Our FFM threesomes are more thrilling than the sex plays we watch in porn movies

We are a married couple and we love sex, including threesomes. My wife is bi curious and every now and then she loves to play with another women. In fact that other woman often  is her “old” friend, but not all the time. Continue reading…

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I think that is why she is bi curious, because they used to be room mates. I mean her friend is very bi, today we call her type of women, UNICORN…. However that room mate thing was a long time ago, in their student age.  I guess they had some beaver licking  action on each other…

Today, she is 10 years older, and we are into threesomes, MFM and FFM too, but I will admit FFM is my favorite combination.

It’s the charge of having sex with a new woman for the first time and showing off to my wife. I don’t think that I will ever get tired of that experience and besides I really like the double ride. Continue reading…

bi womenMy favorite position is, when I am (the man) between the two women in the middle. I am the dominate in these threesomes and I kind of  guide them…

I always direct my wife to concentrate on me first. It is all right if the two ladies full around, play a little, but a threesome is a team work, and  in MFF set up, my wife have to do me first…

This lets the other woman watch and join in when she feels comfortable, and just to watch us usually turns the other woman on. I am not a porn star, so of course I do not last very long with two women, but when I blow my load, the ladies’ time comes… They play with each other, and that is my recuperating time…  Plus to watch two sexy women to go for it, well that is a big turn on for any man.

Do you like threesomes? Ever had a FFM? Continue reading…


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I am a married bi woman, and we have a “unicorn” friend with a lot of benefits… for both of us.  FFM threesomes  are the best with a unicorn woman

For me, for us doggy style is the best sex position because both of us,  women can easily get involved. The most intense part of the game, when my hubby penetrating our playmate lady in doggy, from behind and I am behind my hubby, massaging his nuts.

Sometimes with a little ball sucking  slow him down, so he can take a break, in these breaks his cock is buried deep into the other woman’s pussy, but no movement…

Or, I can go under them and can play with her tits or kissing her, or perform oral sex on her clit, while my hubby pounding her… This is really excite me, because if I get the right position, I can lick her clit and hubby’s cock in the same time… mmmmm

It works the best if we, girls switch location often… Because any man can have little trouble taking care of two women….  and with the location change in the position, he will penetrate the other woman, so he needs to change condom, and change condoms effect men’s erection. Kind of loosing erection, so have to work on it a little to get him harder… Like put a lesbo type chick’s show on for him… So it is a lot of fun… Continue reading…


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I we’d been married a little over 10 years when a girlfriend from work told me the story about having a mff with her ex. At that time when it happened,  he was not her ex, they lived together as a married couple.

Well, I am very shy… and even more shy talking about sex, never had talked to other girls about sex, had plenty of it though…

She proceed to tell me how much she loved MFF three-ways, how much she loves a dick in her ass and kissing a girl in the same time… She said she would love to do it again and would love to help for a couple make their dreams comes true.

She had no idea what a closet sex freak I was, she had no idea I am bi curious. Everyone sees the mom I am, pretty shy and reserved usually… Plus because my position at work, no one can imagine, who really I am after the lights go out…

So she made me really hot with her talking, my pussy got wet just to think about it…  Few days passed by, and I could not hold back any longer and  asked her if she really wanted to have another mff becuase my hubby and I would love it. I told her we had talked about it a lot over the years, we had few MFM, we pl;ayed with couples, but never had MFF… because very hard to find unicorn women.

She jumped at the chance, and at one Friday she came over after work. She and I blew my husband  mind, (and his cock too)  we used and abused him all weekend long… Plus she loves anal sex, and I don’t, so my hubby screwed her ass several times… and I took care of her pussy.

Our three ways scenarios are  not over yet, we turned to be a really good friends and we get together often and not just for sex. Even my children like her a lot… Continue reading..

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I wish for that to happen, for my husband. Than he would stay a way from my ass. I hate anal sex and he can’t get it… gets it for a month or so, than he try to fuck my ass again…

We love threesomes and I told him we should find a bi guy for third and he can fuck him in the ass, as hard as he wish. He said is not the same… I can not get it, what is the different? Butt hole is butt hole… anus is an anus… Continue reading…


NSA Sex1Str8Man

You are right, anus is anus… I am not big fun of anal sex either, but I can tell you what is the difference between a  woman anus and a man’s.

The difference is the surrounding area… and a lot of man think that (including myself), if a man can get erected on another man’s ass, that man is almost a gay man… Get erected on a woman’s ass, does not make any man gay. Continue reading…


adult datingNamtuls

A friend of mine who is divorced mom of two was complaining about no sex and hating the bar scene. She started saying how lucky I was to have my husband.

At a Saturday evening in our home, on our second bottle of Shiraz, I suggested her, to stay for overnight and she can come to bed with my husband and me. We did this before with  other woman, so for us it wasn’t new…

She jumped in the possibility and monopolized him but I let her. Turns out she likes anal too, so he did her ass. Sometimes we call her over and my husband give good work out to her ass… I don’t mind it, if I can have my share of fun too… She and I put on a show for my husband, it helps him to get hard and he can cum and makes us cum several times a night… Continue reading…

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NSA Sexwelovexxx

We love FFM threesomes too. I love to watch my hubby doing
licking, sucking, stroking and fucking a woman in front me.

When the mood is right I join in too… The best part of the play is to suck hubby’s cock
and put it to the mouth of the guest girl, then take from her mouth and navigate it into her pussy, then out, suck again… and vice versa. Our FFM threesomes are more thrilling than the sex plays we watch in porn movies… and we do it for fun… Continue reading…

NSA sex. Quality or quantity. Judging a fuck from an erotic photo as a book from its cover… Can you?

NSA sex. Quality or quantity? Maybe exhibitionism… or voyeurisms is the erotic fun factor…

Couples participating in swinging often powered by the women bisexuality or exhibitionism. A lot of swinger women are bisexual or at least bi-curious.

casual sexCasual Sex Dating Personal Ads

Their husband, or spouse want them to be happy and to share in the fun themselves by way of voyeurisms.

There are several stages a swinger couple or a curious couple who are into NSA sex, can pass through as they try to fins their limit and comfort zone in sexual activity.

If the women wants  to experiment with exhibitionism, she can ask a ten-handed   full body massage, but declare her pussy and or genital area as a “no touch zone”.

For example, soft swinging is, combines exhibitionism and voyeurisms, with out sex partners swapping.  However many couple go beyond soft swinging to actual partner swaps, partner exchange for the night.

Others, mainly voyeurisms lover men, expand their horizons, way farther then one would think.  A voyeur man love to see his wife take on as much men as much she able too in one night. He stay by her all night, he might preselect men for her and hands out condoms end enjoy the live sex show. He would not fuck her, until they get home, or until they are alone.

Exhibitionist women posts often  very kinky, nasty and explicit photos of themselves with their profile, to get other members attention.

What else can you find out from a nasty and explicit photo from a woman? Judging a fuck from an erotic photo as a book from its cover… Can you?


sex adsPixture

Do you think that women who post nasty and explicit photos of themselves (like I do) are more likely to be a wild and kinky fuck than women who post more modest pictures.

Do you think that most women want to think that they will be “the best fuck” their partner has ever had?

Is wild and kinky, swing from the chandelier with a dildo up your ass sex “the best” or is standard lets try a position or two sex better?

What does it take to keep you satisfied? Exhibitionism, voyeurisms, shared sex, or sex with multiply partner?

NSA SexNo Commitment NSA Sex Ads

swingers funfuntimes10163

1. I definitely don’t think a modest photo rules out the possibility of the person being “wild” in bed.

2. I think it would be unrealistic to expect that a one-off encounter would be the best sex someone had ever experienced. However, in a long turn with a partner, I would expect that the emotional component would contribute to the sex being the best for both of you.

3. Re wild and kinky vs standard sex… There is a time and a place for everything, and sometimes “vanilla” can be beautiful.

4. And finally; What does it take to keep me satisfied?  A loving, giving partner, coupled with open, honest communication and a desire to please.


naughty womanNaughtyLilBrat69

What keeps me sexually satisfied is a real man, a real sex partner, a lover who will never stop  challenging me in the bedroom.


NSA datingouttherelinda

I don’t think posting such pics as you have displayed gives any indication as to just have good you would be.

All it really does is tell people,  you don’t mind flashing your erotic body parts for the world to see.


sex dating adspetuniaK

I posted a couple of pussy pictures in my photo album to see what would

The men who contacted me were not the type I prefer. I have stated clearly in my profile NO married men and they were coming out of the woodwork.

Not to mention the one liners. It was not the kind of attention I wanted.

I deleted the pics. I will save them for private showing.

Do I feel your better than me in bed because you are showing it all? No I don’t. I
haven’t had any complaints in that dept. Maybe some surprised because I come off a little shy.

I agree it just means you don’t mind putting it all out there.

What gets me satisfied? An intelligent, sexy, open minded man who enjoys my body
while I enjoy his. A man who wants to play and one I have a connection with on some level in whatever position or act performed.


Swingers CoupleLorelei_x

A chandelier and a dildo up an ass sounds kinda boring to me. Just sayin’…

I find the choice of photos tell me a lot about a person. A pussy picture is like a dick shot – we’ve all got one. It tells me nothing about sexual inventiveness or creativity, or skill.

I’ve got a tasteful, discreet video of me giving a blow job to a friend. From it, you can tell that I’m not a spitter, I know what I’m doing, I’m fine with 3 sums, and I have the creativity to actually get a blow job video that doesn’t violate my no face picture rule while still being extremely hot and good quality.

Lets forget exhibitionism… If we ignore the fact you are into it, then… What else does your choice of pictures say about you?

OOops, just looked at your profile… I did learn something about you. You can’t handle your beer! The whole thing is supposed to disappear, when done right…

Members Free Erotic Videos

adult adsL8b1oomer

Modesty is a subjective thing, I like to wear sexy clothing but that doesn’t make me overtly promiscuous!!!

This site is about sexuality so sexy photos are the norm, I certainly
wouldn’t put any images I have here on face book nor would I walk down the street that way!

A photo says volumes about who you are, you can appears shy, brazen, aloof… there is also a clear vision of how someone takes care of themselves.

On a site like this the photo is in reality the bait with which one attracts someone to view
your profile.


sex adslibbydoe2010

I don’t think explicit photos prove anything more than you like to exhibit yourself and aren’t shy about it.

I can’t speak for most women but I’m confident I’m in the top ten for anyone I’ve ever been with. I’ll pass on both your options – I pick door number three I guess.

What keeps me content? Love making knowledge and nice body, firm ass, firm tities that comes from my steady diet.


sex datingnvrgetsenuf

Personally, explicit photos are not to be shared with everyone & such a photo does not give any indication as to how wild you can be in the bedroom.

The man who keeps me satisfied in the bedroom is the one who wants sex as often as I do, who doesn’t complain….


NSA sexKateCoxuker

First let me preface this by saying that I believe that what we are discussing here is another of those “Preferences” things. There is no right or wrong… no better or worse when it comes to blatant verses modest profile pics.

But, as “L8b1oomer” says, the picture is the bait you use here. And as every fisherman (or fisher-woman) knows – the bait you use determines the fish that you catch.

I personally have never been fond of twat shots. Even as a young avidly scanning through erotic adult magazines, felt that the finger splayed pictures belittled the beauty of the female form.

It seems to be to be sort of like the difference between a street walker and a call girl…
Both achieve the same ends, they just use different methods and attract a different clientèle.

So, no, I don’t think that such a pic indicates a “Wilder Fuck.” It may however indicate a somewhat less choosy one.

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