Single male in male female male threesome

I find the idea of male – female – male threesome (MFM 3sum) very hot and erotic. Seeing and participating in extending a woman’s pleasure seems so obvious since women can go and orgasm multiple times.

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From the couples point of view, what do you look for (besides the obvious physical attraction) in a single male that you consider inviting in for your pleasure?

Please tell me if your the male or female or both commenting.



I am the female half of a married couple and I know that the most enjoyable MFM encounters I have had with my partner have been those where the additional male respects that he is just that…the addition.

One encounter, in particular, stands out in my mind where the single male actually moved me around so that I was facing my husband.

I tend to be conscious of my husband’s comfort level more when there are two of you and one of me. Having the single male being just as conscious is comforting for everyone involved… especially it you are with a couple that has never had the MFM experience.

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This is the male from a couple and we have not had a strictly MFM experience yet although have played that way with other couples during our MFMF experiences at times. So this may not be what you are looking for but will tell you what is important for us.

Comfort. Obviously attraction is a key, but we use attraction as the first line of weeding people out. If neither are attracted we move on. Once we have found a couple that we both have an attraction for we begin chatting via IM, phone, email and sometimes in person to get to know them.

Only after we are both comfortable do we move on. Generally if we are comfortable we have begun to build a great a sexual relationship, which in several cases turned to be into a great friendship with erotic benefits.

In the end, we both have to really be comfortable with the couple (in our case, both male and female) so that we can be ourselves with them and so that we don’t have to worry about each other being uncomfortable. If she is having fun, I can relax and have fun too.



I am a male with many experiences with mfm in past, I have also had ffm (female – female – male threesome). Watching wife with me and another man was always the biggest turn on. A lot easier for a women to please
2 men than 1 man pleasing 2 women, I always said the best threesome is mfm. The fmf not bad either, there are a lot of things that 2 women can do with one man, but what can do one guy with two women…. Once he blow his load he needs recovery time.

The ffm threesomes are a lot of of fun, when the ladies are bi sexual or curious…

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I attempted to be the woman in a male female male threesome. I was the part of the couple and the other guy was the extra man. He wasn’t a great looking guy, but he was an excellent sex partner and his penis was much more bigger then my man’s penis. That man made me cum several times in a night and my man got so jealous of him, that it lead to our no longer being a couple.

He kept insisting that I see him because I crazy about his big dick… Well I love bigger dick, but I did not see that guy, then called me a liar and cheater and he thought I was seeing someone else.

So be careful, what you are getting into… if your relationship is not strong enough a MFM threesome can be the first step to the end…



I am a woman from a couple. As a single male in MFM we’ve found that it works a lot better when you as a couple set the standards and the pace. Tell the the guy what is ok and what isn’t and he takes it or never even get into.

Also you have to be sure, you will have a “emergency” exit if he turn to be an idiot at the middle of the play… That is the reason why you should not take anyone home, before you are not 100% sure about that person.


We look for a guy that isn’t shy about being in close to another guy with a hard on.

If you are a man from the couple and you doing mfm you have to enjoy the other guy have intercourse your wife and most likely, you will see see her give him a blow job, so you have to be able to handle this and actually have to enjoy it too.

Well what a single guy is take into a MFM threesome? Nothing… only his hard dick…



Nothing beats seeing my wife being serviced by two cocks or maybe more if that is what she wants. Her excitement and the orgasms she gets from multiple cocks gave me pleasure by knowing how good she was feeling and enjoying herself.

The confidence about herself she was gaining from being able to turn these guys on, so much that they didn’t want to quit penetrate her.

When is two or more guys play with one woman, one of them always have some idea what to do with her, or she want to do something with one of the guy. The others might watch or play and it make him horny too, so it is like a magic circle… never ends. Someone always have hard on, someone always ready for sex… That is the beauty in a three or moresomes.


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A Married Couple First Male – Female – Male Threesome

We are married since our early twenties and both of us are now middle forties. We do not have any child, our lifestyle, our carriers  just not an ideal situation to rise any child.  We have hard time to look after our small dog, so what we would do with a child.

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I am not here to analyze why we are childless… Instead kids, lets talk about sex. We love sex, more is merrier and we love  selection of sex partners. Personally I really into men with big dick. Maybe because husband is average, however he is  an excellent husband and top of the line lover – sex partner, but women always  dreaming about things, that they can’t have. Right?

Our love life wasn’t this  good always than it is now. We had our ups and downs, mainly downs. We happen to be high school sweethearts, got married without love making experience.

My husband is the first man in my life and I am the first woman who he ever penetrated.    I am 100% sure about this, because we had our fair share of difficulties on the night when I decided to get ride of my virginity with him…

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A lot of change happened  since that time. Our marriage almost collapsed at once, luck of sex made life difficult. I was ready to move back home and my sister knew what my problem is, then she suggested that I should go in the bad with her husband. At first I was sure she will end up in a hell if she thinking about things like this, but she said she will end up in the hell anyway, she does not care.

On the second  thought, her husband is an African American  with a really decent bulb in his jeans at the genital area, so I was wondering more than once, how would it  feel to take on that big bulb… By the way I am Caucasian.

I am a honest woman and I told it to my husband my sister’s suggestion, and  for my big surprise he said okay, but there is one condition. His condition was, he want to watch it and my sister have to be there too.

There is no way I would fuck my sister’s husband front of my sister and front of my husband, therefore I immediately said no. Than few days later I talked with my sister and she asked, why not? I saw you naked many times, I saw my husband naked even more times and I saw him  to fuck other woman more then once,  and he saw me during sex with other men too.

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At first I did not believe to my sister, that is something I would never image about her, than just her husband showed up.  She said ask him if you do not believe me. I did not ask anything, I felt my face is red and I did not even know wast is my name…

But her husband solve the promote and asked her, asked her what supposed I ask? And she did, and he said, yes it is  true and in facts him and my sister met in a sex party.

That was very new for me and it really made me wonder. Than I went home and talked with my hubby. I did not want to do it, but the idea was planned into my brain and its kind of disappeared until our family get together the celebrate our father birthday. Continue Reading…

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Story Of A Married Woman First MFM Threesome