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Whats the difference in comparison to the “traditional” way of meeting or meet with somebody from this erotic dating site, or any from any other dating website, like this?

So is it really different for men on this site to consider a long turn romantic relationship with a woman off this site in comparison to meeting a woman the “traditional” way, for example through mutual friends?

Does a man take the relationship less seriously or does he believe the woman less worthy of his time and devotion? Just curious =) what the masses believe or have experienced…



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I don’t think it is much different at all. You still have to meet a  man whether you meet through the site or real world.

I think a first date is a first date…here or there. However the difference is the reason… People come here to find sex partner, casual sex partner or, one night stand, not to build any time of committed relationship.

But this does not mean, int can happen. Of course it can and happened at many time…. but this site is a sex dating site….  As I red your profile, I realized  you know this…

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Some aspects are different, some are the same.


The men here, at least the heterosexual ones, want to get into your underwear, and are frank about it. Of course, the men you meet traditionally want the same thing, they just are not always up front about it.

Also a women here want to find casual sex partners and many other “kinky” erotic things… Things that you will get kicked out from a traditionally dating site. And as the above message states it, according to your very erotic profile, you know this…….

I don’t think most of the men here are looking for a long-term serious relationship, taste your pussy is the primary goal. Unless you pick them up in bars for NSA, the traditional men you meet usually have a relationship as the primary goal with get laid as a longer-term goal.

Most men from traditionally dating site want to know if you are the one, for long term committed relationship, a lot of guys here want to know if you are the one for tonight or maybe the whole weekend.

If you pick a guy up on the traditionally way, you usually get to see what you are getting before hand, while from here, you have to guess and hope, but you have bigger selection available here, then anywhere else.

Here on-site, sexual desires, likes and dislikes are usually up front and immediately talked about. Dating on the traditional way, the guy has to figure out what you like and dislike and if you are even willing to talk about it.

Both on and off site, men will lie to you just to get you into their bed. Some will be honest and serious some not, don’t think there is a real difference other than they guys here are up front about wanting sex from you.

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A guy from off-site of course never has to lie to his family or friends about where he met you.

If you develop a long term, committed relationship with somebody from this site… Well how can I say… Guys from this site are not going to be looking for a blushing virgin bride.

Relationships either work or don’t work, I don’t think meeting them on this site or at church makes a whole
lot of difference. But, you don’t have to worry about explaining to your friend why the guy she hooked you up with is not what you want, if you date someone from the site.

I like your profile and picture. I would be very interested in you. But because we are on this site, I have read your profile, I know damned well I am not what you are looking for. So, I won’t be hitting on you. Of course, many who do not meet your standards will send you emails hitting on you, but then, those off-site probably hit on you pretty often also.

So get used to it baby…



I think the women on this site are more likely to be completely honest about matters of sex and their feelings about sex. I am a man of some years and experience and have found many of the married women that have I’ve known are having sex with me because they were afraid to be completely open to their husband. They are afraid to tell him their sexual preferences, sexual fantasy etc…

A marital relationship like this… very bad. Isn’t it?



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I know a guy who does think he wouldn’t have a relationship with anyone he met off this site, and and I know another one who thinks this is as good a way to meet people as any – its the person and his preferences that counts, not how you meet them…

I would also think a large number of men (and women) here aren’t looking for serious relationships anyway, so if you do, then you are at the wrong place.


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