A woman’s power over a man is her pussy between her legs

We might call it power of the pussy, but it would not be true… A woman’s power over a man is not only whats between her legs but in her attitude and desire to entice a man. We call it the art of Seduction. Being beautiful and sexy is a definite plus for any man to be enticed alone.

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But I came to a conclusion. I believe its in a woman’s confidence and attitude.

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A while back a gentleman friend once told me, “June if I saw you in a room with 20 other females who were sexy, you wouldn’t of been the one I would of chose based on physical appearance.

He proceeded to say, “I’m a physical type individual I like my sexy women” I was shocked and a little thrown off but kept my composer, after all he was the one who pursued me! He looked at me and noticed I was in disbelief!

real people for real sexHe quickly said, “But up until this day you have changed my outlook on all of that!”

I began to laugh, I thought it was funny how he was trying so hard to bounce back from the comment he just said.

I told him, “Oh really? and what was your outlook?” He smiled and told me that I let out such exotic energy that I was so easy to be comfortable around.

I say and do things that no skinny chick has ever did for him, he continued to comment how my eyes and lips made even the sexiest woman look so cold.

I began to laugh and tell him “well I’m just me”…

So I want to know what you think skill or Attitude?


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I definitely think it is an attitude…. I believe a confident woman is very sexy. How she carries herself, that she is comfortable in her own skin… But you also have to follow that confidence with a skill…

It’s not enough to feel sexy you have to make your partner feel it, drink it, smell it, touch it….


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Seduction, in and of itself, is having the qualities and abilities to attract, tempt, and lure someone to you. It in no way grants you power over anyone, as each person has the choice of succumbing to or averting that allurement.

How does one effectively seduce another? With their charisma, overall appeal, chemistry, attractiveness, charm, and presentation.

Seduction isn’t about duplicity and chicanery. It is an opening of yourself to another by an honest show of interest without flamboyance.

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An innocent smile, subtle projection of body language, a slightly lingering and coy look, a delicate combination of interest and disinterest to stimulate their curiousity and react favorably toward you.

Seduction is littered with hints of passion, sincerity, and sensuality. For some it is a genuine (and often unrecognized) essence that emits through their aura; for others, it can be a struggle to be artless and pure when it comes to projecting themselves seductively and their efforts are frequently seen as fictitious and undesirable.

It doesn’t matter if you just met someone 5 minutes ago, or have been married to them 30 years; seduction is a primitive instinct within all of us and I personally believe   subtly differentiates a natural seducer from a blatant  pick-up artist.


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Does not matter you are a man or a woman. Confidence is sexy.  If you are not confident, probably you are not the greatest sex partner that she or ever had… I think confidence  more important in men than in women, when we talk about casual sex.

With out confident no any men can give a mind blowing orgasm. At first you have to believe in yourself, you have to believe, you can do her, you have to believe you can screw her, the way no man ever did before. When you have trust in your own love making ability then you have to go to the next step. Which is find a competitive sex partner.

I do not want to talk about here, how to find someone to have casual sex. I did in this website many time. Let’s assume you found that oversexed woman, and she is in your place now. So what should you do?

adult datingI guess you talked enough, because you talked her into to go to your place. This one is a really positive things… so no more talk. You should do something different. Less talk and more action…

The foreplay

Foreplay is very important in sexual intercourse. You can’t turn on someone and can turn on yourself if your partner’s armpits have a heavy body smell. I don’t want to perform oral sex on anyone, whose genital area smells like strong Swiss cheese. Being clean is the most important factor of any foreplay.

If you are a man and you are at home with a girls or at party, your confidence is more important, than how good looking you are. You have to look like someone, who really knows what he is doing. A confident man will make his partner more relaxed. A nervous man is going to transfer his nervousness onto his partners. To have a great sex all ladies need to be relaxed. No nervous women ever had a orgasm. She has to read your mind. In your mind should be something like this: “I can make her night.

I am good enough, my penis big enough and with my love making technique, I going to give her so big orgasm, she is going to scream from the pleasure.” If you can manage to transfer those few things into her head, you will be extremely successful as a no commitment sex partner.

Women need more time to get turned on. You can not turn a nervous women on. You have to be look like you are really know what you do. You have to touch her with knowledge, and you have to hold her the way, she is understand, how deeply you appreciate her. This is all are just small details, but all together they will make the big O. And that big orgasm going to come only if you understand your partner body language, you understand when she is ready for you.

If you push her and you are do her early, it wont happen, if you are late, then you past the magic moment… You have to read her body language.

This things comes from experience. If you do not have this kind of experience, you have to learn them. You have to know how to be successful in sex. If you don’t know what it takes to give a orgasm for any woman at any time, there is a website built for men only.

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Why are large cocks better

G spot orgasmWhy guys with large cocks are better sex partner?

I have been with some fairly large cocks. Most of the time the sex was great. However, the best sex I have had was with average size dicks. I have never came from fucking, and I am curious if a huge man would be able to finish me.

Also, why are very large men so much better. Looking forward to hearing your responses, and potentially some new playmates.



I red  your message and kind of mixed up…? You wrote it, you have been with some fairly large cock and the sex was great. Also you next sentence is,  “I have never came from fucking, and I am curious if a huge man would be able to finish me”.

So how can be sex great if that large men did not finish you? Are you talking about large men, heavy weighted men or men with large cocks?

If large men did not finish you, why do you state it:  Also, why are very large men so much better. I am confused… and why guys with large cocks are better sex partners.

I guess guys with large cocks are confident and a confident man is already turn on for many women.



What do you define as average and what do you define as large? And would you rather have length or girth? Which one makes it more exciting more better? Good Question!


Very large men aren’t any better. If you haven’t been able to cum with through intercourse with average or larger men, a monster cock won’t make a difference.

What you need is a partner that will play with your clit during intercourse or change the angle so your clit is stimulated.

However if you did not cum from a large cock, it is still better then if you did not cum from a small cock. List you have something to remember… But what can you remember for a small dick man if he did not give you an orgasm…?

Penis size and vagina closely related… That is to big form you, might be not big enough for me…  because out body is different. So there is no way to say just like a big dick is better than an average… It depends on your size, on your hip size on your body. Long hip long deep pussy… Wight hip wight pussy… gave a birth to a child? Large pussy… So you decide why is a bigger cock is better cock.

But I found a really good article about it. You can read it. I think it is something like,  penis size and vagina’s relationship.


I think it really depends on the woman. Some positions really work for them and the size of the cock does not really matter, if that cock is not small.

I know from personal experience that some woman love the feeling of being filled up by a large cock. You also have the luxury of trying unusual positions with a large cock. What can you do with a small cock? Well stupid question. You can blow it, but what can a guy do with a small cock.. other then being shame about it. He should not anyway.

There are many ways to give an orgasm  for a women and vaginal penetration just one and the hardest one.



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Some women simply don’t climax from just penetration, include myself…  I don’t think the size of the cock would make any difference, if that cock is not smaller then average. So what is an average sized cock? Well according to the Internet and my limited experience an average size cock around 6 inches long … So if  there is a six inches cock then everything is depend on the skill of the man it’s attached to.

Can he turn me on? Can me make me want to have sex with him? Can he make me dripping wet? If he can, probably I will cum, if his dick list an average size…


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Drop the subject of small cock. Small cock is not for casual sex…  I think well endowed aren’t any better or worse than men with average endowments. Being a good lover a good sex partner takes alot of things into account. After all, it doesn’t matter the size of his cock if the woman’s dry as a bone while he’s fucking her.

Why is she dry? Maybe because he doesn’t turn her on. And if a woman touch a well endowed cock, it can be a big turn on for her… but he still have to prove he is a good lover…



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I love the feeling of being filled up. The tightness, thrusting and going as deep as possible will make me cream all over that well endowed man. I will take too large and just right, any day!

However just being 8 inches long is not enough to fill up a pussy. An 8 inches cock can be like a pencil… From my experience and all my girlfriends experience… the girls and I have been have said its usually a fat meaty cock that gets us cumming like crazy.


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Because chicks would rather have a big dick fucking them. Even if they don’t cum with a big dick they still get excited just for the fact that its big alone….


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Huge dicks mean nothing unless the guy knows how to work it. A man with an average dick knowing how to work it could very well be better than one with a huge dick who doesn’t.

But if a guy’s dick is small and he does not even know how to use it, then it is a catastrophe…


A good lover listens, watches and then responds according to what you say, what noises you make, the tensions in your body and the expression on your face, among other things.

Then you have a responsibility to have an idea of what makes you cum and to express that. If you don’t know, you need to play with yourself (with toys or without) until you learn to relax and then find what gives you the most pleasure.

I came to sex later than most of my peers. In my 20’s, I could have clitoral O’s with my steady and reliable
partner. Life was good. As I grew older and wiser, I experimented with various people and techniques. I am multi- and virtually endlessly orgasmic now.

I’d take a solid 6 inch cock on a nice man who pays attention and wants to please me any day over a huge cock. Many men with huge dongs think size is enough and never bother to learn to use them.

Sorry guys, I do not go any lower then 6 inches. I would not fill anything…

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What about loose pussies?

Why does it matter about a man’s penis size? What about a loose pussy?

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So is her pussy loose or do your dick is small? Hard to make cum a loose pussy with a little dick. She wont have ever squirting orgasm… Help her… That is why you have a tongues.

It’s hard to give you an answer without knowing for sure what you are complaining about.


I could have the tightest pussy in the world, but if you’re only 4″ long cock and built like a pencil, I’m not going to be satisfied. We, women,  can develop muscle control and tighten our pussies fairly fast.

Unfortunately for men, if you’re tiny, there’s no fast solution. There is no  way to get it bigger in short time.  You have to put into some time and a lot of work if you want to have bigger penis.

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I didn’t notice the qualification about what gender should respond to which question, dick or pussy dimensions.
But why cock size or pussy tightness matter may be a question of friction. Maybe pressure. Dick too small or pussy too
loose may not generate enough friction or pressure.

Too big or too tight is just a question of preferences and competitiveness.  You have small dick or her pussy is loose. I suggest looking for what pleases you. You may need a bigger dick or tighter pussy to please you, but you may also be seeking smaller dicks or looser pussy. It is just take a little profile browsing and selection. However many men looking for tight pussies and I never heard about women who wanted to have sex with men. who is cock size is like a 8 years old boy’s

horny women

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Who says penis size and pussy size does make make different? (Well within reason!)

Personally any erected dick between 5-7 inches with a decent girth (thicker than long) is fine, especially if you’ve got the oral skills down pat.

Anything bigger than 8 inches is mostly just for show or a psychological aesthetic attraction. Man with big throbbing cock, more masculine, more sexier, mean the same that many of us dudes pant over a very nicely shaped set of perky or big boobs.

You can be a fantastic lover regardless of your size, that’s just a fact…IF, and many ifs, for one of them if you work at it! In any rate, and with any size of penis your love making technique and knowledge does make big difference. For example if you have small cock or loose pussy you can choose sex positions that will work with small cock or with loose pussy.

I wouldn’t worry about penis size, except if it is smaller than an average. Penis size anxiety is insecurity and insecurity comes with a lot of negative side effects. Insecurity in sex the most unattractive thing of all.

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My motto is QUALITY not necessarily quantity!! However I can’t have quality sex with a small dick man. It should not be a brain stormer. But your technique count a lot.

How penis enhancement can save any man marriage (and sex live). Read more>>>


Loose puss, tight puss, small dick, big dick.  Browse the profiles and contact members and try to mix and match. Mix and match.

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That’s a fair question…I suppose if her pussy is loose and you cock is small it would be sloppy… That is just so wrong…


It doesn’t matter either way as long as they know how to use it. Women have muscles and some know how to use them
better than others as do men with less length or girth can compensate with skill or motion.

If she isn’t responding then either she doesn’t know how to use it or she’s just not that into you. Find someone else and the mean time upgrade your love making knowledge.

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My first male female male threesome

I love the sexual energy of MFM. I have been included by some other couples but have never been the sharer. I’d like
to hear from women or couples on their first MFM experience.

Despite sharing each others bodies in the bedroom and having times outside the bedroom, no one ever told me how they came to threesomes as a preferred pleasure experience.

What was the anticipation? How did you get from the fantasy to doing? What was the most exciting? What was a turnoff?
Was everyone cool with it afterward? Was there a next time?

What about penis size? I checked the profiles many times, and I realized many of the women looking for well hung men for threesomes.

Ladies. Does penis size count?


I have a friend whose wife is kind of adventuresome and he is really cool about this fact. One thing has led to another at times. Sexual talk , closeness, etc.  Sometimes she would come on and perhaps flash me, and of course I would return the favor.

At once few years back, we were out to dance and she point blank asked me to give them a ride to home.  I think it was a test at the time, or my body knew what is going to come, because he was all for it.

Anyway it didn’t take long before she was giving a blow job for both of us at a time or being screwed and blowing one of us .

We are all friends, in fact better friends then ever been before.  This happened few years back and still happens about few times a year.

What was a turnoff? At first we had hard time to find the right sex position. Apparently if two guys have sex with one woman, you need to choose a sex positions, when both guys can serve her erotic needs, with out bothering each other.  I mean for example in missionary position one guy is top of her and the other can’t do to much, but with a little imagination and with some love making knowledge anyone can find one way or other, to make the trio happy… and satisfied.

sex positions

Detailed Free Sex Positions. New by Weakly!

Penis size? I don’t know, I am not hang like a horse, but my penis is bigger then average.  Maybe this is why I got choose.

I am not married, but if I will get married, would I share my wife my buddy? I am not sure…. it depends on my future wife, but it sound like a lot of fun…


I was asked by a friend to join him and his wife (at her request,  he said) but he kept yelling “rape her, rape her with your big dick” and even though I like it a little rough sometime too, the thought of it being a rape fantasy for him turned me off and I got soft. She had to vigorously blow me to get me action ready again.

By the way, there was no contact between he and me, not that there’s anything wrong with that, just not my thing. He was at the lower end of her and I was at the upper end, or opposite.


When I’ve had my first successful MFM, it was just me and two guys who were friends. A couple were mediocre because one guy’s performance was lacking.

I had one that was so hot, the extra guy’s cock was 9 inches long and very thick.  I was breathless for a week afterward.

The one time I did it as a couple bringing in another man. That men rocked my world and it led to our breakup. He wasn’t as big, but her really know how to use his manhood. So you have to be sure your relationship storng enough and you have to be sure you are a man enough or you have to face with very uncomfortable – family – relationship related  issues.

Penis size relationship with sexual performance.  Read it at next>>>


The idea came from my wife, we tried it and we all had a great time.  She wore us out and she had a big smile….


I have had two experiences with two different couples. Both went rather well. My penis is not big at all and when we play as a couple, we do not get into sharing! And will not do so!

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What I liked best about this was that my better half had mind blowing multiple orgasms. Seeing her turned on so much kept me hard all night and the 2 of us ended up fucking most of the night after our friend had enough.

I highly recommend MFM encounters and look forward to more! It  greatly spiced up our marital sex life!

With a rich erotic imagination and willingness of a  horny woman, two guys threesomes are the prefect setup for an energetic open minded, creative horny woman with a healthy appointee for sex. Read more>>>>

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