MMF threesome sex. I found them really exciting…

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bi sex tallhrnyphil
More exciting to watch them than a regular straight MF video.

I love watching the guys rub their cocks together and suck each other while a woman watches or even participates.

And at the end I love watching the guys cum on each other. I’ve been jacking off two or three times a day to these videos.

Would something like these videos turn you on too? Would it be fun in real life? Continue reading…


bi menfiredup_19

I would have to say I think you are opening your eyes to the fact that you are Bi… Embrace it. Continue reading…


double penetrationdplover

You won’t know how much you like it until you try it.

You should try to leave out the woman at once, or just make her to watch it. You might like it a lot… Continue reading…


nsa sexdieforit

Me personally, hell no!!! I have been in MFM before but, there are rules and common sense and lines, that should not be crossed.

I was in a FMF before too and I saw one lady went down on the other and it was a first time for one gal but it was their decision to try something new.

So agreement is between the same sexes is necessary and if they are ok, than do it, but it wont be okay for me…  no play between men.  Continue reading…

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swingers sexaflower2c

I prefer sex with two men, mfm or mmf over fmf at any day, all night long….

Two men would be one hell of a night! I watch bi male porn, but tough to find ones that I like.

Fmf one man can’t satisfy two women (huge fantasy though for majority of the men out there)… The rare male unicorn can leave both women happy but in fact, bi men usually end up playing with each other instead of doing her… Continue reading…

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I am a bi sexual male. I have a really cool and very hot girlfriend. She doesn’t have any problem with my bi sexuality, in fact she is happy to play in a MMF threesome at anytime and of course she does play. Read More…

MFM threesomes vs bi MMF threesomes. Ok, ladies: How many women on here have  wanted to have a threesome with two men? Has anyone ever wanted a threesome with two bi men? Read More…

Bi Men & Valentines Day Sex party

Just for example you are a woman, would you go alone to a Valentines Day Sex party? And if you are there would you choose for playmate a bi man?

kinky sexcasual sexanalfetishcpl

I really would like to know; Are more women interested in straight men, or in bi or bi curious man?

I was told yesterday, women are more interested in bi men (therefore hitting on them). Because they think they can save them… Continue reading..


horny blondyhotblondy

Save bi men? From what? From a Valentines day party? Why would I do that? Continue reading..

blow job

sex datingnowandthan

No, not from a Valentines Day party. I assume the man from analfetishcpl is bi and he thinks he will end in the hell after death…

I have a bad news for you, no one can save you from the hell, but just because you are bi, you do not need to be saved. There will bi bi angles in the heaven or bi devils in the hell…

By the way, if I play with a single man, I prefer him to be straight, but threesome with two men more erotic with bi guys… Continue reading..


nsa sexwildcatr27

This woman only has interest in straight men.

I accept people with any sexual preferences, and I like different things so don’t judge any man for being bi or bi curious, but bi or bi curious men just not for me.



She wants to have our very own, small erotic house party, or I can say a sex party at Valentines Day. In fact she wants more, than just a Valentine’s Day sex party. She is curious about threesomes and wants to taste a woman while I watch them at first, and maybe join in later.

My wife and I have been doing MFM and gangbang for her for three months now

How many people does it take to be considered an orgy or a gangbang?

Tips and ideas to organize a erotic party

Erotic Swingers house party story


nsa sexAnewWoman

My preference is for play mate, for lover is a straight man.

However, I would be happy to have a bi or even gay man for a friend, but not sexually, not for sex friend. Continue reading..


erotic adult datingboredwife

I am a bisexual woman, attracted to both men and women, and I am married to a straight man. He is super straight and only attracted to women.

Even thought I am bi, I prefer straight men for playmates. The idea of having a threesome and my man getting turned on by the other guy’s kiss, dick or ass… freaks me out… Sorry bi guys, but bi men not for me. Continue reading..

casual sex

nsa sexConnie_the_Witch

You can forget Valentines day.

Anyways, you will be lucky when you find a woman who welcomes a bi man in her bed.

And saved from what? Was it a man who told you this? Continue reading..


sex datingluv2watch

I am the man form the couple and  I am what many would call bisexual.

I don’t think bi sexual is the right definition, as I tend far more towards sex with women than men, but I do enjoy the occasional encounters with a guy. We also swing, that is indulge group sex, partner swapping and of course  threesomes.

In most couples usually the woman is  bisexual – bi-curious and the man is straigh. But not all couples, fewer couples have both partners bisexual – bi-curious, and hardly any where the man is bi and not the woman.

My spouse and I sometimes invite single men to play with us, but they must be bisexual. That way we both can have our share of fun, so we prefer bi men to play with….

And if my (our) sexual preferences going to take me to the hell, well than bee it. Continue reading..

interracial nsa sexsex adswickedcat2006

Valentines Day have nothing to do with your sexual preference… or how your brain is wired.

Some couple do like bi men to be in a threesome (mmf), some might have the kink, fem dome in ffm threesome… they t like to use a strap on dildo on men…..

So if the strap on not what your looking for… I suggest that you try to define more details what you really into… Continue reading..


NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

I am more interested in a man that is NOT bi… I want a man totally interested in my ass, or a least female  ass only, not a mans…

But I have to agree with the last poster it everyone has different choices. Continue reading..


adult datingunykorn

I like bi men and I’m not looking to save anybody from anything. Continue reading..

Valentines Day with T Girl

Some of us did not recover the Holiday Party Season’s side effects, but the best and biggest opportunity  is the have  no sting attached casual sex Valentines Day is coming. Oh Yes Valentines day will be here soon. Some of our members alredy preparing…

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I like what I like and straight guys do it for me, they way they hold me an caress my body. I like how a manly man would even let me bend him over an fuck him slowly an passionately.

GUYS if your within 100 miles or willing to travel to see me inbox me…

swingers sexsexy1kim 24 T

I love a good smelling man, well groomed and hung big hands an big dick like mine…

I love my nipples get licked or an ass ate can be fun too. I only play safe an in the area I live in.

Its so hard to find a straight guy to play with.

Guys anyone want to help a passable cross dresser  girl out?

Sexy straight guys… So I had to restart my account, not sure why but I am Kim the sexy passable CD.

If interested feel free to comment, drop a message to my inbox.

Masculine men are a plus, I am not real picky girl, but I like what I like an will know when I see it…

So straight men, is anyone  here to help a passable cross dresser girl out?

I understand this is the Internet, but be serious, real and have list one up to date picture. as I do.

I am a discreet cross dresser  girl who don’t kiss an tell. What happens between us will stay between us . Interested? Show me! Continue Reading…

anal threewayMFM Anal Threeway

swingers sexbeavereateur

I imagine that you will find it very difficult to find what you are looking for. While you may identify yourself as very feminine, it is going to be a very rare straight guy that will be able to see you that way.

I would think that a bi guy would be much more likely. I am sure that would be a very nice Valentines Day fun for you… Continue Reading…


T girlsexy1kim 24 T

Actually the only men I meet are straight men, masculine men most of them are married.. I just want more sex not just sex only around Valentines Day… lol Continue Reading…



I am a bi sexual male. I have a really cool and very hot girlfriend. She doesn’t have any problem with my bi sexuality, in fact she is happy to play in a MMF threesome at anytime and of course she does play. Read More…

MFM threesomes vs bi MMF threesomes. Ok, ladies: How many women on here have  wanted to have a threesome with two men? Has anyone ever wanted a threesome with two bi men? Read More…


casual sexbitoast4fun

Wow! You are definitely HOT for sure. But I am not sure how any straight guy would bend for you on Valentines Day? Continue Reading…

sex blogscasual sex1Canuck

My definition of straight man and yours are very different.

I am a straight man and  I am exclusively attracted to the opposite sex. A hard cock like the on you posted on your profile wont turn me on and I can not imagine myslef to lick or suck men’s nipples…

Or if we get into further… for example a straight woman is attracted to men, and not women.

It would be incorrect to describe a woman who has been involved with both men and women as straight.

Also incorrect to describe a man for straight if he willing to receive your big dick in his as…

The best word would be “bi curious man”. Continue Reading…

casual sexanalfetishcpl

Many types of men, not only bi or gay engage in same-sex relationships, for a variety of reasons. The definition of straight men has changed in no string attached sex dating…

On dating sites and dating apps there’s a growing new category: Orally bi men, and straight men seeking sex with gay men or straight men looking for T girl.

These straight guys are usually married men, live in a sex less or not enough sex marriage. They are not attracted to men, therefore they are not bi  and not bi curious.

However they are attracted to the quick, easy and risk free sex that doesn’t involved social skills or getting to know one another. Risk free, because no risk of pregnancy, risk free because they can go out at anytime with men, they are straight, so no one would suspect sexual relationship. Of course they have to practice safe sex only… Continue Reading…

swingers sex

swingers sexgrupfun

It have nothing to do with Valentines Day. Valentines Day just one more reason or opportunity to party like no tomorrow…

If you go to sex parties or swingers parties, and or participate in a orgy, Valentines Day or not Valentines day, at any erotic party you will see straight men, who are not really acting like a heterosexual man.

Many of my friends have always said that those guys weren’t actually “straight” and argued that they were at least a little gay. I disagree, but they said the orientation and gender of the person they have sex doesn’t matter.

For them the only matter is to get off. As far as to rich the orgasm is fun and enjoyable and there is no strings or romantic involvement, than that is just nsa sex.

When those guys are horny and they are at the middle of a sex party, they would fuck any hole…  it belongs to a man or woman, does not matter. Often they can not even see who is at the receiving end… Continue Reading…

swingers sex