I caught boyfriend have sex with two girls

I had broken up with my long-term boyfriend when I found him having sex with two of my best girlfriends at the same time. One of them had her pussy plopped  onto his face, while the other was giving him a blowjob.

nsa sex fantasyI called him cheater, and he called himself an open minded man. I was very mad at him and decided I will find out how it feel to have sex with two men at the same time. It was my long held fantasy anyway.

horny readheadhornyreadhead

I am a 22 year old pretty redhead. My looks never fail to capture the attention of certain type of. I dressed in a very short and tight miniskirt and almost see through blouse with my best push up bra. I hit the closest bar. I never felt sexier in my life. I hoped I will find there 2 of that certain type of horny men.

And I hit the jackpot.

The guy name was Steve. He approached me first. He was kind of cute. I did not waste my time and told him immediately what I was interested in. He was up to the challenge and introduced me his friends, Sammy.

Sammy was  a very sexy Latino. Even better I taught, I heard the Latinos are extremely good lovers. After a few drink and some dance I invited them back to my apartment. There I removed my clothing. They just sat on the sofa very quietly.  I move toward them and sat between the two. I was completely naked. I just sat there and nothing happened. I told them  get wild and live out their desires.

horny readheadhornyreadhead

My pussy already was very wet, from my imagination. Steve slipped his hand between my legs and adeptly found my clits. He began massaging my clit and started to kiss me. Sammy took my boobs between his lips, rubbing his tongue lightly around my erect nipples. He took my hand into his and guided it down to his cock, which was a very nice size and hard like a rock cock.

I broke free from Steve kiss and bend over to give a blow job to Sammy. I went down to my knees, so my hips were vulnerable. I soon felt Steve tongue slurping around inside my neatly shaved pussy. I concentrated on to give one of my best blowjob to Sammy. I lowered my tongue to that awesomely sensitive spot just below the tip of his penis and just flicked my tongue swiftly until he was mewling in rapture.

At that point I heard Steve rolled a condom up to his erected penis and I felt my pussy being filled with his rubberized  cock. The power how he gave it to me soon had me jerking forward. Sammy’s cock sliding all the way in to touch my throat. This wasn’t a problem, I love deep throat anyway.

I decided to finish Sammy. I pumped his cock and sucked his balls. After grabbed his balls and deep throat his cock again, his cock touched the back of my throat. His eyes rolled back into his head and emptied his load into my mouth. I don’t swallow stranger’s cum, so I spited all out, very discretely on his penis area..

Steve could not held any longer, he groaned rhythmically and he cum too. Actually I felt the flames of his seed brand the condom inside my pussy. We all laid there for a few minutes. Did you cum? Steve asked me. Nope, not yet, not even close, but I hope you guys going to make me…

I had them sit up side by side and took turns going down and sucking them back to action ready hardness. I was extremely horny. My nipples  were stiff and very sensitive. My clit was large and pulsated, glistered with sexual exhilaration. My pussy had poured so much juice that my crotch was soaked.

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A tickling dribble of pussy juice  started to run down on my thigh. I need a cock inside me! I rolled up a condom on Sammy’s cock and laid down on the sofa. He started to fuck me missionary style. I turned my head and asked Steve to fuck my mouth. He gave it to me nearly as much force as when he was pummelling my pussy.

It was my dream come true. Two different men pleased my body in the most delightful way. Steve came first, sending his second supply of sperm into my mouth.  I tasted very bittier,  and I spit his cum out too. Few more push and Sammy filled up the condom too.

Than they did not take any break. Sammy started to play with my erected nipples,  Steve went down on me  and started to lick my clits. After a little lick he tongue fucked me. I know my time is coming.  Orgasmic waves of ecstasy consumed me. His tongues never went soft, never get tired. I had the best orgasm of my life.

It was a night I shall never forget. It was my first threesome. Both guys spend a night with me. Then we woke up and did it again and again until afternoon. If I know how much fun to have sex with two men, I break up with my boyfriend a long time ago…

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Women erotic fantasy. Fucked by a Stranger, otherwise known as a one night stand. I have often thought of this…

Threesome with Two Women. Threesomes & Marriages

Spontaneous threesomes with your lady and your freind


31 years old woman never had mind blowing orgasm

I am a married women with two kids. My husband is a wonderful man as a man, but a sloppy lover…. I am just 31 years old and never had “mind blowing” orgasm.. About 2 months ago I started having an overwhelming urge to have sex with an older man.

no string attached sexmarried women looking for nsamarried31

Older man, because I think and I heard of, older men take their time, they don’t rush and they are experienced in love making.

I tried to find compatible man, but did not find. But the good news is, I’ve been contacted by a nice married couple who is interested in having a threesome with me.

At first my plan was to only be involved with a man – hopefully one who would be my “friend with benefits“. The man says he enjoys spoiling his wife and they would like to spoil me and bring me into their bed. She said her husband capable to give me the “Fuck of my life time” and she would be very happy to assist for both of us…

The idea is very exiting – what lady doesn’t want to be spoiled? But not sure I should do it… I’m concerned about my husband, he works very hard to satisfy me, but he can’t.

Yes, I know this is wrong and it is rude to my husband so beyond the obvious… But what else should I do?  Continue Reading…



You are right, it is very rude to do it behind your husband, or other words it is cheating.

If I were you, I would tell my husband that I had a dream about a MFM threesome. Tell him in your dream him and an other man took turns and both of them  penetrated you several times. Tell him it was so real dream, you orgasmed twice…

If he wants you to tell him all the details of the dream or pushes you to talk more about it and your feelings – it is a turn on for him. Then keep the conversation going, ask if he’s every imagined you with another man.

Let the discussion build from there. In our open sexed world a lot of men love to see their wife with other man… Over several weeks or months you can talk your threesome idea into his head. Maybe you’ll be lucky and he’ll propose you act out your fantasy…  Continue Reading…

threeway sexthreesomenotsureyet

If you really must have this sexual experience, then I think you should talk to your husband about it.

Tell him that you have been having fantasies about sex with other man and that you want to know how he would feel about you exploring it.

Make it clear that you don’t want destroy your marriage and you do it only if he say ok and if he is present… ,

Maybe he will enjoy watching you, possibly join in or at least pleasuring himself while he watches you and the other man.But you should go step by step… Continue Reading…



So your planing to cheat on your husband? Your are sweet wife let me tell you. It is beyond rude, it is a betrayal to your husband and your children.

What will happen with your family? You are willing to destroy it for a cheap sexual thrill.  I have had many successful threesomes but I will give you no advice because you don’t deserve it… Continue Reading…

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Any real man up for nsa sex with a real woman? Very real and very horny…

A married woman celebrated Thanks Giving with threesome. True erotic story…. I red that story and I just wondering… what is her plan for the New Year’s Eve Party? More threesome… or a gang bang…

Any real man up for nsa sex with a real woman?

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Is any real man here? Men who are show up when the times to come to meet. Men who are into no string attached sex, men who can be a real man, not just a webcam maniac…

Looks like all guys seat at the front of their computer and send messages out… “Show me your pussy” or “finger yourself“.

I have no any problem to show my pussy… I would put it on your face, but first you have to meet. Is anyone real here? Continue Reading…

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Unless I’m imaginary, I’m real… yep, boobs and all… and I meet with others in real here, not just imagined it… Continue Reading…



I (actually we) fill the pain too. In our limited experience, we figured out… those men are at the front of their webcam might not be a man anymore, maybe they used to be, and they just can’t except the facts, they time is over… so they just entertain themselves…

Or maybe they are married and they thinking to leave their marriage and they just checks what is available… Continue Reading…


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Well I don’t know about you but I know I am real. I also know it is possible to talk and meet other real people from here, because have done many times. Continue Reading…


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I am real, I know. I just came home from a sex party and my pussy is hurt, my butt hurt, and my mouth hurt too, I mean real hurt, so it cause real pain, so I must to be real….

Otherwise my friends would not ask,: Are you in? We wanna fuck you real hard now. Continue Reading…


NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

I know I am real too… Yes just came back from dancing and stubbed my toe and hurts.

So I guess I am real flesh and blood and have spine too. Are you??? Continue Reading…

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Hell yeah, there are a lot of real people here sexy. Real like us and if you want to get fucked real hard, just contact us. We are from Canada, Ontario too in fact we live even in the same city…

If you want to find out how real people are her,  if you want to know how it would fill like… to get fucked hard via a monster cock, or we can arrange an other big  dick man… so then would be two big cocks for you than do not hesitate to contact us.  That would be a real fun, we can guarantee it for you. Continue Reading…


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We’ve struggled with this for years. I know I’m real, and my husband real too with real dick,  but how do I know ANYONE else is real???

For all I know, every other person could simply be a figment of my imagination! Continue Reading…


casual sexAntiquePearl

I had a coffee with some man acquainted via this site. It was about two months ago. And about a month and half ago, I put his postcode into my car GPS and visited his place very fist time.

No problem at all – the journey was easy, the address existed as he said, he had a nice house there. And revisited same place several times by now. I think he is a real and he is a real good in nsa sex… Continue Reading…


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Yes I am very real in fact real fucking horny, but I agree, looks like there is no real men here… Continue Reading…


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I have met people from here in  real, face to face,  for coffee,  dinner and  more? Perhaps I am real.. Continue Reading…

Attached women looking for casual sex partners

You can have a great time if you leave your punk attitude at the door (if you have). Be yourself, be real and socialize, ask a lady to dance and have fun. Maybe even ask her husband for permission to ask his wife to dance.

casual sex dating

Talk to her husband and be friends with him too, remember, if he doesn’t like you then you’re not getting anywhere with her. Take your time and don’t be in a hurry.

One important thing to understand about couples (and women) who are in this lifestyle, is that every couple plays for this a reason.

It is their own personal enjoyment, not yours. Some are interested only in other couples, some only in women, some do nothing, they just like the atmosphere, and some are interested in playing with single men, (this is where you might come in).

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Adult Sex Personals

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Remember most of the swingers club are members only club. Of course most of the club let guests in. If you are a single male the easiest way to get in with a member couple. You have to understand that discretion and privacy very important for every swingers. You really have to behave, your character is under continual scrutiny…

That means that just because you are in the club today, does not mean that you can be in tomorrow too. If you misbehave, act badly or disruptive then your will be ask to leave immediately and you will be permanently bared from ever returning to that club again.

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Club members know each other. This also means that if you insult or offend one couple, word will spread very quickly to the other members. By the same token if you are pleasant to a couple and they enjoy your company, they will be eager to introduce you to other couples and ladies so that they can enjoy your company too.

Just like close friends love to recommend a good movie or a good restaurant to their friends… Swingers like to recommend people with to their friends!

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A married woman celebrated Thanks Giving with threesome. True erotic story…. I red that story and I just wondering… what is her plan for the New Year’s Eve Party? More threesome… or a gang bang…