Sharing Your Wife With Another Man

Reading stories on the Internet about sharing your wife with a man  is one thing, but actually doing it is quite another. According to the author,  this is a true  story and happened with them.

As the husband explained it:

We had been married for almost 10 years and although we loved each other, our sex life was boring as hell.  When love making happened,  I always have to be the one who started it, but she turned me down most of the time.

I was pretty sure the reason she (my wife, lets name her Kitty) was so conventional and uninspired when it came to sex was that she was virgin when we got married. I was the only man who ever had penetrative sex with her.

That is she on the next photo. I had a photo of her on my cellphone and I posted it here.

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Adult Dating Profiles From Women

My only excuse for what happened to us is that I was sexually frustrated and had started to surf the Internet; reading porno stories to fulfill my sexual needs. I started to read about wives and threesomes and all the things that open minded couples do and did. I knew that most of the stories were fantasy stories, but they still got me in to our own erotic story like – real life scenario.

I fantasized about some other guy make love with my wife, and I would be there to see them do it, and maybe even help them along. For some reason the idea of seeing my wife act like an open minded swinger woman made me so horny, I have to masturbate and it became an obsession.

I tried to make her think about casual sex once, while we actually have a rare “good sex” session. She was on top of me riding on my cock, quickly reaching her point of no return when I said, “God, Kitty you look so beautiful, I wish I could see you being fucked by another man.”

She just looked down at me and smiled and quickened her movement, soon reached her orgasm.  I felt  her body tense and shiver as her orgasm overtook her. I wondered if she understand my suggestion, but I was afraid to ask her, I didn’t want to get her mad at me.

Then one day, we got a new neighbor, this started a new chapter in our life.

Few days after he moved in, we ran into each other at the front of our house, I  introduced myself and started to chat with him. Few minutes later Kitty joined us and we’d chat about our street and news and social life. When we went into the house Kitty made the comment that George, (that’s the guy’s name) was really well built, and she wondered why a good looking guy like him is  single.

I built a more than a good neighbor friendship with George and his friends over the next few months. I think he liked both of us and I know that Kitty seemed to like him. I was wondering would he be able to fuck my wife.

playfull wifeMy playful wife always horny. I need help

At one Sunday we’d been drinking all afternoon, watching football at his house and  we talked about old college days and old relationship, include women. His sex life in his college years was much more colorful then my. He told me he used to have a sex friend,  and they visited swingers club every now and than.

This was a good sign I thought and asked him, point-black if he would  fuck Kitty at front of me. I swallowed hard when he complemented me on Kitty, he said that she was pretty hot and that I was a lucky man to have her as wife and went on to say that he hopes I take care of her needs properly.

So I told to him, “You know George, I’ve always had this fantasy about seeing her with another man.” I paused and looked at him meaningfully then continued, “And I think you’d be the prefect guy to fulfill my fantasy, what do you think?”

George looked shocked and that worried me until a brilliant smile broke out on his face and he nodded, then said, “I think I would be able to do her, but what would Kitty think about it?”

I said, I am not sure, but I will find it out somehow.

I lied to him, I knew that Kitty would never go for something this perverted, but I knew a way to make it happen. My plan was simple, make a barbecue party together,  get Kitty drunk and let George be the one to end up in our bed.

By the way Kitty isn’t what you’d call a super model type.  She’s an average looking slim woman, with perfect shaped breast, but a little-bit small size  for her body.  I said above wasn’t simple to get her into the mood to make love, but when she was drunk the sex  always was good, alcohol seems to release all of her inhibitions. If the lights were low and she drank more than she should, I thought  she might not even realize she gets in the bed with George, not with me.

However I hesitated and kept thinking about the possibilities over and over during for few weeks. Finally I decided, I gonna give it a try and told George that we should try to make it happen at  Saturday night.

Saturday arrived fast and was raining all day, so the barbecue party got cancelled. I was sure my erotic plan wont happen when Kitty came up with the idea to go have a dinner  at a bar close to our  home. I realized this is might be my best chance, Kitty likes to dance and when I dance with her she’ll drink to “cool off and usually ends quite drunk.

However because of George was there she was holding back on the alcohol at first, but after several dances with me and then a couple with George she loosened up and the alcohol started to flow.

George and I looked like we were keeping up drinking with her; except our drinks were just plain Ginger ale,  and hers were Crown Royal with Ginger ale .

By midnight Kitty was ready to go home. We left the bar, with Kitty was sitting beside me on the back seat while George at the front next to the taxi driver. I started to play with her  by sliding my hand between her legs. She was wearing a short thigh dress and my hand snaked up under the material and I could feel that her underwear was moist at the crotch.

She pushed my hand away, and slide down on the seat a little, opened her legs so I could get better access. I started to play with her pussy and kept do it all the way  until home.

I realized, she  must have known that George and the taxi driver  could tell what I was doing, yet she let me keep doing it. That one act of willingness sealed my fait,  I decided not to trick George into our bed,  but to try and get her to do it with her consent.

We arrived  to home, were laughing and stumbling as we got in the  the living room.  Kitty said she go to the Kitchen to get some drink from the fridge. I used the possibility and  explained to George  what I had in mind. He looked doubtful, and said, he is not sure, but  if I was willing to let him to play with my wife, and she does not mind it, then he would do his part.

Kitty came back, put the drink on the table and sat down onto the couch  next to me. George sat in the captain chair at the opposite site of the couch.

It was now or never. I reached my hand out and snaked it up under her dress again while at the same time covering her mouth with mine, giving her a hot wet French-kiss just the way she likes it when she’s feeling horny.

She was drunk but not so drunk that she  could not see George was still there. She started to pull my hand out from her dress and tried to pull away from my kiss. I waved to George to come over with my free hand,  and then I felt him when he sat down the other site of Kitty.

Kitty was in between us,  he turned  her head a little to his way, looked in to her eyes and started kissing her passionately, forcing her mouth open and planting his tongue deeply inside, while I fingered her pussy. Kitty pushed my hand a way again and for my big surprise she laid back on the couch. I stand up and went to the other side, to seat down on the captain chair.  On my way I put few condoms on the table from my packet. My eyes met with Kitty eyes, either of us said a word.

By this time George did his things,  her dress was undone, her bra was on the floor and he was feasting on her nipples, first one, then the other and then back again.

My fantasy was getting true. Another man was on my wife and I was there to see it. Just for the fact,  I was experiencing mixed emotions, no one but me had ever made love to Kitty. I felt a little bad that I was tricking her into as I watched George getting ride of of his pants I even felt  more then little jealousy. I knew how felt to have sex with Kitty and George  was just about to get that experience too.

As I watched the scene unfold in front of me I imagined how Kitty would look when she wraps her legs around his body,  I was rock hard with anticipation.

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Then the moment arrived, he trusted into my wife and everything went very smooth and easy. For my surprise he did not use condom, he never tried and safe sex only was part of our deal.

Then the reality hit the home run and I  I realized, its not their first time, they had done this before.

She took him in like an experienced partner,  like  she done it a hundred times before. I sat there  watching them. Kitty  began to thrust against  his hip eagerly accepting him, almost joyfully I thought. Then they both groaned and I knew that they were cumming together in perfect harmony.

I did see what I wanted, right? Even though I still had an erection I also had a sick feeling inside that I made a mistake. Even though it had been so fucking hot to watch another man orgasm on my wife I knew then and there that our relationship was in serious trouble.

As it turned out  next morning , George was after my wife since he turned to be our neighbor. He tried to get close to her, (NSA sex in his mind) but she did not give in. Than I came up with my idea and he told her what I was planning to do.

She did not believe him, until I suggested the barbecue party. The very next day she went to George house and told to him,  “Since my husband was willing to betray me there is no reason for me to be faithful to him anymore. Therefore would you like to have sex with me.” And they did, George was a younger man and  I guess a better sex partner then I am, he could make her obtain multiply orgasm easily, and she loved that experience.

This was two weeks  before that barbecue supposed to happen and during that two weeks they made love several times a  day, every day  when I was at work.

Few moths passed by and she got the house and the Porsche, I got the mobile home, the Honda Civic  and my clothes. George sold his house and moved in with Kitty.

They have a profile on They are  looking competitive man to join them and I  imagine them having sex  when I masturbate.  According to Kitty they have sex every night because he is so good at it and because there is  always willing men.

That is Kitty to on the next photo. I made that photo and they posted it on their profile:

horny woman

Kitty Looking for Men to Join Them

What makes casual sex so attractive for married couples?

Married couples try casual sex and they might end up in a swingers club. Why? What is about swinging that keep married couples share their marital sex life with others?

playfull wifeMy playful wife always horny. I need help.

No string attached sex can be fun and pleasure, with other words casual sex a  lot of erotic fun, if done properly.

Oh, you are not married, you are single, but you are here to find a man woman couple for nsa sex.  It might happen, but it takes time, however before you get into this “lifestyle”, you should  know few things.  The most important is; What you should expect if you find that couple?  Keep reading and you will find it out based on our experience.

When a man – woman couple get into casual sex, usually they try to find an other couple or a extra partner. The gender of that partner depends on their preferences and on their erotic fantasy.  If their first  nsa sex experience turn to be a positive, then they might try few more times. If they want more,  they might end up visit swingers clubs.  People go to swingers club for the same reason, which is, to have sex…

New couples usually into no string attached sex plays  2 – 3 years and then they take a break. In a lot of cases this break is the end of their shared or nsa sex play, however if they get back into the lifestyle, then they will stay for many more years.

I, as a male part of the couple don’t know for sure why women love to have sex with different men,  so I can’t tell you that, you better ask my wife. But I know why I love it, but its bring up  another question that I should talk about first.

The question is; Why does married men loves other women’s pussy?

It is simple, boring marital sex life, fun factor, more experienced woman, safe sex and 80% of sexually active men always want new pussy. The rest of them, that 20% want it too, but they lie about it, even for themselves.   New toys, new pussy… I guess its men’s things.

horny married womanMarried but horny looking for sex friends

We as a couple got into casual sex because the sparks disappeared from our  marital love life.  Our relationship was and is in secure and we love each other more then ever, but sex was not the same anymore.  Love making became dirty work. We knew, we need to make some changes, to bring those sparks back into our bedroom. So we tried nsa, we loved it, in fact ever since we are loving it.

The basic idea originate from my wife. Once upon a time,  one night we talked about everything at the front of the TV, include our neighbor.  She was a divorced lady and she had a lover, half of her age. Than my wife said something like, she was wondering how sex would be with a man who is young enough to be our son.  We have no child, our business was more important then children, so there is no ethical question if and what will happen if our children finds it out…

Anyways, I told to her, you never gonna find it out, if you never try… She agreed, she said you are right, I never going to find out. But no one can predict the future… The subject like a ghost kept come back again and again, usually when the neighbor’s lover’s car parked on her driveway. Than one day I told to her she should find a  willing young man. She said she doesn’t think I can handle it, well I wasn’t sure how will I handle it, but I told to her we will find out if time comes…  However there was one condition, I want to be there in the same room, I want to see all.

Than she agreed she will try, so we registered to this adult dating website and started our search.  Even though there are more men the women here, its not easy to find the right man. We had hours of video chat and more than few coffee dates, and months passed by and nothing happened, the guys did not show up for the second date.  Than we changed our tactic, video chat, coffee date and if there is some attraction,  we go to a hotel room. It started very promising,  but the first guy could not get it hard. The second blow his load before he got naked…

marreid woman

Married woman looking for playmates.

Than we found a man. A young guy, 15 years younger than my wife,  he hold university degree, he is very polite, easy going, we can talk about anything and everything with him and for bonus, he was and he is a good sex partner. Our casual sex journey began with him. We developed a sex friendship with him, in fact he introduced his girlfriend to us  and let me tell you, I thought his girlfriend have the sweetest pussy that I ever tasted…  Our friendship is still ongoing, we still get together every now and than, but we and they play with others too.

Than we ended up in a swingers club, and my wife had sex with two men in a hotel room after the club hours. That was very erotic, I love to see her while being pleased by two men at the same time. Of course I had my share of fun too, somehow always is the latest pussy is the best pussy.  When I see my beautiful wife, while other man’s hard cock dug deep into her love tunnel, and I play with that man’s wife or partner, it always makes me want more pussy.  It always makes me teenager again,  its something like you are teenager again and you can perform better and more and teenagers don’t need Viagra… Plus as time goes  quantity replaced by quality, because of experience, so nsa sex made me a better lover.

There is nothing better than watch my wife during sex. Its always turn me on. I love to see her erect nipple in other guy’s mouth, I love to see her moaning with pleasure as sliding up and down other man’s erected shaft. Between two intercourse a big turn on for me, just to see her entertain or being entertained by one or two men, its always give me a hard on.

But there are many other reason, for example, for a mfm threesome you need two men and a woman.  Continue reading…

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My boyfriend want a fmf threesome

I had broken up with my long-term boyfriend when I catch him having sex with two of my best girlfriends at the same time. One of them had her pussy plopped onto his face, while the other was giving him a blowjob. Continue reading…

Another Perspective on Casual Sex with Wife Sharing

The thing is, we don’t really need an adult dating website to arrange a MFM threesome, but it’s easy here, because it is a nsa sex dating website…. so men women and couples comes here for the same reason, which is no string attached sex.

Also many people, singles and couples too, have an ample supply of open minded people locally… friends from swingers clubs or fuck buddies. Those people come here to find things that they are missing, not more of what they already have.

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MFM threesomesDiscreteGuy32
Couples wanting only females.

I am into being the extra guy in MFM threesomes, but have noticed most couples only want an extra girl.

I had always wondered how much of the mans input had been put into this part of the profile. I’d love to know how many of the couples profiles out there with girls only are controlled by the guy!

Since to me it is like: Yes honey, we’re swinging, but you’re getting no one else but me!!


sex dating Iamwman

We are (you and I) looking for the same thing and I do not have hard time to find a couples to play with. I am don’t say it happens every weekend, but it does happen every know and then. However I am living in Canada, not in India like you… so I am not sure why men don’t want to share their sweetheart with you in India.

If you have hard time, to find competitive couple to play with, I have a solution for you. Find a girl, then look an extra guy and you will have your MFM threesome. I guaranty it will work…

horny couple

Members Erotic Video Intro

adult dating Unduplicated1

Frustrating, isn’t it? My few male friends also only want FMF threesomes, but it’s harder to find a woman who’s willing to play with a couple than a man!

I checked out your profile, and I didn’t see anything in there about wanting an MFM threesome. Maybe you should put this in your profile?

I receive offers from guys all the time regarding MFM threesomes, but my male friends don’t want to play with another man!

They just don’t want the competition! So, I’m always on the lookout for women for FMF threesomes, but I hardly find any women who are willing to play with me and a man.

The bi women I meet usually want younger couples, or they’re part of a couple looking for other couples.

I enjoy FMF threesomes, but I wouldn’t mind a guy for a change (of course, someone closer to my age – lol).

I’m sure you’ll eventually find a couple who’s looking for another man. You seem to have a lot to offer a couple.

Have you tried joining a swinger’s group in India? They sure have enough groups here in the US. My problem is that I’m definitely not a swinger! Good luck to you!


swingers funfuntimes10163

Sadly, this sometimes is the way it happens. Not in all cases, I’m sure, because I have personally been involved with two men who thought along those lines.


cougar womenLorelei_x

I am not sure what the situation in India. I think you should ask a local couple, why they don not share sex…

However here, around my neighborhood…. What you describe is what I call “newbies”,
they are often inexperienced or young couples, often with the man leading, and thinking that another woman is less threatening.

Here in Canada, there are lots of experienced couples looking for MFM, and looking for the “right” kind of man to join. I can’t speak for India, though.

One thing on your profile is a total turn-off for an experienced couple:
“I am straight”. That’s a clear code for “I am afraid of having another penis touch me and I will have performance issues in a group setting, and I’m sensitive and whiny too.”

Take a look at some of my photos – if you’re not prepared to have your cock touch another man’s cock, well, then…

Experienced couples will look for an experienced man with lots of testimonials. See maallen40 or whiskeyriver (on my page) or islandman37 for the type of men who will be very successful with couples.

horny swingers adsSwingers Sex Personal Ads

swingers datingSugarscrew

Finding partners for a threesome, whether male or female hasn’t been a problem for us. But finding the “Golden Goose” a couple that we can play with is rare, but we aren’t in India.


swingers datingdnafun11

Funny, we have no issues with MFM and we like them and want them. I am into doubled penetration too and with one man, you can’t have double… or you have to use a toy, but that is not the same.

We want a FMF threesomes too, not because as several people have assumed he is scared to have his penis near another man, but we both would like to play with a lady.

We have found through trial and error that having only couples and ladies on our profile as what we want/are looking for that we get far more hits from the ladies that way.

Having sex in a group setting with another couple I can say there are no issues there for either one of us. And having sex with my husband, while I sucked another man’s cock
was hot as hell.

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Recreational Sex

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No String Attached Casual Interracial Sex

Interracial no string attached casual sex tends to be popular, special if we are talking about middle age horny married woman, with older (much older) husband.

No string attached sex tends to be very popular and more popular day by day, no one really can be certain how many people are involved. Continue Reading…

nsa sex datingno string attached sex dating

According to the latest statistic and if we can believe in statistics,  more than 10 million married couples openly states it in US alone “we are into no string attached sex with others”. Therefore, there are more people into casual sex than you could hope to meet in several lifetimes, and the numbers grow daily.

Please note NSA sex and swingers sexual activity is not the same, but both activity have a lot in common.Continue Reading…

Than we mix interracial sex with open minded middle aged couples, and than a real fun begins for those, who are into interracial sex…

There are many women fantasize big penis and many of them specific about those big penis’ color, they dreaming about big black penises.

Also there are a lot of husband who can not sexually satisfy their wife, and they have wish too… which is, they wish a nice black guy with an extra large 8 inches plus penis, give a fuck of the lifetime to their wife. They wish she will get fuck so hard, she begs to stop.Continue Reading…

casual sexInterracial Sex Personal Ads

Is it simple… but there is a catch. The catch is, usually they want to see when this happen and they might join in. Sometimes these men are bisexual and their fantasy pretty much the same with their wife’s fantasy… which is to play with a big black erected penis… or if there is no a big black erect penis availability, well in that case any penis can be better than no penis…

Therefor our advice is. Your skin color does not matter, but if you decide to play with a man – woman couple as a third man, than you have to make it sure, the couple know your sexuality and you know the same about the couple. Continue Reading…

If you do not make crystal clean, what you expect from them… like no man – to man play, or you are bi curious or orally bi, etc.. What ever your sexual preferences are, you have to let them know…

Otherwise you might get surprise… and I am not sure are you going to like it. Continue Reading…

young sweet hottie
If we flip the coin… in this case if we check black ladies fantasy out… There are more than few who fantasize about nice, polite easy going guys. The skin color is not an issue for them, but the attitude is… Continue Reading…

You can check them out here, but remember… Once you go black, you never go back…

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Everything is here that our members posted about threesomes

I love cock, I really love the feeling of being filled, and I want two at the same time. I want to do vaginal – anal double penetration.

Female Male Female Threesome Story

According to the author the next story just happened with him, last Saturday, which was Easter’s Saturday.

He stated, he changed the names and twisted the story line a little bit. However it is his work and it is copyrighted by him. He is not a professional writer, he is just an every day’s hard working man like you or me…

All rights reserved. If you have any related questions, you can contact me by email,  twoj2006-jj at Thank you for your consideration.

fmf sex playAdult Dating Ads

My wife Terry and I are “confirmed” swingers. Through our 8 years of marriage sex became boring. We wanted to spice marital sex up, wanted to expand our horizons and started to swing. Since that time we have great sex with each other again, just like we used t have in our teen years.

Every now and then we go to the local swingers club or search the Internet to find willing couples or bi sexual ladies to play with us. Today, Easter’s Saturday we invited one of my wife x – schoolmate to the club. Over there not much happened, it was kind of slow and a boring night, there was only few couples. I guess people busy with family at Easter time… We had nothing better to do, so we played, flirted with each other. However everything changed when we got to our place.

We hardly got in the house and we were already in the  playing mood. I eased Terry’s (Terry is my wife) dress off over her head, revealing a low-cut bra and panties. Running my hands down her slender body, I appreciated her gentle curves and her feminine but muscular body.  She is a workout maniac.

mfm threesomeCasual Sex Dating Ads

Then I took her underwear off, kissed her round, hard-nipple breasts. I touched her shaved beaver too. I tried to make it look like an accident, but she know me, I could not fool her. Well after this intro I was getting ready for an entertaining fuck. I was going to screw my wife in the hope her friend Katy will join in. Something like this has happened before.

Hey you, don’t rush, Terry said. My friend needs some attention, too.

I realized that I have to bang my wife and her bestgirlfriend too…

At that time I realized that, this Easter Saturday going to be my lucky night, because the ladies have a plan. I will have to bang my wife and her very sexy x schoolmate too. So I repeated the process with Katy, undressing her and stroking her warm very sexy body. Then I got rid off my clothes in a flash. My cock sprang out, it was already ready for some erotic activity. I was really horny and for a short moment I wondered if I could satisfy them both. The two ladies did not hesitate at all, they sandwiched me and navigated me into the bedroom.

I rolled on a rubber, while the two naked women lay back on the mattress. Both of them started to use their fingers to tickle their clits erect.

Fuck me! Terry urged.  Fuck us! Corrected her Katy.

I did not need any more fore play, we were kissing and touching each other half the night and in the taxi on the way to our place, so I just wanted to do what they ask me too.

I was going to start with my wife, but she had a different idea. Guests first – she told me. Well she did not have to ask me twice, I slid my hard cock into her x classmate’s beautiful, wet pussy. It was slick and tight, like every guy’s dream. A few years back we had sex, but she has changed a lot in a positive way since that time.

She lifted her hip up to give me easier access to her vulva, I started to give it to her really deep and hard. In the mean time my wife played with my testicles from behind. I know it wouldn’t take me long to cum. I slowed down and tried to organize my concentration, kind of paced myself, because  Terry was horny too. So after a slow  minute or so, I changed condoms and switched to her. I know her pussy very well and it fits me like the right size condom.

I was more than happy to try to make orgasm  both of them.

fmf threesome

I kept switching back and forth, and kept changing condoms. Changing condoms takes time and I was able to cool down a bit in the changing process.

Our threesome got hotter and hotter. I was screwing one and playing with the other’s boobs or the other sucked my balls. After a while the one who didn’t have my cock was asking for it. I was more than happy to take care of both of them.

Terry’s body went rigid, her breasts shook, and her pretty blonde head thrashed around. I’m Cumming! She said and pushed her pussy up to my pubic bone. I trusted one more time and she had a mind blowing orgasm.

I  changed to Katy immediately, however at this time I did not change condoms, I went down on her and started to tongue fuck her. It did not take a minute and she reached the orgasm too with a very feminine moan.
Oh, my! You are a sex god, she said.

I knew that I don’t have to hold back anything any longer, but they asked me to try to control myslef. They wanted to play and did play a  little game with me – on me. They blindfolded and laid me down on my back and ride on me, like a cow girl.

I wasn’t allowed to touch any of their body parts and I had to guess which one was banging me. Let me tell you it was a lot of fun, especially when they changed condoms. We used more than a few…. It wasn’t easy, but I know my wife’s pussy, so I was on the top of their game.

Read the rest of the story here…


My boyfriend want a fmf threesome

I caught boyfriend have sex with two girls