Couples & no string attached casual sex at Easter

NSA sex, if you are a single or marred it happens for sex only.  In my mind no string attached sex and casual sex is sleeping around. You don’t want anything, other than sex. Have few drinks, get a blow job, or give a blow job have sex & go different ways.

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Why does it seem “sexually promiscuous” couples are more accepting of a single person that sleeps around? Men women, who ever… makes no difference.

But and when a couple has agreed to play with others to explore some of their erotic fantasy, like partner swap, or threesomes, at Easter weekend that is a big sensation… Even here, on this website, which is very erotic and very kinky…

A single person sleeps with 10 or 20 people for just sex, nothing else just nsa… Easter or not Easter, that is ok, but if a couple have a fuck buddy, at any time… not just at Easter, that is very evil…. Why so? Continue Reading


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I don’t think it have to do anything with Easter or not. It is the erotic action… That some old fashioned people can’t understand, or they are just jealous.

I know, single persons sleeping around since the humans are humans, so there is nothing new…

Couples started sleeping around openly, or have sex with others, front of each other, or having threesomes, etc. just recently with the Internet boom. They did things like this before too, but wasn’t this open. Apparently this is not for everyone and as I said at above, some people can’t understand, and they think if they can’t understand than that can be good… Continue Reading


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I don’t think the wording “sexually promiscuous” right in couples case, and it have nothing to do with Easter. In fact Easter just give a opportunity to anyone to get together, and celebrate… And there is nothing better than celebrate with sex…

Sexually promiscuous is someone who is having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners with out standards of selection. With other words, they have sex with anyone, who is available.

I don’t think that is a case here on this erotic dating website with couples. Almost every couple who I ran into, have standard and they select their partners, their sex friends more carefully, than singles. You have to remember, a married couple can lose a lot more than a single person… Continue Reading



A lot of men would be surprised if they find out how many women fantasize about having sex with two guys at the same time… Read the article…

MFM Threesome Sex Tips For Women

Threesome tips for single men

Threesome sex positions


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I agree with the above, it have nothing to do with Easter. Easter is a religious Holiday, and if you are not a religious person, than you have nothing to worry about Easter.

I guess the problem is, because marriage is still a “Big Deal” to a lot of people, and even if it wasn’t, we humans are notoriously jealous creatures, and one of the best grounds for jealousy is bring in a single person into a married couple’s sex life… If that single person happen to be a bis sexual, and can play, able to play with both sexes in the couple… well, don’t even go there…

If that person is strait, than one of them from the couple, could still be festering with jealousy that their spouse is getting all this attention from much younger better looking person.

Therefore a couple selection process might take longer than a single person, but might not… For example in our case, we often play at the first date

You could have a lot of fun on your first date, or you could meet their jealousy after few dates… Like the a roll of the dice… get luck or don’t. Continue Reading


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For a single person to bang around (no string attached sex) is fine and accepted.

For a married couple to have sex with others is not so much accepted. People are still hung up on this idea that once a man takes a woman to be his bride, he is stuck with her, and in a sense, they stuck with each other her by legal contract…

But that does not mean they can’t have casual sex. It is their choice, their sex life… A lot of married people looking for single men and women here… Continue Reading

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My hubby and I met on this website, bot of us came here to find casual sex partner, so the subject of nsa sex was already on the table.

Our expectations were communicated and we conduct ourselves accordingly. NSA sex is like the chocolate on the ice cream, give our sex life special flavor…

While I like to try different flavors, my husband is my favorite flavor. The one flavor that I’ll always go back to. To be honest and faithful to. I make love with my husband only and have sex with other people, but never with out him, and vice versa… He never plays with out me either, we even select playmates together.

Terms within a marriage or within a partnership can be negotiated as long as everyone is on the same page… Continue Reading


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Interesting…. If a married man goes out and ran into a hottie somewhere and they have sex, he is a cheater.

If a married woman going out on her own or with her ladies friends (girls night out) for a bit of sexy fun… and ends up getting laid, that is okay. Isn’t it double standard?

The other thing, men post their penis photos and 80% of the women states it we saw penis before… and you should not post it, but how many women post photos of their vagina? More than men, and that is okay…

So what is acceptable for one, that can unacceptable for others. It will be like this for a long time. Continue Reading


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In my opinion if both parties have an agreed upon description of what “their” marriage is, then it shouldn’t matter to the rest of us.

Their sex life, their business… Easter weekend or any other weekend, good for them.

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So you and your man are banging other couples or singles. At some point you guys make out with a woman, who is younger, her body is nicer, her boobs are perkier, she might have tighter pussy and loves anal sex… and she pleases your man much more…

This is bound to happen. Then that alternative of getting divorce becomes a reality, because a divorce is what he will want. Just be careful what you ask for. Continue Reading

The wife fantasy is a mfm threesome at Easter’s weekend

threesome Swingers Sex Dating Ads

I am represent a married couple here. We got married in the local Catholic’s church, but just because we are catholic, it does not mean we do not like sex…

nsa sex datingnsalovers

Our problem is, our long time fantasy (it is mainly my, the wife’s) is a mfm threesome, and I hope it will be reality very soon, because  we get invited to a house party at  Easter’s Saturday. The host couple did not say, it would be a sex party, but we know, they are into casual sex play and swinging.

I am sure we will have an opportunity to make our fantasy real, if we go to that party, but my hubby say, a mfm threesome is not a good idea at Easter time… I strongly disagree with him, but we decided to get advice from more experienced people…

Ladies and gentlemen: Is it a good idea to try a mfm threesome or better not at Eastern Saturday Continue Reading…


casual sex1Canuck

Celebrate Easter with threesome.

For me Easter’s Saturday is like any other Saturday, therefore I  personally believe a mfm threesome is always a good idea… even for you. You try it, and if you do not like it, you wont do anymore, but if you wont try it, it always will be in your mind, something like you missed to opportunity…

If I were you I would go for it… Continue Reading…



We use to have threesome fantasy too and that is not just fantasy anymore… a well organized mfm is a lot of fun, but I have my sayin’.

You wrote you are Catholic, hardcore Catholics do not have sex outside in their marriage, plus hard core Catholics go in the church at Easter time, not to a party in a hope to find partner for threesome sex, so I assume, you are not that hard core Catholics.

Therefore why not? As it stated at above, if you never try, you never know you are going to like it or not… Continue Reading…

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Threesomes are good at any times, if the players into the mood…

At above is; “hardcore Catholics do not have sex outside in their marriage”. I agree with that sentence, so they are maybe… planning to keep that threesome in the family.

Dad, mom and the oldest boy… What happens in the family, stays in the family… Continue Reading…



Thanks for you advice chic but no, we do not want to have that threesome with our child, our marriage is child less, but your post planted an idea in my mind… a mfm would be a lot of fun with a man who is young enough to be my son… Continue Reading…


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The wife and I really like threesomes and we are both very straight. We would not have any problem with three way sex at Easter Saturday, as it stated above, it is like any other Saturday for us.

You never know if you don’t try… Continue Reading…


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I’ve only participated in a couple of mfm’s and a few fmf’s threesome.

Apart from the 1st mfm was a bit awkward at the start (it was with a friend of mine and a girl we both new and I always thought it would be with a stranger couple). However it turned to be real good when we passed that few uncomfortable minutes.

All the other three ways were fantastic and I cant wait for next one. You should go for it. Continue Reading…

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If all three parties involved are all on the same page and in agreement with the rules etc. then it should be all good, even at Eastern Saturday.

Your husband does not like the idea, so his not on the same page, so don’t do it or you risk your marriage. He might not ready for see you have sex with other men, or maybe he back off because of his religion.

Either way, I would back off too, but I would tell him, “You are right honey, we should not go to that  Sex Party at Easter , not even sure it will be a sex party, but I do not give up on my fantasy and I really want to get over with, so I will try to find a young guy and you and him can make my fantasy reality. I’ll wait a week or two, but no more.”



Threesome is just sex for fun and as long as it stays that way it’s fine, but both of you both have to want it to make it happen…


Threesome with your wife, or threesome with somebody’s wife? Let’s get kinky.

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Threesome at Eastern Weekend. Good or bad idea?

If I have to answer to this question, the answer would be, a threesome is a good idea at any time. It is up to every individual how they celebrate Eastern, or celebrate it at all.

For example at my work place, people happy for Eastern because Friday is paid Holiday, they care about only thee money. Money is good, but have no string attached sex, better than money. Also no string attached sex have nothing to do with Eastern, threesome or more some or one night stand, what ever.

couples looking for threesome

In my opinion, if you have a chance you should try, there is nothing to lose. you might like it, or might not, or you might loving it…

It is something that up to you and up to your partner. No one else need to now it… You do not need to advertise it here or there or anywhere else. If you don’t like it, you can tell, no thanks, I been there, done that. If you loved it, than you do it again…

first mfm

Some people states it, threesome, special mfm easier for man then women… Well it depends on. For example threesome usually happen in married couples sex play, they introduce a extra man into their married sex life. Two man, the husband end someone else entertain the wife, serve the wife erotic needs.

Do you think its easy for a husband? That extra guy can be a better lover, can have a bigger cock or can be much younger and much better looking then he is… Than he watch it as the younger better looking guy penetrate his wife, maybe anally, maybe vaginally or maybe on both way. Maybe his wife give him a blow job and she swallows…

Is it easy? It can be for few… but. On the other side, she might have her best sex in her life, she mightbe visible enjoy herself, she might obtains multiply orgasms.

So Eastern or not, and a threesome is a couples game, the extra person is a toy, a sex toy, like a packket rocket. that person just there to be used…

double penetration

Erotic fantasies & desires

All great casual sex and all great orgasm start in the mind and starts with erotic fantasies. We are looking for casual sex partners to experience great orgasms, but we run into difficulties. We did not think this could be that hard… Continue Reading

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When you ask someone what they like sexually in no string attached sex and they tell you just about everything. What does that tell you?

To me, that tells me that they don’t really know what they like or don’t know much.

We like to know, because it let’s us know if we are compatible or not as far as no string attached sex goes. Continue Reading


no string attached sex66LUV

My thoughts…. If someone likes ALL aspects of sex, why does that mean “they don’t really know what they like or don’t know much.”????

Maybe they DO actually just love ALL sex….

Just sayin’ Continue Reading



I had been fantasizing about participating in a threesome lately. I want to have sex with two men

We have been married for 13 years and love threesomes with other couples, or with single guys

We as a married couple actually quite enjoy having an extra man in our bed

Many users comes here, to fulfill  their erotic fantasy and their appetite for kinky sex. They are openly talking about their fantasy, in fact they ask the other member’s advices, on many erotic dating related an NSA sex related things.

Friendship with benefits. Easy to find a good sex partner, but hard to find a real friend

Find sex partners for partner swap on line. Sex with multiply partners



I agree with you. It tells me they’re willing to say whatever it takes to get in my pants, and they have no desire to share their true desires with me. Continue Reading


kinky sexandreaplaysnice

It all depends on the mood doesn’t it. Sometimes slow and easy, sometimes fast and hard.

Saying they like these things doesn’t always mean they’re undecided or don’t know what they want.

Just like anything else in life. Sometimes I want cake, sometimes I want pie, sometimes I want Ice Cream. Continue Reading


adult sexpej1970

I think sometimes people say “just about everything” because they are trying to say they enjoy most things & might even try a few new things.

Sometimes people are just a little too shy to come out with the laundry list & state specifically what each thing it is they enjoy (I used to be & I have met others like that).

But I learned to be specific & say exactly what I want. Some people never learn to do that (male or female). I think I can thank my foray into Swingerscouple’s world for becoming
a little more bold. Continue Reading

swingers sex

No String Attached Sex Dating Ads

casual sex1Canuck

This problem is my problem too. I have found out, most couple are afraid to say the husband is bi… They don’t say what they like or what they want from an extra man…

I find out after talking to them several times and or meet in face to face and then everything comes out.  And that is waste of time, their time and my time too… because I’m very strait. Continue Reading


sex datingfirsttimecpl

Our thought on the subject is; Erotic fantasies and desires can be a scary thing to discuss because of the fear of rejection.

The possibility of the “Oh my God you sick bastard!” kind of reaction. They might be more open talking about the things that they don’t like. Like no water sport or no pain and pleasure… Continue Reading


erotic datingokiecpl4u

You asked: When you ask someone what they like sexually and they tell you just about everything. What does that tell you?

It tells you, you should have condoms, and clean sheets, because the condoms are about to be used and the sheets are about to get messy…. Continue Reading


horny couplecoupleforsinglemen

For us “I’m into anything” means, you suggest something, or tell to your wanna be playmate, what you like and what you are looking for and they will tell you if they into that erotic play or that is to much for them…  Continue Reading

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Girlfriend Erotic Fantasy

Everyone have erotic fantasy, just some people admits it, some others don’t. Some people fantasize to make out in a movie theater. Some others just want to have sex, in the family bed when they want to make a baby.

horny milfErotic Adult Dating Ads

NSA sex adsI used to have a girlfriend, her erotic fantasy was to have sex on the ice on New Years Eve. Well her fantasy got reality, because we made out on the ice. By the way I was on the top…

Anyways if you do not have erotic fantasy, then you just should click on your mouse’s back button… if you have erotic fantasy, then you should try to work on, and made them something, what you can say for yourself, I been there, done that! Continue Reading….



Anal sex on first date?

If you are a man and your hot and horny partner with wide open legs will tell you, no condom no sex, I bet you will roll one on in almost no time at all…. How to roll a condom onsafer sex info.

A lot of women fantasize about having sex with two guys

Swingers Sex


Many of our partner members came here, because their erotic fantasy and their appetite for sex. They are openly talking about their fantasy, in fact they ask the other members advice, on many erotic dating related an NSA sex related things.

You can check them out at next. To do so you need to be registered users, but the registration is free and that erotic advice line is free to use too.

sex adsIt starts out like lottery, you can’t hit the jackpot, or, something like sex and her G-Spot, you never find it. You’re keep telling to yourself, our spousal relationship is great, sex is excellent and we are having a great time all the time in the bedroom.

Are you sure?

Even if it is true what about 5 years from now on? Can a couple (man – woman) keep sex fulfilling and challenging for years and years in our stressful, open sexuality world? Continue Reading….

casual sexNSA Casual Sex Dating Personal Ads

Everyone have erotic fantasies. How about making them reality? Millions of people done it every years. Couples, who you see at work, maybe your doctor or your neighbor too, might be very active in this erotic lifestyle. I don’t mean, just attending a swingers club exclusively for couples only. Continue Reading….

sex datingIt is not to hard to find open minded people for casual sex. You can leave in a small town or in a big city, probably some of them are not too far from your place. You can find swingers ads in swingers magazine, almost in every adult shops. Also you can find swingers clubs ads in the same magazines. For some people the word swingers sound too pornographic. You can use the word couples club, however swinging is not porno for everyone. For the majority of the people who participate in this lifestyle, swinging is sexual relationship, a special friendship, or no commitment erotic fun, that might end in partners swapping. Continue Reading….

NSA datingHowever there is nothing that you have to do, swinging is not like an all you can eat buffet. There is no pressure and nobody going to touch anyone, unless invited. The easiest way to start in this lifestyle is over the INTERNET. Browse erotic personals, contact people and meet them. If there are no sparks don’t hesitate contact others. At one point you will find what your are looking for. Continue Reading….

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