Casual penetrative sex with someone outside from your permanent partnership

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My girlfriend wants to cocks… With simple English, she wants to have a threesome with another man.

I kind off want it too, I think that would be extremely hot and I think with a “ggod” guy” we can give her the fuck of her life time…

The problem is, we can’t find any man… Here everyone just do the talk and wont do the walk…

So  where will we find him from??

I mean we can’t just go out and ask a guy like that, she wants an extra hot guy for  it, because her birthday is coming up, and she wants a threesome for her  birthday present….

I will pay the hotel and if will work…, well that would be a very cost effective birthday present.

Where else is the the best to look?


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It’s easy to find a guy to join you and you lady friend. Join the group section of this website. You will find group close to your location. They organize parties, participate in one, and if you like it, you can have your own…

I think you will have your threesome on that first party… so if I were you, I would not worry about that, instead make sure you really want it to happen…


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Really think hard before doing this…

It happens often with new couples… She loves the double power to much and she will start to do it on a regular basis on her own… so you will be out..

So, if I were you, I would perish the thought and just take her out to dinner or something….


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If you 2 have a good, strong relationship, I think this could only make it stronger.

You both have to realize it’s just about sex & having fun, not emotional attachment with the 3rd person.

As long as you think about it a lot and talk about it with your girl a lot, go for it!

If your relationship is not strong, than a threesome might destroy it, but… then sooner or later it will be over anyway, so why not have some fun until is not over.

I can only suggest one thing… do not do her with your friend. If your relationship ends, because your friend,  you will loose your friend too.

swingers sex