My boy-toys not come back

How do I get the young ones (men) boy-toys  to come back? I hope I can figure out before Valentines Day... Or someone might be able to help me figure it out. As I understand it, the young guys are supposed to want nsa sex all day every day… Continue Reading…

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So why, if they know I am here and that they are welcome back, do they not come back?

I’m starting to take it personal but I think I’ll get over it.  There are plenty of them out there.

So I’ve narrowed it down to a few reasons:
1) They are only looking to fulfill an older woman fantasy so they’re done with me
2) They have so many in the pipeline they don’t need me
3) They didn’t enjoy themselves (I would hope that isn’t the case and can’t imagine it was) 4) I scared the crap out of them (it’s possible – I’m kind of direct and open)
5) I’m not attractive to them now that they’ve seen me naked (I am wicked self conscious so I hope it’s not this one)

So what is it? I’m fairly active and am available if I want to be. Why don’t they come back? Continue Reading…

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As a women in the same age group… and LOVING IT!! Myself, not interested in anything long term with anyone younger than 40.

But, a younger man is nice for a few hours and nothing else. He gets to enjoy his “Mrs Jones ” fantasy and I get to enjoy some rabbit sex…

Never take it personal, realize it for what it is. “Just say hi” and enjoy the moments and stay young in spirit! Continue Reading…


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They are too busy playing video games and hanging out with
their friends.  You fulfilled their fantasy and they are ready to move on.

They got grounded…

Young men are very self-centered. It’s all about them until around 35. It seems like that is about the age when they realize how much more satisfying and ego-boosting it is to satisfy a woman. Personally, I stay away. Continue Reading…

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I have played with many boytoys, never had a problem keeping them coming back.

I think your problem is that you stated you are very self conscious. That can come off many ways! Guys do not want a woman always asking if you like the way they look naked, it makes you sound like you are needy and it is a turn off for the younger guys.

The whole thrill of the older woman/younger guy fantasy is finding a woman that is very confident in herself, knows what she wants and how she wants it!

Just an observation, I could be way off!  Good luck to you!! Continue Reading…


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I think for an older woman to keep a young man he must offer him something more than what a young girl can offer him.

I don’t mean money, I mean something more in sex, that young girl would not do. For example anal sex, three or more some, or double pent ration. What ever your comfort zone… Continue Reading…


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Probably a combination of things, and the fact that you are married, as I am.Young guys scare from an older husband…

I do have interest in young, hot guys, and have experienced the same. Most of them are good for one or two hook ups, then seem to shy away. Sea is deep, and has plenty of fish for both you and them. Continue Reading…


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Just my opinion… In your profile you state you want to
date them.

I don’t think that’s what they want. they are probably looking for a hard core no string attached sex. They can find girls in their age for dating… They just want sex, no dating… Continue Reading…