The Holiday Season Is A Golden Opportunity! If no string attached sex is in your mind…

Do the same thing, have sex in the same position every time, can make sex boring and tiring. Sex is suppose to be fun, not  just physical activity. Sex is fun when you get down to the action, don’t make your partner think: “Oh not again”.  When you get to this point you need to try something new.

You can fresh up your sex routine with new sex position or new love making technique.  You can find a lot of kinky thing here.

everything about sexLove Making Technique – Sex Positions

One another idea is introduce a third person or a other couples into the spousal sex life.

It is more easier to write down then actually do it. In  our today’s society three way casual sex, consider as swinging for many people.

How can you do it? Continue reading…

I am disagree, swinging is something that swingers do, sure they can have threesomes too, But it is not true if we change the wording. Or nobody turn to be a swinger, just because have NSA sex, spiced up with threesomes.  Swinging  is swinging  a  threesome is threesome.

However swinging or threesome is not for everyone.

Anyway, why would you try a threesome? Well why not?

Did you try some new variations in your sex life before you started to think about share your intimate moment with others.

Erotic Variation Can Easily Be Delightful

kittykat for adult playSwingers achieve delightfully variation by changing sex partners. New partner, different body, different preferences sparks erotic activity up. Committed non swingers couples can spice sex life up by learning new sex positions. Love making positions are actually a great way of making the other feel your love. You can find a new sex position which allows to play with your partner and you can find  new ways of getting and giving pleasure. Continue reading…

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The Holiday Season Is A Golden Opportunity! If no string attached sex is in your mind.

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