New Year, new no string attached casual sex game

As part of our anthropological studies, this year (2016) we have decided to record how many times we have no string attached sex, with willing and selected men – women and couples, while trying to have a bit fun at the same time. Continue Reading…

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Now, do you think there should be a set criteria for when we award ourselves the mark?

Every good sex game has some rules, don’t they? So what should they be?

Like, does someone need to cum? Do we both need to? Do we count oral (as we weren’t going to)? Does strap on dildo sex count in the same way or should we have a variety of categories? That is not fair, a dildo never get soft and never gets tired… that is a big advance.

So  far we will have categories, sex with single men, sex with bi women and sex with couples. We sense a spreadsheet coming on.

Also we’re going to class vaginal and anal sex as mark awarding acts and add a tally on the calender. But should there be more? Should we detail it, something orgasms achieved activities etc, for example ball sucking, or blow job…Continue Reading…

Ideas please. Continue Reading…

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no string atttached sxsummer-fun

I have had the fascination of counting the number of orgasms my gal achieved with a well hung young stud… Then enter them into a spreadsheet. What for?

I know it sound like I am jealous, no I an not, however it is something that just waste of the time.

If somebody is an excellent sex partner, we will remember to that person with out any spreadsheet… Continue Reading…



I have had the fascination of counting the number of orgasms my lady partner obtains just receiving oral. Sometimes I time it too… just like to know how long it take me to giving oral oral orgasm to someone ….using my tongue and mouth.

I use different “techniques” and after all, it give some indications which one is more pleasurable…

Also  good to know the number of times one choose to have sex after reaching orgasm through oral… So I like your sex game. Continue Reading…


swingers sexKarynn5

Well, don’t games require referees?

So what you are saying, in effect, is you need a minimum of three to play this game… Two participants and a third person to monitor and keep score.  Continue Reading…


swingers sexrednkgrll57

I’ve done it so many times, if I have  some statistics, I would be be in the Guinness book of records for sex play. Continue Reading…

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no string attached sexzilmaru

I like your game because I like recording and categorizing things very much.

The only thing I would not record is the time to reach orgasm   orgasms. It is so variable, and concentrating on orgasms or how many takes the focus
off the fun and pleasure to me.

For me, it would feel like too much pressure and that would take a way the “fun” factor. Continue Reading…


leisure sex2hottotango

We think your idea of collecting statistics and turning it into a erotic  game is fine, and the process of gathering the stats is fun!

Suggestion: straight sex with a new partner (one orgasm on the part of the female) = 1Pts

Straight sex with the same new partner (second orgasm on the part of the male = 1-1/2 (added to the first)

Tag team (2 guys) = 2-1/2 Pts because it’s hard to get two guys at the same time.

You take extra credit for double penetration with 2 guys = 4 Pts because it’s hard to all get to the right places at the same time, but even just try to do it right, can be a lot of fun…

Anyway, that’s our idea. And the goal is to rack up as many points as you can as early into the year as possible.

Most importantly, post the scores and encourage others to compare their scores. Continue Reading…

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Is sex important part of our life?

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