Celebrate Christmas with nsa sex

Someone posted  a post on our sister web site’s erotic dating blog around Eastern time. The post suggested the best Eastern present would be a threesome…

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There is no Eastern time now, but Christmas around the corner… and I think a threesome would be a really nice Christmas present… Why not? Some people goes to the church at Christmas or at Eastern time and some others have erotic party or visit a  swingers club or sex club.

Well I prefer an erotic party, but a swingers club okay too…

Why do people go to the swingers club or why they participate in a sex party at Christmas?

Christmas have nothing to do with it.. the sex, actually the casual sex does the trick. They go partying, not because they are bad to the bone…  they are just horny and open minded and want to have some erotic no string attached fun.

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If they are married they go together with their spouse because don’t want to cheat on their spouse…. They want to celebrate the Holiday Season together… with nsa sex.

Celebrate Christmas with nsa sex with a threesome . Get him – her a threesome.

Get her what she always wanted to get. A boy toy for a threesome. And what about him? Is he a man enough to handle two pussies? Then a woman man threesome would be his dream Christmas present…


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He can be one of the guy in that threesome, or he can play with others in a swingers club, (if those others don’t mind it)… Or if he like to watch, well than he can watch..

When a healthy man looks at a sexy woman at a sex party or at a swingers club,  he is imagining her as a casual sex partner. If he doesn’t, than he should go to the church…

Also women can have a sexual freedom, at a swingers club or sex party, that is unheard in a church…

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So, you decide; Which one is better, go in the swingers club and have some fun together, or go to the church and listen to a singing Christmas tree…

Singing Christmas tree is nice…  I got it, the best would be to have threesome under the Christmas tree …

How can you have a threesome?