Oral Sex & Swallowing a man’s sperm

In my last two post I talked about, sex, confidence, orgasm and boring sex. Many of you did not believe it, boring sex becoming a global problem.

Well I know this from fact, may people takes very easy everything that is casual sex related. Many people think of sex like inviting someone in for a cup of tea… For example people, (mainly men) ask questions like; Can we do it before 10 pm? Do I have to take my socks off? Can I just lay here while you give me a blow job?

How can be sex great with attitude like this? I think it can’t. If you want to have great sex and even greater orgasm, just to put your cock into her is not enough…. you have to put some effort in too…

Also I got a lot of feedback. Thank you. Many of you complained, because I did not say anything about oral sex. Because of those feedback, I changed our website’s oral sex part a little.

Oral sex can include sexy talk, lip kissing, deep French kissing, fellatio, cunnilingus. Oral contact with the body generally. All of this is common sexual behavior. In the last 40 years people have been talking about oral sex more and more. If you would like to educate yourselves in oral sex, you can buy a book in almost any bookstore, or you can visit our website [Swingersaffair.com] for more oral sex related info.

The site have 5 oral sex sex information pages now.
The first one is: Tips and things that guys can do to help a woman to give better head.

The second is: Deepthroat oral sex guide.

The third is: How important is swallowing a man’s sperm.

The forth is: Oral sex positions & 69.

Also we have one more page, that is somehow oral sex related. The page name is; The taste of your cum and how can you change the taste of you sperm, semen.

Of course those pages have some illustrative oral sex picture too…