Swingers Women Gang Bang Fantasy at Halloween

For certain type of men, women, and couples casual sex is the best way to satisfy their erotic fantasy. Summer is over, there are limited activities available outside. Then comes Halloween, after Halloween the Holiday season isn’t to far and parties being organized all over.

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So those certain type of people start to fantasize about sex, many of them connect sex to variety. Women never talked about erotic fantasy 50 year ago. Their kept it themselves, but since the Internet boom, everything has changed, include women and their sexuality. They can talk and they can do something about their erotic fantasy.

For example an open minded married couple get an invitation to a Halloween party. The party wasn’t planned to be a sex party, it just supposed to be Halloween party. However there was a couple on the guest list who visited swingers club before. Party goes on, people drink, maybe they had more drink that they should have, maybe they puffed some dope too, include our married couple. Alcohol and drug isn’t a good combination, so their guard goes down.

They started to talk about their erotic fantasy, with the couple who isn’t strange to swinging, than they end up dancing and  touching each other, so they decided to go to the swingers club together. Continue Reading…

What will happen at that swingers club?

I assume they meet with swingers. Swingers are open minded people, majority of them married or live together with long term partner. Some of them naturally free of jealousy, others learned how to deal with emotion, in order to live their life as erotic as they want. The word swinging is not that cool anymore. Lately people use lifestyle, no string attached sex, casual sex, recreational sex, socialize… People go to the sex club to socialize…? I don’t get it, I think they go there to have no string attached, no commitment sex. Younger people does not swing this days, they sexting, than hook up…

What ever we name it… they are looking for no string attached sex (NSA SEX) another word for it: friendship with erotic benefits.

If you are thinking about get into this lifestyle, if you would like to find casual sex partners, by join a swingers club, you should know that new couples and single women are always welcome. You will find the club members eager to share their experiences, how they started and how they handled their own sex related relationship issues. They are more then happy to talk about, what they have done to overcome their inhibitions and insecurities and other, NSA casual sex related details.  Continue Reading…

It is a little harder for single men, but there is always a way. Single men best chance is with married couples. A lot of couples looking for extra men to their sex play, special around Halloween. A lot of woman erotic fantasy to get gang banged at Halloween, by a bunch of monsters…

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Casual sex and swinging is often powered by a woman’s bi sexuality or exhibitionism. Most swingers women are bi or bi curious. Their husband, spouse, want them to be happy while they have fun too…

Some couples have gone to the limit of what sexual experimentation they can do with each other, including sharing fantasies. They want to share more then fantasies, they want to share their partner too.

As often as swinging, swingers clubs and swingers parties provide opportunities for a woman to find pussy for herself and dance naked in a crowd if she is into exhibitionism or voyeurism. Continue Reading…

It also offers a loving wife the chance to fulfill not just her own, but her husband erotic fantasy too. There are not to many men on this world, who never dreamed about sex with two women. In this lifestyle, dream like this can be reality very easily.

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Swingers Sex Party Photos with Adult Dating Ads


Girls guide to one night stand

Halloween’s Secret Erotic Fantasy

I am very excited about Halloween… My secret erotic fantasy always was and is, sex with multiply partners, sex with two or maybe three men at the same time, but I never made anything about it. I kind of was and I am shame about this fantasy… Continue Reading…

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naughty girlnaughtygirl

It made me feel dirty minded… Than at one day, I realized, what a heck… I am dirty minded or not, I live only once, and I have to live it until to the max… So during love making I talked about my erotic fantasy with my boyfriend, and he did not freak out…

Instead he just told me, we are going to go to a Erotic Halloween party, which is organized with his friends, who is in the lifestyle. What this mean, I am not sure, but he said, I might get my fantasy real… So I am not sure…

I really want that experience, and I find his friend attractive, and there will be few more nice guys too… But I am not sure about my boy friend. He kind of jumped into this idea very fast… Any advice? Continue Reading…


sex datingMySweetBloom

Well, this is not an advice, but related…

I was talking with a friend of mine today. She’s married, has a kid, is several years younger than I am. She know that I’m out here, she’s heard the stories and, in general, she is very open-minded.

However our conversation today took a turn towards multiple partner sex. She said that although she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t have a problem is she knew a woman went to sex parties or participated in orgies.

But she would have a problem with a woman who had a gang bang. She would think that woman is a nasty, gross, dirty slut, whore, etc…

So I thought I would ask it out here, in a forum where sex is freely discussed and there is a wide variety of people and experiences. Do you feel differently about a woman who
has sex with a group of men vs a mixed gender group? Continue Reading…

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More info on threesome sex scenario. Continue Reading…

erotic datingouttherelinda

Personally what another woman does sex-wise is her business and it wouldn’t affect our friendship. The only thing about it that would affect it would be if she was messing around my permanent parter, with out me… Continue Reading…


horny coupleteamplayer

We love sex with multiple partners too and not just at Halloween. Sex with multiply partners always great. I make no judgments at all about someone else’s sexual desires. So my answer is no I do not feel differently about a women who has sex with more then one men or a sex with mixed gender group.

Most of the time, casual sex it is about pleasure. We all seek different ways to satisfy our needs and desires, and erotic fantasies. I do not want to be judged, so wisely, I make the decision not to judge others.

If you like it, want it, go for it… As you said, you live only once. Continue Reading…

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NSA Sex1Str8Man

You said your boyfriend jumped into the idea very fast… Halloween sex party or just Halloween casual sex, it can be a good sign or a very bad sign.

The bad sigh is, he is with you only for sex… The good sign might be… He might be like me. I love MFM threesome, I find them very erotic, so he might fantasized the same thing, just he wasn’t man enough to talk about his fantasy with you.

His lifestyle friend… If he is really in the “lifestyle”, than list someone knows how can two guys please a woman at the same time… Just don’t forget the condoms home… You might need more than few… Continue Reading…


nsa sexpetitandnaughty

Your friend is open minded enough to accept that having multiply sex partners is OK, but she can’t wrap her head around a gang-bang. I think it’s similar to how I fee , for example, about water-sports, etc…

It’s all in the mind, of course. Plus, she might equate a gangbang to gang-rape. Which isn’t the same because all of the participants are willing and there are rules.

Your friend’s reaction might not seem logical but in her mind she draws the line. She could only tolerate and accept so much. Maybe she is not that open minded after all. I don’t know.

I, personally, never experienced a gang bang and it isn’t on my short ‘to do’ list either. Not because I have anything against it, I don’t. But because I find other things more appealing.

How do I feel about a woman who experienced it? Same as before she had her fun at a gang-bang.

Would it make any difference to me? Nope, none whatsoever. Continue Reading…

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NSA sex adslolipopf

We are just talking cosmetic appearances here aren’t we?

Just makes sure the guys use condoms, otherwise things will get messy and a lot of sperm will running down on your legs… Continue Reading…


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What is lifestyle? It sounds pretty simple to me. The person has a life right now which they feel doesn’t have room for a committed relationship.

They don’t need sex on any regular schedule, but when they do, this lifestyle makes it easy for them to fill the need. Nothing difficult there.

Of course there are many different kind of sex in the “lifestyle”. Continue Reading…


NSA sexteamplayer

I don’t consider our self a “lifestyle” and those I knew who labelled themselves as such were much more in to the open swinging scene and open sex parties.

However we visit swingers club every now and then, and we love sex with multiply partners… So what ever you name it… It does not make any difference for us. Continue Reading…

Hubby wants me to have sex with another man while he watches

Swingers Sex Dating Freethreesome

casual sexfree2play

I am looking for man, married or single for playmate. If you are married you need to bring your wife too.

 I just need a normal guy to have some nsa fun. It would be something on-going, and we would fined extra playmates together…

If you enjoy watching your partner when she have sex with others, than I am your type of girl. Jealous  type of men do not need to contact me.


horny womanchic2playwith

Horny wife… Husband wants me to fuck other men, he said he wants to share me…  while he watches and joins in if he gets into the  mood. I want it too, but do not want to hurt his feelings…

I am fairly attractive, so I think it would be easy to find willing men. My husband loves me very much, yet knows how turned on I get during our sex sessions when he brings up other mens names (especially black) to fuck me.

Top of his erotic  fantasy is is to see me while I am pleasured via other man. He thinks his dick is  very small. I think he is average by North American standard, his almost 5″, it can be very hard, but not to thick, which is a plus for anal sex

He has bought me larger dildo’s and vibrators but, he said nothing is like a hard thick cock!! Even dough his cock is good enough, I  would not mind to try  a larger real thing either….

The only problem I have is: I might enjoy that bigger cock a lot and I scare it will hurt his feelings, and the last thing I want is to hurt him…

He does everything to make me and keep me happy, so I just don’t want to hurt him.

 Should I go for it, or should I be mean and say now way! Continue Reading…

nsa sexHusbands who want to watch their wife, while she have sex with other men

horny womanangel_4_girls

I say talk to him more about it. If you do choose to do it, then I suggest you let him have a choice or vote in the men that do score a chance of being in bed with you.

Let him know that you value his thoughts on this. Continue Reading…


horny couplehappilyhorny

Well, we tried to do the same thing for years…  it was her fantasy to have a mfm 3sum. Than one day we decided and get it done…

We hesitated to much, should not. Even though the first one was not fun at all   as we planned, the guy jumped up and left the hotel with out a word,  but the second was a lot of fun…

If I were you I would not hesitate. Go for it, if you never try, you never going to know you like it or don’t…

Your husband, if it is really his idea, he will like it more than you, but you have to make it sure he knows, your number one probity is to pleasuring him.  That means, you should not worry about the other guy’s fun… I am sure he will get his share of fun anyway. Continue Reading…

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Some men wants to see their partner made to scream by another man.

I’m one of them, I like to see my wife fucked by one or two young well hung man. Fortunately, she does like it a lot, so she is willing to share and serve my desires at any possibility… Continue Reading…


sex datingwannabefuncpl

We into this kind of erotic play too and are loving it. The preparation is very exiting too…. Makes my blood boiling and my pussy very wet, days before the actual action I need to masturbate.  Makes me very horny, just to know I will be fucked properly at the weekend.

When we decide to play he is the one who pre-selects future playmates, then we will  choose 2 or three from them. 2 or 3, because men always  find some reason to not to show up. From three men usually 1 shows up, only once showed 2 of them, which is worked out perfectly, because one guy from the two could not get it hard…  Continue Reading…


I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man, so I need to tlak about it… otherwise it will stay fantasy forever

Our fantasy is more then a MFM threesome. Eventually it would go to have sex with multiple male partners and nothing will ever happen  if we do not talk about it…

Women’s top erotic  fantasy

My husband wanted to watch me have sex with another man

How is it started? My husband talked about his erotic fantasy, which was to watch me have sex with another men.  At that time we were 9 years married, so make the long story short, one day during sex he confessed to wanting to watch me with another man.

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nsa sexjust-a-wife

We used to watch porn video a lot before and have had some similar role playing experience… but  I  had to ask him, if he meant it. He said of course, and also he told me I am free to find a willing man.

By the way to make it happen took several months… There was a man… he always flirted me very aggressively and I found him attractive too, so I sett it up with that man.   The only catch was, we wanted bare back, I can’t get pregnant, so before the actual play time he had to go to STD screening. He said yes, if I go too, so we both did.

When the test results came back, we had our first play time. I was worried about how my husband would feel and I was worry about myself too. I did not orgasm, not at that time, but the hubby, he loved every minute of it. It felt like he loved it a little too much.

As soon our guest  left, my husband had sex with me, I still had our guest’s semen inside me.

I was sure he is bi sexually, or he has some modern day cuckolding fetish, but now (2years later) and after several different sex partners  I know he is not gay and not bi. He never touch the other guy, he just sits and watch, and sometimes play with his penis. When the guy leave he fucks me… real hard.

Since that first time two things changed, the first, we are not into bareback. Condom is most. The second thing, I am enjoy this play dates too and I can orgasm several times…

Why am I here? We are running out of willing men? Continue Reading…

older womanOlder woman looking for younger men

cuckold couplecucoldlove

My husband love to watch me too and he as your husband never joins in.

He gets exited by inviting another man to join me… by what’s known as “sperm competition.”

Watching me to have sex with another man makes him more excited than to have “traditional” sex with me. After the  the other guy leave his orgasm always a more intense orgasm, than his traditional love making orgasm…

I think it is something in some men’s brain, but I do not complain, I have my share of fun too… but agree, lately really hard to find nice guys to play with. Continue Reading…


NSA sexcuckoldcpl

We are a cuckold couple too, and I know we know few things about cuckolding, non of you is really cuckolding…  cuckolding is different.

I think your husband is just a Voyeur.  Or there is an other explanation… I red it somewhere, human beings evolved in very intimate groups where sex often involved multiple partners… maybe something like this effecting your husband. Continue Reading…

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My long time boyfriend and I has been into MFM threesomes for a while… I have to tell you I’m all for it and luckily the boyfriend is a voyeur, so really speaking he gets what he wants with a certain amount of control.

By the  way I think a lot of men are voyeurs, it is fact, men are visuals… Isn’t it the same? Anyways I get all the attention I want, and he enjoys himself too. He is not gay at all.  I think this is his way of giving me more sexual pleasure, while his orgasm more intense too.

For example in a mfm threesome he can have several orgasm, while one on one he can cum only once.. We like it, it is like we are teenagers again… Continue Reading…

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Older womantakeme

I have had many MFM threesomes with my loving husband of 18 years and with select younger guys. Select means, no older then 30 years old and hung like a bull…

We do it because we enjoy it, it is  very erotic and it gives me the  pleasure that no single guy can provide. As someone alredy said at above, it turns my husband on so much, he is able to play much longer. I think it is a mind game… He have to prove to himself, he is still a man, he is still sexually competitive even if the other guy is half of his age… Continue Reading…

Sex with multiply partners are fun, but there is only one way to make it a good sexual experience, all parties need to be into it and everything needs to be agreed beforehand, or wont work…


My husband enjoys seeing me with two men

Do you like to be watched while having sex?

I like to watch my wife too… while she have sex with some other men

Wife sharing experience. Do you like to share your wife?

We are dating each other with my present girlfriend  over the last  3 years now. We do not live together,  but almost…  She is a very stylish and a very open minded little lady. Every know and than we talk about sex and erotic fantasies.

wife sharing swingersSwingers Sex Dating Ads

casual sexsharewithus

For example when I asked her what she likes in love making, her face became very red and she said she loves when I nibble on her nipples and gently caress the hood of her clitoris.

Then she asked me about my erotic fantasy…  and it is about her, make loves with other men. I fantasize about other men enjoy her sexy body, in a form of mfm  threesome, where myself and an older, experienced man pleasures her repeatably all night long, many times.

I explained my fantasy to her, and she did not freak out… in fact it seemed, she kind of or short of – likes my fantasy. I think she just wants to make it happen, because since this “talk” I realized few times, she checks out guys’ “package” at the beach or in the gym

I want to try, but worry too… What about if it is not good or to good…?

Does anybody have negative experience with sharing the loved one? Continue Reading…


cuckold cplnewwavecuckoldcpl

No negative, just positive… but we not really share, instead we can call ourself a “moder day cuckold couple“.

We are in our mid 30, married 9 years ago. My wife’s older sister’s marriage collapsed and she divorced. My wife and her sister started spending a lot of time together, at our place than her place than started to go out. Few months and they stayed our half the night. I asked her several times, what they do, and why not do it here at home. She said “I’m not doing anything wrong, just having a social life with my sister.”

At one Friday afternoon I had to stay at work for a longtime. When I got home the house was empty. I started to watch TV and pretty soon the TV was watching me… I woke up at 3 am, when my wife got home. I did not say a word to her, but she thought she own me an explanation and she said, she visited her sister. Than I saw her toss her panties in the laundry basket and go in the bathroom to shower. I took her panties out and surprise –  surprise they were soaked with sperm. I was not really in shock… I kind of wondered what is going on.

no string attached sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

When she came out from the bathroom I show her panties and told he I had suspected she was cheating for some time and I knew know she was, and I want detailed  explanation…. Continue Reading…

She asked me if, I was going to divorce her? I said, no if you want to save our marriage.

To make the long story short… She said yes, she is fucking around with her sister and with different men, sometimes they exchange partners, sometimes not and they guys are always black. She said, she is very sorry and she wont do it again…

The black men thing did not surprise me, she always get turned on from black porn movies, plus she is overweight, mainly in her butt, her butt is big and a lot of black guys love big white butts..  Her sister full figured also. She said, they were the ones who hit on the black guys.

interracial sexI was thinking about it for few weeks and when ever it was in my mind I always got hard on. Than I made a decision, and told her I don’t know why but to know, she have sex with black men a big turn on for me and if she enjoyed it she could  keep doing it. She said no, it was enough for her.

Until our Florida vacation, that vacation changed everything. We were in a night club in Tampa Bay and a couple of black guys danced with her. I am not a good dancer and just watched them. One of them was getting very friendly, his hands was wondering all over my wife’s big butt…  and she liked it,  I saw it on her face. This made me very horny.

When the guy escorted her back to our table I asked her if she would like to invite him back to our cottage. She said, she will only if I want it, and if we ask him together. This way the guy wont misunderstand anything…   So we did, and I actually got to watch her have sex with  a well hung black man for the first time.

That was a lot of fun and still fun when we do it…  This kind of erotic plays has been our favorite pastime since.

My advice is, if your girlfriend is in, do it… or  she will let you out… Continue Reading…


swingers sexbigbootywife

My wife is 27 full figured. She is  36/32/44  and have a huge sexy ass… I (we) did not share or have sex with other men, but fantasize about it.

We have our own erotic game…  I love it when she exposes her ass or undies in front of others. I become very horny when I see others try to  touch her or try to pick her up…

She is teasing them a lot and they usually fell her, than we go home and have extraordinary sex and we talking about threesomesContinue Reading…

kinky sexsex datingluv2watch

Our first “sex sharing” experience… I did have sex with my husband’s  freind… but he trapped me, he set that whole thing up. We had our erotic fantasy too and we talked about a lot of times during sex, but nothing more, just talk..

Both of us love to watch porn and usually we role play during porn movie watching.. Teacher, photo model etc. At that time I played a slut. We watched a xxx movie, I was in a very short mini, without  underwear… He was fingering me, when his best  friend walked into the living room..

My legs are wide open, my bra in my neck, my husband’s finger in my pussy, his cock in my hand, and group sex DV on the TV…  Than his friend said, sorry, the door wasn’t lock, I knocked on, no answer than I just walked in. Sorry again I go and be back later on.

Than my hubby said, don’t go, she can handle both of us… I was alredy turned on and man… they fucked the hell out of me and they did many time since that firs time.

If I know earlier, what I know at now… I would not hesitate this long to have my pussy shared with two men…  Continue Reading…


I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man, so I need to tlak about it… otherwise it will stay fantasy forever

Our fantasy is more then a MFM threesome. Eventually it would go to have sex with multiple male partners and nothing will ever happen  if we do not talk about it…

Women’s top erotic  fantasy