Your first casual sex partner

When you find your first casual sex partner, you might be nervous a little. This can happen with everyone even with swingers… They might feel a bit uncomfortable too. You should not worry, everybody was new bie and everybody felt the same way. You should not worry, until your nervousness dos not effects your sexual performance. If you can not get hard, because you are very nervous, than you should do something… For example herbal based sexual performance enhancement will pull you true any stress related sex problem.

There is nothing taboo, but you should know what is your partner expectation from you and via vice verse… your partner should know what you want to get this casual sex partnership. You and your partner should know what is appropriate and what is not. At one point you and your partner have to talk about few things. Of course those things are things around sexual activities and sex.

Are you looking for casual sex as a single person or as a couple. If you are single man and looking for a lady, you will find many of them here, even from your city.

Are you looking for no commitment sex to spice up your marital sex life? In this case you have several option. Option number one is Soft Swinging. This is where most peoples start out. Actually you can be a single person alone or with your spouse or maybe as a single with another couple, you should go step by step. The best thing to do to get into a local swingers club. If you are looking for casual sex as a couple, with your mate, or permanent partner, or a a single woman, than it will be easy. If you are a single guy, it will be harder, but there are days, when swing clubs let single guys in too.

When you are in, you will see people who are very comfortable with each other. You might see them in middle of erotic play. You might feel horny and adventurous. Two things that you can do. If somebody invited you to play with them or someone give you a signal for erotic play, you should do something, something like touching, kissing, but no intercourse. You should stick with the person or persons who you know, or who invited you and watch them what they do.

It is amazing how horny you can feel by watching someone else start the action. Let them control the game. If you think they go to far just say no. Probably others are horny too, talk with them, play with them. You just have to remember, no, intercourse, just erotic play. Whatever will happen you should not leave your partner. Coming together, do things together and leaving together. If you need more at home you can finish the game with your partner or if you are a single with a couple, maybe they finishing a game with you somewhere, but there are no intercourse involved with someone else. Until you are in to play soft – soft swing,  you have sex only with your permanent partner or spouse.

Option number two the hard core sex club and hard core swinging. Remember, you have to play by the rules, to get here, you need to change the rules. You can choose same room fun. It is mean you go all the way in the same room with you partner, spouse. Your spouse, permanent partner is present, while you perform sexual act, intercourse with others. Your spouse watch the action and might participate in. It is already very erotic… Intercourse is fair game even with more then one partner, if you spouse knows about it. However before you get into this game, you have to make things very clean.

You have to talk with the other couple and you have to find out what is their rules. Do they want to have sex with others? Same room sexseparate room sex, threesome, etc. Setting clear boundaries ahead of time is absolutely necessary if you want to have great time. The choice is up to you because this is your life, fantasy and you want to make it come true. You should start with soft swinging until you are comfortable enough. Comfortable enough with nudity, with performing erotic action and watching by others. If you are nervous, you can not perform, or can not reach orgasm. Nervous people can not have fun and casual sex or swinging should be lot of fun.

Whatever happens, happens… and swinging maybe a threesome can give you unlimited erotic fun, but only if you go step by step.

Enhance Your Sex Life
Enhance Your Sex Life

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