Threesome with Two Women. Threesomes & Marriages

Two women and a man threesome FMF can be more fun than it sounds. Make out with a man and a woman at the same time is natural to a lot of women, because  they are bi sexual or bi curious.

fmf sex playWomen Looking for Couples for fmf Threesomes

The majority of swingers women prefer men over women for sex, but they have no problem to take one of each. Just because sometimes they get into bi sexual woman to woman sex play, they are not lesbians.

However FFM threesome usually a couple play with an extra woman. In fact if it is ffm, (female – female – male), the man wont have penetrative sex with both women. The two ladies play together, he might watch or he might play with his own partner. The extra lady plays only with the woman from the couple. This lady is a Unicorn.

A lot of married  woman choice is their husband and and another, unicorn woman. Between boring marital sex life and the erotic fantasy are the love triangles. Some people get into casual, NSA sex, because of their erotic fantasy, some others, try to spice up their own bedroom activity with a third person.

You have to be careful, because threesomes and love-triangles can lead into jealousy driven dramas. A threesome should be entertainment, or a fantasy full of sex party.

Sex play – intercourse with two girls at the same time

Almost every man dream about sex with two girls at once. Also there are many women, who are wondering how it would be go down on an other women, therefore from all threesome sex scenarios, the woman- man-woman FMF three-way is not only the most popular, but also the most likely to make it happen.

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Woman – Woman – Man threesomes offer a most unusual opportunity for female friendship, even if one of the woman not bisexual, she might bi just bi curios.

While cultural taboos require men to be on their guard around each other, this make a two-men – one-woman (MFM if the men are not bi sexual, or MMF if they are bi) party especially tricky.

Women are permitted and develop easier close same sex, bi sexual friendships then men. Open minded  women can add  easier woman to women sex to their marital sex life and their husband will enjoy unique social, and erotic advantages. A woman who can experience other women as lovers or allies rather than as rivals in her relations with men can find an inexhaustible source of pleasure and support among like minded swingers couples and single women.

In our sexually open world, threesome are still relationships, however they are bringing a lot of question into a married couples bedroom. Questions related to jealousy,  manipulation, dishonesty, selfishness, and unwanted discoveries to like or dislike previously un-know intimate sexual activities.

bi sexual orgyBi Sexual Orgies

Threesomes & Marriages

Not all the risks of open the family bed to a third person are imaginary. Threesomes strengthen many swingers marriage, because the spouses agreed on some rules and kept that rules. Plus experienced swingers know when to end up a sexual relationship. They do it before casual sex turn into something more.

No matter who broaches the initial threesome idea, the motivation to pursue a threesome must grow equally from all parties, whether they are friends or a married couple and a trusted outsider as a third person. It’s not enough for the three to share a hot fantasy with one another, they should make their fantasy reality. A threesome will only live expectations if all three parties bring the benefits of happy, satisfying sex lives of their own to the experience.

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I feel like I am a lesbian, but I love men’s cock too

Two women threesomes & marriages

I feel like a lesbian but I love my hubby’s cock

Isn’t it weird? So other than the fact that the taste of a woman alone can cause me to have a intense orgasm, women are what I find sexy and attractive. Even when watch a movie I am not at all interested in the leading lad. Continue Reading

no string attached sexThreesome Sex Ads

casual sex MyJake9226

Yet I find my husbands cock in my mouth can cause the same intense orgasm as a pussy on my face, but the thought of other mens penis’ are a complete turn off. Is that weird?

Or there is something wrong with me? Continue Reading


casual sex1seeking1

You find the taste of a woman can cause orgasm, means you have tasted and enjoyed, and you enjoy husbands cock…

Congratulations, you are bi sexual-enjoy! Continue Reading


sex datingwildaspirations

It is not weird at all. Being a bi sexual woman you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Enjoy it. Continue Reading

leisure sexswingers sexSwing_alicious

Not weird at all, I love sex with my hubby, but definitely get turned on by the girls, something about the tenderness and feel of a girl just makes me tingle all over! Continue Reading


swingers sexlikmyhotpuzzy

I have as question for answer…What to do if your meet up is not your opposite gender and you are straight?

Let me spell the details out. I had a meet up set to meet a man, we went to a romantic dimly lit tiny café, perfect for first time meet ups.

We were seated in the corner sorta of hidden away from peering eyes. He moved over close to me, gave me a kiss. I touched him, I ran my hand to feel his crotch, he was smooth down there.

Uh, oh! I was stunned at my find. I excused myself from the table, paid for our bill and I left. Apparently he was she… and she acted like a man, but he got no dick he got pussy… Well it did not work with me, that is for sure. Continue Reading

hot blondshyandhornyshyandhorny

I am like you… Sometimes I get really turned on by woman’s taste, but I love men..

I don’t think I am bi, I would say I am bi curious. Anyways sometimes I set up ffm threesome for myslef.

Usually with my boy toy and with one of my bi lady friend. This way all three of us can have what we wish to have… Continue Reading


casual sex1canuck

I understand you. I love the taste of a pussy too… I don’t thing anything wrong or weird with you. As someone above stated… Probably you are a bi curious woman.

A lot of couples looking for bi curios  women here, so if you ever want to try something new, to set it up  would be extremely easy for you. Continue Reading

threeway sexRelated

How can I satisfy my hunger for men and women while making sure he still feels like my study hunk of love?

My girlfriend actively seeks out for bi men to cum play with us and suck my cock

How do bi-sexual people make out in NSA sex relationship?

I myself am straight, but I wonder how bi-sexual people make it? Can you be bi sexual and have a good and honest relationship with your mate?

Sex Dating AdsLocal NSA Sex Personal Ads

It seems as though most men are accepting of females being bi and playing, but females are not as accepting  of bi men for NSA sex partners. Continue Reading…


bi sexualbigl533

I have a girlfriend, she actively seeks out for bi men to cum play with us and  suck my cock.

It really turns her on to have a guy fuck her and suck me at the same time. Scenario like that very hot  for all. Continue Reading…


sex datingnvrgetsenuf

The only reason that I won’t date a bi male is because if I have sex with a bi male I am prohibited from donating blood for a set period of time. I try to donate every quarter.

I do not have anything against bi women or bi men. I’ve always maintained “to each his own.” I have my preferences, you have yours. Continue Reading…


sex adsbisexual4us

We have what has been described as having the most loving relationship that our friends have ever seen! Just like straight people our exploration here is purely sexual, separating love and sex.

We don’t waste our time on useless emotions like jealousy or insecurity!!! We are totally honest with each other and our approach to play is exactly like straight people, why would there be a difference because of sexual orientation?!?!

Being bi doesn’t make either of us more promiscuous, unable to keep our hands off the same sex, nor are we more likely to contract an STD…

In fact we are probably WAY more careful about choosing partners than most on here… Especially those cheating on their spouses!!!

We play straight with straight people way more often than bi and we are upfront about it.

I would bet, we are also tested way more often (STD test) than most of you!!!

There certainly is a huge double standard but you have no idea how much email we get from straight males!!!

We agree that everyone’s sexual choices are their preference alone and their choice to make… but anyone that has an eerie feeling maybe feels uneasy or is turned off by the though of playing with someone that’s bi is buying into the same homophobia that is given to gay people.

Remember there is a huge range of interests in bisexuality. You don’t have to be attracted
to the opposite sex to be bisexual. Continue Reading…

Swingers Sex AdsErotic Adult Dating Personal Ads

lesbian personalsNLo85

I’m a lesbian so I don’t know much about being bi-sexual. But I am sure you can be in an honest relationship if you really like the person.


bi sex adsstevenjosepht

You have two questions: How do bi-sexual make it, which presumably means how do they copulate.

Watch porn for instructions.

The other question has to do with the dangers implicit with sexual relations with homosexuals. The transmittal of HIV would be the most obvious danger. Continue Reading…


haloween partytrisha_ann_glynn

We make it with just about anyone,  that wants to make it with us. Of course some condition applies…

On the upside, it doubles my chances for a date. And it brings out the homophone and  heterophobe nut cases early.

I have been told by a lot of females: I will make her gay. She could not donate blood  anymore. I might take her boyfriend. She would not be able to satisfy me.

I have been told by even more males: You are straight, just acting gay. You are trying to  have it both ways. You are more of a risk for STDs.

On the downside, it increases my odds of being shot down. Because I might actually have liked one of those nut cases. Even after hearing how badly their brains are unwired. Continue Reading…


NSA sex adsMySweetBloom

Being bi-sexual does not mean that you have to have a lover of each gender at the same time. It’s about what attracts you.

Think about it. You’re out here looking at women. If you were in a good and honest relationship with the right woman, would you need to sleep with anyone out here?

You might still look, but would you jump? Being monogamous is a choice; sexual orientation is not. The choice is the same for everyone. Continue Reading…


open minded womenLittleVJ

I’m sure different women have different reasons as to why they may not be as accepting of bi sexual men.

Several reasons I have heard….

Some women like a macho image in their  men, they feel that men having sex distorts, diminishes, or destroys that image for them.

Others have cited that all one need to do is look at some of the ads in personals sections such as craigslist or the like and one can see bi-sexual and gay men advertising wholesale
for prolific indiscriminate sexual encounters.

Advertising to meet at glory holes, public bathrooms, alleyways etc.

The women would discuss how gross and dangerous that sounds to them. Now, I’m pretty sure that not all bi-sexual and or gay men behave that way. But I can see where knowing that some do would scare off a lot of people. Continue Reading…

sex adsindiapuss4white

I lived in Sweden with my bi male partner for a year or so. It was the best time of my life.

Some real good memories. I came back home only because  the weather there got to my health. Sexually we had an open relationship and as we were both bisexual, I guess we had lots in common already. We became very adventurous but never forgot to be safe when we had sex with multiple partners.

We were good friends, shared a lot of our fantasies and desires and always made sure to talk and communicate with each other in and out of bed.

Sometimes I regret coming home but my health was more important and cold weather 3/4 of the year just wasn’t for me….

So off to the tropics the sexpot returned. We are still friends and have contact via phone and emails and we visit each other every know and then. Continue Reading…

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Sex with multiply sex partners

The majority of people associate bisexuality to women (there are so a lot of bi girls around this days), but I have to assure you that there are more then few guys out there who are bi-curious.

Many men (not all) fantasize about a bisexual experience with another guy, sharing a cock with his wife or long time permanent female partner. Some guys keep their fantasy, forever fantasy, and some others go a step further. They try to spice up their sex life with some bi sex activities, they try man – to man play, with the participation of their lady, and they like it. Their lady loved it… not just liked it.

I have spoken with quite few men who love the feel of a cock slipping between their lips, stroking the shaft at the same time… I would lid like to share with you a hot related threesome story. I am lucky enough to know a girl from the above three. When I wrote three, I meant two guys and a woman.

Our lady is a real horny,  open minded swinger woman. She love to be entertained by two guys at the same time. She does not mind if the guys have some kinky fun with each other, if they able to serve her need in the mean time. In fact it turns her on.

It is a short, based on true story, written by her. For privacy reason she changed the names and location. If you like true based really erotic and kinky story, this one definitely for you. Read it at next >>>

Nobody said male bi sexuality doesn’t exists. Is it a popular casual sex activity? I don’t thinks so, however as everything else, it depends on the participating persons.

If you are into male bi sex, you need to know that, many swingers and casual sex communities have noted the existence of bi males. With a new generation entering the lifestyle, there is a possibility for a younger generation to have different views of male bisexuality.

How does effect the already participating persons, who are active in the lifestyle? Female bisexuality has been an accepted part of the swingers lifestyle, in fact female bi sexuality is a big turn on for many men. Many men top erotic dream is to go in the bed with two horny and beautiful bisexual women.

By the way in our partner’s members you can find str8 men and women. bi men and women, str8 couples and men. So what ever is your sexual preferences, You can be sure, there are many people like you, even in your neighborhood.  Check them out here.

On the other side male bisexuality is usually not tolerated in the swingers world. Many active swingers get into swinging, because of sex with the selection of different and multiply sex partners. They are do not care about rules, they just wont to have orgasm.. with others, and they have their own rules. They are not into swinging to challenge others rules. They care about their own and their partner sexual needs.

swingers looing for sex

Members looking for   sex

However things may happen in the heat of the moment. For example two couples have erotic play, actually more then erotic play. They having an intercourse. One of the man is into the play more then the other man, and he is wondering why the other guy do not penetrate his wife, so he grabs the other guy’s cock and direct it into his wife’s eager pussy. What do you think, is it a bi sexual activity? Actually things like this can happen more often in a threesome.

Face with it, male bi sexuality is a real thing, it if you are into play with couples, them you might have to face with it one day. If you do not want this, then you should only looking for single woman only…

Well it might be, but might just be a let’s do her… thing. It all depends on the participating males’ sexual preferences. If one of the guy is bi, then it was a bi sexual activity, but if both of them are str8, then it wasn’t. So what the differences are? There are no differences.

Just think about it. Two men screw a woman. Let’s say double penetration. There is no way to make this happen with out man to man touch… Read more about double penetration at next>>>

If you are serious about threesomes, you need to know few threesome sex positions. Check them out at next>>>

One more thing; If you are a bi sexual male and just thinking about swinging you should know bi sexual men are not always welcome in this lifestyle. Why? There is no logical explanation why,,but if you do not want to get into a very uncomfortable situation, you should let you feature partners know your sexual preferences. There are many bi sexual men around this days.

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