Old fashioned Missionary fuck with two men

I love to have sex with two men in a old fashioned Missionary sex position. Yes, Missionary sex position can be a boring one, but not with two men. Two guys and my chubby pussy can make a missionary sex session  very delightful…

fat women love sexFat Women Who Love To Share Their Chubby Pussy

swingers sexchubbypussy4two

I lie back on the bed, a smile already on my face as I know what is to come. Slowly I part my thighs and open my arms as one of the man climbs on top of me, between my open legs. Usually this guy is the new guy.  One of my rule is new guys before the regular lover…

My hands run up and down his arms, shoulders and chest and I raise my hips to meet his hard seeking cock. Slowly he presses forward as I this pull my pussy lips apart giving him access to my hot wet hole. I feel myself getting filled with 100% male gorgeous glorious cock.

My smile gets bigger as I turn my head to left. There is my regular lover on his knees next to my head. I will perform oral sex on him, than the two men will rotate, before any of them reach the no return point.  Continue reading…

This is what I love. I love getting fucked missionary style, and giving a blow job in the same time. One of them is  lying between my open legs with his hips thrusting and his cock sliding in and out and the other is in my mouth. Two men, one of them is top of me.  I love to play with his shoulders and chest, flick his nipples and wait for him to sometimes nip at mine with his eager mouth.

I love, threesomes in  missionary style. Is that so wrong? I know it seems so old fashioned. We are suppose to glorify extended foreplay and don’t get me wrong, I do love a good licking and really enjoy reciprocating on my knees, but damn let me lie back and get fucked any day.

My second favourite position for threesomes the doggy styles. Continue reading…

mfm threesomesNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

There is something very primal and animalist about sex with two men in doggy-style position. I cannot think of a more erotic pose than me kneeling bent forward with my ass in the air, pussy exposed, for one of the a man to see, finger, lick and fuck.

The other one is at front of me, and I take care of his rock hard erected cock. I love to deep-throat it in a doggy style in the same rhythm as I my chubby pussy get penetrated be the other man.

I feel like such a dirty girl when I offer myself to two men like that. The very feminine side of comes out while being fucked doggy style and I get very very wet. You see, most of the time my labia are close and my tiny inner lips are kept warm by the chubby outer lips of my pussy. When bent over and bottom up and knees apart my lips open up feeling the cooler room air exposing my pink wetness to the man who will mount me from behind. Continue reading…

some women swallowSwingers Sex Dating Ads

Two men and I, one of them at front of me, the other at behind.  I feel most like the  man is in charge at behind, he  using my cunt to thrust into… to satisfy his animal urges. I know all my physical secrets are exposed to him and he can see my pussy welcoming his cock.

Than we rotate and he will receive my oral pleasure and the man at front go behind and he will be in charge. We will repeat this rotation many times, sometimes with little brakes or change into other position, just  to make the play lost longer…

Sex is good, no string attached sex is very good, but the best is male female male threesome in doggy style.  I love taking it from behind in long slow strokes over and over again. Continue reading…

leisure sexLeisure Sex Dating Ads

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Threesome Sex Positions

People comes here for nsa sex, me too

There is no doubt in my mind… people comes here for nsa sex… to find someone to have no string attached sex, (some of them maybe trolls).  I am here because I love nsa sex, I love selection of men… Continue Reading…

casual sexLeisure Sex Dating Ads

casual sexfunseeker

But when it comes to leisure sex or no string attached sex are all kinds of information are all over the Internet for men, but extra nothing  for women.

At first, woman like me love men and I love to have nsa sex with different types of compatible men. That is why I am here.

There no two men are the same. They different emotionally and their love making techniques and their penis are different too. That’s right, there is no two men and there is no two penises the same. Some penises shorter, some others longer, straighter, thicker or bend a little.

My issues is… I need more than just lay on my back, open my legs and lets have sex. Oe doggie style and cow girl… I need more kinky sex position to live my fantasy out? Where can I find something detailed for women… Sex position that you might not do with your husband but happy to do with you fuck buddy… Continue Reading…

leisure sexSwingers Sex Ads

casual sex1canuck

I am not sure at where you tried to find those nsa sex position related info for women, but there is tons of them on Google.

Just Google the words “women favorite sex positions” and you will have millions of web site to select from…

But in my understanding, there 3 plus 1 basic sex positions are, lay down, sit up and standing, plus dogie style. All others are the combination or the variation of this four. With a little fantasy, you can develop your own… and you can maker them as kinky as you dare. If any case, you might not succeed… than find an older, experienced man. I am sure he will be more than happy to show you and practice with you some new sex positions… Continue Reading…


cuckold womanmadehimcuck

For some unknown reason a lot of people underestimates the beauty of a missionary sex positions… Including funseeker…

With a little twist, you can spice up the good and old missionary…

For start let him do you in missionary positions. Let him penetrate you the way he wants it. In this case “let him” mean, he controls the speed and he controls the deepness of the penetration. You don’t do to much, just lay down on your back with wide open, slightly bended legs and just squeeze your pelvic muscle as he pushes his penis in and relax on the out stroke.

Your male partner have to maintain his erection and if you will be too passive he might have difficulties to do so. You want to make sure, both of  you enjoy sex as much as possible, so for start, you should try to cross your ankles behind his legs. To do so, you have to slide down a little, or he has to climb on you a bit to your head’s way.

This simple move will allow sliding his cock on you clit on every in and out stroke. You can grab his but and pool him in as he penetrate. It will make him increase the penetration’s speed. If you do it right, his balls will hit your vagina’s lower part in every in stroke. This will give extra pleasure for both of you.

In this position you can maintain eyes contact, you can kiss and talk with each other, plus he thinks he is in control… and he isn’t. You are in the driver seat… Of course you need an experienced lover, otherwise your partner will reach orgasm way to soon… Continue Reading…

no string attached sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

 no string attached sexsummer-fun

He is lays down flat on his back. You climb top of him. You are face to face with him or you are facing to this to his feet. These is more pleasure able for a lot of women and for almost every men.

You kneel over him while facing to his feet. Rest you hand on his legs somewhere around his knees. You support your self, by transferring some of your body weight to his legs. If you move your hands closer to his ankles it will tilt his cock inside you more. It you find the right angle, his hard cock will hit your G spot while you move back on for on him.

Not a lot of men can last in this position, because they have a great view of your backside, including you butt and pussy. They can see as their hard cock slides in and out from your vet pussy and men are visuals…, plus if the anal play is on the menu, they can slide a finger in to you butt for some rally hot sensations.

Also if you love to get spanked, they can spank you here easily.

You can play with your clit or use a vibrator. If it is a “team play”, this is also excellent threesome position. Continue Reading…



Casual sex positions

Is she into anal sex? If she say yes, for anal sex than do anal vaginal double penetration with her dildo and your dick

Why would anyone want to have two cocks in her pussy? How to enjoy the two cocks in your pussy at the same time? Double penetration tips for women.

He is wanting to see me occasionally with other men, then fuck me, or to have a woman go down on me

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me.

No String Attached Sex & Age

Aging like a fine wine and NSA, no string attached casual sex  is getting better with age. This is just a question that kind of intrigues me.  It’s about the main purpose of the site for members to meet, hookup, date or just plain get laid tonight. Continue Reading…

casual sex

adult datingntnwillis98

Do you think there is an age group that benefits the most from this site regarding the main purpose of the site I stated above?

Thanks in advance to all those that take the time to respond to this question in a meaningful way. I won’t be responding to each and every post here but be sure I will be reading them. Continue Reading…


Erotic datingdnafun11

From the male half of the couple.

You know that’s a damn fine question. I wondered that myself. We get play all the time, although not always people from this site.

It seems to me we hear a lot of 20 some-thing’s complaining and the 60 plus crowd the same. But again that seems to be primarily here and not so much on some of the other sites
we are on. Continue Reading…



Let’s talk about sex

Casual sex positions


swingers sexhorny-blondy

All those I’ve met in the short space of time I’ve been on this site had the age ranges of 3o through to 50’s.

Each of those complained that although having been on this site longer than myself, I was in fact their first meeting.

Also listening to what others say, I would venture to guess at 30 to late 50s age range. Personally myslef… I like older guys better, they no rush, they take their time, so I might say, the site works better for them… Continue Reading…


NSA datingmiseryluvsco68

For the men, I’d say in the 40’s. I definitely would not play with younger men.  Not sure about the women, I suppose whoever gives in. Continue Reading…

horny couples

NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

Yes I will go with the 35-65 yr.old the woman. And the men 45-70 yr. old. I really don’t think it works for the younger men as well, but their of some exceptions I am sure.

As they seem to think it is a free brothel and do not know how to communicate on adult levels. Even though this is an adult  dating site. That is my opinion. Continue Reading…


NSA sexAnewWoman

I would say those who fall in the middle aged crowd do best here.

Chances are they have been in no committed relationships before and want to stay active without the same commitments they once had. Continue Reading…


NSA Sex1Str8Man

Some sites cater to younger couples and singles. They sponsor dance clubs and other party related activities geared to attract younger age group. They use the club scene as the sell. Dancing and drinking. Those website are  successful with the younger 21 to 30 crowd.

I am in 50’s and I can not complain about the this website. I got what I am looking for, and I can get at any time. It definitely works for me.

So if we consider my age as an example, than it deferentially works form me… The age of the  people I usually meet is between  late 30s till early 50s, and it works for them too. Continue Reading…


Orgasm is the most intensely pleasurable sensation, what men and women can experience

An orgasm can be from a brief ejaculation till a full, mind blowing body rush. People, swingers, men, women, and couples, who are into casual sex, or no commitment sex, they are into, it, because they love to have orgasm. They love to have that incredible pleasure as often as possible.

Sometimes orgasm feels concentrated in my genitals, and sometimes it is diffuse, but it is always an incredible release, and explosion of pleasure that leaves little concentric circles rippling happily it its wake… a member women said, describing her orgasm.

Most of us think orgasm are about as good as it gets on the pleasure scale. Yet some anxiety frequently surrounds the world orgasm. Men worry about their penis size and  coming to soon.

While women worry about taking to long and big stretched pussy… When a woman is aroused, blood flow increase to the vagina, swelling the inner and the outer lips and the clitoris and causing natural lubrication.

With enough inn tense physical and psychological stimulation, she will reach climax, during which the vagina, sphincter, and uterus contract simultaneously, and the blood congested in the vaginal area suddenly rushes back to the body.

horny older womenOlder Women for Younger Men. Older women looking for younger men for casual sex.

The debate over whether or not   women have clitoral or vaginal orgasm or both, still continues.

Also there is and other, penis size and women orgasm related debate. What have to do penis size, love making, sex technique and women orgasm

One out female user asked it: How to orgasm with average size penis?

hot and hornyI have a lot of difficulty obtaining orgasm with men having smaller penises. I rarely have trouble with longer than 7.

I was wondering if any of the ladies would care to share any techniques or specific positions they use when with a partner having an average size penis, say 6 1/2 inches for the sake of this question.

Yes I’ve tried direct clitoral stimulation and yes to using dildos as well. I’d love to achieve an orgasm with just vaginal penetration.

I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have. Continue Reading>>>


moresomeYou could always just stick to the bigger ones…

An average sized guy that knows how to use it would do the trick. Problem is that all guys will tell you they know what they are doing but you won’t find out until you try them. Continue Reading>>>


LOL yes I am tending to stick to the bigger ones. But I hate to pass up on a really nice fella due to his penis size. Continue Reading>>>

sex positions

Casual Sex Positions

I have heard Doggy style allows the penis to go deeper and this may be helpful.
Continue Reading>>>


I know, doggy style is my favorite position, and it is pretty “useful” in a threesome. Continue Reading>>>


horny ladies I find that the cyberskin dildos give a wonderful orgasm due to their real filling a flexibility.  I am not experienced in such issues though because I myself do not like over 7 inches.

I wish you luck though hon. I know how frustrating it can be especially because I have never had a g-spot orgasm (all clitoral for me).
Continue Reading>>>


older women younger menOverweight makes a woman´s vagina longer, because fat accumulates to the subcutis also around vulva’s area. I have heard and read that BBW women enjoy sex especially in the dog position and with the woman on top.

Additionally, if the guy is not smart enough to note, you might stimulate your own clitoris by yourself during act. Continue Reading>>>


erotic hugsIt does depend on the guy, not just on his penis size, but on his love making knowledge is too… But you can try different sex positions.
There are other, sex positions, not just doggy style, that do allow deeper penetration which you might enjoy.

It would help if he can go longer as well, like ramming you
harder for as long as it takes for you to orgasm.

Using an ANAL toy while he is inside you will help with vaginal orgasms as well.
Continue Reading>>>

better sex tips

I prefer average-sized penises, but I noticed that the woman on top position seems to result in deeper penetration and in clitoral stimulation morose than some of the other

Of course, if you really have problems with this, I think you might want to consider sticking to guys who are 7 inches or longer. Continue Reading>>>


If you really want to come from a guy with an average or small cock, missionary is the best position. Here’s the thing though.

While you are laying on your back bring your knees up to you chest. The closer your legs are to you head the easier it will be for him to hit your g spot. Also if he is overweight do the same thing but rest you legs/ankles on his shoulders so when hes thrusting you hitting your g spot his stomach can rub and stimulate your clit at the same time.

I’m a little over 4 inches erect, and it consider as small penis, and it has always worked for me with many partners. Hope this helps!

Oh, and if you feel like you have to pee during this just relax that’s the orgasm trying to come release… Continue Reading>>>

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Sex is better then ever been before. The best it has ever been for me

Russian hottieDo your sexual desires, needs, quality change, or quantity as you age?

When I was in my twenties I’ve heard people saying sex is getting better then you are in your forties. I didn’t even think about older than that, no disrespect to anybody who is older than me.

I couldn’t actually believe that! But now I’m forty, and sex is getting better with the age (well, if you are with the right partner). Right when I think it can’t get any better: it does!
How does it work for you? Continue Reading>>>

casual sex personal adsNo String Attached Casual Sex Personal Ads

I am a over forty, almost fifty years old man. I go for quantity… after one or two quickie, will come the quality… which will take times and a lot of horizontal mambo-jambo… Continue Reading>>>


My needs and desires haven’t really changed. They have basically been the same all this time. One thing that has changed is, when I was younger, I basically just thought about my needs, where as now, I think about both our needs.

Also, in my younger days, it was a 100 meter sprint, whereas now, it’s more of a long distance event. I quite enjoy it for being so. And my partners enjoy it too. Continue Reading>>>


Welcome to the over 40 club!! I’d have to agree. I understand my body and what pleases me much more than when I was a just a young chickie.

My tastes and desires have expanded. Plus my sex drive has increased from wanting 2-3 times per week to at least daily. And then sometimes multiple times per day. It’s all good… Continue Reading>>>


older women younger menA lot better than I expected. I was like you, never thought
beyond my forties. But now that I am in my retired age I don’t think
about it that way, better than…. or any better.

I take what comes and it makes me very happy, thank you, there
isn’t no doubt that at some point it will stop, but I don’t anticipate, it will be anytime soon, because my hormones and my sex drive works the same way since my late forties.

Even better, I don’t think about what will I do, when I will have enough sex for lifetime. Continue Reading>>>


I think its because we are getting good at it. We are more open about it now. Sometime at a stuffy party start a sex conversation, now the party gets fun.

I don’t think we were as brave in our teens and twenties. We also are better at sharing  with our partners what we like and we should be ask them as well.

When I was in young I tried to look like I knew what I was doing. Now I think I have a pretty good handle on it. Yes I am still learning the skill also. Continue Reading>>>

local erotic adult datingAdult Dating Video Profiles

Sex is like a good wine, getting better with the age. However age is not something, that you most to have to have great sex. Older men and women have experience and experience makes it perfect…

But because the Internet boom,  young people can learn a lot about sex.  When I was young we did not have any love making literature, sex educating videos, etc… We had to figure everything ourself out. Continue Reading>>>


horny womenI think it definitely gets better as you get older. When you are younger, all you care about is getting someone naked.

If you score, fabulous. If you are female and you came too – even better.

But as I get older, I find that the connection with the other person is even more important. That connection allows me to explore my boundaries and  experiment, and do things that never occurred to me when I was in my 20s.

Sex is a completely different experience for me now and I enjoy it tremendously. Continue Reading>>>


It’s gotten much better for me since I have gotten older. The adventurous side of me was forced to behave during a horrible marriage that was very abusive. Sex was his way and I got nothing out of it but had to endure the act.

For two years after the divorce, I didn’t have sex-I had no desire, and didn’t date at all. Then I met a very smooth and very skilled guy, named Mac who was so patient, so gentle with me. He showed me how sex is supposed to be and he led me into a world filled with eroticism and wonderful things!

The adventurous side of me came out with a vengeance and I tried things that I had been curious about. Some I liked, some I didn’t-but I got the chance to try! Now that I have made it to the other side of menopause, my desire is still there.

The fear of getting pregnant is gone. I find that I am more aggressive, more willing to initiate what I want, and am still flexible enough to try out new sex positions! Sometimes it takes me longer to have an orgasm, but with a younger lover, that’s
usually not an issue.

Get laid Tonight! Local Erotic Adult Dating Personal Ads!

We are both very lusty and have worked out a great partnership that satisfies both of our desires. We are a bit kinky at times, other times we make sweet, romantic love to each other, and sometimes we hit the bed before even saying Hi to each other.

So, for me, things have definitely gotten better with age!!! I will no doubt slow down at some point, but I hope it’s not for a long, long time.

There are still a few things left that I want to try. Continue Reading>>>


Sex gets better with experience, and experience comes with age. I don’t want to repeat an above post, but experience is cause pretty much the same things, that knowledge does. It mellows and enriches sex it makes smooth, and when sex is smooth, then it will lead into great orgasm. Continue Reading>>>

Make her cum all the time…!

maria looking for casual sexSex is better then ever been before. The best it has ever been for me… and I’m 56! Continue Reading>>>


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