The reasons for getting into casual sex

The reasons for getting into casual sex, no string attached sex or even swinging are various. However all people who practice any of the above, like to have erotic XXX fun and like to have orgasms.

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Swingers love selection of sex partners and they know good sex make people happy. Actually sex is good for everyone, for you too. If something good for you, it might keep you healthier and younger.

How does swinging keep swingers healthy?

Before we go any further, you should practice safe sex only, if you are into no commitment sex relationship. Have unprotected sex, wont make you healthier on a long turn, instead you might pick up some nasty STD. Therefore the majority of swingers practice safe sex only.

Sexual activity effects all of your body. For example, having safe sex is as good as aerobic exercises, because it improves the blood circulation and works the heart. Sexually active people suffer from fewer hearth attacks.

In a few minutes, while having intercourse, sex partners can burn 200 calories. On the treadmill you have to walk 15 minutes to burn the same amount of calories. Continue reading..

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During orgasm Endorphins is being released. Endorphins dulls the pain of migraines and arthritis. Sexually active people are not vulnerable to depression plus hormones released during sex calm anxiety and fear. Also frequent sex will boost the immune system that fights infections. For example Oxytocin released during orgasm prevents breast cancer from developing into tumors. Continue reading..

Having sex not only excites the body but exersize  the brain, because increased amount of adrenaline and cortisol hormones that are being released promotes intelligence.

It is an unambiguous active sex life and frequent orgasms that has been linked to longer life. More info on why sex is good for you.

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