Halloween Role Play

Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Role Play.

One of the best Halloween Party idea is, the big bad wolf and little red riding hood erotic role play, just she should not ask; What big teeth  do you have? This role play is not bestiality, not cannibalism, and not even hard core torture.

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Torture for pleasure. Does it exist? I am not sure, but I can say in this role play our little red riding hood with big tits, gets restrained and tortured by a big bad wolf…

When I  was younger, I heard a different kind of  Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood story. In that story the father wolf told to his son; You will be a big bad wolf one day, but first you have to eat a virgin girl. There comes Little Red Riding Hood, she looks pretty virgin to me…

Our version of Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Role Play, is different. If you will be a big Big Bad Wolf and want to eat your Little Red Riding Hood, I think she would be happy, however experience does count in role play and I strongly advice you, don’t try to do this with a virgin Little Red Riding Hood.

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How, you as a big bad wolf get your little red riding hood girl to the bed, that is between you and little riding hood, but if she ask you; Are you gonna eat me whit that big mouth? Than you are on the right track.

I assume you found the solution to get her naked (partially naked okay too), so lets play. Get some soft rope, nylons, men ties or scarves. You can either tie your little riding hood’s hands together or tie each hand to something, for example the bed’s headboard, or if you play on the carpet, than to the bed’s legs.

You can tie her legs to something too. The best way would be, if her legs are slightly open. By now you should realize, this sexual activity requires a certain amount of trust and honesty between the big bad wolf and little riding hood, so that is why is not recommended for first timer, little riding hood.

Any  couple can play this role play, even without Halloween costume, however this sex play does not recommended for first time  couples. Even though, if you both played together before, it is important, if she wants to be untied, for any reason, you the big bad  wolf, have to get better, and must untie her immediately, with out any hesitation. Otherwise it won’t be fun and it will consider as assault or sexual harassment or rape, so you do not want to go there.

Of course, she has to trust her man, her sex partner 100%, and then this will be a lot of fun. This is meant to be fun!

Mr Wolf, once your partner’s hands and legs are tied, you are in the driver’s seat. You are the boss, you can do a lot of kinky things with your little riding hood, but at first start driving her crazy with your fingers. Tickle her up and down on her arms. Caress her face and neck. Lightly rub her breasts and tummy. Focus on the spots you know she likes the most. If you’re not sure where her favorite, or must sensitive erogenous spots are, ask her. She might surprise you with her answer. Don’t bite her please!

The target is, at the end of the game you make her orgasm… So you have to work your way to her genitals. Lightly brush your hands through her pubic hair, of course only if she has pubic hair. If she is shaved, you pass the pubic hair brush…

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Run your fingers down on her labia from her clitoris to her vagina and back up again. Gently massage her clitoris with your fingers, feeling its fullness as the stimulation causes it to become enlarged. You should not tie her up to tight, because she needs some room to rock her hips back and forth under your fingers, or if you use your fantasy, fill free and go down on her, eat her out, she tight to the bed, so she can’t ran a way … I am sure your tongue does better job than your fingers.

Be careful, you do not want to make her orgasm to fast, no – not yet. The real fun just begins.

Do you remember how much you enjoyed an ice cream or a Popsicle in a hot summer day? This is your best chance to let your partner experience the same wonderful sensations!

So get a glass of ice and get comfortable. Actually you should get the ice after when you tied her up and before you started to play with her. When she see that ice, she is going to get excited… but remember, you have to untie her, if she ask you!

Lets start using the ice on her nipples, with a twist. You suck on an ice cube; your mouth will be nice and cold in just a few second and then surround her entire nipple with your chilly, wet mouth. If her nipples weren’t erect already, they certainly will be now. Take your time on her body and work your way down to her wettest part, that you prepared with your finger or with your tongue. I spell it out, it is her vagina and you go down on her.

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If you did her nipple and eat her- prepared her on the proper way… By now her vagina is hot and wet, it definitely need to be cooled off! Take a small piece of ice and rub it all around the entrance to her vagina. You do not want to freeze her and do not want to cause a freeze bite on that pussy, so do not let the ice cube stay in one spot for too long. Here com the challenge, push the ice cube into her vagina and move it around with your tongue. The combination of heat from your tongue, and the cold wet ice create an incredible sensation! She will scream from the pleasure.

Our Horny Little red Hood Looking for Big Bad Wolf

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Use another piece of ice to rub up and down on her labia; it has millions of nerve endings! Get your mouth cold again and lower it onto her clitoris. Move your cold tongue back and forth on her clit and around that erected clit in circles. Continue putting ice in your mouth to make it cold.

Unless your little riding hood asks you to, never apply ice directly to her clitoris. For a lot of women, that is too much stimulation.

For advanced stimulation, keep an ice cube in your mouth to prolong the cold spell. When she is cold enough and she went over the hill from your tongue… then the penetration time have arrived. Your hard and hot erected penis, after the cold ice will make her orgasm and orgasm again and again.

At the end, you can wait for the hunter 🙂  or if  you time your play right the hunter will arrive and you can make it for a mfm threesome, but don’t forget to  untie her.

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