Tips to Spice Sex Life Up

How is your love life, your relationship? With your partner, do you feel that you need something different to spice it up? I know you asked it back:” How is my life and my relationship?” My answer is, my life is okay, my relationship is good, and my sex life is so good, it can’t get any better.

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I know from experience, good relationships are rare and wonderful, they don’t just happen by chance. They’re the result of ongoing learning and work. Being online together if you can is a great place to start with spicing up your relationship. Look for sites that contain information for both of you. Think about what you have here… You have a great community where lots of, women, men and couples seek out new sex partners, a lot of sex tips, advises, videos, pictures, stories and face to face meetings.

One would say, easy for couples, couples visits this kind of websites and enjoy the stories and fantasies together without having to hide the fact that you both are in need of hot steamy romance or wild sex. A lot of men and women may feel shame about their sex life when it comes to looking at sexy couples, or a muscular big dick men to fulfill the wife’s fantasy (and her pussy too)… please don’t ever feel this way…

You are a normal person no matter what you may look like. I write this knowing it to be very true. I used to be a larger lady, and many years ago I looked at myself thinking that I was not good in bed, was not a great lover and I put myself down because of my build… I thought no one want to fuck me. Not any more, I know now, no one want to penetrate me for my body… they want to have sex with me, because I am new for them, I am different for them. I have a husband who understands me, who loves me for who I am and doesn’t expect me to look like Pamela Anderson. Even though over the years I lost a lot of weight and now people think I am attractive.

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So while you look at pictures and read stories about hot babes with great tits, remember that you too are that person regardless of your build, and guys remember too that you can be a great lover, great sex partner. A lot of women say size does not matter, it’s how you use it counts. I disagree, size does matter for me, I am one of those, who states it, bigger is better, but I agree, the size is not everything. You can spice sex life up with some really easy tricks… even if his dick is smaller than an average dick.

Married women often ask it: “Lately my partner seems uninterested in having sex with me. What can I do to “wow” him?”

Answer #1: “We once made ice-cream sundaes on each other’s stomachs and ate them. The hot fudge and cold ice-cream together on your skin creates quite a sensation.”

Answer #2: “Buy a cheap plastic shower curtain and a bottle of baby oil. Warm the oil in a hot water, and lay the curtain over your bed or on the living room floor. Squirt the oil all over the curtain and get naked!”

Answer #3: “Hire female escort, whom body is similar to your  body. Don’t tell it to your husband. At first gently tie and blindfold him while he lies on the bed. Stand at the side of the bed and lightly trail your fingers all over his body. Leave his genital area alone for as long as possible. When you deprive him of his sense of sight, his other sense will kick into overdrive. Than let the escort in and ask her to fuck him.  He wont believe you weren’t the one who he had sex with. ”

Answer #4: “Every time we have any kind of sex, we put money in a jar. Oral sex gets a buck plus a quarter; a hand job gets a buck plus a dime; if she comes, it’s a buck plus a nickel; if we videotape it, it’s a buck plus a five-dollar bill. It’s a great incentive!”

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Answer #5: “Make your own movie with exactly what you want in it. Just make sure you lock it up tight when you’re done.”

Answer #6: “Spice up your sex life with an extra person. You don’t need to have sex with that person, just play in the fore play or let that person to watch you while making love. It is  extremely big turn on.”

There are many other option,  you just need to b e open midden enough.


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What do you prefer, good sex life or good relationship?

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Happily married couple into threesome with young men

Our username say all, happily married and play couple. Yes that is us, but it wasn’t always like  this. It started when our children grew up, our life turned to be boring, include our marital sex life. We loved and love each other, the love does not disappear with age…

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But the sex became boring. Of course we missed our satisfying love making and we talked about it few times, watched some erotic movies, they worked for a while, than “spark” disappeared again. We never imagined it, we will end up here, on this website (and other websites like this) to looking for playmates for casual sex.

It started by the “heat of the moment” last year at the end of November. My husband and I met an old time friend of his, actually he is our friend, but they were friend before I met my husband. He had since moved away and was living in a city not far from us and because he was going to move again, we decided to go a way for a few days and visit him too.

Anyways we met and went out for dinner. Not to far from our restaurant had a men only night club, we could see the club from the restaurant, there was a lot of car its parking lot. Of course the subject of women, strippers and sex came up.

After dinner we ended up back at out hotel room, all of us was a little-bit tipsy and I was a little horny. We seat down, turned the TV on and get a Martini from the room’s minibar. I had to leave to the washroom. When I returned they were watching the Playboy channel. A young woman was stripping.  I told them that I could do better job than she she was doing.

Of course they wanted to see… Well, the next thing you know I stripped for them and it did not take to long to and it turned to be our first mfm threesome. Our friend was giving it to me from behind and I was sucking my husbands hard cock. I did each of them a couple of time before we fell asleep. Continue reading...

swingers sexThe next day when I woke up the two guys was alredy up, I wasn’t sure what  my husband reaction will be – without alcohol’s effect,  but his action made no room to misunderstand… He bent me over the end of the sofa and invited our friend to pumping his meat into my wet pussy. Than they changed. I don’t know who did how many turns and how many times they penetrated me, but we manged to do it all day.

That was our first mfm threesome. We made it “bare back”, that was a mistake, we did not prepare for nsa sex, but luckily so far no STD no pregnancy…

His friend moved a way and we are at the middle of looking for new playmates, we had only one encounters since that time (with a young man). He was an attractive guy, but when I rolled up a condom on his prick, he came…

Is it a common threesome problem with men, or just I am a “lucky” one? Continue reading...

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No is not just you… It happened with me too, more than once. For example just recently I was on a business trip  at the other side of the states. At evening I went to the hotel’s bar and two young guys tried to pick me up.

One of them had an old pick up line, he said hello and asked me whats going on with me? He told me he did not see me since great 7. Actually I never went to high shool in US, but his line sure enough made me take a look at him. Both of them had some hard liqueur in their hand so they must to be older than 21. The one who talked could definitely pass for a college student.  So in that sense, he wasn’t my type, but he might have been, 15 years ago. The other one looked to be around mid twenties.

In any case, they were surprisingly confident and persistent, and he was pretty cute. We ended up in my room. A little kissing, the other was massaging my ass and boobs and tried to get into my underwear. I pulled out the cute guy’s rather thick, nice cock and started to massage his balls, and wondered how clean is he… and that was it. He came in my hand.

I left up my warm cum covered hand and told them I have to wash my hand. I left the bathroom door open and I saw them to leave. I did not try to held them back… Continue reading...


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Many people, both men and women, and couples seem more like the idea of two men threesome, than one man with two women.

I’m not sure why others are like me… I could speculate, but instead I’m going to relay my own  experience because personally I love to see my wife have sex with other men and she loves to be at the center of attention during penetrative sex with two heterosexual men.

To find the right playmate, takes some time and have to put some work in… but take a note, hard work pays off! Have satisfying threesome under the right circumstances, is not impossible! Continue reading...


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I like to watch my wife have sex with someone else

Married women looking for nsa sex on the side

There is something I was thinking and still thinking about a lot. It is single women’s profile, who are not really single. They are married or live together with someone in committed long term romantic relationship, and they create a single woman profile here.

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I hope you understand the meaning of this question… A married woman create a single woman’s profile here and in a lot of caress even post here pussy photos as she finger herself or play with herself, or just a play view of her shaved pussy.

My question is: Why would a married or attached lady make out a single woman profile? Why she try to find sex partner as a single looking for no string attached sex, when she is married or attached? Continue reading…


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This is simple and apparently you did not think hard enough, otherwise you would figure the answer out yourself.

Married women seek nsa sex because what ever reason they can’t get enough at home. Are they cheat on their husband? Maybe they do, but I am not here to fix or break anyone marriage, so I just mind mind own business.

Or maybe they do not cheat, maybe they live in open marriage and this is this their way to let the users know, they are married but they looking for no string attached sex, with out their spouse, so they play as a single person. Continue reading…


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I am a married woman  too but I want to hang out, casual dating and have discreet  affairs with cool single guys. Casual sex relationship with married men is complicated…

That is why I prefer single men. If you are a well hung single guy and if you love blond women, just flirt me, and we will see where it will go. Continue reading…


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This is a casual sex or no string attached sex dating website, originally was created for swingers, but anyone can join in and use the site.

So, here you can find casual sex partner if  you are, married or single or in a long term relationship. Or maybe you’re looking for something new, like a threesome 🙂 or someone new to spice sex up.

What ever is your reason and what ever is those married women’s reason to post single profiles, at the end they are looking for no string attached sex. Otherwise they would not be here.

They are married, therefore their sex partners no need to worry about longterm commitments… That is why they states they marital status. They are honest up front by let you know, they looking for sex only and nothing more… Right? Continue reading…



A lot of married women into NSA sex… and they are good at it. Married women are good fucks due to the fact that they are married.

Why Would Anyone Take a Third Person Into Their Marital Relationship.

A lot of women fantasize threesomes. Sex with two men.

Threesome sex tips.


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Plenty of men do the same thing, have a single male profile but then claim the wife is involved too, so why cant they make a couples profile also.

I think it is to show, they can play as a couple or they prefer play separately as single… The main reason is, they want to have more sex… Continue reading…


exhibitionist womanexhibitionist-chick

People came here for  many different reasons…

But to answer your question, is simple. Skip over the ones you don’t like
and contact with the ones that interest you.

Live isn’t perfect but you are making it a lot more complicated than it really is.

By the way I am married too and posted my profile as single woman… Just for your information, I play alone, but select my future sex partners together with my husband… Do you want to know why? I am not telling you… you are a big thinker so find it out yourself. Continue reading…

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I hear what you are saying. I am a married woman with a single profile because that is all they offer. There is no “married and looking for…” category.

I also leave it no doubt I am not looking for a man alone. I have it set for couples and other females so it is different than what you are saying.

I do think your process of if they want to meet they would meet through the couples profiles is flawed. Single men can be a pain. Many couples prefer to find their own singles
not reading from all the unsolicited “wanna fuck?” emails. Continue reading…


NSA datingmiseryluvsco68

I am not sure what is your problem with married women… It can be hard to find the right playmate. Just like looking for a truly single STRAIGHT man. A lot of men seem to be the unicorn these days. Continue reading…

New Years Eve sex party with double penetration

The next email came from one of our website visitor. There is no point to say anything more. Please read the story.

This website changed my boring married sex life forever, and launched my sex life to new heights I never would have imagined possible. I have to say them thank you. This story represent my thanks…

I wont write any names. Names make no different, I would not write real names anyway, so why bother with names. There will be no name here, no address, and wont be  any personal info… only one thing. I am an American married women and I am  living in US, and I am very proud about it. I am an everyday simple woman, I have to work for a living as many of us,  I can be your next door neighbor!

This writing about our very privet New Years Eve sex party last night of which I was the only woman. There was my hubby and two other guys. So I guess it was a foursome.  I am writing this email and I hope this website will post it, because this website  planted the idea of three and foursomes into our my mind.

I don’t want to talk about how we got the sex party’s idea for New Years Eve. Of course we did our fair part of talk, we had our casual sex experiences with other couples, we had several threesomes, so we did our step by step things…

So, I guess you all want to know some details about me before I say anything more. So let me introduce myself.  I am a 42 years old married woman, 5’7″  tall and weight 150lbs. I have few extra pounds on me, I think am a bit overweight, but not fat. I have wide hips, and a typical American  large but, which is semi hard… from exercising. I would prefer a slimmer body with a smaller butt for myself, but my husband loves my big butt the way how it is. He doesn’t want me to go on diet and get ride off those extra pounds.

During our not to exiting marital sex life I have discovered, when you are on your knees with your face buried in the pillows and that big butt is sticking up in the air, all your man wants is to grab your hips and bury his bone into any of the two hole he face… right up to his balls. The same thing, the same way, the same routine, night after night not a great sexual experience, years after years…

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To go with my wide hips and big ass, I carry around a pair of 38C-sized boobs. They are not  as firm as they used to be, but I think they are still very suck able. My nipples don’t quite point up anymore, but at least they are not hanging like a man’s balls, and they are certainly not flat, Both of my nipples tend to point straight ahead. If I turned on, they are  big and thick. When they big, they are very sensitive and  I enjoy having them licked and suckled… but I really love it when they get bitten or pinched. My hubby says I am beautiful, but without being vain, I think that “attractive” is more accurate.

As for my husband, I find him to be more attractive and more fit for a man then myself for a woman.. Also we love each other very much.

However, since I am writing our New Years Eve Sex Party story, I better stop talk about him. I am writing this at Sunday morning few hours after participating in my first “foursome“… and I genuinely hope my husband will enable me to be the “star” of more sex party like this was in the future. It was his idea that I write my opinion and send it to this website. He suggested it to me this morning after I woke up naked, slightly-bruised, and sore, sprawled face down on the bed in a motel room.

As I awoke, memories of the night before brought a slight smile to my face. I was still smiling as I lifted my head to find my husband laying beside me… studying me. He said he had never seen anything so sexy as me today morning. Exhausted by six hours of sex with three horny men, and my body covered with the little bruise marks, and body fluids traces they left on me.

I hardly thought of myself as sexy. My hair was an absolute horror, I stank of dried sweat, and felt the itch. I needed to have a hot shower really badly. My knees, elbows, back, and butt, were rug-burned, my rectum was sore as hell, the lips of my vagina were tender and swollen. My boobs hurt, and my nipples felt raw.

How, you ask, could I smiling with my body in this condition? The odors, itches and sore feelings each reminded me of the pleasures I had experienced as they came into being. I never ever could imagine to have serious of orgasm, I don’t even know how many… I had. I never experienced erotic pleasures like I did it last night. I did not even think it is possible.

I do not want to get into any details, like what cock and which man, and what hole… and how we started, but I do have to say one thing. One of the best moment, if not the best moment of last night was, actually there is nothing that can replace the pleasure to have one cock all the way up in my ass about the same time as another cock is fill up my pussy! Two cocks sex action like this, really gives me a wonderful orgasm. I have got to tell you… I really enjoy being sandwiched, I really enjoy double penetration!

Last night was our all-time greatest form of  sexual pleasure. I never experienced anything like this before and I am really hope it wasn’t the last.

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