Why would you try a threesome?

If someone would ask the above question from me, I would answer with an other question; Why not? Than I would ask; What kind of threesome is in your mind, with  two men or with two women?

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There are many kind of threesomes, so we should not get into, what kind of that imaginary threesome would be. Lets talk about “just” threesomes  at first, however I prefer threesomes with two men.

Imagine you and your partner, girlfriend – boyfriend or spouse and an extra person together in a sex play. It sound very kinky, isn’t it? You might have been in a relationship for years, living together or maybe even married. Your relationship status does not make any difference, if you imagine things like this.

One day you start to develop erotic fantasies, or your significant other does. These fantasies include you and someone else outside of your relationship as I stated at above, together in an erotic play. Now what? Should you tell this fantasy of yours to your significant other? If you tell, how will your spouse respond? So there is a lot of risk being  taken here by you… Maybe you will destroy your relationship, or never know, you might make it better and stronger.

Do you remember how great was sex when you and your partner get into the bed first time? It was great and satisfying every time. But since that first time, years past by and sex became routine. So what can you do?

There are 3 ways to go. The first is the simplest and the safest. Pop a porn DVD into your DVD player, turn your fantasy on and start to masturbate. If you want to get kinky, do it in the presence of your spouse. Masturbation provide satisfaction, and you wont get any STD via masturbation.

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The second is safe too: Educate yourself. Learn new love making techniques, new love making positions to enhance your love life. Take love making  to another level. Learn how to be a Sex God. There are millions of things can bring the spark back in your bedroom.

The third option is  dangerous, but it can be the best one. You have to take a walk to the wild site! You have to introduce a third person or even two persons a couple into your relationship. Of course, you have to go step by step.

You need to mention threesome related things, you might look threesome related DVDs together with your partner.  You have to figure out your partner’s  respond. Dos she / he like it? If doesn’t try again and again, or just drop the subject.

But if you think your partner really get into it, or even get turned on by those threesome DVDs than might take the next step,  might go to an erotic party. You don’t need to do anything there, just keep your eyes and mid open. If both of you like what you see, than go again. Than you need to talk a lot about it and maybe find a couple to have first hand info from them,  a couple, who been there done that.

Find a willing couple who can explain how they did it, and what they felt after and how was it.  You can try with a single person, but experienced people believe, the first threesome better with couple. If you made it happen with a couple, there are possibility to try all scenario, mfm, fmf, or any kind if  bi sexual play, if you are into something like that.

To find willing partner fairly easy these days. There are millions of men and women looking for no commitment sex partners, who are into threesomes. Probably even in your neighborhood too. Take a quick look at our sex ads and you will see what I talking about.


Seriously, just think about it, what would happen if you meet a single guy or girl that you both really like? What about a great couple? What if you introduce them into your bed? What if you share with them your loving relationship? Would it spice  your sex life up? I guess you never know, if you won’t try…

However there are a lot of things that you need to know, before you get down to the erotic action. You do not looking for permanent relationship, you looking for casual sex partner – to share – and to spice your sex life up. You and your spouse run the show. You ask your new friend to join in and when it’s time to move on, you have to know when and how to kiss them good-bye. Because if your relationship is to survive there has to be an exit strategy to be agreed on before your even start.

There are many reasons why a couple will invite another in to their relationship. For example boring routine spousal sex, differences in sex drive erotic fantasies, role plays, hotwifing etc. The number one reason always is  excitement, the feeling of freedom in the spousal relationship and extra intensity of the sex which ends in deep satisfaction all the times. Almost every person who tried it felt like a teenager again…

Is it worth to try? You decide… but if you try, make sure you do it right, because there is no way to make it look like it did not happen.

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Two young men with older woman. True fmf threesome story

Our First mfm Threesome Wasn’t a Threesome

Spontaneous mfm threesome

Threesome pictures, can be like  an erotic story, something like: The night when two guys shared a sex partner.

Two guys who weren’t even swingers. So how did  they do it?

It happened the same way with a lot of others’ first threesomes, threesome in the heat of the moment.

On that Friday, because it happened  at Friday, they went out, like many others do at Friday night. They have found a porn magazine in he bar. Of course they checked it out and the pictures turned them on.

fmf threesome

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The night past by fast, the bar closed and their waitress asked them to leave.  They were about to leave, and gave her the magazine. She took a  quick look at the magazine and said: This is my magazine, where did you get it from?

I found it on that bar chair, one of them answered her.

Which one? She asked. That one,  said one of the guy. The one that looks like the chair from the magazine. We were wondering, is it the same chair?

No its not, but… and she sat on the chair and  slightly opened her legs.

The two guy looked each other, and then asked her. Can we invite you for a drink? Read more story like this…

Yes you can, but I drink slow and it will take a long time. Do you want to go there?

We are not in any kind of rush came the answer and they did not leave; in fact they stayed there for several hour.

Take a look at the next photos and you will see why did they stay…

In fact their three-way worked out so good, they decided to take her home to have some more fun… Continue reading….


Romantic dinner at Valentines Day with threesome for dessert

Older woman – younger men threesome. True based story

Hubby wants me to have sex with another man while he watches

Swingers Sex Dating Freethreesome

casual sexfree2play

I am looking for man, married or single for playmate. If you are married you need to bring your wife too.

 I just need a normal guy to have some nsa fun. It would be something on-going, and we would fined extra playmates together…

If you enjoy watching your partner when she have sex with others, than I am your type of girl. Jealous  type of men do not need to contact me.


horny womanchic2playwith

Horny wife… Husband wants me to fuck other men, he said he wants to share me…  while he watches and joins in if he gets into the  mood. I want it too, but do not want to hurt his feelings…

I am fairly attractive, so I think it would be easy to find willing men. My husband loves me very much, yet knows how turned on I get during our sex sessions when he brings up other mens names (especially black) to fuck me.

Top of his erotic  fantasy is is to see me while I am pleasured via other man. He thinks his dick is  very small. I think he is average by North American standard, his almost 5″, it can be very hard, but not to thick, which is a plus for anal sex

He has bought me larger dildo’s and vibrators but, he said nothing is like a hard thick cock!! Even dough his cock is good enough, I  would not mind to try  a larger real thing either….

The only problem I have is: I might enjoy that bigger cock a lot and I scare it will hurt his feelings, and the last thing I want is to hurt him…

He does everything to make me and keep me happy, so I just don’t want to hurt him.

 Should I go for it, or should I be mean and say now way! Continue Reading…

nsa sexHusbands who want to watch their wife, while she have sex with other men

horny womanangel_4_girls

I say talk to him more about it. If you do choose to do it, then I suggest you let him have a choice or vote in the men that do score a chance of being in bed with you.

Let him know that you value his thoughts on this. Continue Reading…


horny couplehappilyhorny

Well, we tried to do the same thing for years…  it was her fantasy to have a mfm 3sum. Than one day we decided and get it done…

We hesitated to much, should not. Even though the first one was not fun at all   as we planned, the guy jumped up and left the hotel with out a word,  but the second was a lot of fun…

If I were you I would not hesitate. Go for it, if you never try, you never going to know you like it or don’t…

Your husband, if it is really his idea, he will like it more than you, but you have to make it sure he knows, your number one probity is to pleasuring him.  That means, you should not worry about the other guy’s fun… I am sure he will get his share of fun anyway. Continue Reading…

horny womanCouple Looking for Men for No String Attached Sex


Some men wants to see their partner made to scream by another man.

I’m one of them, I like to see my wife fucked by one or two young well hung man. Fortunately, she does like it a lot, so she is willing to share and serve my desires at any possibility… Continue Reading…


sex datingwannabefuncpl

We into this kind of erotic play too and are loving it. The preparation is very exiting too…. Makes my blood boiling and my pussy very wet, days before the actual action I need to masturbate.  Makes me very horny, just to know I will be fucked properly at the weekend.

When we decide to play he is the one who pre-selects future playmates, then we will  choose 2 or three from them. 2 or 3, because men always  find some reason to not to show up. From three men usually 1 shows up, only once showed 2 of them, which is worked out perfectly, because one guy from the two could not get it hard…  Continue Reading…


I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man, so I need to tlak about it… otherwise it will stay fantasy forever

Our fantasy is more then a MFM threesome. Eventually it would go to have sex with multiple male partners and nothing will ever happen  if we do not talk about it…

Women’s top erotic  fantasy

Couple looking for bi curious single men

We are at the middle of to find a bi curious single man to play with us and we realized, a lot of straight single guys are here, and they state it “very straight”and they looking for man – woman couples for casual sex.

casual sexCasual Sex Dating Ads

hot wifenewcpl

My hubby is “light” bi curios, it does not mean he will  perform blow job for men or take cock in his butt, it mean he does not mind touching or if their dick touch during play, or the guy hold his dick and vice versa (in some sex position is necessary) to help him to penetrate, he wont freak out.

So my question is, what those very straight guys think, what my hubby will do during a mfm threesome, just seat and watch and wait to his turn…? Really, line up like children for candy? Continue Reading


threesome nsathrillofitall42

Perhaps some of the men on here have contacted a lot of solo women with no luck and out of desperation have moved on to couples to see if their luck might be better even though the couples preferences say no solo men.

Anyway, exactly this is what we are looking for,  I get a great deal of flirts and I’m (we are) here for  from these solo men. Continue Reading


cuckold couplecuckoldlove

I am straight and I love to watch my wife have sex with other men. They have to be straight too.

That is our preferences and I never participate in, he screws her or she screws him,  I just seat and watch, not even masturbate… After the event, comes my time. Continue Reading


cuckold coupleWNCCuckoldcpl

I am not really sure why men enjoys to watch their wife, have sex with others. It supposed to be panisment… Isn’t it? Continue Reading

naked video chatFree Naked Erotic Webcam Chat

adult datingunykorn

Some people like to watch and other people like to be watched. Some of the people who like to watch actually  like to watch their wives/partners having a good time with another man.

It is also possible for mfm threesomes to be had without the men ever touching each other. They are great fun. Continue Reading


threesome lovequeenofmyworld66

Some couples love mfm threesome but the man is straight, so they want straight man for the third weel.

I had the pleasure of experiencing an MFM, while I was married. It was with my husband, myself and a very good friend, after attending another friends wedding.

Both men are completely straight and they’ve known each other since childhood, so it was a very comfortable environment for them. Continue Reading

nsa sex datingablondandherman

I was hesitant at first but with a little encouragement from hubby I quickly felt at ease. My husband did not sit on the sidelines and watch, he was an active participant at the whole time. I refer to it as the  rotisserie, one at each end and it was extreme pleasure for me.

I was the center of attention, it was and is to this day the hottest sex I’ve ever had. .I don’t think I’ve ever been wetter, not before and not since.

After the guy left,  my husband and I had the most intensive sexual night we’ve ever shared. I don’t know how many orgasms I had that night but my husband was so turned on watching another man pleasure me that he was able to reload rather quickly.

Kind of like a teenager can and we went at it until 10 AM next morning. We spent the entire day recuperating…

We split several years ago and I’ve been searching for that same experience again. There needs to be some chemistry between the woman and each man but the hardest part I think is finding two straight men who are completely comfortable in their sexuality to share one woman at the same time.

A lot of men, either have performance anxiety in front of another man or are afraid of incidental contact, which makes them think it’s turning into a bi experience and neither wants to question themselves. Continue Reading

adult datingCasual Adult Dating Ads

IMO, if there’s no sexual exchange between the men then it is just two straight men enjoying one woman and the same holds true for two straight women pleasuring one man.

The profiles I find most confusing are the single “straight” men that want a woman who is willing to use a strap on.

If you enjoy a woman giving it to you up the ass how is that not considered curious or bi?

What’s the difference between a strap on or another cock? Both will provide you with the same outcome so why not be honest with yourself and everyone else who reads your profile?

I also don’t understand the single “straight” men who are only looking for TS/TV/TG… What part of that scenario continues to make you think you are straight? Continue Reading


horny couplebadcouple

Well some couples are like us, like a guy to join in.

For double penetration or a cream pie in the wide for the husband to have sex with. There are a lot of reasons.

The husband is straight and they want straight man, because there does not have to be any touching of men… It can happen, but does wont make anyone bi or gay. Continue Reading

Definition for TS/TV/TG

TS = Trans Sexual
TV = Trans Vestite
TG = Trans Gender

no string attached dating
Looking for Men for Threesomes


My husband wanted to watch me have sex with another man

Your husband ask you to have a mmf threesome with a bi sexual man

Our First mfm Threesome Wasn’t a Threesome

We’re a late 20’s fairly attractive married couple. Either of us would not have any problem to find sex partner, but we do not want that… Our long time fantasy is, do it together in a form of mfm threesome.

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we love sex twowelovex2

Actually it was his fantasy… but over the years he made me wonder, how sex would be with two horny men.

After a long hesitation we made our move and find a guy. We had a meeting at first, than a date at second and a dinner at third. After the dinner we went to our hotel room and nothing happened. I got a hug when he left at next morning.

After that, he did not even responded to our messages, but we did not give up… We had to find someone else. Took us some time, but we managed it. At this time, we made a short cut, and went to the hotel room after the second meeting. At this time I did not even get a hug… He disappeared too.

I know the problem is with us, we scare guys a way… but just don’t know how to start…? Anyone any idea? Continue Reading


casual sex1Canuck

I checked your profile out, you are a very attractive woman, so don’t really understand why guys don’t want to play with you, but have some basic idea.

Maybe they did not know, that will be a mfm threesome and they had “stage” fever at the front of your husband. Or they never played with a couple and chickened out.

If you check my profile, you can see, I am much older than you are, but age is just a number to indicate the experience. Once I had a bad experience and I ran a way from a mfm threesome.

Her husband interested more in my butt, than his wife pussy… If you husband is bi sexual, or acting like bi sexual man, than it can be a big no – no for many man.

My is, find a experienced man, I would volunteer, but we live to far to each other. If you can find and older, experienced guy, go to a swingers club. I am sure your first visit will end up in a threesome. Continue Reading

open minded womanDo you love hairy pussy? Wanna play with us?

wanna playwewannaplay

To much meeting… It should be no commitmetn sex, not long term dating.

You have found the person, that you would like to share your intimate moment with. You going to share with that person your bed, yourself and your spouse. You already met with this person or persons, you have talked with them and  find them attractive, developed some kind of chemistry, otherwise you would not take them to your hotel room.

You have made a decision you going to  have three way sex with them. Your little team arrived to the room and you hope (or your husband) well this is actually going to happen.

The best thing to do, darken the room a little if it is day time, or light same candles if it is night time. Try to create subdued lighting in the room. Put some soft romantic music on and get naked. A biggest mistake you can do,  start to talk again. You have already talked enough, get naked and get down to action… Continue Reading

wanna playDo yoou love hairy pussy? Wanna play with us?

In a threesome the single gender person the one who will be entertained by two of the opposite sex persons. For example in this case the single gender person is you. You should be between the two guys.

You should make the guys comfortable with the fact that they going to please you at the same time. Your threesome, your fun therefore you are the paymaster.

You should tell them they need to please you and tell them exactly what is in your mind, what you like and what she don’t. One of the guys is your husband, the other is the third wheel. You should pay the same attention to both, if she pays too much attention to the extra man, he might think too much about this play or you make your hubby jealous.

If you spend too much attention to hubby, it might make the extra guy uncomfortable.

The guys have to perform at their best. It is very important, they are comfortable. They have to be comfortable with their own and the others naked bodies. They have to understand their body parts may touch and rub against each other, during this sexual encounter.  When everyone understands what is going to happen, then it’s time to play. Continue Reading

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All the above is right on…

I just would like to say one more thing, if you want to be really polite… When times comes to penetrative sex, the extra man should have the first turn. Continue Reading


mfm threesome3someforus

You can make your threesome very erotic. Use your fantasies.

We did not know what to do when we decided to have our first threesome but we used our fantasy.

We got a hotel room with a big hot tub. It was one of those wending night’s hotel room… We got naked and went into the hot tub, and the fore play started right on…

A good threesome need good set up. You should combine the participant ages, and you can combine the participant races. Today, it easy to find newly emigrated people from different countries. You can have a interracial threesome, belie me, its fun…   plus you might learn something from their sex culture.

At last but definitely not least, if you want to be good lover, you have to take your time, you have to care about you partners and their feelings and you should not be pushy. Continue Reading

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Happily married couple into threesome with young men

Why are guys afraid of MFM threesome?