Your husband ask you to have a mmf threesome with a bi sexual man

I red the previous bi men related  post here and my question is  related to that post. What would you think if your husband ask you to have a mmf threesome with a bi sexual man? In generally…

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I would like to know other women’s opinion, how do feel about bisexual men and MMF threesomes.

Would you participate in one with your husband and a bi guy? Continue Reading…


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Good question… . We all know,  being bi women here can make you famous and men believe bi women are downright cool.

From the other view, which is a straight woman’s view, bisexual men are unwanted in a normal couples play. They see bi men  as sex hungry monsters, straight men, and straight women too.

Or is it something that women tell to their straight permanent partner? It would be nice to know, how do women feel about it?

I do not have problem with bi guys, but my partner is orally bi, (according to him, he never dated man), he does not care who gives him a blow job, she or he…  as far as it is a blow job. Continue Reading…

Would you have a threesome with you hubby and a bi guy?


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No thanks, I would not have threesome with a bi man, and my husband would not have either.

He said he want to keep his eyes on my ass not on hiss…

And  to knowing my partner is bi, it  would turn me off… I would thinking during sex, he likes men’s ass and he is having sex with me.

Threesome with two men makes me feel wanted… and I enjoy being in the attention of two men, but if they are bi, I would need to share that attention and I don’t like that. I want all for myself. Continue Reading…

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Pretty much no thanks here too. Straight men have nothing but sexual interests in women and they appreciate women, two straight men makes it double…

Bi men, thinking about men, might concentrate on my man and I don’t like that. Continue Reading…


horny womanchic

I’ve played with bisexual men before, although if if that is a mmf threesome  it can be fun, and I had fun in that settings at times, but there was nothing really fantastic about it.

At the end of the day… bi men (at list those who I played with) were never really into me, not as much as straight men are, they lack the passion, they lack the animal like horniness, the urge of outperforming the other guy.

I prefer straight guys, but we are not the same. It might be just me… Continue Reading…


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I have nothing against bi men as far as they do not want to play with me…

I been there, done that, and didn’t like to hear how he likes sucking other guys dicks.

Is that supposed to get me horny? As I know sucking cock in a threesome is the ladies’ job… I can handle two cocks and happy to handle…

Since when are the threesome rules switched? Continue Reading…

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My partner  is bi sexual. He call himself half way bi, he does not penetrate men’s butt, but does not mind to receive in the butt… He said that is an excellent prostate massage

I think a lot of couples are probably more comfortable with inviting another guy into their sex life, because her jealousness toward women.

But if the guy is bi, like in our case, than very easy to get things going because she can have two men, he can have man and woman… so it is much more fun for the participating people.

Personally we had MFM,  FMF, and mmf threesomes and they’ve been very enjoyable, but the best was and the best is threesome with bi menContinue Reading…


I am a bi sexual male. I have a really cool and very hot girlfriend. She doesn’t have any problem with my bi sexuality, in fact she is happy to play in a MMF threesome at anytime and of course she does play. Read More…

MFM threesomes vs bi MMF threesomes. Ok, ladies: How many women on here have  wanted to have a threesome with two men? Has anyone ever wanted a threesome with two bi men? Read More…

Bi curious man in mfm threesome

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I just wondering how many guys would suck a mans cock in a threesome?

My man is not gay and I don’t think he ever had the desire to suck a mans cock, but we was with a married couple having fun…  a lot of fun.

The couple was great, the man was pretty good lover…. he played attention to our body and how our body responded.

At one point, when I was giving her husband a blow,  she asked me to let my man have some of it. I had never see my man suck a cock before, I did not think he would do it, but surprise… surprise he helped me.

It made me so hot I have to admit I liked it. We both played with her man, while she sucked  my man. It was a good day.

After at home I asked my man about his oral service and he said he never think he can do it and he would not suck a man just one on one but with women there to make play more erotic, it wasn’t hard at all.

Just wondering how many guys would be willing to suck a cock in a mfm or mmf threesome? Continue Reading…


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It’s something that I’ve only done one time and I suppose different people might get different things out of it, but for me, that was fun, even though different kind of fun experience.

It happened at a friend’s house party, there  were two men that wanted me bad. I was taking them both at the same time. I felt sexy, dirty, even empowered despite the inherent submissiveness of the act. It was just this huge thrill that I really got off on.

It wasn’t perfect sex – but I had a good time and a new experience. As a side effects I have more appreciation for threesomes with two straight men. The threesome with the bi curious guys was just a straight up physical experience. It was sex and something new.

However it was a turn on… and made me really horny. I would be open to play with bi or bi curious men again given the opportunity but it’s not something I’d go out of my way to seek out. Continue Reading…

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Sex is sex and threesomes are good sex, mfm, mmf or even more variation of more people plays together.

I like watch my wife with  another female so she said one day that if I wanted to see her with a female anymore then she wanted watch me with a male so I said set it up and she did.

The fun part… Having your wife watch you get head from a guy is wild but even better is giving a guy head while she watches and masturbates.

I don’t feel I am guy and I do not dreaming guys ass…. but I am open minded and enjoy life and the fun during casual sex, including threesomes… Continue Reading…


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Lets flip the coin and check this  out from the other side. If you are a single man and looking for threesomes with man woman couple, than you better be “oral friendly”.

No one ask you to be guy or take a dildo or cock into your butt… But if you want to play, you need to think. Just check couple’s profile out and you will see how many couples looking for oral friendly straight male

I hope you know that,  the straight male’s definition is defined differently in the last few years… Continue Reading…

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Well, in the circumstance you describe I would certainly give it a try,  if that makes everyone happy!

We have been with a T-girl once and we really liked it. I can tell you that T girl was much more fun for both us than a lot of  guys…

Not sure, I would be able to do it  with  solo with a guy thought… Continue Reading…


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If men give BJ to each other in a mfm threesome,  that is just an option that they have to enhance their own fun…

My pleasure comes not from watching two men give blow job to each other, it does not do anything for me. My pleasure comes from being entrained,  by the two guys at once.

Two dicks, four hands, two mouths, two butts comes with the possibility of multiple orgasms.  That’s not even counting anal and double penetration. Continue Reading…

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I am a bi sexual male. I have a really cool and very hot girlfriend. She doesn’t have any problem with my bi sexuality, in fact she is happy to play in a MMF threesome at anytime and of course she does play. Read More…

MFM threesomes vs bi MMF threesomes. Ok, ladies: How many women on here have  wanted to have a threesome with two men? Has anyone ever wanted a threesome with two bi men? Read More…

Valentines Day with T Girl

Some of us did not recover the Holiday Party Season’s side effects, but the best and biggest opportunity  is the have  no sting attached casual sex Valentines Day is coming. Oh Yes Valentines day will be here soon. Some of our members alredy preparing…

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I like what I like and straight guys do it for me, they way they hold me an caress my body. I like how a manly man would even let me bend him over an fuck him slowly an passionately.

GUYS if your within 100 miles or willing to travel to see me inbox me…

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I love a good smelling man, well groomed and hung big hands an big dick like mine…

I love my nipples get licked or an ass ate can be fun too. I only play safe an in the area I live in.

Its so hard to find a straight guy to play with.

Guys anyone want to help a passable cross dresser  girl out?

Sexy straight guys… So I had to restart my account, not sure why but I am Kim the sexy passable CD.

If interested feel free to comment, drop a message to my inbox.

Masculine men are a plus, I am not real picky girl, but I like what I like an will know when I see it…

So straight men, is anyone  here to help a passable cross dresser girl out?

I understand this is the Internet, but be serious, real and have list one up to date picture. as I do.

I am a discreet cross dresser  girl who don’t kiss an tell. What happens between us will stay between us . Interested? Show me! Continue Reading…

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I imagine that you will find it very difficult to find what you are looking for. While you may identify yourself as very feminine, it is going to be a very rare straight guy that will be able to see you that way.

I would think that a bi guy would be much more likely. I am sure that would be a very nice Valentines Day fun for you… Continue Reading…


T girlsexy1kim 24 T

Actually the only men I meet are straight men, masculine men most of them are married.. I just want more sex not just sex only around Valentines Day… lol Continue Reading…



I am a bi sexual male. I have a really cool and very hot girlfriend. She doesn’t have any problem with my bi sexuality, in fact she is happy to play in a MMF threesome at anytime and of course she does play. Read More…

MFM threesomes vs bi MMF threesomes. Ok, ladies: How many women on here have  wanted to have a threesome with two men? Has anyone ever wanted a threesome with two bi men? Read More…


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Wow! You are definitely HOT for sure. But I am not sure how any straight guy would bend for you on Valentines Day? Continue Reading…

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My definition of straight man and yours are very different.

I am a straight man and  I am exclusively attracted to the opposite sex. A hard cock like the on you posted on your profile wont turn me on and I can not imagine myslef to lick or suck men’s nipples…

Or if we get into further… for example a straight woman is attracted to men, and not women.

It would be incorrect to describe a woman who has been involved with both men and women as straight.

Also incorrect to describe a man for straight if he willing to receive your big dick in his as…

The best word would be “bi curious man”. Continue Reading…

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Many types of men, not only bi or gay engage in same-sex relationships, for a variety of reasons. The definition of straight men has changed in no string attached sex dating…

On dating sites and dating apps there’s a growing new category: Orally bi men, and straight men seeking sex with gay men or straight men looking for T girl.

These straight guys are usually married men, live in a sex less or not enough sex marriage. They are not attracted to men, therefore they are not bi  and not bi curious.

However they are attracted to the quick, easy and risk free sex that doesn’t involved social skills or getting to know one another. Risk free, because no risk of pregnancy, risk free because they can go out at anytime with men, they are straight, so no one would suspect sexual relationship. Of course they have to practice safe sex only… Continue Reading…

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It have nothing to do with Valentines Day. Valentines Day just one more reason or opportunity to party like no tomorrow…

If you go to sex parties or swingers parties, and or participate in a orgy, Valentines Day or not Valentines day, at any erotic party you will see straight men, who are not really acting like a heterosexual man.

Many of my friends have always said that those guys weren’t actually “straight” and argued that they were at least a little gay. I disagree, but they said the orientation and gender of the person they have sex doesn’t matter.

For them the only matter is to get off. As far as to rich the orgasm is fun and enjoyable and there is no strings or romantic involvement, than that is just nsa sex.

When those guys are horny and they are at the middle of a sex party, they would fuck any hole…  it belongs to a man or woman, does not matter. Often they can not even see who is at the receiving end… Continue Reading…

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Bi Sexual Men in NSA Sex

A lot of user asked more discussion about male bisexuality. With the new generation entering into casual dating, there is a possibility for a younger  generation to have different views of male bisexuality. Continue Reading….

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How does bi sexuality effect us, if we are into no string attached sex?

Female bisexuality has been an accepted part in NSA sex, male bisexuality is usually not tolerated, not in sex clubs, not in  swingers club and not in NSA.

For most of us no string attached sex is not to change our sexual preferences, but to supplement our sexual needs with other couples like ourselves.

However there are a lot of couples looking for bi sexual men… Continue Reading….

If you are a bi  sexual male and just thinking about casual sex with couple you should know  bi sexual men are not always welcome in couples play.



A lot of couple looking for threesome with bi men. For example one couple wrote it “My wife is into bi-men, I am not bi, I don’t mind some man – to man plays… It is a lot of fun.  Also she’s been with two men who were very bi, and she enjoyed it a lot. Both men enjoyed it and her and each other too…  Continue Reading….


one night standSex4fun

My lady friend asked it: Why not bi men for nsa sex? Why not bi man for MFM threesome. For many reasons, one of them threesome with bi man wont be MFM. The other sex with bi men consider “high risk” activity.

Many men believe a bisexual man who chooses to enter into a relationship with a woman is seen by the gay community as doing so out of the desire for heterosexual privilege, while one who finds a same-sex partner is viewed by both, gay and straight communities as having really been gay all along but afraid to admit it.

 What the experts say about this?

Men who are bisexuals are likely to experience homosexual attraction and engage in homosexual experiences before they become aware of their bisexuality. That’s why the bi sexual men consider “high risk”. Continue Reading….

Others believe, couples where the male part is bi sexual are not into long relationships with other couples. Usually they are only looking for one night stands, especially if they try to hide the male bi sexuality.

For women, on the other hand, the trend is to experience heterosexuality first. Researchers believe, some women who identify themselves as bisexual,  have some emotional needs that are best met by men and others that are best met by women.

casual sexSome bisexual men offered this explanation too for they own bi sexuality, but much more often the male bisexual explains his sexual lifestyle in terms of a need for variety and creativity. Continue Reading….

However if you are a bi man… jut browse our users’ profiles and you will see yourself, how many couples looking for bi men. Some of them just orally bi, some others very bi…  Either way… how far you will go, that is totally up to you. Continue Reading…. 


NSA datingmiseryluvsco68

Here’s a thought, there have been a lot of questions lately about bi men. That got me thinking, do bi guys do it just for the sex or are they equally attracted to both sexes?

I mean, do they prefer women first? Just wondering. I see that a lot on profiles as well. Trying to get some kind of consensus here. Continue Reading….

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NSA Sexwildaspirations

I am sure some are attracted to men. I think but I may
be wrong that most are in it for the sex. Continue Reading….


nsa sexfunonly6944

I consider my man heterosexual but he does enjoy a man now
and then, in MFM threesomes. Strictly sexual though…

I know he has no desire to be in a relationship with a man.  He loves pussy more than anything on this word…. He loves sex and he said that is what women are for…

Does that answer the question? Continue Reading….

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NSA sexheretoplay

I am bi and I love women a lot too. But I just like to pleasure a man’s cock and balls, and like to have prostate orgasm too, thats it.

No love making with a man only. A woman have to play… or no play.  Now for a woman, I’ll do anything to her and she can do anything with me. Just saying!!! Continue Reading….


xxx sexluvexxx

My initial impression of a bi guy was that he was equally attracted to both sexes but after seeing many profiles of bi men with some kind of reference saying they preferred women first, I had that light bulb moment and thought well maybe they are doing it just for the sex and I had it all wrong.

It’s so confusing. I don’t have any problem with anyone’s sexuality. I just wish the “straight” guys would say what they really want and stop flip-flopping back and forth and man up and be honest with themselves and others. Continue Reading….

Sex, casual sex, bi sex, or same sex related issues

For the regulars that are on here – wanted to make you all aware that Molly (sex life educator) has a new group that will have a weekly live cam thing.  There is nothing sex, casual sex, bi sex, or same sex related issues taboo there. She posted the description as such: Not having any luck on Confused about how to create the best possible profile? Need guidance, advice or a profile critique?Ask Molly Mounds!

Who is Molly anyway? Is she a sex Goodness?

No she is not, bur she is very close. Molly is part of the Community Management team at, and has worked for the site for over three years. She is here to help you make the most out of your profile, provide guidance on contacting and interacting with other members, and point you towards helpful resources.

Join Molly for a live chat session here in the group every Thursday at 2PM Pacific Daylight Time in the US.  (If you need help figuring out you time zones, use an online time zone calculator)

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Chat will last for approximately 30 minutes, of course on every Thursday every 30 minutes. However she is very flexible (I mean extremely flexible) and her time schedule flexible too. I mean if she needs more time to get the job done, she will take her time, but she wont leave unfinished things behind her back…

Molly will discuss a different topic each week and all of them will be sex related, on-line dating related and of course related topics.

Be nice to Molly. She does, in fact, bite. end she really enjoy it.

Please be aware that this is group is intended to provide insight and guidance, and is not a group for reporting bugs, not a group to find solution for technical difficulties. It is not a group to find a way to fix your computer if McAfee virus scan screw it up yesterday (don’t worry, it screw up millions of computer world wide.

Okay, let’s get back the casual sex. If you have a question, about casual sex and any sex related issue, please visit Live from or visit’s Site Support.

If you did not figure it out from her name, Molly is a female, in fact she is so hot, en all the time want to get naked around her. I can’t even understand how can be a experienced woman hot like her.

Anyway, Molly is a woman, and if you do have any kind of sex related issues, to ask a question or more questions, that related to your sex life. Os if you do not want to ask those questions from a woman than our partner Healthier Sex’ s website is for you.

They have a full time, male sexologist, who is ready to answer for any sex related question at any time. Sorry folks, this sex guru, do not have live web cam  chat service. Not yet, but it will come very soon. Visit  the sex Guru now at next>>>

Some of the questions that that user asked from him before:
Is My Penis Too Small Or The Condom Is Too Big?
Spice Sex life Up. Relationship Advice for Couples
My Boyfriend’s Erected Penis Isn’t Straight At All
She Penetrates His Anus With a Strap on Dildo
Difficulties in Experiencing Orgasm in Women
Vaginal Rejuvenation & Labiaplasty Surgery
I need help! I can’t achieve vaginal orgasm
Belly Button Sex plus more advice on sex
Human Growth Hormone related question
Does Penis Enlargement Really Work?
I Am Depressed About My Penis Size
Married woman losing interest in sex
Women and Their Sex Life Problems
His Penis Slips Out From My Vagina

If you want to contact him, visit his contact page on Healthier Sex Lives Website, or if you want to deal with a woman, then visit and contact Molly.


This sex resource is a good idea. Let’s hope her advice is better than the spamminators the one, that many other adult dating site used to get new members.

And as far as other sex related and marital sex life  problems people are having, it might help to. It certainly can’t hurt., but only if you ask and wait her answer

The biggest problem is, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. The “him” being offered there is for both genders and transgenders, and bis and gays and lesbians.. ..


You have all seen postings here from women who have turned a guy down politely and when asked why, have nicely told them what the problem was. I have even gone so far as to offer some good advice on their profiles and approaches.

But sadly, the response to this is sometimes very RUDE. Things like, pardon me, but you are the one with your
shaved pussy exposed on a website. And for fact, your pussy  is steel free to view to anyone. I guess you enjoy to show your shave beaver…  And it is okay, but then what is your problem? And what was it you were after, little horny boy?

People are people and men are men, and horny women are women, just they are horny. . And the better skilled are the ones to survive. And that is true of both men and women.

I am sure “Molly” is skilled. And I am sure she will help some members out.

But ass holes are ass holes and the site will still have its fair share. I just hopp they wont make Molly’s half of the hour t she ever had…

So be nice with Molly, and if you have anything to ask her. anything that somehow related to sex , than ask. She is more then happy to find the solution’s for your very personal sex related question.

Visit Molly on-live casual sex related web page.

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