Swingers Women Gang Bang Fantasy at Halloween

For certain type of men, women, and couples casual sex is the best way to satisfy their erotic fantasy. Summer is over, there are limited activities available outside. Then comes Halloween, after Halloween the Holiday season isn’t to far and parties being organized all over.

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So those certain type of people start to fantasize about sex, many of them connect sex to variety. Women never talked about erotic fantasy 50 year ago. Their kept it themselves, but since the Internet boom, everything has changed, include women and their sexuality. They can talk and they can do something about their erotic fantasy.

For example an open minded married couple get an invitation to a Halloween party. The party wasn’t planned to be a sex party, it just supposed to be Halloween party. However there was a couple on the guest list who visited swingers club before. Party goes on, people drink, maybe they had more drink that they should have, maybe they puffed some dope too, include our married couple. Alcohol and drug isn’t a good combination, so their guard goes down.

They started to talk about their erotic fantasy, with the couple who isn’t strange to swinging, than they end up dancing and  touching each other, so they decided to go to the swingers club together. Continue Reading…

What will happen at that swingers club?

I assume they meet with swingers. Swingers are open minded people, majority of them married or live together with long term partner. Some of them naturally free of jealousy, others learned how to deal with emotion, in order to live their life as erotic as they want. The word swinging is not that cool anymore. Lately people use lifestyle, no string attached sex, casual sex, recreational sex, socialize… People go to the sex club to socialize…? I don’t get it, I think they go there to have no string attached, no commitment sex. Younger people does not swing this days, they sexting, than hook up…

What ever we name it… they are looking for no string attached sex (NSA SEX) another word for it: friendship with erotic benefits.

If you are thinking about get into this lifestyle, if you would like to find casual sex partners, by join a swingers club, you should know that new couples and single women are always welcome. You will find the club members eager to share their experiences, how they started and how they handled their own sex related relationship issues. They are more then happy to talk about, what they have done to overcome their inhibitions and insecurities and other, NSA casual sex related details.  Continue Reading…

It is a little harder for single men, but there is always a way. Single men best chance is with married couples. A lot of couples looking for extra men to their sex play, special around Halloween. A lot of woman erotic fantasy to get gang banged at Halloween, by a bunch of monsters…

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Casual sex and swinging is often powered by a woman’s bi sexuality or exhibitionism. Most swingers women are bi or bi curious. Their husband, spouse, want them to be happy while they have fun too…

Some couples have gone to the limit of what sexual experimentation they can do with each other, including sharing fantasies. They want to share more then fantasies, they want to share their partner too.

As often as swinging, swingers clubs and swingers parties provide opportunities for a woman to find pussy for herself and dance naked in a crowd if she is into exhibitionism or voyeurism. Continue Reading…

It also offers a loving wife the chance to fulfill not just her own, but her husband erotic fantasy too. There are not to many men on this world, who never dreamed about sex with two women. In this lifestyle, dream like this can be reality very easily.

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Swingers Sex Party Photos with Adult Dating Ads


Girls guide to one night stand

I am a single woman thinking of joining a threesome

I’m 28 years old, shy computer buff, bi curious single woman, out of a relationship since forever… I am in the mood to explore my bi site while I can. I’ve just joined this website, and got several offers for threesomes with couples.

casual sexLooking For Single Men for NSA Sex

thinking of 3 somethinking-of-3some

I’ve never had sex outside of a relationship before, so the casual sex aspect as well as the threesome would be quite new to me. Also I never had sex with women, in fact I did not even kiss a woman before… but it is something that I plan to change.

I am not getting any younger, so why should I wait… and I am not in a relationship, so my threesome experience wont hurt anyone.

It sounds fun, and two of the couples sounded interesting. Should I do this? How do I do this? Continue Reading


casual sex1Canuck

It sounds like you are marketing yourself, because you did not search this advice line or erotic dating magazine or what ever you call this… If you do, than you wont ask this question…

A little search would bring up hundreds of advices and tips, just here alone, about wast a single woman should do in a threesome with a man woman couple…

I do not want to be rude, even if it look like I am, but if I were you, I would search first and ask after… Continue Reading

leisure sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

casual sexFatkiwigir

I checked your profile and photos out. You are hot enough. I used to worry about my curves,  but there are plenty of people (couples too) here, who find a little extra curves sexy and erotic.

And I with my curve body, managed to have few very hot threesomes, so you need not to worry. Respond those message and try to meet them.

You are shy or not, does not matter, sex is for everyone. Not just extra confident woman… There is only one thing that you should care, penetrative sex with protection only… Continue Reading

ffm threesome

ffm threesomeIwantman

There are an enormous number of male female couples looking for an additional  woman, nit just us… You almost consider as  a “unicorn” and hard to find a woman who is willing to play with a man woman couple, therefore you are the rare commodity and the one who gets the change to choose from “hundred”  of couples…

You just need some patience, but you do not need to rush. Be selective. Continue Reading


curious wifecuriouswife

The length of the  process depends on how much you like to know about your future sex partner before you sleep with them.Some of us, like I am, communicated a lot before the first meet, webcam or over the phone etc. and there might  be sex on the first meet.

Some others like to go out to dinner, get dated a little. Some like me, meet and great and get naked.

There are things that depends on you, as stated at above, you are a unicorn and it give you some “right” to make your own rules… and the couples have to play, based on your rules… jot you are the one who play on their rules.. I hope you get what I try to say here… Continue Reading

swingers sexSwingers Sex Dating Ads


You should make sure, the woman from the couple into it too… If yes the you both have to establish boundaries on all sides before hand.

Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. If you want one  on one advice, contact us. We will help you via web cam… Continue Reading


mfm threesomemfm threesome

If you do, you need to remember, this will br your first time and just like when you last your virginity… or had your first serious relationship, you didn’t get those 100% right either.

To minimize potential troubles, stick to what you agreed with the couple.  Continue Reading

ffm threesomeffm-threesome-lovers

That is fact you can’t plan for every scenario in a threesome so if you haven’t discussed something, assume it’s a “not ok” and discuss it in the debrief.

After the when it over or between two “rounds” discuss how it made you feel, what you liked, what you didn’t.

The main thing is be honest, and communicate openly about your expectation, you likes and don’t likes.

Continue Reading


How can I satisfy my hunger for men and women while making sure he still feels like my study hunk of love?

I feel like a lesbian but I love my hubby’s cock

Isn’t it weird? So other than the fact that the taste of a woman alone can cause me to have a intense orgasm, women are what I find sexy and attractive. Even when watch a movie I am not at all interested in the leading lad. Continue Reading

no string attached sexThreesome Sex Ads

casual sex MyJake9226

Yet I find my husbands cock in my mouth can cause the same intense orgasm as a pussy on my face, but the thought of other mens penis’ are a complete turn off. Is that weird?

Or there is something wrong with me? Continue Reading


casual sex1seeking1

You find the taste of a woman can cause orgasm, means you have tasted and enjoyed, and you enjoy husbands cock…

Congratulations, you are bi sexual-enjoy! Continue Reading


sex datingwildaspirations

It is not weird at all. Being a bi sexual woman you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Enjoy it. Continue Reading

leisure sexswingers sexSwing_alicious

Not weird at all, I love sex with my hubby, but definitely get turned on by the girls, something about the tenderness and feel of a girl just makes me tingle all over! Continue Reading


swingers sexlikmyhotpuzzy

I have as question for answer…What to do if your meet up is not your opposite gender and you are straight?

Let me spell the details out. I had a meet up set to meet a man, we went to a romantic dimly lit tiny café, perfect for first time meet ups.

We were seated in the corner sorta of hidden away from peering eyes. He moved over close to me, gave me a kiss. I touched him, I ran my hand to feel his crotch, he was smooth down there.

Uh, oh! I was stunned at my find. I excused myself from the table, paid for our bill and I left. Apparently he was she… and she acted like a man, but he got no dick he got pussy… Well it did not work with me, that is for sure. Continue Reading

hot blondshyandhornyshyandhorny

I am like you… Sometimes I get really turned on by woman’s taste, but I love men..

I don’t think I am bi, I would say I am bi curious. Anyways sometimes I set up ffm threesome for myslef.

Usually with my boy toy and with one of my bi lady friend. This way all three of us can have what we wish to have… Continue Reading


casual sex1canuck

I understand you. I love the taste of a pussy too… I don’t thing anything wrong or weird with you. As someone above stated… Probably you are a bi curious woman.

A lot of couples looking for bi curios  women here, so if you ever want to try something new, to set it up  would be extremely easy for you. Continue Reading

threeway sexRelated

How can I satisfy my hunger for men and women while making sure he still feels like my study hunk of love?

No String Attached Sex with Man Woman Couples

Here’s my dilemma. Looking at profiles for other couples, I see that most are looking for bi women. It almost seems that being bi or bi-curious is a prerequisite for have no string attached sex with other men – women  couples. Continue reading…

local sex ads

casual sexrm_cuntrycupl

I am not bi, nor bi-curious woman. Yes, I have had a woman to go down on me before in sex play with couple, but I just was not comfortable
in reciprocating.

Obviously, comfort is the most important factor in casual sex with couples or  with partner swapping. You can call it swinging, even though I do not fell as a swinger…

Are we doomed as a strait couple, to find nsa sex with other couples? Are there couples out there who only want heterosexual sex play between man and woman, and maybe swap partner at the end? Continue reading…


bi womangoddessofbitches
Well… Just as you are uncomfortable sleeping with other women, I am uncomfortable sleeping with other men. I reserve my hole for one dick and that is my husbands.

But, I love having sex with other women. I don’t mind it, simply because I think it is awesome, and there is nothing wrong with it. Plus for extra, my husband love to watch me while I am have fun with other women. It turns him on, makes him really horny…

Yes, there are couples out there that are not interested in groups, but changing partners for a one on one type thing. You just have to try getting in a group and see what happens. Continue reading…


erotic adult datingboringwife

I realized it too… Strait men, who can not be even naked with other men in the room, they love to watch when two lesbian or bi sexual women have sex or just sex play.

It make me wonder why so? Why strait  men love to watch their wife or female partner while play with other women? Continue reading…



Find sex partners for partner swap on line. Sex with multiply partners
How can you get into the swingers lifestyle
Tips for couples and singles what to do if you really want to build no commitment sex relationship.
Swingers Sex


NSA Sex1Canuck

I am strait, but I don’t think only strait men like to see women while having lesbian sex. I  am sure most of the guys don’t mind to see action like this.

To see two women having sex is very entertaining and very erotic. It might turn on any healthy man. Actually most of the men love to think that they have a chance with two  bisexual women, and they hope they can make to reach orgasm  both. Continue reading…

bi sexual adsbi-intr-cpl

Two women making love is sexy, naughty and extremely erotic. A healthy men, strait or not love anything that is related to naughty and erotic and sexy women. Also there is something that men can’t do. Not every men can have sex with two women, but they think about it…. and they want to try…

Two women having sex is biologically unnatural and forbidden in most religions (however with the same sex marriages this one might change). Two women having sex is taboo for a man and this taboo factor plays a lot into it.

Tell men that watching two women having sex is immoral. Tell to them to watching two women touching each other is against almost any religion. Do you think this will stop them? definitely would not stop me…

Also the men created this way. It is in the men’s gene. To spread the life… plus there is a fun factor. Having sex with two women sound like fun for every open minded men.

Maybe there are many more reason why men like to see women while having erotic fun. Whatever those reasons are, men will always entertain the idea of having sex with two women. They will imagine themselves between the two… because it is impassible to not to be horny when a  man see two women that go for it… Continue reading…

casual sex

swinger coupleplaycouple

Welcome to our world! Straight couples do seem to be a rarity. We have found that there are some profiles that carry themselves as bi-curious but they really are not.

Sometimes the male half puts that as part of his own fantasy, and sometimes we have heard from women that they really are not saying they are bi curious, because they don’t want others find out… So you never know.

So, if they just have the little button clicked that says bi curious or bi, but don’t mention it in their profile… it is might be because the man want to see two women’s sex play. Continue reading…

We have been together with my spouse for sometimes and have often though of a MFM threesome

threesome sex Threesome with two men.

We are both BI curious and have yet to experience this together but are looking forward ton it hopefully soon.

If there are couples that are out here that have had Bi MFM threesomes please educate us with your wisdom and experiances.

What are the pro’s and con’s? Is there recommendation from your past experiences that
might assist us in this venture. Continue reading...

swingers sexCouples Looking for Third for NSA Sex

I don’t know what are the pro’s and con’s, but I do know a MFM male – female – male threesome, non of them are bi sexual. A bi threesome would be MMF threesome. In this case, both guys are bi.

If you are looking for bi women, that would be FFM threesome.

I just wanted to let you know, before you post your request on your profile. Continue reading...


swingers coupleMy husband is bi, so when we get together with another man, he’s usually bi as well.

We do so love to share a nice hard cock! Have fun sweetie! Continue reading...


hot horny coupleAll of our threesomes for the past several years have been with bi guys.

I was straight until my gal “bent” me. She really gets turned on watching, and assisting, guys in bi activities.

She also has a strap-on that both bi and “straight” guys love. All pros, no cons.

If you come to DC area let us know and we can have a bi MMFF!

We are pretty attractive couple and  guaranty, you are going to have a blast! Continue reading...


threesome sexI’ve had 3 men few times. It is good to “appoint”  someone to take control in advance.

Also the others should know what they allowed to do and what they don’t.

This way you wont be surprised…  in a situation where theres no backing out on whats coming.

By the way sex  with three men a lot of fun. Somebody always hard and someone always ready to go…. Continue reading...

adult dating adsErotic Adult Dating Personal Ads

threesome sexToday was a wonderful day when she surprised me with a MFM 3some that satisfied her fantasy as well as mine (partially).

She had sex with two guys and I got to see her get fucked TWICE!!! Wow!!!

So tell me please,  what are your ideas and where should we go from here to have a MMF or FFM threesome?

Looking for wisdom and direction… Continue reading...


As someone posted at above, write your preferences into your profile. Otherwise nobody know what you are looking for… Just put it there, bi couple looking for bi men and bi women for a threesome. Continue reading...


bi coupleWhy is is so hard to find the illusive female for male – female -female

So many couples looking and so few females responding. Is it just a numbers thing or are there just too few females interested in such a thing… Continue reading...


So here’s the dilemma.

My wife, one of my friend and I recently had a MFM threesome. We guys consider ourself straight.  All three of us had a extremely great time… and we loved it.

The dilemma is, my wife wanted to have double vaginal penetration, (two cock in her pussy). Well, we managed to do her, but it wasn’t that simple…

Anyways the problem is, my friend He was fine until our cocks were rubbing together in her pussy.

We finished her and our business too and he said it was great and he enjoyed himself and she enjoyed the two hard cock inside her during DP.

But he thinks he’s bi because of this and he enjoyed when our cock was  rubbing  together.

He tings, because he did not gross out, in fact he enjoyed it, he is now classified as bi man, even though he has no real interest in men.  But he’s worrying.

Is he bi now? Continue reading...


Ne he is not bi, but getting close. If he bi, he would touch your dick with hand, or would try to give you blow job, etc. Continue reading...

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