Men love women’s breasts. Let’s talk about women breast, tits, boobies and titties sex.

How many times have you heard a man say; I am so glad I don’t have female boobs. If I have, I would never get any work done. I would be busy to play with them.

There is something in the women breasts, that fascinate men. Doesn’t matter how often, and much they played with them they are still fascinated by them.

Brest gave as energy to stay in this world, when we born. No wonder we still love them, and no wonder that as soon as men get the chance to to worship them again, they do not hesitate, they do!

Breast were one of the first thing that men (and women too) saw. Breasts were one of the first thing, if not the first, what a man have in his mouth… and now many years later, he still want them in his mouth.

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Doesn’t matter how big, or how small, or what is a breast size, it have a unique texture. It feel and touch like nothing else. They are undeniably sexual, and they can be extremely erotic. They worm and soft and tender and comforting. They are lovely and very suckable not just for babies, even for an older man.

Love them! Don’t grab them, caress them. Work around them, feel their weight, explore their soul and spirit. Work around the nipples, cup your hands underneath and hold them.

As you cares the breast, brush her nipple very gently. Like a penis or a clitoris, the nipples have millions of nerve ending. They are very sensitive, they are like “erectile tissues”. It means, when they are stimulated they become erect. It is always exciting to see a woman nipples change like that. I assume your playroom is not cold… cold have the same effect on women’s breasts.

Lean down and lick her breasts. Again work around the nipples, lick them around. No rush, take your time, like when you perform oral sex on her. Don’t go strait for the nipples, tease her.

Remember, the darker circle around the nipple (areola) is also  extremely sensitive,  and will make her very happy if you give your tongue a good work out on them. You can get kinky and enhance her sensation if you use sex toys, such as nipple clamps, but your tooth can be very good nipple clamp.

Be aware, that women’s nipples are very sensitive and  you should give her pleasure, not intense pain.

When breast play is working, there are women, who describe their breast as being  a place of warmth and love. For them sex with out breast stimulation is purely just physical exercise with out emotional content.

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Kinky breast play tips:

Nipple and penis. A lot of women find it highly arousing when a man caresses their nipples with the head of his penis. If he pulls apart the head of his penis, he might be able to stick the erect nipple into it. Very easy to do this, if he is uncircumcised.

Ice cube. An ice cube in his mouth can be the express way   to get her nipples erect. Or if her nipples are already cold, then drinking something hot, just before licking and sucking them, can feel quite exquisite.

Women and their own breast. What our members have to say about women’s breasts.

big boobsBreasts the best…
As you can see at left on my profile picture, I have large breasts… Men seem to enjoy them.

How do I know they like me too, not just my breasts? Continue Reading>>>


Are your breasts detachable?????

If they aren’t… then I would imagine they are a part of you.

I would have to say if you need to ask ridiculously inane questions such as this… My advice is not to open your mouth on a date. No breasts are large enough to attract an intelligent
man with stupid talk. Continue Reading>>>


horny menWell, surely if they like your breast they got to at least like you a little bit shouldn’t they?

I’ve seen at least two good looking women in my life that had big hooters that I wouldn’t have walked across the bedroom floor to fuck them.

It had all to do with their disposition and attitude on varying issues, and not their looks. They didn’t like me either, so that made it all even.

So my point is, big hooters are not everything… your attitude count more, then the size of your boobs. Continue Reading>>>


You’ll just have to figure that out one man at a time. We are all different, don’t you know…

Myself, I very definitely prefer petite women with no more than a mouthful of breast, but as my old granddad used to say;I like them all! Continue Reading>>>


big hootersIf they talk to you, show interest in you and try to get to know you they like you.

Male fascination arousal with breasts is biological. It is measurable and quantifiable even as infants. The attraction is involuntary. That is not an excuse, it is fact.

Some males are more letcherous about it, some may try the eye contact at all times thing. But you’ll never get around it. If you are seriously worried, then date a blind man. If this is just a passing whim, then accept the fact that breasts are one of the many things that men are attracted to (in addition to hair color, hair length, height, dimples, smile, eyes, habits, speech pattern, etc.). Relax and enjoy the ride. Continue Reading>>>


pussy with bootiesAsk him a trick question and see if he answers correctly. If he does, then he likes you. If he doesnt, then he just likes your breasts.

But seriously now, I have had men that seemingly were holding a conversation with my girls. I just tap them on the shoulder and tell them “I’m up here”. Continue Reading>>>


multi orgasmic womanI use to enjoy having a man on the phone after a first date to ask him what color my eye’s are…

Really puts a guy on the spot. If he gets real quiet and answers 38D
you’ll know what is really important to him… Continue Reading>>>


Yes I guess it’s true that a woman’s breasts are the first thing many men check out when meeting a woman. But after reading your profile I think you have much more to offer that just your breasts.

From your photo your breasts are lovely, and a man would be lucky to spend some quality
time enjoying them, but you have so much more to offer. I can’t imagine that men only like you because of your large breasts and maybe I’m naive but I wouldn’t spend a lot of time worrying about it if I was you. Continue Reading>>>

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