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I just wondering how many guys would suck a mans cock in a threesome?

My man is not gay and I don’t think he ever had the desire to suck a mans cock, but we was with a married couple having fun…  a lot of fun.

The couple was great, the man was pretty good lover…. he played attention to our body and how our body responded.

At one point, when I was giving her husband a blow,  she asked me to let my man have some of it. I had never see my man suck a cock before, I did not think he would do it, but surprise… surprise he helped me.

It made me so hot I have to admit I liked it. We both played with her man, while she sucked  my man. It was a good day.

After at home I asked my man about his oral service and he said he never think he can do it and he would not suck a man just one on one but with women there to make play more erotic, it wasn’t hard at all.

Just wondering how many guys would be willing to suck a cock in a mfm or mmf threesome? Continue Reading…


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It’s something that I’ve only done one time and I suppose different people might get different things out of it, but for me, that was fun, even though different kind of fun experience.

It happened at a friend’s house party, there  were two men that wanted me bad. I was taking them both at the same time. I felt sexy, dirty, even empowered despite the inherent submissiveness of the act. It was just this huge thrill that I really got off on.

It wasn’t perfect sex – but I had a good time and a new experience. As a side effects I have more appreciation for threesomes with two straight men. The threesome with the bi curious guys was just a straight up physical experience. It was sex and something new.

However it was a turn on… and made me really horny. I would be open to play with bi or bi curious men again given the opportunity but it’s not something I’d go out of my way to seek out. Continue Reading…

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Sex is sex and threesomes are good sex, mfm, mmf or even more variation of more people plays together.

I like watch my wife with  another female so she said one day that if I wanted to see her with a female anymore then she wanted watch me with a male so I said set it up and she did.

The fun part… Having your wife watch you get head from a guy is wild but even better is giving a guy head while she watches and masturbates.

I don’t feel I am guy and I do not dreaming guys ass…. but I am open minded and enjoy life and the fun during casual sex, including threesomes… Continue Reading…


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Lets flip the coin and check this  out from the other side. If you are a single man and looking for threesomes with man woman couple, than you better be “oral friendly”.

No one ask you to be guy or take a dildo or cock into your butt… But if you want to play, you need to think. Just check couple’s profile out and you will see how many couples looking for oral friendly straight male

I hope you know that,  the straight male’s definition is defined differently in the last few years… Continue Reading…

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Well, in the circumstance you describe I would certainly give it a try,  if that makes everyone happy!

We have been with a T-girl once and we really liked it. I can tell you that T girl was much more fun for both us than a lot of  guys…

Not sure, I would be able to do it  with  solo with a guy thought… Continue Reading…


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If men give BJ to each other in a mfm threesome,  that is just an option that they have to enhance their own fun…

My pleasure comes not from watching two men give blow job to each other, it does not do anything for me. My pleasure comes from being entrained,  by the two guys at once.

Two dicks, four hands, two mouths, two butts comes with the possibility of multiple orgasms.  That’s not even counting anal and double penetration. Continue Reading…

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I am a bi sexual male. I have a really cool and very hot girlfriend. She doesn’t have any problem with my bi sexuality, in fact she is happy to play in a MMF threesome at anytime and of course she does play. Read More…

MFM threesomes vs bi MMF threesomes. Ok, ladies: How many women on here have  wanted to have a threesome with two men? Has anyone ever wanted a threesome with two bi men? Read More…