Is Any Nice Horny Men Here?

I am “carrier” woman, traveling a lot and do not really like to use my vibrator alone every night… It is more fun to use it with a polite and very horny man. I know a few girls and guys who have FWB and they found here. That is why I ended up here.

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Those girls and guys are all nice normal people. They work hard  and like to play play hard, just like like me, or many of us here.

Some of them are married, and some of them (more of them) are single. They say it works for them…

The married once sometimes invite their play mates to play with their spouse in a form of threesome and they loving it…

However I do have some bad experiences…. some men just do the talk and not show for date. For some reason lately  I attracted  to those guys… or choose those guys and I am not sure why, but looks like middle aged men do not really want to have nsa sex, they just want web cam plays…

Is anyone experienced something like this, or is it my personal luck only? Continue Reading…


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I understand your points… I am in a FWB relationship and it works great for us. I am like you,  like not being tied down and being able to keep my freedom.

Both parties need to agree on the definition of the term and also on the boundaries for it to work. Also agree much more looser men here, than used to be and hard to find a nice guy to nsa sex. They wont one night stand or web cam show… but hard work will play off, you will find a nice guy or guys if you keep looking. Continue Reading…



I have a really good friend and I am thinking about to make out with him

Casual sex with small dickDoes knowledge count?

Friendship with benefits | How to find friend to have sex with… | Fuck Buddies


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I noticed the same thing. Men around my age just want to ran over and have a quicky on the back seat on their car, or get a blow job than go home  to their wife or spouse.

I  think relationship outside of marriage is not always wrong, so to go home to the spouse would be okay… but if anyone looking for nsa sex partner, than should make sure that partner sexual appetite is fulfilled…

Unfortunately more and more men unable to make a woman happy… They should learn about women erotic needs and how to make a women happy. Money can’t buy orgasm… Continue Reading…


sex on the first datesex on the first date

I have no problem to find guy for nsa sex. My problem is different… After few encounters, they want to turn the no commitmetn sex into committed relationship.

They can’t get it, why I am here. If I looking for committed relationship I would go somewhere more conservative place… Don’t misunderstand please, nothing wrong with this website or community, but it wasn’t created for committed dating. It is  a nsa sex dating site and nsa mean no commitment sex… It works for me, but you are right, more looser men are here lately. You just need to be smarter and filter the loosers out. Continue Reading…

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What’s so interesting about casual sex, is that you can do erotic things with your partner at any and every time that usually you do not do every time with your committed partner…   For example you can not have a MFM threesome with just a man… You need an other guy too.

I admire how most man have this superman will to be a hero for their love ones, but they  just one man with one cock. I love how man have this little boy in them that pops up every so often.  The male body is just so sexy, and some many erotic things to do with… and if two males, that doubles the fun…  Continue Reading…



I can find men for no string attached sex, but lately is not easy… Depends what I want the man for.

I’m pickier about a primary partner a permanent playmate… NSA partners I don’t need them to be gorgeous, but all must be kind, funny, well groomed and independent. Continue Reading…

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Friends with Benefits. Are You Looking For The Right Moment To Get Laid?

I have a question, and I need your advice, but before I ask that question, I need to explain few things… Please read it at next…

The majority of people browses erotic  personal ads, because they are looking for casual sex partners for NSA sex, one night stand, or might be on going swingers sex relationship.

Recreational Sex AdsAdult Dating Personal Ads

Not everyone into casual sex and one night stand. Some of our website visitors looking for much more than sex. They are looking for commitment relationship. Of course they are human been and they are might be horny like any swinger and of course they love to have sex and love to have orgasm too.

But and here is a small but… Because they are looking for long lasting, commitment relationship, the have sex for them is a very sensitive issue. To have sex is not that sensitive, you are a swinger or not a swinger, the sex is sex, and the orgasm is orgasm and healthy, sexually active adult people love to have orgasm.

If you are a woman and you are looking for long – committed relationship, the timing, when to get laid is a sensitive issue. Guys want to screw you as soon as possible and this is all right. Guys created by this way. You like the guy and you think he is the right guy for you and you are horny like a hell…

What should I do? Continue Reading…

hot SuesseErotic Adult Dating Personal Ads

I am not sure what should you do, but I do know… this is a sex dating,  swingers dating website and people come here to find casual sex partner, to have no commitment NSA sex with… and you are looking for advice exactly on the opposite thing.

So I don’t know, but a lot of people visit this page, I am sure someone going to give you a pretty good advice…

We have an earlier related post here, the title of the post is; Friendship with benefits. Easy to find a good sex partner, but hard to find a real friend. You should read that post.


Girl for loveI would try friends with benefits, but I have a friend and she got fed up with… her boy toy…

I wondering do you single people get tired of  friendship with benefits , and wish you had something more.

Of course there is the committed relationship, but do you desire something more than FWB but less than a committed relationship? Continue Reading…

kinky sex adsKinky Sex Ads

adult datingYes it would be nice to have something more than freindship with benefits but not a fully committed relationship.

I wish I had the guy who wants to date at least for awhile before wanting to go straight to sex. Continue Reading…


Friends with Benefits

Is there not a commitment of sorts with being friends?

Friends with Benefits may not be the same kind of commitment as having a  boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse; However, that is still a form of commitment.

If you do not want the commitments of anything… don’t you think a Fuck Buddy or  the one night stand be more appropriate? Continue Reading…


Swingers DatingI think the problem is having a friend with benefits and one or both realizing that they want more but being unsure how to voice this.

If put forward too early or to an unresponsive partner you lose the friendship.  The perils of being modern! Continue Reading…


I don’t like to “limit” myself when getting involved with someone. I would prefer to say, let’s get to know each other and see what happens, where this takes us. You never know when the right person will come along.

If we wind up being friends, and that’s all… great, I can always use another friend. But if I enter a relationship and we specify “FWB” only or “NSA” or “FB”, that limits the relationship.

Since I don’t own a crystal ball and know what can happen and how I am going to be feeling a few months down the road about this person, I don’t enter into relationships with those types of limitations. I do tell potential partners this right up front to be sure they are OK with this. Continue Reading…


swingers datingThe term friends implies some kind of commitment outside the bedroom, that you actually are friends. As friends you would go out, hang out and enjoy each others company.

The benefits part is the sex which most just friends don’t have.

A fuck buddy has no such commitment, just sex when you both want it and no more, and nsa type of situation.

I think most women would prefer at least an FWB rather than FB and if possible something more committed down the road, live-in or marriage. Just one of the many differences between the sexes. Continue Reading…


I’d love a committed relationship. But until then, I figure FWB is the next best thing.

I don’t really know that there is anything between FWB and a relationship. To me a FWB is someone I think is great, and enjoy having sex with, but there’s no relationship chemistry.

I don’t want to be tied to them and not in love with them. Continue Reading…

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Recreational sex & Internet

How often do you find yourself considering joining an erotic dating website, like this, in order to meet with someone who can help you feed your need for either companionship, friendship or just plain recreational sex. But you are plagued by many fears, questions pop up into your mind very often…

Believe it or not, it happens more often, with many of us and it happens more than we can admit or even consider it. Concerns come up like – what if I accidentally meet someone I work with or a neighbor? Or what if I meet with one of my relative? What will happen with my job, carrier, public life? Am I getting into a big trouble, because I looking for something that people call swingers sex?

Swingers sex? I know that, you are not a swinger, you are looking for orgasm from casual sex.  It is okay, many of us do the same…

Is there any real people on the Internet who are looking for orgasm from casualrecreational sex? Are those erotic personal ads real that are on line? What if someone finds out what I try to do? What would my friends think about me?

At one point or at other everyone of us think about things like the above, however we are now more than ever living in a society that is moving way too fast too quickly. We do not have time these days. Work, family, carrier, second job… We can’t even do anything. There inevitably comes a time in a couple’s sex life when everything kind of plateaus down to routine and monotony.

Sexual intercourse turns from an act of pure pleasure to one comparable to doing the daily chores. Indeed, men may find it more pleasurable to watch a football game than even entertaining the thought of having sex with his partner.

Women might find it more arousing to check out a pair high hills shoes displayed at a mall, than the body of her partner during foreplay.

If you are recognize yourself from the above description, than you need to spice things up. You have to do something, that going to make you fill, like you are teenager again.  Recreational sex would make the trick…

In our today’s world the socially accepted norms have changed. It was unacceptable talking about sex and orgasm 30 years ago for a woman and today anyone openly looking for recreational sex… if brave enough, even married women together with their husband.

So you should not hesitate either, come in, look around, meet new people from your neighborhood. Take a chance! Remember,  if your coworker or neighbor or your relatives is on this site, changes are he/she has the same concerns and the same needs as you. Just because you run into that young hot chic from your neighborhood, should not loose sight of what you want, because she wants the same.

I assume you want to have casual sex – so she – that is why you met with her – so why don’t you serve her sexual needs. If you never try – you never gonna get it… or never gonna get her into your bed!

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