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Any other men like me? I  just love to have sex with the wife just in stockings, suspenders, or at some places called them Garter Belt. Continue reading…

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Nothing else on just Stockings, and her legs is wide open… it is such a turn on and sometimes we both fuck wearing them together.

Does this sound kinky to you are is there others out there like the same? Continue reading…


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I like wearing them… Continue reading…

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Nylons are so sexy…  They turn me on in  no time…

I have a nylon fetish and would love to have sex in them sometime… Continue reading…


How should you dress to a erotic party or to a swingers club if you are a woman? 

A lot of women think that, men want their nsa sex partner naked. Yes, maybe it is true, but wearing something sexy  can turn them on even more. The little something is much more sexier, than nothing plus it might turn the males fantasy on about what is underneath.

What is the best women outfit for a sex party?

Sex Party Tips for Women

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To me there is nothing sexier than a woman wearing  only stockings especially when she wraps her legs around my waist when I am penetrating her pussy. Continue reading…

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I’m a woman from the couple, and I can only tell you what its like to have sex while I’m wearing them.

At first, it gives me an extra thrill to know that hubby is getting turned on by seeing me wearing them. He likes to get a glimpse of my stocking tops and my bare thighs under my skirt.

I like to let him know that I’m wearing stockings rather than tights by taking off my knickers while I’m still fully dressed.

Then I know that he’s imagining what’s underneath my skirt. He likes to run his hand up my leg and I love to feel it as it gets to the top of my stockings, then onto my bare skin and then on my pussy.

When we have sex, there is no better feeling than lying on the bed with my legs spread apart wearing nothing but stockings. It always makes us both cum really quickly. Continue reading…


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If we going to partying, I always wear stockings only under my skirt.

It so much easier to have sex and you never know when the chance will come just lift your skirt up… and you just give him easy access to enter to the heaven… Continue reading…

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I love to wear stockings of all kinds but my favorite has to be a nice pair of black lace top stockings, with some nice sheer lingerie.

When we are going out with my husband to find that extra guy for or MFM threesome, I always get dressed in private so my hubby  does not know what lingerie and hosiery I am wearing.

When we are out I flirt with him a tease him to keep him guessing and the feeling of  anticipation for him sometimes becomes unbearable and he will try and get his hand up my skirt in the most public of places.

Then when we pick a guy, who looms like would be good to take to the hotel room, I will flash my stockings tops so he can see I am wearing stockings and play myslef a little…

Usually guys get it immediately what we are into, they might come to our table… or leave the place. Continue reading…


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I love a woman with stockings and suspenders. There is something very naughty about them!

If I  see a woman and I can see a hint of a suspender belt showing through her dress or skirt, it’s an instant turn on for me. Stocking with high hills even better… Continue reading…

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