Bi Men & Valentines Day Sex party

Just for example you are a woman, would you go alone to a Valentines Day Sex party? And if you are there would you choose for playmate a bi man?

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I really would like to know; Are more women interested in straight men, or in bi or bi curious man?

I was told yesterday, women are more interested in bi men (therefore hitting on them). Because they think they can save them… Continue reading..


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Save bi men? From what? From a Valentines day party? Why would I do that? Continue reading..

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No, not from a Valentines Day party. I assume the man from analfetishcpl is bi and he thinks he will end in the hell after death…

I have a bad news for you, no one can save you from the hell, but just because you are bi, you do not need to be saved. There will bi bi angles in the heaven or bi devils in the hell…

By the way, if I play with a single man, I prefer him to be straight, but threesome with two men more erotic with bi guys… Continue reading..


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This woman only has interest in straight men.

I accept people with any sexual preferences, and I like different things so don’t judge any man for being bi or bi curious, but bi or bi curious men just not for me.



She wants to have our very own, small erotic house party, or I can say a sex party at Valentines Day. In fact she wants more, than just a Valentine’s Day sex party. She is curious about threesomes and wants to taste a woman while I watch them at first, and maybe join in later.

My wife and I have been doing MFM and gangbang for her for three months now

How many people does it take to be considered an orgy or a gangbang?

Tips and ideas to organize a erotic party

Erotic Swingers house party story


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My preference is for play mate, for lover is a straight man.

However, I would be happy to have a bi or even gay man for a friend, but not sexually, not for sex friend. Continue reading..


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I am a bisexual woman, attracted to both men and women, and I am married to a straight man. He is super straight and only attracted to women.

Even thought I am bi, I prefer straight men for playmates. The idea of having a threesome and my man getting turned on by the other guy’s kiss, dick or ass… freaks me out… Sorry bi guys, but bi men not for me. Continue reading..

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You can forget Valentines day.

Anyways, you will be lucky when you find a woman who welcomes a bi man in her bed.

And saved from what? Was it a man who told you this? Continue reading..


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I am the man form the couple and  I am what many would call bisexual.

I don’t think bi sexual is the right definition, as I tend far more towards sex with women than men, but I do enjoy the occasional encounters with a guy. We also swing, that is indulge group sex, partner swapping and of course  threesomes.

In most couples usually the woman is  bisexual – bi-curious and the man is straigh. But not all couples, fewer couples have both partners bisexual – bi-curious, and hardly any where the man is bi and not the woman.

My spouse and I sometimes invite single men to play with us, but they must be bisexual. That way we both can have our share of fun, so we prefer bi men to play with….

And if my (our) sexual preferences going to take me to the hell, well than bee it. Continue reading..

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Valentines Day have nothing to do with your sexual preference… or how your brain is wired.

Some couple do like bi men to be in a threesome (mmf), some might have the kink, fem dome in ffm threesome… they t like to use a strap on dildo on men…..

So if the strap on not what your looking for… I suggest that you try to define more details what you really into… Continue reading..


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I am more interested in a man that is NOT bi… I want a man totally interested in my ass, or a least female  ass only, not a mans…

But I have to agree with the last poster it everyone has different choices. Continue reading..


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I like bi men and I’m not looking to save anybody from anything. Continue reading..

Bi Sexual Men in NSA Sex

A lot of user asked more discussion about male bisexuality. With the new generation entering into casual dating, there is a possibility for a younger  generation to have different views of male bisexuality. Continue Reading….

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How does bi sexuality effect us, if we are into no string attached sex?

Female bisexuality has been an accepted part in NSA sex, male bisexuality is usually not tolerated, not in sex clubs, not in  swingers club and not in NSA.

For most of us no string attached sex is not to change our sexual preferences, but to supplement our sexual needs with other couples like ourselves.

However there are a lot of couples looking for bi sexual men… Continue Reading….

If you are a bi  sexual male and just thinking about casual sex with couple you should know  bi sexual men are not always welcome in couples play.



A lot of couple looking for threesome with bi men. For example one couple wrote it “My wife is into bi-men, I am not bi, I don’t mind some man – to man plays… It is a lot of fun.  Also she’s been with two men who were very bi, and she enjoyed it a lot. Both men enjoyed it and her and each other too…  Continue Reading….


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My lady friend asked it: Why not bi men for nsa sex? Why not bi man for MFM threesome. For many reasons, one of them threesome with bi man wont be MFM. The other sex with bi men consider “high risk” activity.

Many men believe a bisexual man who chooses to enter into a relationship with a woman is seen by the gay community as doing so out of the desire for heterosexual privilege, while one who finds a same-sex partner is viewed by both, gay and straight communities as having really been gay all along but afraid to admit it.

 What the experts say about this?

Men who are bisexuals are likely to experience homosexual attraction and engage in homosexual experiences before they become aware of their bisexuality. That’s why the bi sexual men consider “high risk”. Continue Reading….

Others believe, couples where the male part is bi sexual are not into long relationships with other couples. Usually they are only looking for one night stands, especially if they try to hide the male bi sexuality.

For women, on the other hand, the trend is to experience heterosexuality first. Researchers believe, some women who identify themselves as bisexual,  have some emotional needs that are best met by men and others that are best met by women.

casual sexSome bisexual men offered this explanation too for they own bi sexuality, but much more often the male bisexual explains his sexual lifestyle in terms of a need for variety and creativity. Continue Reading….

However if you are a bi man… jut browse our users’ profiles and you will see yourself, how many couples looking for bi men. Some of them just orally bi, some others very bi…  Either way… how far you will go, that is totally up to you. Continue Reading…. 


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Here’s a thought, there have been a lot of questions lately about bi men. That got me thinking, do bi guys do it just for the sex or are they equally attracted to both sexes?

I mean, do they prefer women first? Just wondering. I see that a lot on profiles as well. Trying to get some kind of consensus here. Continue Reading….

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NSA Sexwildaspirations

I am sure some are attracted to men. I think but I may
be wrong that most are in it for the sex. Continue Reading….


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I consider my man heterosexual but he does enjoy a man now
and then, in MFM threesomes. Strictly sexual though…

I know he has no desire to be in a relationship with a man.  He loves pussy more than anything on this word…. He loves sex and he said that is what women are for…

Does that answer the question? Continue Reading….

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I am bi and I love women a lot too. But I just like to pleasure a man’s cock and balls, and like to have prostate orgasm too, thats it.

No love making with a man only. A woman have to play… or no play.  Now for a woman, I’ll do anything to her and she can do anything with me. Just saying!!! Continue Reading….


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My initial impression of a bi guy was that he was equally attracted to both sexes but after seeing many profiles of bi men with some kind of reference saying they preferred women first, I had that light bulb moment and thought well maybe they are doing it just for the sex and I had it all wrong.

It’s so confusing. I don’t have any problem with anyone’s sexuality. I just wish the “straight” guys would say what they really want and stop flip-flopping back and forth and man up and be honest with themselves and others. Continue Reading….

Typical threesome

Is such a thing exist that one can call typical threesome? I am not sure how can be a threesome typical. I heard about typical breakfast items…. but typical threesome. I guess a threesome would be nice for breakfast, even if it not that typical.

Let’s see what our partner’s members have to say about a typical 3sume.


I would guess this one is aimed more for the females in the audience.You have fmf (female – male – female) 3some, what hat would typically be 2 bi females and the male.

That is #1 on the charts for most guys.

Then you have the mfm (male – female – male) which I know a lot about having been the single male involved. Hubby or boyfriend like to watch most of the times and love to take pics and also some get involved.

Profiles state hubby likes to watch or join in. Hubby enjoys seeing me with other men. I understand that very much.

Here is the question I have. Its rare you ever come across fmf where the female likes to watch hubby in action. Or fmf where they are both straight females and not bi???

Ladies do you enjoy seeing your man get it on with another woman? Is it just tolerated as part of the experience? Or say hey dear I would love to see you do another woman?

Read More>>>>


There are many women, couples and men looking for threesome in this website, even in your city too. Why don’t you contact them and ask them. I am sure thy will give you a honest answer.

At first in a fmf (female – male – female) threesome both ladies are str8. If there is play will go on between the ladies, then that threesome would be a FFM (female – female – male). And this is not a typical, but it the favorite scenario by a lot of men.

Also a typical 3sum to me is when the most of the attention is on the single gender person… It is not a 3sum when the third person is just watching, masturbating or taking a picture. If the third person not participating… then it can be voyeurism or watchers, but not a threesome.

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There are male – male – female (mmf) threesomes too. In this scenario two bi men plays with each other and with the lady too.

My wife is into bi-men, unfortunately for her, I’m not. But she’s been with two men who were bi, and enjoyed

She’s also bi-sexual and has been with women and enjoyed watching me with a woman, albeit she was touching her too.

So, maybe I’m the lucky one, having a true sexually hot woman.

I think like you said, the typically 3some is 2 straight men and one woman or 2 bi-women (or 1 bi- and 1-gay) and a guy.

However it would be typically for me, but might not be typical for many others.

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Actually, I used to think that most FMFs were all straight without bi action, a way to treat a guy to two women at once. But that was years ago and before I was on this site! Since bi women have become more accepted and desired (and more prevalent in casual sex), all three partners interacting (MFF) has become the norm, which is a guy and two women who might play together.

Sometimes just one of the ladies bi, the other might be just curios and she doesn’t mind a woman touch…

It’s more rare to have 2 bi-men and a woman, but not as rare to have 2 straight women and a guy.

Read More>>>>


I absolutely love watching my man with another female. It makes me so wet and turned on to see him inside other women. I have begged him to have sex with other women while I watch and after, when we have intercourse, I always have gigantic orgasm.


I haven’t done this, but I think I would enjoy being the voyeur while the man I was seeing was with another woman. While I’m pretty open minded, there are just things I can’t provide a guy – like big, full, breasts.

If want to try something like that sometimes, I’d enjoy giving him the opportunity to enjoy it with someone while I watched.

It would also give me the opportunity to watch what he enjoys from an outside perspective and see if there was anything I don’t do, that would turn him on.

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