Is kinky sex for you? Did you say yes?

You are not alone. A lot of people like you and me, love kinky sex.

On your first date you realized it, your date a woman, maybe a kinky married woman wear a tinny thong. You immediately think about to tie her up and spank her a little, until her snow white skin turns to be red on her buttocks…

You’re certainly not the only man, who are thinking this way. The trouble is, even in our open sexed modern world bringing up fetishes and kinky fun time on your first date may not be the best idea, but you never know until you do not try…

She might tell you that, she loves to be spanked and love pain and pleasure… Or she might think, you are a major pervert, sadistic weirdo creep, and you never see her again. Unfortunately if you live somewhere in a country where you can see sand as far as the eye can see, chances are you live in more of a conservative area, so be kinky over there wont consider as fun, plus that might against the law there…

However some women & some men like kinky sex almost at all part of the world. Even though some of them not open about it at all, some others have no problem to tell you: “Of course I love to be kinky.” Read more about kinky sex play…

Anyway with a little luck and a lot of passion, the most prudish and or the most conservative person can be convinced to participate in a kinky sex play. Woman fantasize about kinky sex and love to be kinky, more often than you think. A lot of them are actually deviant sex goddesses waiting to be released from their saint a like prisons. Even in those countries where are sand as far as the eye can see.

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The thing is to introduce your sex partner to new sex play is preparation; It have to run smooth and you have to look confident. Confidence is sexy. Your partner need to think, you really know how to enjoy sex to the max. Basically it means open communication, before you try to get into hard core action.  Read more about kinky sex play

Spanking – Biting – Hair Pulling

Spanking is used to be a punishment to correct out of control children behave. These bad child’s type of punishment can kink up good sex, if you in to pain and pleasure.

The good about these kinky sexual things, that you don’t need to buy expensive sex toys, you do not need to talk about it, you just need to do it, when the time is right. You can test the waters as you go along, you can try where at your partner’s limit, but always keep it light. Spanking, biting and hair pulling can cause a little pain and a little pain can exchange a lot of people pleasure level.

How to start: Kinky and slightly painfully sex play would be the best to try during a very passionate sexual encounter. Use your common sense and your head — tread deliberately and carefully. Small pain can build up pleasure, and you want to pleasure your sex partner, you do not want to make her / him suffer…

Spanking: The problem with spanking is it gets better the more you do it, and the first couple can hurt quite badly. Let your partner spank you back. Have a good spanking session, laugh your heads off and spank each other silly. The intercourse will come later. To turn your sex partner on, you have to increase the blood flow to the genital area. Spanking is an excellent sex play to make this happen, but do not overdo it… Don’t spank very often, unless requested.  Read more about kinky sex play

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Biting: Painful Biting & Erotic Biting. Turn a bite into erotic biting depends on your timing, pressure and frequency. Keep it light, and do not leave bite marks. Bite with passion, and as anything in kinky sex, don’t do it often. If you overdo it, it will cause pain only, and you would like to build your partner’s pleasure on…
If you want your partner to bite you, give instruction to do so. However don’t ever bite a woman”s clitoris unless directly asked to.

Once again, leaving bite marks, anywhere on your partner’s body is unacceptable.

Hair pulling: If you want to pull your partner hair, do it gently. If you want your partner to pull yours, then just ask nicely. There are loads of pressure points and nerves end in the scalp that makes hair pulling a sensuous, kinky sexual activity, but only when it’s when done properly.

However you need to realize, there is head attached to that hair, likely with brain too, so do not cause excruciating pain, otherwise your kinky fun will be over sooner than you wish…  Read more about kinky sex play

The main rule is: Do not cause excruciating pain! This rule apply to all of the above kinky sex plays and any other sexual activity. The goal in  a sex play is to give and receive pleasure and more pleasure, not to cause suffering from pain.  Sometimes for some people easier to rich pleasure via slight erotic pain, but you have to remember, do not cause excruciating pain!


Some Women Into Kinky Group Sex

Do you like to be watched while having sex? That is very kinky

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