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I found a very interesting article on our sponsor’s website. Please read it at next.

Since joining your website I’ve found that there’s a lot of no strings attached sex going on. I like the idea of it, as it suits my lifestyle, but my question to you is: How can I avoid confusing sexual needs with emotional (love) needs? Continue Reading…

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Sometimes it’s really hard to have great nsa sex with a guy and then just move on!

The answer: I know how people, men in particular, say, “Sex is sex, sex wit out love is nsa sex and love is love” but that’s not always a true statement.

I for one give so much of myself to the person, that I’m having sex with and after a good orgasm I can’t help but feel “love” for at least 24 hours. Continue Reading…


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There is something hot about just meet someone new and have no string attached casual sex. I have always found the first times with a new partner to be the most exciting.

But there is something interesting and good about making love with a loved one too. Continue Reading…


casual sexmaybebaby

Lust and love have their dividing lines, but sometimes feel good to step over those lines. Continue Reading…

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NSA sexDaddys_flame

I love to get sex but don’t have it to get love. Sex is fun and makes everyone feel good.

Love is emotional and totally separate from sex. There are many ways besides
sex to show that you love someone. Continue Reading…


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I think sex is great when you’re in love, but it is also a different kind of sex than the wild passion of pure lust…

Both are wonderful, but different. You can have all of the “love” sex you want, but you’re always going to crave “lust” sex or no string attached sex… Continue Reading…


nsa sexrm_elvermadero1

I think you can have no string attached casual sex and it will be great. Just to have sex for the sex, for the orgasm.

BUT when you have sex with someone you love or someone you are emotionally attached to, it than you make love and that  wonderful and you might experience a much different orgasm, because you know each other’s needs and what each like more easily and of course because the emotional attachment. Continue Reading…



I have a really good friend and I am thinking about to make out with him

Casual sex with small dickDoes knowledge count?

My Horny Wife is Dying For nsa sex in the form of  Threesomes

Friendship with benefits | How to find friend to have sex with… | Fuck Buddies


casual sexfrenchsweety

Yes, yes, and yes.

I love sex, and I love to love and being love. I have sex for love. I love to have sex, and I love being in love and having sex.

I will take both sex without love, and love without sex. There are only a few things in life that natural for us, and love and sex are two of them. Continue Reading…


Swingers sexbrutay2

I love sex altogether. The only different is, when you are having sex with a loved one, that is making love,

I can’t make love with a nsa sex partner, that is no string attached sex, I love both version of sex… if orgasm at the finish line…..LOL Continue Reading…


casual sexSassifiedBBW

Sure I love to get sex. Do I have sex to get love? No, I don’t believe love and sex are synonymous.

I think sex is more intimate when you are love but is it necessarily any better, not in my opinion.

A great nsa sex partner doesn’t necessarily make a great long turn partner. Continue Reading…

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sex partypartyanimal

Sex is great with or without love. Can be very special when in love giving emotional satisfaction further bonding of the two into one as well.

It might be luck of the draw but I’d say my most satisfying sex has been where there only some attachment but not love.

That’s speaking only of the sexual aspect of a good lover. Continue Reading…

Older experienced men or younger guys for casual sex?

I have been on this site for a week or so, and as yet have not really made any realistic firm or contacts with any ladies on here.

I was on here some time ago and met up with a few ladies….and it was very very good. I’m in my mid 50s, a reasonable good shape for my age, plenty of stamina, well endowed and very sexually aware of what my partner would want from me. I’m a genuine confident and good mannered person.

Well, I am just just wondering what ladies on this site might think about the older, more experienced man over the younger man?

I do not want to advertise myself, but I think you ladies need to know that, I have plenty of stamina, and I can making love, keep going for a few hours, no problems.

I know older women younger men is very popular scenario these days, but what about guys like me…? As I browsed the site I realized that older women, younger men thing is very real, because all older women on this site prefer younger, maybe less experienced guys over that of an older more sexually aware and experienced guy?

So do I have any real change to find willing a willing lady to have some real erotic fun with me?



Age is just a number, It’s not so much the age…it’s the man. Personally, I don’t like much younger men. They usually just worry about their own sexual fulfillment… You wrote it you can keep going for a few hours? Come on man, it sound really fishy…


I think it’s more of a control issue. Older women love to control everything, even sex. They expect to be in-charge with the younger guys. Besides, it’s trendy & many people follow trends blindly without much thought of consequences.

On the positive side, must come back to find men to close to their age after sampling, and being disappointed by the youth.


Local women looking casual sex partners

Horny local women

Local women looking casual sex partners

Older and mature guys absolutely have their charms and attractions, just as the younger ones do, but they are different from one another. Perhaps it’s where you live in? Maybe there aren’t that many women in your area who are here on this site? Did you check out your local erotic personal ads?

Did you check you local adult establishment, swingers club or erotic party list?  If you didn’t, to do so would be an older man’s wise move…



I prefer older men, but isn’t just with short profile.  I would not mind to to see a short video or list a photo of you, and not just the head of a dick. I am not even sure that dick is your dick. However if your photo  or video would catch my attention, I will even consider to travel few hours to try your hours long banging…


A few hours strait sex! Then you should be a porn star! You would make serious money with your aging dick! I mean few hours intercourse sound really unbelievable. How many hours do you spend from that few to perform oral sex on her?


A lot of women and myself too prefer men who are older. Men who are close to or younger than my own kids just are not my thing.

So don’t worry about whether there are women out there who like older men. There are plenty. Browse the member’s list and you will see yourself!


I don’t see anything wrong with older, mature guys on this site. This is a casual sex dating website and it don’t have maximum age limits. I am like this website, I have no upper age range limits either. I won’t meet a guy for sex who is more then 2 years younger than me, guy like that would not be a matching sex partner for me.



Why you are having problems meeting women now as opposed to a few years ago here could be for many reasons. One is you have lost your sense of patience.

You have been back on for a few weeks? It wont happen over night you know that, but if you make your moves, it can happen at anytime…

Also, what about your profile and your profile pic? Are they very much the same as they were before when you were successful?

Are you putting as much effort into reading and understanding the profiles of the women you contact? Are you writing the same initial emails you used to? Are your searches as good? Do you contact as many as you used to just to meet one?

Did you think about couples? Younger couples usually want to find an experienced, older man to show them the “ropes”.  Check out the site’s  erotic dating personals from couples.

Do you want me to go on?


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