Give him a blow job

Any remedy for premature ejaculation please?

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My relationship is at stake because of the premature ejaculation. And I am not the only one…

Such relationships are otherwise very loving but because of this PE problem, it may break. Does anybody know any tested solution for it please? Continue Reading…


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Well, if it’s a loving relationship either give him a blowjob before intercourse or have him jack off in the shower.

The only down side to him jacking off in the shower is that after doing this frequently he’ll get a hard on every time it rains. Continue Reading…


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Changing positions in a timely manner not allowing the guy to get comfortable in one sexual position for to long. Continue Reading…


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I used to have the same problem, in fact it killed a couple of relationship for me… then I found a “magic stuff”

ProSolution Plus is Clinically Proven to Improve Premature Ejaculation By Up to 64%

Yet solutions for this problem are very hard to find. Hard…but not impossible. See, the makers of ProSolution Pills have tested and launched a new product with encouraging stats, including:

  • 64% improvement in premature ejaculation
  • 67% improvement in erectile quality
  • 48% improvement in sexual function
  • 78% improvement in overall sexual satisfaction

The product is ProSolution Plus Pills, an all-natural and doctor-approved way to address  this devastating issue – discreetly – and enjoy more sex and satisfaction with it.

Also there are a clinical study is posted on their website…

It does really good job on me. it better than Viagara, because Viagara make things – sex things okay for once. ProSolution Pill is works all day long… Continue Reading…

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I know this from experience… I mean my hubby’s problem is the same.

If it’s a continuous and ongoing problem, then I agree an appointment with his doc might be in order…

However, as to the rest of your post, it makes me wonder… If the relationship is in all other ways very loving, is it really so degraded that it is worth tossing solely due to his premature ejaculation issues?

Seems to me that is a small problem to have to work out, if the relationship is a loving relationship in all other ways…

I’d have to wonder whether a person that would toss aside a relationship that was loving in all other ways,    truly loved in the first place… Continue Reading…



Why Men Enjoy Having Their Wife (Girl Friend) Experience Sex With Other Men
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I have found that some guys should not bring a loaded gun to the party cause they shoot off so fast…lol

I have found several things that have seemed to work very well for quick draw McGraw’s. 1. Allowing the guy more time to explore me during foreplay, if he is good at it I will already reach a peak then to compensate for later.

2. Getting him off first, so he has time to recover to make it last longer for the second round.

3. Let him inside and when he is about to reach his peak push him out or slow him down to prolong the pleasure.

4. Use herb based enchantment products. A lot of them available, one of the is ProSolution Pills, but you can google it… Continue Reading…


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I have no advice on this as I have never had this problem. But the age, stress level and some other items that I think do come into play.

I also wonder if men who have this problem have any ability to control it, can they tone down their excitement level and be more in control. I don’t know, my thoughts on this are
limited. Continue Reading…

Are well hung men better sex partners?

I met a girl from this website. We had two dates and we get along very well. I know the time is here to take our relationship to the next level, which is penetrative nsa sex… She alredy told me she want to taste me… and want to feel me inside her…

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That means intercourse, she is very pretty  and I am ready for her.

However I am  a little worried too because my penis is smaller than an average penis (4,5 inches). Bigger penis, better sex. Is it true?

I worry  because of my small size I will not be able to satisfy her. I have heard and read the old adage, “size doesn’t matter,” but truly how much will my lack of size matter? How does penis size effects performance?  is there anything that I should do to meet her erotic needs? Thanks for any help… Continue Reading


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WTF! You are 34 years old and ask a question like this… Are you a virgin? Or are you used to be gay and you never had a sex with woman before?

How did you and what you did with your previous partner… You should know by now, do you able to satisfy someone sexually or don’t… Continue Reading


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If I understand correctly you are in a heterosexual relationship with a girl and decided to begin having sexual intercourse. Preferably protected sexual intercourse (using condom).

Also I understand you are worried about your penis size…. You think because of your penis size you can not make her achieve orgasm.

The size does matter, and for me bigger is better… but not for everyone like me and the size is not everything, not even for me. Knowledge does count a lot too.

If your new lady friend wants well hung man, then you have a reason to worry, but I don’t think she consider to much about your penis size. She wants to have intercourse with you,  and if she is like me… than she already knows your size.

Did she ever touch your penis? Did you ever get hard while kissing, hugging or during some erotic play?

If she didn’t or if you guys did not do any of the above, maybe should do them, and then she wont be surprised… Continue Reading


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Are well hung men better sex partners?

I have been with some fairly large cocks men. Most of the time the sex was great. However, the best sex I have had was with average size dicks. I have never came from fucking, and I am curious if a huge man would be able to finish me. Continue reading…

Does penis size make any different?

Tips on to make your penis bigger looking penis

Love making art or artistic love making?


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The problem is that you think she want a bigger penis than yours, and because of your smaller penis, you are not confident.

The reality is, that your new wanna be partner would like to have orgasm. If you are skilled, caring, and warm lover you can do that even with out intercourse.

Keep in mind there is much more to relating sexually and having an awesome sexual experience than the length and girth of your penis. They call it love making knowledge… Continue Reading

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You have to put more into her than just your penis… to make it great sex… The keyword is foreplay and erotic play, kissing her neck, looking deep into her eyes, running your fingers through her hair, sucking on her toes, tickling her back, sharing intimate thoughts and feelings, laying in each other’s arms, caressing her breasts.

Did you think about oral sex or sex toys? Your penis size should not limit your imagination and your partner’s experience.

It’s not a bad idea to find out what she prefer.  A lot of people are having great sex with no penis involved at all! And beyond that, most women don’t orgasm from intercourse at all, so most orgasms are not being produced from a penis of any size.

With this in mind, you should stop focusing on your penis size, instead work on developing communication skill with her and exchange tips on touching, kissing, caressing. Continue Reading


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Ultimately, sure, penis size is a big deal to some, but in reality the best sex partners  are men who know how to use what they have and are willing to concentrate on their partners erotic need.

In nsa sex the confidence is a very important factor. Some guys are confident because they take a way her breath during penetrative sex with their penis size, some others confident because they are good lovers, good sex partners. You need to be confident.

Size does count… but I think the hardness of your erected penis, and your ability maintain your erection longer period of time does count more than your penis size. Continue Reading

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Lets turn this upside down and talk about pussy size a little, because maybe her pussy is to loose…

I heard it, when a woman continuously fucks hung men for a while, her pussy get larger. Is it true or is this just a creation? Continue Reading


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How long do you consider a while? Ten minutes after? Half hour? A week? What do you call well hung or well endowed man? Thicker penis than a baby head, actually a new born baby wides point is the shoulder…

Continuously… One every hour, or one hour every day?  Does she exercise? How about her health? Genetics matter as well… Continue Reading


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Pussy is very flexible and they can adapt,  they do change, with regular use… In time, and use,  pussy adapt. However if she stop to bang well hang men for a couple of month, and she does Kegel exercise, her pussy will go back to the state how was it before…

The trauble comes if instead stop to bang well endowed men… she start to look for “bigger boys”. Continue Reading

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Why women choose to have sex with bad boys

Women – Is it true that you are more sexually attracted to bad boys than good boys?

If so, please explain. Also please explain the difference between good and bad boys. It is kind of important for me…

Thank you very much ladies, and I hope you’re all having a lot of fun here…



I am not a woman, but I know, bad boys get more pussy. I used to be living proof of that, not so much anymore. Wish I was still bad.


over 50 years old hot womanThat would all depend on what your definition of bad is. And boys are not exactly part of any description in my type of man.

If bad is one who actually is one who gets into trouble, then not someone any intelligent woman would want part of.

So sexually or otherwise not attracted to a bad boy, but in the same token there can be too good, and he’s not much fun either. Just be who you are and quit trying to be someone you’re not.


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hot African American ladyIt’s all about preference.

What I like is a cute, sweet, nice guy who has a dark side in the bedroom.



Everyone may have a different idea of what a bad boy is but to me it is someone you know is going to hurt you and yet you can’t resist being with them.

You probably hope you can change him.

A good guy is a true gentleman who places your wants and needs above his own.


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Men can say they want a good girl out of the bedroom and a bad girl in the bedroom. It can work both ways.

Bad boys have a little ruggedness to them, a hint of danger. The good guys are predictable, for lack of a better word.

For ME, I like a combination. I really don’t care for the puppy dog type, I’m not good at leading a man around by a leash.



To me, a good boy is a man who treats women royally, respects women, is predictable and is capable of being faithful. A good boy is probably unexciting in the bedroom and might be boring in other areas, too. A good boy is not always that knowledgeable about sex because he is too busy being good. But, he is usually dependable.

I think of a bad boy as the kind of guy who is exciting and adventurous both in and out of the bedroom, who is sometimes disrespectful towards women, who sometimes breaks promises and who might not necessarily be faithful.

Because so-called bad boys seem to have a stronger sex drive and are more accomplished when it comes to sex, I can’t speak for other women, but I would have to say that I am more SEXUALLY attracted to bad boys.

As far as other aspects of life are concerned, I like to be friends with good boys because I can count on them when I need them.



Well in your post at above, you described yourself as a selfish woman… Because, you are having casual sex with bad boys, or you are having fun with bad boys, but you choose good boys to be your friends, because you can count them, when you need them…

They are not impotent, just because they are good boys. They are horny sometimes too, but maybe they are to good to let you know… So no wet pussy for them from you, but they okay to help you.

Is it it selfishness?


You can’t explain attraction. It’s either there or it’s not.

As for the bad boys vs good guys thing, it’s never that clear cut. And it’s usually doormat types that complain about good guys finishing last.

There’s a whole big difference between being a nice guy and being a total pushover.

I’m not into bad boys but I do like confidence and charisma (and big penis makes any men confident). However I do not like arrogance. There is nothing worst then an arrogant man.



What really women think about penis size? Read their opinion at next>>>>


If by bad boy you mean someone who treats you with disrespect and cheats on you then certainly from my perspective I’d have to say they don’t appeal to me at all. I am not attracted to anyone who treats me badly.

If you mean they like to do bad things in bed then that would certainly be my type.



Another does penis size matter type question! Women like a man with self confidence (and if he has money, too, he’s irresistible. Is not he?).

So called  bad boys often have that kind of self confidence, even though it may be unwarranted and all Bluff!

Oh, and please don’t flame me, but some women just BEG to be mistreated. I don not do things what we can call mistreat, but I’ve had sex partners leave me because I didn’t provide them with enough drama, despite more great sex than they could handle!


women for fun

More great sex than they could handle? That would be nice… I wish we are living in the same city and you help me out! I don’t care if you are bad boy or good boy if  sex is great and enough. Until today I did not meet a man who I had to ask to stop, because I can not handle him…



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