Older Men With Younger Wives

They might not enough for her and the bedroom so she lies… about her orgasm. Many women want to prove it for their man, he as their husband is a real powerful man – or in some other cases, they want to prove, he is still a man.

Why so? Maybe they married him for his money… and they prefer money over dick. They think they can find dick at any time, but money is not easy to find

For example older men with younger wives… Those younger wives often fake orgasms. No its not fake news, its fake orgasm…

Often men have thicker wallet, than dick and they married a woman who young enough to be their child… Some cases the old guy open minded and he looks out help,  then come threesome or cuckolding..

older men younger wife

Older men need help in the bedroom to satisfy their wife

I think every woman has faked an orgasm at one time or another time for one reason or another reason. If she faked it once probably she will fake it again, when and if she thinks it necessary to keep her sex partner happy.

Also women might fake orgasms for several other reasons. They might do it, because:

May not have ever had an orgasm before, so they have no idea how a woman look, during an orgasm. Now, this might sound a little weird but it does happen with women. I have known several women who have never had an orgasm. I always try to convince them, to keep trying with other men, because sooner or later there will be a man who can make them obtain – orgasm. Unfortunately men I never seem to score with these kind of ladies. Maybe women know this and this might be a reason, why they fake orgasm.

But there can be other reasons too, for example I been told… Some of the women pussy, gets sore really fast. This could be because of her body type or because she doesn’t produce enough lube. Some women have very thin and dry vaginal walls. Oral sex will lubricate her pussy, or at last personal lubrication much better than dry vagina…

Some ladies thinks make them reach the orgasm is important for men. They are willing to fake it for their man.

So if you are a man, and made love or had sex, maybe casual nsa sex with someone, don’t keep asking it… Did you cum? If she did not she will ask you for more or she will keep paying, so do your best and be a man… don’t force her to lie to you…


Swingers Sex Personal Ads

How do I convince my husband to go to a sex party?

Actually it can be a swingers sex party or a party at a swingers club… Around Christmas would be a perfect time. I’m very adventurous and love to explore new things. I’ve been really wanting to have a lot of no string attached sex with different men lately.

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no string attached sexI-wanna-play

Maybe it is, because I am getting older (I am 43) and deep inside me, I know my expire date is getting closer and over 50 it will be harder to have nsa sex. Right now I can catch men attention very easy…

The only problem is my husband. He’s bi sexual 15 years older than me, and has a lot of sexual experience.

I am his second wife, we are together in the last 13 years and according to him, since we are together he did not have any bi sexual play. But with his first wife, they were into nsa sex and swingers club, and he was openly bi and practiced bi sex at that time.

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They divorced and the reason is related to swinging… than we met and we were married 6 months later. I know his pass and I had my share of nsa fun too, and he knows my pass too, so there is no problem wit the pass.

The problem is the present, which is; I need more sex with more men. He said if we go to sex parties he would not be able to control his bi sexuality anymore, and deep inside he does not want to practice bi sex.

He suggested we should try  cuckolding. I mean the today’s cuckolding. He would watch as I play with one or two men, which is sound appealing, but I want more.

Plus I don’t want to  bring home any men. I know there are hotels and motels, but that is extra cost… a lot of sex a lot of cost, so sex parties would be better.

Due to his heated past with the topic of sex parties and swinging, I would love to have this kind of experience, but  he just does not want to come with me, and I wont do it alone…

What should I do? Continue Reading…


swingers sex datingloveparty

Swinging and sex parties  is not for everybody, and for some reason, your husband thinks, it is not for you….

The play is supposed to be a fun diversion from life or a great addition to a relationship. Your husband has a bi sexual experience, that he does not want to repeat, and his marriage was destroyed by  his bi sexuality or sex partying, either way  his marriage was over because of the lifestyle.

Your choice, but I would not consider him a good candidate to bring other couples or people into your marrige. If you do choose to, make sure he have no problem with it, or it might destroy your marriage too… Continue Reading…

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swingers sexsexseek

I know a man… I know more men, but this one is divorced from his wife and freind of ours. In fact they divorced more than few years earlier.

They was into casual sex during their marriage and according to him their divorce have nothing to do with sex. Anyway, their friends circle, after divorce – before divorce are the same. They  are still into no string attached casual sex and sex partying and sometimes they even had sex with each other. I find strange divorced people have sex…

I think some of those guys who partying with them, don’t even know they used to be a married couple… Continue Reading…


casual sex1canuck

I am divorced too and I think our  divorce had nothing to do with sex. There is an other reason behind our divorce…

Also as your freind as I had sex with my X too since we divorced.  It happened more than once. It always happened at parties or some kind of other get together with friends.

Sex with an X is a very bad idea… because at one pint she tried to re-build our marriage and I had to make it very clean, I never go back.

Leave together or just have nsa sex, does not mean the same… Or just because nsa sex is  good, it does not mean a rebuild  marriage will be good too. Since this happened, I did not  see her and did not hear anything from her. Continue Reading…


erotic fantasymy-hot-fantasy

I don’t know how can you manage into your husband sex partying again.  he burned himself once, and does not want to do it again… but maybe  there is away.The problem is you do not want to take anyone to home…

Somehow you have to set up a surprise sex party for him. Just a one time deal. If he does not like it, than don’t do it again, or it will damage your marriage, but he might like it… and if he does, than you do not need to talk him into anything…

Or you can ask him for Christmas present… Sex party for Christmas present, I think this would be you best chance… Continue Reading…

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swingers sexwewantgroupfun

You’d better ask first. If my wife pulled that on me, I’d be sleeping somewhere else. Because bringing someone else into your bed, unless you have an open relationship — is cheating.

Doing it without clearing it first,  yeah, it sounds like a porno fantasy, but real relationships aren’t just about fucking, real relationship we love each other and make love and communicate…

Talk to him or take your chances on blowing everything. A lot of people have outrageous fantasies that they would never want to fulfill in real life. Continue Reading…


Tips for hosting a sex party. Practice makes perfect, you know the people you invite to your party, better then we know… so use your imagination. Continue Reading>>>

A lot of women fantasize about having sex with two guys at a holiday sex party.

My husband wanted to watch me have sex with another man

How is it started? My husband talked about his erotic fantasy, which was to watch me have sex with another men.  At that time we were 9 years married, so make the long story short, one day during sex he confessed to wanting to watch me with another man.

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nsa sexjust-a-wife

We used to watch porn video a lot before and have had some similar role playing experience… but  I  had to ask him, if he meant it. He said of course, and also he told me I am free to find a willing man.

By the way to make it happen took several months… There was a man… he always flirted me very aggressively and I found him attractive too, so I sett it up with that man.   The only catch was, we wanted bare back, I can’t get pregnant, so before the actual play time he had to go to STD screening. He said yes, if I go too, so we both did.

When the test results came back, we had our first play time. I was worried about how my husband would feel and I was worry about myself too. I did not orgasm, not at that time, but the hubby, he loved every minute of it. It felt like he loved it a little too much.

As soon our guest  left, my husband had sex with me, I still had our guest’s semen inside me.

I was sure he is bi sexually, or he has some modern day cuckolding fetish, but now (2years later) and after several different sex partners  I know he is not gay and not bi. He never touch the other guy, he just sits and watch, and sometimes play with his penis. When the guy leave he fucks me… real hard.

Since that first time two things changed, the first, we are not into bareback. Condom is most. The second thing, I am enjoy this play dates too and I can orgasm several times…

Why am I here? We are running out of willing men? Continue Reading…

older womanOlder woman looking for younger men

cuckold couplecucoldlove

My husband love to watch me too and he as your husband never joins in.

He gets exited by inviting another man to join me… by what’s known as “sperm competition.”

Watching me to have sex with another man makes him more excited than to have “traditional” sex with me. After the  the other guy leave his orgasm always a more intense orgasm, than his traditional love making orgasm…

I think it is something in some men’s brain, but I do not complain, I have my share of fun too… but agree, lately really hard to find nice guys to play with. Continue Reading…


NSA sexcuckoldcpl

We are a cuckold couple too, and I know we know few things about cuckolding, non of you is really cuckolding…  cuckolding is different.

I think your husband is just a Voyeur.  Or there is an other explanation… I red it somewhere, human beings evolved in very intimate groups where sex often involved multiple partners… maybe something like this effecting your husband. Continue Reading…

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My long time boyfriend and I has been into MFM threesomes for a while… I have to tell you I’m all for it and luckily the boyfriend is a voyeur, so really speaking he gets what he wants with a certain amount of control.

By the  way I think a lot of men are voyeurs, it is fact, men are visuals… Isn’t it the same? Anyways I get all the attention I want, and he enjoys himself too. He is not gay at all.  I think this is his way of giving me more sexual pleasure, while his orgasm more intense too.

For example in a mfm threesome he can have several orgasm, while one on one he can cum only once.. We like it, it is like we are teenagers again… Continue Reading…

horny older womenNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

Older womantakeme

I have had many MFM threesomes with my loving husband of 18 years and with select younger guys. Select means, no older then 30 years old and hung like a bull…

We do it because we enjoy it, it is  very erotic and it gives me the  pleasure that no single guy can provide. As someone alredy said at above, it turns my husband on so much, he is able to play much longer. I think it is a mind game… He have to prove to himself, he is still a man, he is still sexually competitive even if the other guy is half of his age… Continue Reading…

Sex with multiply partners are fun, but there is only one way to make it a good sexual experience, all parties need to be into it and everything needs to be agreed beforehand, or wont work…


My husband enjoys seeing me with two men

Do you like to be watched while having sex?

I like to watch my wife too… while she have sex with some other men

Two man threesome with pussy eating

I red a blog post on an erotic dating blog. I could not register there, so I post my question here. On that blog a woman wanted a fmf threesome with her husband a flirty  neighbor woman. Lucky man…

threesome pussy eatingThreesome with Pussy Eating

threesome sexmfm-threesome

My case is different. Let me explain.

I am a married man, we got married a little over a year ago and my wife said recently that she thinks about  a  threesome with two men.

She said the idea is nice but she wouldn’t do it in real life. In her fantasy the other guy just eat her pussy and he doe not penetrate her. Then she said few weeks later that its something she would like to experience and it is on her bucket list,  but because I am to old fashioned, I would never be ok with it then she wont do it.

I got mad at her to call me old fashioned and she said that I only giving her a hard time about it because shes  curious about sex with two men.

She said she is sure if she want a threesome with on other woman, I would jump right into at th middle of it. I told her I am not interested in any kind of threesome, one pussy is enough for me and she should be happy with one cock too…

But she keep talking about it… Should I be mad? I know she would never cheat and she said its not something she would do since I’m not into it.

So what should I do?  Go to see a sex therapist together…? Continue Reading…

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cuckold couplecuckoldlove

There is no therapy to help her if she want two cocks…

You better make that threesome happen or she going to make you a cuckold… If you do not like her threesome idea, you are going to hate cuckolding. Continue Reading…


swingers sexswingers-sex

First of all, she is honest with you about her erotic  fantasies. She may feel a little bored with your sex life or your sexual performance not enough for her…  at the moment tho.

Maybe you should think about what can you do better, talk with her  and suggest going to a sex shop and finding some fun toys.

There are attachments that you could wear that would give her the sensation of double penetration and than if she still want that threesome, than you have no choice… Continue Reading…


swingers nsa sexswingers-nsa-sex

In my opinion, based on my experience,  she has a threesome fantasy, maybe  for a long time.  

She is married now and she know she can’t or don’t want to make it happen with out you and she was honest with you. She wants to do this and if she wants it bad enough she will do it with or with out you.

We are living in 2015, women are as aggressive sexually as men today, so if you say no, sooner or later she will do it anyway.  She told you, but not because  she wants your permission, but because she want to make it happen, together with you… Continue Reading…


bi mena_bi_man

Threesome is a very common fantasy for both men and women and the fact that she is discussing it with you shows that she is interested in your feelings about it and she want you to be part of it, and it is very positive.

Just think about it, if she really want it, she can do it with out you at anytime. She can find two guys in the first night club…

Fantasizing about nsa sex and open married sex life for outsiders and actually going through with common things today, but not everyone make it happen. Continue Reading…

bi couplesBi Sexual Sex PartiesSwingers Orgies


I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man, so I need to talk about it… otherwise it will stay fantasy forever

Our fantasy is more then a MFM threesome. Eventually it would go to have sex with multiple male partners and nothing will ever happen  if we do not talk about it

My meaningless married sex life

I trapped in a marriage for years where sex was meaningless routine bed exercise,  after when the light turned down. Because my job, I travel a lot. Basically I am almost always  on the way, just spend home the weekends and few week’s days.

interracial sexInterracial Sex Dating Ads

cuckold womanmadehimcuck

Having sex with a stranger is exiting, but I am not into repeated performance. He wont be a stranger at the second time.

My marriage was boring, routine sex… no spice, no orgasm. I faked it, than at once on a business trip I tasted the restricted apple with a waiter, who was half of my age. My orgasm was incredible…

After that first encounter I was looking for willing men, and I enjoyed many of them. Men in different age and different race and ethnicity. Some of them was really good… Basically I made my husband a cuck.

And than in one of my weak moment I told him… and he liked it. Surprises, surprise! Now if I go in the bed with someone,  I call him after sex and explain him everything in details and he masturbates in the same time…

However there is a problem… he is not happy withe the report over the phone. Latelly he wants me to have sex with someone and he want to watch it in real. Should I do it? Continue Reading…


cuckold couplecuckoldlove

You did not make your husband a cuck. You just cheated on him. Cuck is the husband in the old fashioned cuckold couple, who gets humiliated by his wife.

The humiliation usually, he had to get his wife ready for the new man and he had to clean her up after the event, sometimes she made him to eat her out, cream pie with other man’s cum. So your husband is definitely not a cuck.

But if you going to have nsa sex with men and he will watch it, and enjoy to watch it, than that is the todays, cuckold couples sexual activity… Continue Reading…

interracial nsa sexInterracial nsa sex dating

NSA sexcuckoldcpl

Today, a man is a cuck: The hubby (male partner) whose wife has sex with a guy (who  is known as Bull while hubby watches. 

Cuckolding is couples sex play, a relationship involving cuck hubby, adulterous wife and a bull.

When a cuckold couples plays, a wife, spouse, or long time girlfriend have sex with a man while her husband, boyfriend watches. Continue Reading…



A cuckold couple is a couple who likes to watch and have their spouse watching while they are engaged in the sexual act with someone else.

This practice very common in our open sexed world,  it happens often, for example sex parties, when  both the husbands and the wives switch partners and they watch each other. Continue Reading…

threesomeNo String Attached Sex Party Ads

cuckold cplcuckold cpl

You guys got the way with the answers. She did not ask to define cuckold or cuck

Her question was should she fuck someone at the front of her husband?

My answer is, why not? There is nothing that you can lose. He alredy knows you fuck around, so at list you do not need to hide anymore, and you might enjoy sex even more.  Continue Reading…


interracial sexmilchchocolate

I am a normal, everyday housewife, with a husband who loves me and our family.

We have 2 children, but I still look good at 38 years old, and my husband always telling me how good I look and how sexy I am.

How it started… We went to a Jamaican vacation and one night we drank more than we should and ended up in our room with a black man… and we had a threesome. We liked the experience and we repeated with out alcohol next  day with an other black man, and he just watched. That was even better.

Since that Jamaican vacation we got addicted to black cocks. Hy husband is bi sexual, so he have his share of black cocks too.

Is it cuckolding? I am not sure, but someone stated at above, we are not here to figure the definition out… we are here to give our opinion for the message poster lady, which is in my case, oh yeah, just do it baby. It will spice you marital sex life up too. Continue Reading…

interracial sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads


I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man, so I need to tlak about it… otherwise it will stay fantasy forever

Our fantasy is more then a MFM threesome. Eventually it would go to have sex with multiple male partners and nothing will ever happen  if we do not talk about it…

Women’s top erotic  fantasy