The reasons for getting into casual sex

The reasons for getting into casual sex, no string attached sex or even swinging are various. However all people who practice any of the above, like to have erotic XXX fun and like to have orgasms.

nsa sex datingCasual Sex Dating Ads

Swingers love selection of sex partners and they know good sex make people happy. Actually sex is good for everyone, for you too. If something good for you, it might keep you healthier and younger.

How does swinging keep swingers healthy?

Before we go any further, you should practice safe sex only, if you are into no commitment sex relationship. Have unprotected sex, wont make you healthier on a long turn, instead you might pick up some nasty STD. Therefore the majority of swingers practice safe sex only.

Sexual activity effects all of your body. For example, having safe sex is as good as aerobic exercises, because it improves the blood circulation and works the heart. Sexually active people suffer from fewer hearth attacks.

In a few minutes, while having intercourse, sex partners can burn 200 calories. On the treadmill you have to walk 15 minutes to burn the same amount of calories. Continue reading..

no string attached sexNo String Attached Sex Dating

During orgasm Endorphins is being released. Endorphins dulls the pain of migraines and arthritis. Sexually active people are not vulnerable to depression plus hormones released during sex calm anxiety and fear. Also frequent sex will boost the immune system that fights infections. For example Oxytocin released during orgasm prevents breast cancer from developing into tumors. Continue reading..

Having sex not only excites the body but exersize  the brain, because increased amount of adrenaline and cortisol hormones that are being released promotes intelligence.

It is an unambiguous active sex life and frequent orgasms that has been linked to longer life. More info on why sex is good for you.

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He is wanting to see me occasionally with other men, then fuck me, or to have a woman go down on me

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

Woman need special kind of man for mfm threesome

I got into casual sex with my ex, at that time he wasn’t my X. We had a strong and secure relationship, we were both interested in casual sex, even though the idea came from him,  and than I decided to jump right in.

no string attached sexNo String Attached Sex Dating

casual sexfree2play

As soon as I said, ok, lets give it a try, right away he wanted to call all the shots and make all the decisions of who we would play with and when, without asking or telling me about it before hand.

He was a dominate very alpha male type and I did not agreeing to this, I believe that was the beginning of the end for us.Not because our sex life, but because during this period I could see clearly his real – pushy personality.

After several get together with other ladies and few house party, seeing the attention from men and women mostly directed toward me (which seems to be a normal thing to approach a female first), I think he realized it, he is not the one who controls our casual sex life. And he  did not like the lack of control at all.

What was fun and exciting turned into me holding back and only trying to make sure he was pleased and he gets  what he wanted.

This was not at all working for either of us. The strong and secure relationship ended up not as strong as we thought when we decided to share sex with others. Things crumbled and we split up, but I learned so much from the experience and it brought me into the this website.

Since I am here, I have dated several men (not from the website) and once I open up and tell them I am here, because I love nsa sex and threesomes, they are eager and excited to join in with me.

black-on-whiteSwingers Sex Dating

This has not worked out once yet, the men I have dated end up somehow not okay with it on one level or another. All about the threesomes with women (fmf),  but when it comes to swaps, or extra man they flake or bolt afterwards. I’ve decided for myself if and when I am in another relationship it will be with someone who is already into casual sex or maybe a  swingers couple.

I realized, it does take a special kind of man to not only participate in threesomes and sex parties but to enjoy when his female partner have penetrative sex with other men….

To me casual sex is like swinging, it is couples’ activity and I enjoy it with my partner. A permanent partner and an extra person for leisure sex, man women or maybe a swinger couple.

I do have a “friend with benefits” or I can call him fuckbuddy and we attend parties and sometimes visit swingers club together. I’m having a blast and just love meeting new peoples and making some great friends. Continue reading…

swingers sexLeisure Sex Dating Ads

This is what I had wanted and envisioned the whole casual sex adventure would be about. I know everyone thinks it’s so great to be a “unicorn” but it’s not my preference at all. I love men, and I love to play with more than one at the same time…

Still hopeful I will find the right man for me here, a man who love nsa as much as I do, but who does not mind a romantic relationship. Basically someone, who knows what the differences between nsa, no string attached sex, in a three or more some, and what a romantic relationship stand for…

I  see so many happy, loving and committed couples that are into nsa sex with others,  and it’s so encouraging. Continue reading…

hot blondswingers sexthisntats

You have a great attitude and instead of just giving up and having a pity party for one, you kept at it and at least now you have a fuck-buddy situation goin on.

Will Mr.Swing with me until death  do us part? Who knows? I presently enjoy it, and than time will tell,. But I hope for you it happens hun! Continue reading…


nsa sexmiakittylicker

You’ll find him there is someone meant just for each one of us out there!

Keep looking you’ll find your prince just have fun kissing a few frogs till you find him!! Good luck hunting! Continue reading…


He is wanting to see me occasionally with other men, then fuck me, or to have a woman go down on me

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

No strings attached sex

I found a very interesting article on our sponsor’s website. Please read it at next.

Since joining your website I’ve found that there’s a lot of no strings attached sex going on. I like the idea of it, as it suits my lifestyle, but my question to you is: How can I avoid confusing sexual needs with emotional (love) needs? Continue Reading…

horny womanNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

Sometimes it’s really hard to have great nsa sex with a guy and then just move on!

The answer: I know how people, men in particular, say, “Sex is sex, sex wit out love is nsa sex and love is love” but that’s not always a true statement.

I for one give so much of myself to the person, that I’m having sex with and after a good orgasm I can’t help but feel “love” for at least 24 hours. Continue Reading…


casual sexgotsomebiggons

There is something hot about just meet someone new and have no string attached casual sex. I have always found the first times with a new partner to be the most exciting.

But there is something interesting and good about making love with a loved one too. Continue Reading…


casual sexmaybebaby

Lust and love have their dividing lines, but sometimes feel good to step over those lines. Continue Reading…

horny local woman

NSA sexDaddys_flame

I love to get sex but don’t have it to get love. Sex is fun and makes everyone feel good.

Love is emotional and totally separate from sex. There are many ways besides
sex to show that you love someone. Continue Reading…


horny womanredhotchilihorny

I think sex is great when you’re in love, but it is also a different kind of sex than the wild passion of pure lust…

Both are wonderful, but different. You can have all of the “love” sex you want, but you’re always going to crave “lust” sex or no string attached sex… Continue Reading…


nsa sexrm_elvermadero1

I think you can have no string attached casual sex and it will be great. Just to have sex for the sex, for the orgasm.

BUT when you have sex with someone you love or someone you are emotionally attached to, it than you make love and that  wonderful and you might experience a much different orgasm, because you know each other’s needs and what each like more easily and of course because the emotional attachment. Continue Reading…



I have a really good friend and I am thinking about to make out with him

Casual sex with small dickDoes knowledge count?

My Horny Wife is Dying For nsa sex in the form of  Threesomes

Friendship with benefits | How to find friend to have sex with… | Fuck Buddies


casual sexfrenchsweety

Yes, yes, and yes.

I love sex, and I love to love and being love. I have sex for love. I love to have sex, and I love being in love and having sex.

I will take both sex without love, and love without sex. There are only a few things in life that natural for us, and love and sex are two of them. Continue Reading…


Swingers sexbrutay2

I love sex altogether. The only different is, when you are having sex with a loved one, that is making love,

I can’t make love with a nsa sex partner, that is no string attached sex, I love both version of sex… if orgasm at the finish line…..LOL Continue Reading…


casual sexSassifiedBBW

Sure I love to get sex. Do I have sex to get love? No, I don’t believe love and sex are synonymous.

I think sex is more intimate when you are love but is it necessarily any better, not in my opinion.

A great nsa sex partner doesn’t necessarily make a great long turn partner. Continue Reading…

casual sex

sex partypartyanimal

Sex is great with or without love. Can be very special when in love giving emotional satisfaction further bonding of the two into one as well.

It might be luck of the draw but I’d say my most satisfying sex has been where there only some attachment but not love.

That’s speaking only of the sexual aspect of a good lover. Continue Reading…

Is Any Nice Horny Men Here?

I am “carrier” woman, traveling a lot and do not really like to use my vibrator alone every night… It is more fun to use it with a polite and very horny man. I know a few girls and guys who have FWB and they found here. That is why I ended up here.

horny womanCasual Sex Dating Ads

adult datingbrownpleasurexx

Those girls and guys are all nice normal people. They work hard  and like to play play hard, just like like me, or many of us here.

Some of them are married, and some of them (more of them) are single. They say it works for them…

The married once sometimes invite their play mates to play with their spouse in a form of threesome and they loving it…

However I do have some bad experiences…. some men just do the talk and not show for date. For some reason lately  I attracted  to those guys… or choose those guys and I am not sure why, but looks like middle aged men do not really want to have nsa sex, they just want web cam plays…

Is anyone experienced something like this, or is it my personal luck only? Continue Reading…


erotic datingouttherelinda

I understand your points… I am in a FWB relationship and it works great for us. I am like you,  like not being tied down and being able to keep my freedom.

Both parties need to agree on the definition of the term and also on the boundaries for it to work. Also agree much more looser men here, than used to be and hard to find a nice guy to nsa sex. They wont one night stand or web cam show… but hard work will play off, you will find a nice guy or guys if you keep looking. Continue Reading…



I have a really good friend and I am thinking about to make out with him

Casual sex with small dickDoes knowledge count?

Friendship with benefits | How to find friend to have sex with… | Fuck Buddies


erotic adult datingboredwife

I noticed the same thing. Men around my age just want to ran over and have a quicky on the back seat on their car, or get a blow job than go home  to their wife or spouse.

I  think relationship outside of marriage is not always wrong, so to go home to the spouse would be okay… but if anyone looking for nsa sex partner, than should make sure that partner sexual appetite is fulfilled…

Unfortunately more and more men unable to make a woman happy… They should learn about women erotic needs and how to make a women happy. Money can’t buy orgasm… Continue Reading…


sex on the first datesex on the first date

I have no problem to find guy for nsa sex. My problem is different… After few encounters, they want to turn the no commitmetn sex into committed relationship.

They can’t get it, why I am here. If I looking for committed relationship I would go somewhere more conservative place… Don’t misunderstand please, nothing wrong with this website or community, but it wasn’t created for committed dating. It is  a nsa sex dating site and nsa mean no commitment sex… It works for me, but you are right, more looser men are here lately. You just need to be smarter and filter the loosers out. Continue Reading…

horny womenNo String Attached Sex Dating

no string attached sexgolosa1115

What’s so interesting about casual sex, is that you can do erotic things with your partner at any and every time that usually you do not do every time with your committed partner…   For example you can not have a MFM threesome with just a man… You need an other guy too.

I admire how most man have this superman will to be a hero for their love ones, but they  just one man with one cock. I love how man have this little boy in them that pops up every so often.  The male body is just so sexy, and some many erotic things to do with… and if two males, that doubles the fun…  Continue Reading…



I can find men for no string attached sex, but lately is not easy… Depends what I want the man for.

I’m pickier about a primary partner a permanent playmate… NSA partners I don’t need them to be gorgeous, but all must be kind, funny, well groomed and independent. Continue Reading…

swingers sexNo String Attached Swingers Sex Dating Ads

Do women like to watch two men have sex with each other?

Do women like to watch two men have sex with each other? As we all know men like to watch two women have sex with each other, its such a turn on for men. Was wondering if was true the other way around… Continue Reading…

casual sex

adult datingrogerred1

Do women like to watch two men have sex with each other and get turned on by it, and play with themselves?

I am a bisexual guy and my ultimate erotic fantasy is to have sex with a guy while a female  watches us, gets turned on and plays with herself. Something g like a MMF threesome…

Are there any women in real world who are into this? Here on Swingers Couple? Had any experience that you would like to share with us? Was it a turn on or bad experience? Want to do it again? If yes will it be any different from last time? Continue Reading…


casual sexGuest6264

I would think not. I’ve never met any women who think it’s anything but gross, though it’s not a conversation that comes up at a typical cocktail party.

As a man, I’d feel really gay having sex with another man while a woman watched; I’d think the logical movement would be to have the two men have sex with the one woman, that way the men can experience each others bodies as well as enjoying the woman’s body. Continue Reading…


adult datingntnwillis98

I am sure there is a small percentage of women who might want to watch. I am sure there is even a smaller percentage of women who might want to participate in YOUR fantasy.

Are there any on Swingers Couple? As a Standard Member you are highly unlikely to find them, reach them or communicate with them. You can put your advertising in your profile and sit and wait for a woman to contact you.

Are there any in the real world? You don’t think this is the real world?  Maybe there are some fakes here, but there are plenty of real women on the site. Maybe you meant off line world. I don’t know about that. Continue Reading…



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sex datingintendadiversion

I have only watched two men doing oral in real life but I would love to watch them have sex. The oral was awesome to see. Continue Reading…


Casual sexAsian&horny

I liked Brokeback Mountain, but I was responding to the deep love and emotional bond between the main characters. Continue Reading…


casual sex4Tamiris

I discreetly turn away… Enjoy your fun, I’ll better play with myself as long as you’re busy… Continue Reading…

no string attached sex dating

adult datingSandraD1000

Watch two men while have sex with each otehr… certainly would not turn me on. Continue Reading…


casual sexwhite69rabbit77

I like it, but only when I get a chance to join in… Continue Reading…


kinjky sex

NSA sexNaughtyLilBrat69

Personally, thanks, but no thanks. I am not interested in seeing two guys go at each other. I don’t like girls either so there’s no lesbian porn in my collection.

That’s just me though. I’m sure there are tonnes of women out there who are into stuff like that. Perhaps advertise for it in your profile though. Continue Reading…


NSA Sex1Canuck

Personally myslef, I could not have sex with an other man, I prefer woman… I know it wasn’t your question, but I think like with most tings, some like it, others don’t.

Also I know women, who like to watch men, when they play with each other, also I know much more women who find it gross… Continue Reading…

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