The reasons for getting into casual sex

The reasons for getting into casual sex, no string attached sex or even swinging are various. However all people who practice any of the above, like to have erotic XXX fun and like to have orgasms.

nsa sex datingCasual Sex Dating Ads

Swingers love selection of sex partners and they know good sex make people happy. Actually sex is good for everyone, for you too. If something good for you, it might keep you healthier and younger.

How does swinging keep swingers healthy?

Before we go any further, you should practice safe sex only, if you are into no commitment sex relationship. Have unprotected sex, wont make you healthier on a long turn, instead you might pick up some nasty STD. Therefore the majority of swingers practice safe sex only.

Sexual activity effects all of your body. For example, having safe sex is as good as aerobic exercises, because it improves the blood circulation and works the heart. Sexually active people suffer from fewer hearth attacks.

In a few minutes, while having intercourse, sex partners can burn 200 calories. On the treadmill you have to walk 15 minutes to burn the same amount of calories. Continue reading..

no string attached sexNo String Attached Sex Dating

During orgasm Endorphins is being released. Endorphins dulls the pain of migraines and arthritis. Sexually active people are not vulnerable to depression plus hormones released during sex calm anxiety and fear. Also frequent sex will boost the immune system that fights infections. For example Oxytocin released during orgasm prevents breast cancer from developing into tumors. Continue reading..

Having sex not only excites the body but exersize  the brain, because increased amount of adrenaline and cortisol hormones that are being released promotes intelligence.

It is an unambiguous active sex life and frequent orgasms that has been linked to longer life. More info on why sex is good for you.

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My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

No strings attached sex

I found a very interesting article on our sponsor’s website. Please read it at next.

Since joining your website I’ve found that there’s a lot of no strings attached sex going on. I like the idea of it, as it suits my lifestyle, but my question to you is: How can I avoid confusing sexual needs with emotional (love) needs? Continue Reading…

horny womanNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

Sometimes it’s really hard to have great nsa sex with a guy and then just move on!

The answer: I know how people, men in particular, say, “Sex is sex, sex wit out love is nsa sex and love is love” but that’s not always a true statement.

I for one give so much of myself to the person, that I’m having sex with and after a good orgasm I can’t help but feel “love” for at least 24 hours. Continue Reading…


casual sexgotsomebiggons

There is something hot about just meet someone new and have no string attached casual sex. I have always found the first times with a new partner to be the most exciting.

But there is something interesting and good about making love with a loved one too. Continue Reading…


casual sexmaybebaby

Lust and love have their dividing lines, but sometimes feel good to step over those lines. Continue Reading…

horny local woman

NSA sexDaddys_flame

I love to get sex but don’t have it to get love. Sex is fun and makes everyone feel good.

Love is emotional and totally separate from sex. There are many ways besides
sex to show that you love someone. Continue Reading…


horny womanredhotchilihorny

I think sex is great when you’re in love, but it is also a different kind of sex than the wild passion of pure lust…

Both are wonderful, but different. You can have all of the “love” sex you want, but you’re always going to crave “lust” sex or no string attached sex… Continue Reading…


nsa sexrm_elvermadero1

I think you can have no string attached casual sex and it will be great. Just to have sex for the sex, for the orgasm.

BUT when you have sex with someone you love or someone you are emotionally attached to, it than you make love and that  wonderful and you might experience a much different orgasm, because you know each other’s needs and what each like more easily and of course because the emotional attachment. Continue Reading…



I have a really good friend and I am thinking about to make out with him

Casual sex with small dickDoes knowledge count?

My Horny Wife is Dying For nsa sex in the form of  Threesomes

Friendship with benefits | How to find friend to have sex with… | Fuck Buddies


casual sexfrenchsweety

Yes, yes, and yes.

I love sex, and I love to love and being love. I have sex for love. I love to have sex, and I love being in love and having sex.

I will take both sex without love, and love without sex. There are only a few things in life that natural for us, and love and sex are two of them. Continue Reading…


Swingers sexbrutay2

I love sex altogether. The only different is, when you are having sex with a loved one, that is making love,

I can’t make love with a nsa sex partner, that is no string attached sex, I love both version of sex… if orgasm at the finish line…..LOL Continue Reading…


casual sexSassifiedBBW

Sure I love to get sex. Do I have sex to get love? No, I don’t believe love and sex are synonymous.

I think sex is more intimate when you are love but is it necessarily any better, not in my opinion.

A great nsa sex partner doesn’t necessarily make a great long turn partner. Continue Reading…

casual sex

sex partypartyanimal

Sex is great with or without love. Can be very special when in love giving emotional satisfaction further bonding of the two into one as well.

It might be luck of the draw but I’d say my most satisfying sex has been where there only some attachment but not love.

That’s speaking only of the sexual aspect of a good lover. Continue Reading…

Find Willing Women For Leisure Sex

Swingers Couples erotic dating advice line receives many questions from guys asking for critique on their profile. Or what can they do to be successful on  here. How can they make their profile better to catch willing ladies attention… Continue Reading

Leisure Sex Dating

no string attached sexwetlipssink00069

There is always a wide array of answers. Sometimes I will email the guy and give him some pointers on what to do or change. Some are appreciative, some take offense and some think I am trying to hook up… With some other, I try to hook up… That is why we are here. LO!

My question to you; Will you try to help another to improve their odds? If so how long do you stick with it? I will offer initial suggestions as we do on Swingers Couple

Finally, I have a soft place in my heart for sincere cubbies, but I have helped a wide age range…  Tell me about you boys and girls. Continue Reading


erotic datingmakemescream

Truth is, I have helped many. And while few of them  aren’t my cup of tea so to speak, they are still ‘friends’ on here that I chat with when we are on.

It doesn’t hurt to be cordial. But then again, that is just my opinion… Continue Reading


no string attached sexgogogirl

I usually want to help, too. Maybe I am not the sort of person  they are looking for, or maybe they don’t know what they want yet…

But if they get feedback from several people, they can begin to think more about what they want and how they can approach getting it. Continue Reading

swingers sex adsSwingers NSA Sex Dating Ads

I so often see men,  not cubs!  They are in their 30 – 40s and they state that they are here for anything…

So when I contact them and chat with them everything is fine. When I tell them I looking for men for three or more some with me and my boyfriend than they disappear…

My boyfriend not even close to bi sexual…

They should not post it on their profile, they are into anything… They should make up their mind what they really want…

I really want to suggest to them to consider what it is that they really want…. before waste anyone’s time. Continue Reading


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nsa sexsecret-bull-lover

There are men on this site who get frequent action, they are very clean, fantastic sex partners, they don’t have rock hard bodies… They’re decent guys with friendly personalities and they know what they are open to and what they are looking for, and they aren’t afraid to say it.

You just have to filter and select profiles… A lot of fakes are here, who are her just for socializing… No one can help for those… Continue Reading

Adult Dating Personals

no string attached sexAnewWoman

Quite often on chat I will offer up suggestions to men who in a roundabout way seem to be asking for help. The type who talk about how they have been here for a few months and it seems impossible to actually have a conversation with a woman.

Besides the fact most are standard members without the ability to read profiles and make first contact, their profiles tend to be incomplete.

So I usually suggest they mention more about the person they are and less about the sex acts they want to perform, along with what they hope to find in a woman here.

It seems most haven’t really given it much thought. It is as though they honestly believed
showing up here would be enough to meet someone, or to put it another way, for the women to jump them…

Canadian Adult Dating Agency
erotic adult dating

I usually offer help for men, who are living close by… but only if they posted photo of themselves. Not just cock shut… body… is an issue for me.

I tell them  with a profile like that, they won’t find any young and hot girl… I tell them if they wont make their profile better, than it will catch just older women’s attention,   woman like me.

Than usually they respond; You are not that old and you are really sexy… They do not realize I trap them… It works always.  However I agree with gogogirl, as fast as you mention threesome with other man… they chicken out. Not really understand why?

Maybe we should create MFM threesome advice for men post… and explain them, usually their butt is not at risk… We women take much bigger risk, because we are at the receiving end…

How do I find a female for a one time female – female – male threesome? Me, my boyfriend and a bi woman..

I know exactly what I want, I know why I want it, but I don’t know where and how do I find a female for a one time ffm threesome? As a woman I have couples that email me to see if I’m interested in being a 3rd.

Adult dating Personal AdsNSA Sex Personal Ads

I answer most as long as they meet my cupid preferences. Most of the time I’ll get a response back but then they disappear.

NSA sexhotmilfinmi09

Do they get cold feet? I’m interested in finding a female for a one time experience
with my male fuckbuddy, it’s a fantasy of his to see two women play in front of him and he may possibly join.

I emailed many women but get no response. Is there really women out there that are willing to try this or am I wasting my time? We are both easygoing, attractive, fun people. Why is this so hard? Continue Reading…


horny couplesHow many ladies came up with the erotic idea, “Honey let’s go find a extra guy or extra woman!!!” I think not many at all. Even if she wants to spice up her partnership with an extra person… or she want to try sex with an other man… or woman, she will find a way to make her permanent partner to ask her…

See at above, her boyfriend want to make out with two women but she is the one who makes the work… to find the extra woman.

The idea of casual sex with other couple or have a threesome with a single person usually comes from the man. Once they try it and if she likes it than she keeps the couple involved.

However your question was, how to find a woman to MFF threesome. There are a lot of couple here, with bi female and str8 male. Try to contact those from your  neighborhood. Specifying that the men can watch and play with their own partner only… I am sure it will work. Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

I think, traditionally ladies are more closed and shyer then men. Sex is more taboo for ladies then for men. A man don’t hesitate to much to have sex with somebody…. a woman think more, before she opens her legs to anyone.

Therefore women  have less sex partners than man. However not all the men are good in the lovemaking department. Some of them are good sex parter, some of them are OK and a majority of the men are self fish lovers…  Especially if we talking about couples with several years of marriage behind them.

Several years married sex life…  and sex has become routine. So somehow the NSA sex idea comes up… It might be in the form of invitation to a kinky party, or maybe a sex club opened it’s door somewhere close by… Or you run into an erotic dating website, like this, where everyone and canyon looking for casual sex partner

So does not matter who’s idea it was…. his or hers, and does not matter where at they found the extra fun, in the swingers club or on the Internet, but if once they had penetrative NSA sex with  someone, and that was a good experience, with a good sex partner then there is no way to turn back…

Agree with the above post. The easiest way to go, to contact couples, where is the woman bi. Continue Reading…

horny couplesHorny Couples from Your City

sex adsindiapuss4white

Unicorn here, ask me!!! I have met couples for MFF threesomes many times via Swingers Couple. It starts with lunch/dinner and if we all get along fine, we carry on from there.

Mostly, I like a couple that has been together awhile and has a solid relationship with each other. Also, I like to see that both partners are READY for a 3rd party addition and not one partner forcing the other to have a menage a trois!

I met one couple that tried it and failed miserably as the wife was NOT ready for a 3some.

So, my advice to you, write to a bisexual woman who preferably is into NSA sex like me, someone who has done MFF before. Chat with her extensively and explain your situation in detail.

Tell her your expectations and then start with an invite to lunch or dinner so that she can get to know both of you thoroughly, before she makes any decision. Good luck! Continue Reading…


casual sexccandb

That is the big question. I – We have found that if we meet
find a couple here that we will meet for a meet & greet.

If we both feel comfortable than we can move forward if not, hey no big deal. We have found that there are many women that will meet to only have the women play and then be with their own partner. Continue Reading…

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Meet for Sex | NSA

sexxy hottie

Casual Sex Relationships & long term relationship.

Whats the difference in comparison to the “traditional” way of meeting or meet with somebody from this erotic dating site, or any from any other dating website, like this?

So is it really different for men on this site to consider a long turn romantic relationship with a woman off this site in comparison to meeting a woman the “traditional” way, for example through mutual friends?

Does a man take the relationship less seriously or does he believe the woman less worthy of his time and devotion? Just curious =) what the masses believe or have experienced…



women free to play

I don’t think it is much different at all. You still have to meet a  man whether you meet through the site or real world.

I think a first date is a first date…here or there. However the difference is the reason… People come here to find sex partner, casual sex partner or, one night stand, not to build any time of committed relationship.

But this does not mean, int can happen. Of course it can and happened at many time…. but this site is a sex dating site….  As I red your profile, I realized  you know this…

local sex dating

Get Laid Tonight! Local Sex Dating Video Profiles

Some aspects are different, some are the same.


The men here, at least the heterosexual ones, want to get into your underwear, and are frank about it. Of course, the men you meet traditionally want the same thing, they just are not always up front about it.

Also a women here want to find casual sex partners and many other “kinky” erotic things… Things that you will get kicked out from a traditionally dating site. And as the above message states it, according to your very erotic profile, you know this…….

I don’t think most of the men here are looking for a long-term serious relationship, taste your pussy is the primary goal. Unless you pick them up in bars for NSA, the traditional men you meet usually have a relationship as the primary goal with get laid as a longer-term goal.

Most men from traditionally dating site want to know if you are the one, for long term committed relationship, a lot of guys here want to know if you are the one for tonight or maybe the whole weekend.

If you pick a guy up on the traditionally way, you usually get to see what you are getting before hand, while from here, you have to guess and hope, but you have bigger selection available here, then anywhere else.

Here on-site, sexual desires, likes and dislikes are usually up front and immediately talked about. Dating on the traditional way, the guy has to figure out what you like and dislike and if you are even willing to talk about it.

Both on and off site, men will lie to you just to get you into their bed. Some will be honest and serious some not, don’t think there is a real difference other than they guys here are up front about wanting sex from you.

Get Laid Tonight! Local Casual Sex Personal Ads!

A guy from off-site of course never has to lie to his family or friends about where he met you.

If you develop a long term, committed relationship with somebody from this site… Well how can I say… Guys from this site are not going to be looking for a blushing virgin bride.

Relationships either work or don’t work, I don’t think meeting them on this site or at church makes a whole
lot of difference. But, you don’t have to worry about explaining to your friend why the guy she hooked you up with is not what you want, if you date someone from the site.

I like your profile and picture. I would be very interested in you. But because we are on this site, I have read your profile, I know damned well I am not what you are looking for. So, I won’t be hitting on you. Of course, many who do not meet your standards will send you emails hitting on you, but then, those off-site probably hit on you pretty often also.

So get used to it baby…



I think the women on this site are more likely to be completely honest about matters of sex and their feelings about sex. I am a man of some years and experience and have found many of the married women that have I’ve known are having sex with me because they were afraid to be completely open to their husband. They are afraid to tell him their sexual preferences, sexual fantasy etc…

A marital relationship like this… very bad. Isn’t it?



brunnette for sex

I know a guy who does think he wouldn’t have a relationship with anyone he met off this site, and and I know another one who thinks this is as good a way to meet people as any – its the person and his preferences that counts, not how you meet them…

I would also think a large number of men (and women) here aren’t looking for serious relationships anyway, so if you do, then you are at the wrong place.


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