Women talk about casual sex with married men

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I know I’m guilty of bouncing up on a few married men in my day from SwingersCouple.net… Just curious to know who else has hooked up with married men on here?

And if you happened to be a married man why are you on here?

Oh and before I get any rude comments: Remember and look at what site we are on! None of us have room to judge! Plus how would you know you haven’t been with a married man or with a married woman?

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I’m a married man and I have had sex with a few married women in the past and we both just loved it.

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Monique, I’ve only been involved in 3 sex relationship on SwingersCouple.net in 2 1/2 years, and none of them were with married man. One of them was separated….

If 95% of men that I’ve met post old pictures, and don’t even closely resemble their pictures when you meet them; then they try to hide something. They don’t want anyone recognize them… so most likely they are married.

I’m quite sure that I’ve met some married men… and my girlfriend does not have any problem to get laid by married men

Girl, being 6′ tall, you could whip ANY married man’s ass…

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I think you are defining ‘married men’ as those who don’t say they are, as in an open marriage, swinging, or otherwise upfront with that?

As in lying and cheating with not enough balls or desire to just leave a sucky marriage, looking for a little booty on the side but otherwise not commit?

If that’s what you mean then a lying married man is here to try and get laid on the side and on the sly and has no other intentions? So yes that’s scummy.

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Just curious to know who else has hooked up with married men on here? I think that is far more common in the dark than will be said in the open mostly from fear of getting slammed.

And if you happened to be a married man why are you on here? I am going out on a limb here and gather they are on here for the same reason most people are: for casual sex.

And the answer is in the word, “casual sex“. How can you have casual sex with your husband or wife?

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The site we are on is called SwingersCouple.net It’s very name suggest that the individuals here carry themselves as such! I understand that other sites also submit questions to this site.

You however state that you are a member on the same site as I, therefore your behavior is not one that I condone or
respect.If you choose to interact with someone else’s spouse then you are willingly participating in a betrayal. Someone is the VICTIM, that person is the one whom cannot defend themselves here.

She is at home, perhaps with their children, or worse alone, wondering where her spouse is. She is either aware of the marital issues or blinded by the lies told, either way, she surely is the victim.

With the rise of STDs, the Human papiloma virus that can be transmitted even with the use of condoms, and causes cervical cancer.

She is the victim! Let alone the multitude of others that the cheating spouse can bring home. The money spent, not on her or the children, is a waste of precious resources in a time of rising cost in the home. Monies denied to the family for school, food, or a day of indulgence and reward for fulfilling her part of the commitment.

Why is this permitted, because clearly some people allow themselves to overlook the victims in their own search for sexual fulfillment.

You only know his version of the truth, his twisted version of reality, his version that paints himself as the one who remains married in a loveless relationship, a sexless one.

He lies, because it works, he lies because that’s what some women need to hear to justify their involvement in his scheme.

Now ask yourself, would it still be okay, if you were his wife? If you want tom play fair game girl, play only in the presence of his wife.

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I have dealt with married men before in the past. I have had a few regrets. I get a lot of guys of saying the same old thing…

Well my wife doesn’t fuck me anymore, or she works a lot, because her sex drive just disappeared, or we are still together for the kids. Some of the regrets was when the wife finds out, which leads to a lot of drama (who wants that).

To your comment as far as single guys stating they are truly single and finding out they are married, those are the guys I am always cautious about. What else are they hiding.

However, remember, this is a swingers dating site, and there is a reason, why married men are here. And maybe their wife have something to do with that reason… She should fuck their brain out, and then they would not have any energy to fuck girl like you…

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Don’t forget the married women on here too. If your gonna dish down on married men better start on the married women to. What good for the goose is good for the gander too baby-girl…


I’m with you EbonyBabydoll22.

I believe that Jesus was real, but he wasn’t some god figure or even someone worthy of following. He was just a dude that thought everyone should try being nice to each other and not try to screw people over. So, judge no one, because you will be judged too.

Some people regard oral sex as wrong. Some believe that sex should only happen within marriage and only for the purpose of procreation. So by their standards, almost everyone on this site is a scumbag that will burn in the pits of hell for eternity.

So who do you think you are to judge what others do?

I personally believe that cheating is not about the sex, it’s about going behind your significant other’s  back. It has nothing to do with the 3rd party involved, and it’s not their, or your place to judge. You don’t know the full details, so you should keep out of it.

Nobody has a right to force their ideals onto anyone else, you only have a right to control your own actions. If your own ideals prohibit you from fucking someone that is married, then that’s your choice. But you don’t have the right to prohibit or punish someone else from making a different choice.

I never cheated on my ex-wife. During our relationship, I never slept with another person even when my ex-wife refused to do anything for 2 years. This was only because she wasn’t OK with it.

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