A lot of men on here are just chicken. They chicken out when time comes to face and taste a horny woman’s pussy…


Any other ladies run into this? Several times now I have connected with men on here. We email, set up a meet and then I get “Sorry work emergency, or something has come up”. The meet never seems to happen.

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The latest is a guy that I have been chatting with. We were supposed to meet last weekend and yes, something came up. It was all set for this weekend, tonight in fact and he still had not confirmed the meeting place.

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He then sends me a note to say, sorry, emergency with a client and now has to fly to New York to work things out.

Hmmmmmm considering he told me he worked for a University in administration, either
he lied about his job or is lying about this.

Either way, I feel blown off again!!! Is it me or are these guys just players, once they get you hooked, they then blow you off. Is it all about the chase?? Or am I truly that gullible? Continue Reading…


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Some people are just all head games. Believe me, not just males,  a unfortunately a lot of females do the same. They don’t even bother to call you to let you know “something came up” and can’t make it.

Male or female doesn’t matter… some guys are just testing the water… They just want to know what will happen if they leave their present relationship.  Some others just chicken out when the talk is over and time to do something else…

But I think a lady like you, sooner or later will find a guy or even more guys to have some erotic fun with… Continue Reading…


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This sort of thing only happened to me once. I actually was emailing a guy for months, and we were finally supposed to meet.

On the very day of the arranged meeting, he called me up and said, “I’m really sorry, but last night I meet a woman on-line whom I consider more attractive than you, so I decided to see her today instead of you.”

There’s nothing like honesty, but there is such a thing as brutal honesty. He could have said he decided to go back with his ex, and it wouldn’t have bothered me. But, the way he canceled our date made me feel horrible.

Then again, it was a good thing I didn’t meet him because he probably wasn’t that attracted to me in the first place.

These kinds of things can happen, and perhaps in your case it’s because your profile says you are separated.

There are some men who are hesitant to become involved with a woman who is separated. I know it’s frustrating but, if it keeps on happening, you need to ask yourself if you are doing something to cause men to back out.

Are you expressing neediness? Do you seem too eager to meet? When you haven’t met someone yet, it’s always best to be enthusiastic, but not overly so. Continue Reading…

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It happens to us guys as well . It happened to me twice in a row by the same girl.

Don’t give up though. I recently hooked up with someone and it was well worth going  through a few duds to find one firecracker… Continue Reading…


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Anybody can bluff their way half way through a game but once asked to show his real hand of cards of who he really is an what they really after, they will either fold or get up an walk away it never fails.

They either have somebody else they are with,   married/attached or too many other men and or women they dealing with, and you are at the bottom of their list.

Just you have to try an toughen up and be more direct an aggressive when talking to somebody. Don’t be afraid to ask certain basic questions and see how they act or answer, if something seems off or funny about them there usually is something wrong or they have so many skeletons in the closet, the door barely closes anymore.

For example ask them what they like and what they don’t… or how do they feel about spending time with a woman, in the bed and beyond the bedroom.

You can ask kinky question is. It is an erotic dating site not a church, so don’t be shy…

You got to remember, to much talk wont help, couple of emails, phone calls or webcaming and action time. If you guys emailing back and fore for weeks… it want work.

Actions always speak louder then words in a email… Continue Reading…


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A lot of men on here are just chicken.

They chicken out when time comes to face and taste a horny woman’s pussy… Continue Reading…

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I’ve been momentous interruption…. or canceled a few times, but in my case it might happen for a different reason…

I think it was because they knew I was a hermaphrodite, and got scared… before they wondered how my genital area looks like, than when the time came to show… they chickened out. Continue Reading…


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Sometimes shit happens but if it happens more than twice, you will know the guy is an unreliable jackass.

Just move on, its not you hon, sometimes people just have commitments at the wrong time and cant make it. Some other time, they are just chicken… and chicken out from pussy…. Continue Reading…


erotic datingyoungheart5161

Yep, it happens to most of us..

I had a guy whom I had already had one date with arrange a second date but didn’t show up. Later that night I got a text message from his phone saying it was his mate letting me know he had had an accident.  I asked work or car? He replied work.

Next day said guy text-ed me again, asking can we reschedule? I asked how he was and  was he injured at work?

He said no in a car accident… So yesterday work accident, today car accident. What a fuck… He was a lier, so needless to say he was bullshitting, and didn’t get a second date. Continue Reading…


erotic datingnyaribule

Haven’t happened to me yet…. that way, but something similar did happen.

I met with a guy on-line. He live at the other end of US. We IM-d and chat a lot. I would say, based on those chats we would be very good match…

He promised to fly to jkt to meet me, but he never arrived..  Hehehe.. I knew it wont happen… no men is that stupid… to fly 15 hundred miles for a fuck… Even it that fuck would be an all weekend fuck fast… Sometimes just have to get real here. Continue Reading…

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The best way to celebrate this holiday season to giving and receiving even if we talk about sex

The Holiday Season is just around the corner. There are many ways to celebrate the year’s biggest holiday.

Serve yourself… to a horny hottie

You can give and receive presents and you can serve yourself as a present to some hottie. You can find on plenty of singles cuties and horny couples who love celebrate the holiday on the erotic way. If you do not know where to start check out our personal home page’s (SwingersCouple.net) erotic personal ads.

Exhibitionist Swingers Women
Exhibitionist Swingers Women

Have you been naughty enough in 2010? No? It is not late yet… This holiday surprise yourself with a gift, with a real, alive naughty sex machine. She will keep you going… Before you contact anyone, you can watch them on instant video. In fact you can record your own video and let others watch you.

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Sex Personals

A lot of girls love sex and a lot of them are exhibitionist. They love to be watched! Do for them a favor and watch them! Plus this will make your erotic dating process faster. You will know what are you gonna get, before the first meeting.

It’s a perfect way to avoid any surprise. With on line video personals really easy to find a hottie. You can save a lot of messaging.

Horny Women
Horny Women

Did Santa not leave an erotic present under the tree for you last year?

Should not wait for Santa this year. You should get your own present! Fear not: Whether you like a big and busty or small and perky, maybe a hairy or shaved, you can find just what you like. You can search by location and boobs size, by language and, body type, and more! Continue Reading…

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Casual Sex Personals

Casual Sex & Kissing

casual sexWhy is it that some, if not most of men, have a hang up about
kissing someone in a sex party or they are in a casual sexual relationship

Do they feel that maybe kissing is too intimate and act to be paired with casual sex?

Are they afraid that by kissing they will be leading their casual sex partner on?  I would like to get a kissing machine from Santa… for Christmas

I would really appreciate some feedback on this! Continue Reading…

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casual sexKissing is a big deal to some men. They don”t mind to eat your pussy but they feel that a kiss on the mouth means commitment.

If it is discussed beforehand exactly what is expected and not expected out of a relationship, there should be no problems. I would not have sex with anyone who is not a good kisser.  Kissing is part of foreplay and it turns me on… Continue Reading…


Not all men are against. I use the level of passion that I feel from a kiss to actually determine if sex is going to happen.

Something as passionate as a kiss should tell you all you need to know about your sexual compatibility with someone.

Some guys might worry about, concern about bad breath…  but it is easily handled by a Listerine strip taken at least 20 minutes before a possible kiss so as not to overwhelm with medicine breath.

The only time I am hesitant to kiss is the morning after, when it seems that a cat, that you don’t even own, shit in your mouth overnight!

That doesn’t have to stop the always enjoyable morning sex, just no kissing… Continue Reading…


casual sexI agree with Sharduet!

It’s an important part of foreplay… I’m sure if he can go down between your legs then why wouldn’t he kiss you…. Continue Reading…


casual sexI think that kissing is a very important part of any sexual
relationship, even a casual one.

A man that’s a good kisser is usually good in bed, too.

A man who knows how to kiss, he knows how turn turn a woman on…. and he will make everything to make his partner happy. Continue Reading…

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Casual Sex Tips

Some sex tips that everybody should know about online casual sex personals.

You admit it or don’t, dating and sex is significant part of our life. This is more true if you are a single person. When your date click, and you happen to have great sex, you feel on the top of the world. If your date did not work out, it can make you feel down.

Finding casual sex partner over the Internet is something like the old type of blind dates. You will not have any feelings until you actually meet with you partner want to be. If you meet and there is chemistry, you never know how your first date might end…

Internet dating, almost everybody doing it. Looking for dating partner, or casual sex partner on the Internet is popular with people of all ages. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive and very privet. No name, no address no face required for start.

A lot of dating and adult dating service and a lot of sex club’s, swingers club have website up on the Internet. You can use them without give out any sensitive personal information. However you should know few things, before starting to invite people from the net into your home.

If you are looking for casual sex partner you should try to select the “head gamers” out by their on-line responses and on-line activity. Many people post profile just to test the water…

Ask questions about their casual sex experience and about their rules. And if their rules and your rules aren’t close, just leave them. Try to find somebody else.

If you decide not to go out with somebody, you should not make up any excuse. A simple “Thanks, but I don’t think it will work, or thank you but I looking for something else” more then enough.

There are millions of erotic adult dating personals are online. Our partner alone have more the 30 million members and that is only one website. If you are looking for casual sex, you should start to check profiles from your city. It is very likely you will find a person in your neighborhood, who you already know, I you don’t, then you need to do something else.

The best way is to check out hundreds of profiles, preferable close to you location, selected by age, body type, and all of your preferences, like dislike etc. in a short period of time.

At first you have to use the built in message system, but after few emails, you should use anonymous email service like Yahoo mail or Hotmail.

The most important thing is, special if you are a woman, you most to be very carefully. You should not trust anyone before you don’t know the person real personality. Remember lot of idiots are on the net.

If you are looking for casual sex partner as a couple, if you are threesome lover, or maybe a full swap swingers couple, you should set up your rules and don’t change them in middle of the happening. It your rules are to thigh talk about them with your permanent partner after your date at home.

If you are a single man, don’t lie. Don’t say that your wife doesn’t have sex drive at all, and she let you do this. If you are single, try to find casual sex partner as a single.

And if your on-line friendship turn to be a sexual adventure, remember: Safe sex or no sex!

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Swingers Dating Personals Ads

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