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I am single man and came her to find sex friend for casual sex. Of course I open for everything… if it happens it happens, I wont have issue with it, but sex friendship is waht I am really looking for.

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And I found a lady. She is nice, she is hot and she is available and she does not want anything committed at this moment. We met twice and I want to take our friendship, to the next level, which would be sex friendship… but how?

Would love to hear some advice on how to read a woman when she needs to be cuddled and soft, or fast hard, dirty fun.

Any advice?  Is is a preference thing? Continue Reading…


NSA sexjust_say_hi

When unsure, it’s best to be sensitive and cuddly rather than overly aggressive. If she would prefer you to not be she’ll let you know…

You could be both at different times and see which way she reacts to best. If you can’t
tell by her body language after a few get together, then perhaps you’re trying to read the wrong lady. Continue Reading…


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Try and be somewhere in between most of the time with her, then you can easily move either way when you sense what she needs at that moment. Continue Reading…


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Well her body language like the last poster stated. That is where maturity comes in.

You should know to read a woman’s body language. For now it is just best to ask, until you
know how to read body language. That is one of the reason I do not like younger men.  They ask to much question…  is this okay?  Is that okay? Is this the right pressure?  Is this the right place to kiss you?  Are you getting sore?  Is that bugging you?

Yes a lot of question really bugging me… So I tell them Yes learn how to read her body language, and for gods sake listen and be observant. Continue Reading…

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Just be yourself. Don’t try to change for other people. If you try to be someone you are not, you will quickly burn out.

That being said, yes, women do want different things at different times. You just have to learn to pay attention to her body language and her words.

Personally, I prefer to be slammed up against the wall by a sex partner that has too much
passion to control himself over sweet and cuddly anytime. But that’s just me. Continue Reading…


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Sometimes women are very hard to read but usually she will let you know what she wants either by telling you verbally or actions. Continue Reading…



Communicate, communicate and communicate more. In the mean time pay attention on her body language…  and kiss her.

You said, booth of you know, and both of you want des friendship… If she returns the kiss than go for it…   Continue Reading…


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Hopefully her body language will tell you, but I was with a woman once and it seemed like she wanted to be cuddly, and I thought we had a great time, we had a lot of soft slow sex and spent the whole weekend together.

The following week she wouldn’t return any of my calls. I found out later that she likes the complete opposite and liked to be dominated.

Hopefully, you lady will  she will tell you. Continue Reading…

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