Hot Wifing Couple Looking For NSA Sex Partners

In the last few years my husband and I somehow got into cuckolding and all other kinks that comes with. We know a lot of thing about cuckolding and why people like it and we know all the psychological aspects of it…

hotwifing coupleHot Wifing Couples Looking For Sex Partners


hotwifingcouple into hotwifing

However, I am not a typical horny woman. who just love to get fucked. I don’t like the husband’s humiliating part of it in cuckolding. I prefer my man to be strong and capable with a big cock who fucks me often like normal people and who gets off on me. I like intense orgasms and I like to be shared.

I know in our modern sex eccentric world cuckolding have nothing to do with humiliating, we can call what ever you like it, I don’t care, but I would prefer call it hotwifing.

In my dictionary, “hotwife” is a married woman who often has sexual relations with different men, with the approval of her husband. The husband might or might not be present. Maybe you are not agree with these definition, but this act is common in west countries and even in US.

If the hubby is present, hotwifing often turn to be wife sharing, like MFM threesome and I love this part a lot…

My question is; are any other women men couples here into this type of hotwifing? for example, we met, we have sex one on one, of course, your wife, my hubby knows about it. And than and if we get together for a weekend, you wont freak out, because my husband or your wife or even both of them are present… You wont loose your erection, because my husband watch while you penetrate me… Continue Reading…

hot wife-ingHot Wifing Couples Looking For Sex Partners


cuckold womancuckold woman

Hotwifing, in my mind, is entirely serve a   woman erotic needs. The husband or partner enjoys knowing how attractive his lady is, and might even get off thinking of or watching her get fuck by other men.  It is just pure sex, knowingly with others.

Wifesharing or girlfriend sharing  and threesomes, a threesome might come  from wife sharing. The man will probably be involved, and it’s an equal partnership between everyone. A man is going to share his Oman with someone, not give her away or have her taken to anywhere.

We are into cuckold and I personally prefer cuckolds because I am in power… cuckold is fetish and many of my preferences are in it… Continue Reading…


cuckold kinky sex plays

Cuckold or hotwifing doesn’t really matter. In both case the wife have sex with someone outside of her relationship.  Some women born this way…  like my wife.

She can’t control herself around attractive men, she blushes, her nipples harden, she breathes heavily and wets down under, she becomes pretty horny.

Fortunately I figured this out before we got  married, so I can’t blame her… Instead  I got to understand, she is not a cheater in her heart; although she does physically surrenders to other men, but I always there and I always know when ever it happens.

In fact I set up surprise parties  often, mainly with friends and we share her and I really enjoy it. On those parties does not happen anything  with out I agree with.

It definitely not cuckold, she never humiliated me and I   would not call her a hotwife.  She is oversexed almost like a nymphomaniac.  If we live in the pass.people would call her “white liverwoman. Let me tell you, she is a lot of fun to be around… Continue Reading…


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Secret cuckold couple

I born to be hot wife, that is why I love hotwifing


Hubby wants me to have sex with another man while he watches

Swingers Sex Dating Freethreesome

casual sexfree2play

I am looking for man, married or single for playmate. If you are married you need to bring your wife too.

 I just need a normal guy to have some nsa fun. It would be something on-going, and we would fined extra playmates together…

If you enjoy watching your partner when she have sex with others, than I am your type of girl. Jealous  type of men do not need to contact me.


horny womanchic2playwith

Horny wife… Husband wants me to fuck other men, he said he wants to share me…  while he watches and joins in if he gets into the  mood. I want it too, but do not want to hurt his feelings…

I am fairly attractive, so I think it would be easy to find willing men. My husband loves me very much, yet knows how turned on I get during our sex sessions when he brings up other mens names (especially black) to fuck me.

Top of his erotic  fantasy is is to see me while I am pleasured via other man. He thinks his dick is  very small. I think he is average by North American standard, his almost 5″, it can be very hard, but not to thick, which is a plus for anal sex

He has bought me larger dildo’s and vibrators but, he said nothing is like a hard thick cock!! Even dough his cock is good enough, I  would not mind to try  a larger real thing either….

The only problem I have is: I might enjoy that bigger cock a lot and I scare it will hurt his feelings, and the last thing I want is to hurt him…

He does everything to make me and keep me happy, so I just don’t want to hurt him.

 Should I go for it, or should I be mean and say now way! Continue Reading…

nsa sexHusbands who want to watch their wife, while she have sex with other men

horny womanangel_4_girls

I say talk to him more about it. If you do choose to do it, then I suggest you let him have a choice or vote in the men that do score a chance of being in bed with you.

Let him know that you value his thoughts on this. Continue Reading…


horny couplehappilyhorny

Well, we tried to do the same thing for years…  it was her fantasy to have a mfm 3sum. Than one day we decided and get it done…

We hesitated to much, should not. Even though the first one was not fun at all   as we planned, the guy jumped up and left the hotel with out a word,  but the second was a lot of fun…

If I were you I would not hesitate. Go for it, if you never try, you never going to know you like it or don’t…

Your husband, if it is really his idea, he will like it more than you, but you have to make it sure he knows, your number one probity is to pleasuring him.  That means, you should not worry about the other guy’s fun… I am sure he will get his share of fun anyway. Continue Reading…

horny womanCouple Looking for Men for No String Attached Sex


Some men wants to see their partner made to scream by another man.

I’m one of them, I like to see my wife fucked by one or two young well hung man. Fortunately, she does like it a lot, so she is willing to share and serve my desires at any possibility… Continue Reading…


sex datingwannabefuncpl

We into this kind of erotic play too and are loving it. The preparation is very exiting too…. Makes my blood boiling and my pussy very wet, days before the actual action I need to masturbate.  Makes me very horny, just to know I will be fucked properly at the weekend.

When we decide to play he is the one who pre-selects future playmates, then we will  choose 2 or three from them. 2 or 3, because men always  find some reason to not to show up. From three men usually 1 shows up, only once showed 2 of them, which is worked out perfectly, because one guy from the two could not get it hard…  Continue Reading…


I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man, so I need to tlak about it… otherwise it will stay fantasy forever

Our fantasy is more then a MFM threesome. Eventually it would go to have sex with multiple male partners and nothing will ever happen  if we do not talk about it…

Women’s top erotic  fantasy

My husband wanted to watch me have sex with another man

How is it started? My husband talked about his erotic fantasy, which was to watch me have sex with another men.  At that time we were 9 years married, so make the long story short, one day during sex he confessed to wanting to watch me with another man.

older women looking forSwingers Sex Dating Ads

nsa sexjust-a-wife

We used to watch porn video a lot before and have had some similar role playing experience… but  I  had to ask him, if he meant it. He said of course, and also he told me I am free to find a willing man.

By the way to make it happen took several months… There was a man… he always flirted me very aggressively and I found him attractive too, so I sett it up with that man.   The only catch was, we wanted bare back, I can’t get pregnant, so before the actual play time he had to go to STD screening. He said yes, if I go too, so we both did.

When the test results came back, we had our first play time. I was worried about how my husband would feel and I was worry about myself too. I did not orgasm, not at that time, but the hubby, he loved every minute of it. It felt like he loved it a little too much.

As soon our guest  left, my husband had sex with me, I still had our guest’s semen inside me.

I was sure he is bi sexually, or he has some modern day cuckolding fetish, but now (2years later) and after several different sex partners  I know he is not gay and not bi. He never touch the other guy, he just sits and watch, and sometimes play with his penis. When the guy leave he fucks me… real hard.

Since that first time two things changed, the first, we are not into bareback. Condom is most. The second thing, I am enjoy this play dates too and I can orgasm several times…

Why am I here? We are running out of willing men? Continue Reading…

older womanOlder woman looking for younger men

cuckold couplecucoldlove

My husband love to watch me too and he as your husband never joins in.

He gets exited by inviting another man to join me… by what’s known as “sperm competition.”

Watching me to have sex with another man makes him more excited than to have “traditional” sex with me. After the  the other guy leave his orgasm always a more intense orgasm, than his traditional love making orgasm…

I think it is something in some men’s brain, but I do not complain, I have my share of fun too… but agree, lately really hard to find nice guys to play with. Continue Reading…


NSA sexcuckoldcpl

We are a cuckold couple too, and I know we know few things about cuckolding, non of you is really cuckolding…  cuckolding is different.

I think your husband is just a Voyeur.  Or there is an other explanation… I red it somewhere, human beings evolved in very intimate groups where sex often involved multiple partners… maybe something like this effecting your husband. Continue Reading…

older women younger menCasual Sex Personal Ads


My long time boyfriend and I has been into MFM threesomes for a while… I have to tell you I’m all for it and luckily the boyfriend is a voyeur, so really speaking he gets what he wants with a certain amount of control.

By the  way I think a lot of men are voyeurs, it is fact, men are visuals… Isn’t it the same? Anyways I get all the attention I want, and he enjoys himself too. He is not gay at all.  I think this is his way of giving me more sexual pleasure, while his orgasm more intense too.

For example in a mfm threesome he can have several orgasm, while one on one he can cum only once.. We like it, it is like we are teenagers again… Continue Reading…

horny older womenNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

Older womantakeme

I have had many MFM threesomes with my loving husband of 18 years and with select younger guys. Select means, no older then 30 years old and hung like a bull…

We do it because we enjoy it, it is  very erotic and it gives me the  pleasure that no single guy can provide. As someone alredy said at above, it turns my husband on so much, he is able to play much longer. I think it is a mind game… He have to prove to himself, he is still a man, he is still sexually competitive even if the other guy is half of his age… Continue Reading…

Sex with multiply partners are fun, but there is only one way to make it a good sexual experience, all parties need to be into it and everything needs to be agreed beforehand, or wont work…


My husband enjoys seeing me with two men

Do you like to be watched while having sex?

I like to watch my wife too… while she have sex with some other men

Men fantasize about their wife having sex with other man

When men fantasize about their wife having sex with other man, what turns them on? I asking it, because my husband fantasize about it, but he can’t tell me why… Before any misunderstanding, I have no problem to make his fantasy real, just can’t get it…

interracial sexSwingers Sex Dating Ads

no string atttached sxsummer-fun

Why he just want to watch… why not play too? Is it hot because it’s wrong?

Is it to reassure himself that his wife is wanted by other men?

Anyone ever figured this out? Continue Reading…


casual sex1Canuck

I’ve been part of a few threesomes with the husband’s
participating, but first he watched his wife and I start.

After he watched us, he get well into the screwing (after lots
of foreplay), the husbands were included at the wife’s request.

I think husbands fantasize about it, because they pleased to watch their wife at the middle of a very privet sex show. It is like they make their own porn starring their wife.

Some couples like to tape it… as far as is fun, I don’t care. I am not camera shy, (as far as my face edited out). I can do the editing… that it is a great fun too. Continue Reading…

threeway sexNo String Attached Sex

cuckold couplecuckoldlove

There are, several reasons SOME men get aroused by fantasizing about their wife having sex with another man.

I’ve had this fantasy for as long as I can remember, first I wanted to watch my girlfriend with otters, than came the  wife’s fantasy…

Her figure is not that many men would not consider attractive. Wide shouldered, narrow-hipped, flat ass and small breasts…

Basically the fact that another man can get turned on enough by my wife, to the point of having an erection and wanting to have sex with her, and knowing I am watching it… is proves I did choose  the right woman to married…

That, for me, is the primary source of sexaul arousal. Continue Reading…


swingers sexnoheadgamehere

We are not married, she is not my wife, but we live together more than 5 years and I like to watch her with other men. Sometimes even with more than one man, and sometimes I join in, sometimes I wont…

Either way, I derive immense sexual satisfaction from watching her sexually satisfied. Watching her orgasm is incredibly fulfilling for me. Her pleasure always precedes mine.  The thought of her enjoying herself on someone else’s penis, getting off on the difference in the sensations, from what she’s used to..

Well I’m a happy man as well. Continue Reading…

swingers sex

swingers sexahappycpl

For cuckoldlove;

Cuckolding and watching your wife being pleasured are two entirely different things!

A “cuck” is a submissive male, often forced to watch his wife being “taken” by another man. He is often ordered to prepare her/him for her pleasure (possibly sucking him hard) and clean up after her pleasure. (yes, lick up the cum in/on her and cleaning/sucking him)

My husband and I both love watching the other having fun but neither of us are submissive and I can’t be a “cuck”! Continue Reading…


cuckoldlove: We know what is cuckolding… Your definition is the old time cuckolding. In modern cuckoldry, the husband (or boyfriend) is fully aware of  what his lady is doing. He watching it… His lady’s activities is an important part of their sex life. Continue Reading…


no string attached sexhazard7712

I love watching my wife being fucked by another man and I very much enjoy cleaning them both up with my tongue.

If the man can get her to cum more than once it sounds to me like
an angel singing. We often go home and talk about the escapade, I quite often have to taste her lips to see if they taste as sweet as the words coming out of her mouth. sometimes I can actually taste his cum on her lips.

It’s awesome…. Continue Reading…

no string attached sexLooking For Willing Men do Me Front of My Hubby

no string attached sexroostercaliente

I fantasize all the time seen my wife get fucked by other man. How can I make this come true? Continue Reading…



My husband enjoys seeing me with two men

Do you like to be watched while having sex?

I like to watch my wife too… while she have sex with some other men

Secret cuckold couple

You have heard about cuckolding and wondered if you might be a secret cuckold or at least want to be and not even know it? Maybe you’re just in denial or confused but hey that’s why we put together this list of the Top 5 Ways to tell if you’re a Cuckold.

no string attached sexcuckold couplecuckoldlove

Top 5 Ways to tell if you’re a Cuckold, if two or more of these apply to you, than odds are you have cuckold tendencies and don’t even know it!

1. You Jerk Off Picturing Your Wife with Other Men
2. When You Go Out with Your Girl You Hope She Flirts
3. You Buy Her Outfits Knowing They Are Revealing
4. You Get Hard When Your Friends Say She’s Hot
5. Your Idea of a Threesome is Two Guys and Your Girl

If any two of these applied to you than you’ll probably love cuckolding and should let it be known. Continue Reading…


cuckold coupleCaga196000

You are talking about us…  In our case, you hit the nail on the head with your list.

We are definitely a cuckold couple and we are loving it… Continue Reading…

interracial sexcuckoldingviper0098

My wife was cheating on me few years ago with my young neighbor.  He was and still he is 23 years younger than she is. He worked evenings and his wife is like me worked at days.

I became suspicious that he always seemed to be at our house when I came home and,
one day, I just came out earlier than I should and he was fucking my wife in our marital bed… They both looked at me a little sheepishly…

The neighbor got his pants on and left quickly, leaving my wife sprawled on the bed with his cum dripping out of her shaved  pussy. Just to look at her like that turned me on…

I did not know how to react at first. I mean, I am over fifty  years old. My best fucking days are well behind me. So part of me was glad my wife was getting laid by this well-hung young stud.

Few weeks after I told them I don’t mind, but if it happens,  I want to know it,  and if is possible I want to see it. For return the “favor” I wont tell the neighbors wife. I know it is like blackmailing him, but he was the one he started to fuck my wife so deal with it…  And he dealt with… Continue Reading…

older womanSometimes I would get terribly jealous, but mostly I was just obsessively turned on by the whole situation.

On those days when they had sex I began to eat her pussy after sex, I was wondering if I was licking up the neighbors’ s cum. Sometimes it seemed unusually puffy and wet,  I know at those times my neighbor fucked her real hard in details.

In a way it made sense, since I really could not fuck her properly anymore. It was very confusing, but in time, it just seemed like the new normal. When she was horny, the neighbor came over, fuck her. Sometimes I watched, sometimes I don’t but I always eat out her fucked sloppy pussy. She came (or faked) from oral easily.  I think it really excited her to have her cuckold husband clean her lover’s cum out of her pussy. Continue Reading…

Then the neighbors workplace’s had a big shale up and our neighbors had to work a lot more and in  different hours.  Apparently this cut into his opportunities to fuck my wife.

At one night my wife said, ” I think I need my pussy eater to eat my pussy, but  lately there is nothing in to eat out of it”! Right then I knew we need to find an other guy…

That brought us here… but not easy to find a willing man. A man who is able and willing to fuck my older wife at front of me… or if not front of me just to knowingly, I know it and or might watch it…  Continue Reading…


I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man, so I need to tlak about it… otherwise it will stay fantasy forever

Our fantasy is more then a MFM threesome. Eventually it would go to have sex with multiple male partners and nothing will ever happen  if we do not talk about it…

Women’s top erotic  fantasy